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I’m 78 nearly 79 yrs old. This means that any decade, any year, any month, week, or day, or even in the next hour I could leave this mortal coil. After my long, interesting, eventful physical life in this now aging, aching body the prospect doesn’t alarm me of entering the zone of non-physical existence. After shuffling through the dubious offerings from science and religions as to what I will face I have found it an entertaining exercise to limit myself to my own solitary meditative ponderings as to what I may face.
Everything Science tells me boils down to the provable fact that, everything in the physical universe, including my human body, is made up from an incoming flow of energy. This energy flow is somehow compelled to structure itself into atomic matter (which is really tightly whirling energy orbiting tiny empty spaces) from which everything so-convincingly physical is formed.
So immediately I am faced the undeniable fact thatwhat seems so real and solid is a structured energy matrix onto which in some way I am embossed or projected; rather like a holographic image. This leaves me idly wondering whether if two holographic images touched would they feel solid to each other. Science also proves to me via Mr Charles Darwin that the lifeforce that clearly exists in this universe is also driven and controlled, by instinct to evolve to the aware, intelligent, human level that thinks of his or her self as ‘Me’; and this is clearly demonstrated by the evolution from the lliving single celled organisms of billions of years ago up to and including the physical human body because in parallel with this physical evolution we have the undeniable ongoing individualised evolution of the non-physical lifeforce that today I regard as ‘Me’. In fact I suggest that the evolution of the physical body at every stage of its evolution is driven by the requirements of the non-physical lifeforce to exist and fully function in this physical universe. So I conclude that the Creator’s purpose for the creation of the physical universe was and is to act as a seedbed in which individualised, human level, inductive thinking and aware non-physical intelligence could germinate and to blossom. To then leave this physical dimension to re-enter the Creator’s non-physical dimensions.

Three of my past lives briefly seen and experienced in meditation.

Three of my past lives briefly seen and experienced in meditation.

 For those who have yet to experience regression into their past lives it might be helpful if I first briefly explain how it feels to be regressed. Also I should explain what might be achieved for the one who is regressed. At first glance the subject seems to contradict the ancient wisdom. This always urges us to live in the now, and not to dwell on past glories or past failures. In terms of present life clung-to guilt, regret, bitterness and so on, the wisdom is undeniably correct.

Equally, for the person who must do menial work in this life, what benefit is there to know that in a past life he, or she, was a rich and powerful ruler? Ofcourse there would be no benefit if the purpose were simply to satisfy casual curiosity. But this is not the purpose. Master and slave, both are said to enter and leave physical life with nothing. In terms of Earthly goods and Earthly knowledge this is true. Neither is relevant to non-physical existence on the Astral and the higher levels.

What we do take with us to the astral is the effect on our outlook of our individual experiences in physical life. Both, positive spiritual progress and negative obsessive thought are non-physical. Because they are non-physical their effect remains with us and affects our outlook no matter where we are. From life to life the cause of an obsession will be forgotten, but the obsession will continue to affect the one who is obsessed until the cause is once more revealed. To illustrate the point, and with his permission, I will describe how regression helped my husband David.

David is a harmless gentle sort of man, who throughout his entire life had always loathed houseflies and bluebottles. Allow one of these to exist in the same room as David, especially at meal times, and there would be no peace until it was dispatched. Most people dislike flies, but not with the intensity of loathing felt by David. When I guided David into regression we both then at last found out why.

In that life David knew that he and his brother were fellow soldiers in the armies of the Roman Empire. David was able to describe his situation to me. A battle had been fought and David and his brother had been mortally wounded and both now lay near to death under the hot sun. His beloved brother’s body had terrible, bloody, gaping wounds and the swarms of flies that covered and crawled in the wounds increased his agony. Helplessly, David could only watch the slow, agonised death of his brother.

As that life ended, David died full of hatred for flies, and with the first hand knowledge of what they had done to his brother. In the many lives that followed, David’s brother was forgotten, but the irrational hatred of flies remained. After the session had clearly revealed the cause, David’s obsessive hatred of flies ended and never returned. Before we move on to my past lives, just a couple of points for the readers to note, because to be regressed is not to view your self like in a cinema film.

First of all David was not a detached onlooker who observed someone who was himself and his brother in the described scene. David’s experience was as one of the two wounded men in the scene, and he relived the intense emotions felt at that time. Secondly, David did not experience any other part of that life. His higher self only revealed to David the part that was relevant in that it affected David’s present life.

23-10-1989: In meditation I was taken into a past life. In that life I know that I am a Roman lady of great wealth and that I now wear a heavy, ornate gold chain around my neck. I can feel that I have just been injured by the collapse of a building caused by an earthquake. Near to where I lie injured I can see some men who hastily board a boat to escape the chaos and destruction. One of these men pauses in his flight to lift my gold chain from my neck with the tip of his sword, and then he kills me.

1-1-1991: As I enter this life, before me stands a first dynasty Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, in his hand he holds a rod of power that has a tassel at its end. I know that I am a priestess of the temple, and that I wear a white fitted gown. Around my neck hangs a wonderful necklace of gold, heavy with many large rubies. In my hands I carry a ceremonial sword, beautifully made of pure gold richly encrusted with many precious gems including more rubies. I carry it partially covered in a white cloth. It is my role to present this sword to Pharaoh.

9-11-1991: Another life in Ancient Egypt, but quite different from the one just described. This time I had committed a great offence or sin for which the penalty was death. First I was bound in cloth and then forced into a large bag into which also a live cat was placed. The neck of the bag was tied and then I was thrown into the Nile to slowly drown whilst the fear-maddened terrified cat fought and clawed in vain to escape. Later my body was washed up on the bank of the river. There two spirit beings watched over my body until my friends came to take it away for decent burial.

So why did my higher self select those three past-lives incidents to show to me?

Often, matters that others are able to easily comprehend as obvious seem at the time to be totally beyond our own comprehension. When eventually the light dawns and we do comprehend we could then kick ourselves that something so obvious eluded us for so long. In this present life we all tend to cling to and overvalue our roles or we undervalue them and wish we had other roles instead. The hungry pauper longs for the power and riches of the king, whilst the harassed king, surrounded by human parasites, usurpers, and Yes-men, longs for the responsibility-free life of the pauper.

Phrased like this no one need feel the urge to kick their selves, but countless numbers of people have to live enormous numbers of physical lives before the obviousness of the truth dawns upon them. It’s not their fault really, because in each life they are conditioned from birth by loved and respected elders to think in a certain acceptable way, as previously were those elders. We souls in our own timing, pendulum-swing from astral to physical and back over and over again but the thought conditioning travels down the physical generations and awaits each soul no matter when we reincarnate.

Lovingly the conditioning always channels our thoughts into a path relevant to physical survival and success, and all that comes with success. Anything outside of that path is considered as interesting but irrelevant. The time to kick ourselves is when it finally dawns upon us that our individual spiritual enlightenment is the only success that is always relevant no matter where or who we are.


I tell you God spoke to me


Apart from my mother who had to be there at the time, alone I entered the world and when I face the death of my physical body, alone I shall leave this world.

During the period between these two events I shall continue to be bombarded by the thoughts, ideas, opinions, rules and regulations, and man-made laws of other people. This is no different and applies to every human being that ever has and ever will exist on this planet.

In 1936 I was born left-handed into a world designed for a right-handed race. During world war two, at the English primary school I attended, the headmaster honestly believed that to enforce ambidexterity upon five year old yours truly could screw up my brain. Unwittingly that good man condemned me to a life of struggle as all things mechanical are designed for status-quo right-handed people, including can openers, piano keyboards, the stringing of banjos and guitars, tools, most garden gates, and also the mechanics of English hand-writing. Though a struggle I had to learn different ways of doing things and thinking about things that I wouldn’t have had to learn if I had been born right-handed, and also thinking and doing in ways mostly right-handed mankind would never experience.

Gratefully, when I was a youngster my parents taught me to believe in a loving God, but didn’t indoctrinate me into any religious belief system and so I now view with a jaundiced eye and as an outside observer all traditional dogma-bound religions. I reserve an even more jaundiced eye when observing the hierarchies of people who, even well into their dotage, traditionally organise and run these different religions. I hope that mostly these are lovely, kind people who honestly and sincerely believe in what they teach. Confusion enters the scene when an outsider tries to make sense of what is being taught because each belief system offers different names for, and versions and interpretations of our relationship to, our Creator; versions and interpretations mostly handed down and set in the inflexible concrete of tradition down the ages.

Each different belief system has it own holy book or books, and each holy book trots out a totally different set of instructions for the teachers to impart to the unquestioning followers. Most religions throughout the world appear to be founded on the belief that long ago our Creator spoke to a man, and then that man relayed what he received to other men who then handed the knowledge in written form down the generations of men. Ironically, although that ancient-times man must have been psychic to have been able to telepathically receive a non-physical God’s utterances, many teachers of religions since then condemn and regard with deep suspicion anyone who openly displays psychic abilities.

Why do I have a jaundiced eye in regard to the hierarchies of people who, even well into their dotage, traditionally organise and run these different religions?

Assuming that the ancient-times man was, just like we are, subject to the frailties of being human, he had to eat, drink, and sleep. He shivered when cold and perspired when hot, and like us he had his worries and self-doubts, his highs and lows. Apparently this man had no need for a hierarchy of priests to intercede with God for him because he was in direct contact with his Creator. So why do we need them to intercede for us, surely if God spoke to that man there’s no reason why God wouldn’t speak direct to each of us if we trained ourselves to listen?

What of the holy books? Mostly these are men’s interpretations of men’s interpretations of what was actually meant when God spoke to the ancient-times man. We have all played the party game sitting in a circle and passing a message from player to player. By the time the message has travelled the circle it returns to its sender as garbled nonsense. Now consider the countless times down the centuries the holy books have been copied, translated into different languages and even re-interpreted for political motives. Even the misplacing of a comma could alter the intended meaning of a sentence, and yet today’s followers of traditional religions are required to faithfully accept as God’s Word everything written in their holy books. So my objection is that the priests expect and encourage their followers to accept a passive audience role instead of teaching them meditation techniques to enable followers to link directly with their Creator. Instead, if today a man insisted that God spoke to him those same hierarchies of priests would no doubt ridicule him or demand that he prove his claim.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned about being alone when I entered the world and when I face the death of my physical body, alone I shall leave this world. During the period between these two events I shall continue to be bombarded by the religious belief systems, thoughts, ideas, opinions, rules and regulations, and man-made laws, of other people. This is no different and applies to every human being that ever has and ever will exist on this planet. Knowing this it is up to each human being to apply clear thought and discernment before choosing to believe anything contained in the bombardment. The alternative is to be led by the nose as a non-thinking member of a herd. But what do you think?

Love and Laughter from

David Brittain

We are the ones and no one promised it would be easy


As ‘Light workers’ wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to pick and choose the stepping-stones that form our spiritual path? If such choices were available to us we would no doubt always choose to be surrounded by helpful, friendly people who share our belief in the Ascension Process. We imagine that it must be always so much easier with the ongoing support of like-minded folk. When they felt discouraged, you would be there to uplift them. When you felt discouraged they would then uplift you. You would support their ‘New-age’ efforts and they would support yours. In this way ‘Working for the Light’ might become a continuously delightful experience for one and all. The truth is that for countless genuine and sincere light workers dotted around the world; ‘The Path’ isn’t like this at all. Far from it, for many it’s all about at times feeling trapped by lack of money, lack of like-minded stimulation, and also at times feeling one has been abandoned as irrelevant by Spirit, by family and by friends. Such negativity evaporates when one learns to draw upon that well of inner strength, or when a seeker seeks that which the light worker offers.

It sounds ridiculous to suspect that there’s some sort of ‘Celestial Selection Process’ that decides who gets which stepping-stones. For example, in 1991 Yvonne and myself  (David) meditated separately and deeply for guidance before, at the invitation of a trusted friend in France, in July 91 we permanently left behind in England all that was secure, comfortable and familiar to us. During those meditations Sanat Kumara said in a gentle voice to Yvonne, “You’ll do as you’re told”. From foreknowledge Master S K was assuring us that he knew we would follow the stepping-stones wherever they led us. Despite our meditations, when decision time arrived, it had to be a snap decision; a yes or no choice mainly based on our trust of those whom we honestly believed were our sincere friends. To avoid a long dreary story let us simply say that our trust was miss-placed. A previously unmentioned change of plan made us surplus to our friend’s requirements. In truth the trusted friend had never intended to reciprocate our 100% whole-hearted commitment to her venture. By January 92 we were left almost broke, friendless, homeless, and in a hastily rented old caravan amid the heavy snows of wintertime France.

Neither of us believes in coincidence. We could only conclude that the deeper meaning was that Spirit had used our wayward friend as a stepping-stone simply to move us to France. But once in France, Spirit meant for us to work alone. At that point, as ordinary working folk we were faced with another choice, to run back to safe England or to somehow remain in France. Really it wasn’t much of a choice to make because next we found that everything worked against our return to the UK (where we speak the language) whilst everything worked towards keeping us in France near the Pyrenean Mountains border with Spain (Where we don’t speak the language). Next, somehow, on a very worrying, very tight shoestring basis, painfully slowly but surely things began to work out for us so that, then and to date, we had and have just enough to live on. Already in our fifties what could we conclude from this ridiculous situation in which we were placed? We were and are genuine workers for the Light. We don’t play at it, for us Ascension is our real life.

Some of you readers already know, from Soul Readings received via Yvonne’s Psychic postal service, and even before, in England, Yvonne’s many clients, knew that Yvonne is a very experienced Medium. But in France, unless clients were fluent in Anglais, the language barrier barred Yvonne from this source of income. In a similar way distribution of our Ascension writings have always been limited to those who are able to read Anglais. So why did Spirit guide us to France? Earlier we mentioned the isolation the light worker must be prepared to face on the path. In our case we faced a financial and language barrier that we still struggle to overcome. We also learnt from our own experiences, that on the path the thoughts of the seeker continuously evolve beyond the comfort zone level of mundane daily life enjoyed by most people. This doesn’t mean that the seeker becomes superior to everyone else. It simply means that the seeker’s priorities and aims are so totally different. This, in turn, makes it difficult for the comfort zones of other people to cope with. Our sympathies go out to all solitary and isolated seekers and light workers, wherever Spirit may have guided them. Unless one is a dedicated ascetic (which we are not) it is impossible, without like-minded support, to remain totally focused, 24 hours a day, upon one’s ascension.

There are familiar, taken for granted, things that one misses, particularly for seekers who are women. For example, when most wives (and even lady mediums / channels!) need a break from their husbands’ often-repetitive conversations they pop next door to chat with their neighbour’s wife, or they visit the nearby busy shopping centre. Often for the female light workers abroad in isolation, even this relief is denied to them.

Please don’t think that this article is a diatribe of complaints about the stepping-stones that Yvonne and I consciously and willingly chose to follow. We love France and the French people, and the richness of their preferred way of life. We cheerfully remained here in this Pyrenean hilltop tiny village, surrounded by definitely not ‘New age’ thinkers, until Spirit decided our next move. Really this article is all about finding your own niche as light workers. Eventually, in one’s own timing, one moves beyond the need to be a follower of this or that proffered ‘New age’ belief. By that time, with an open mind one has taken in masses of assorted spiritual information culled from workshops, from channelled articles and from latest new age books etc.

Many sources of the same information offer helpful, sincere interpretations that appear to contradict each other. For the open-minded seeker this is very confusing, but it is also a test of discernment because in the end it will always come down to what ‘YOU’ believe, regardless of what anyone else believes or expects ‘YOU’ to believe. Once that fact crystallizes in your consciousness you then realize that you are on your own solitary path. Also that this applies no matter whether you live surrounded by the hurly-burly of the ‘New age’ scene, or, like us, you live mainly solitary lives, isolated from like-minded people. Yvonne and I are more fortunate than many light workers are in that we have the solid and reliable support of each other in our belief in the Ascension Process. Many solitary light workers guided by Spirit to far-flung places often have to provide their own ongoing support in their beliefs. They have our admiration and sympathy, but just like us they have found their special niche. Of course this has brought us, full circle, back to our original question. What did Spirit have in mind as light work for this English, middle-aged, married couple in 1991 in one of the most isolated, beautiful, forgotten, and neglected parts of France? First here is a little French history to find out what France needed from us.

Seekers are also always students no matter of what age group. We certainly had a great deal to learn, about ourselves and about the history of the area, before we recognized and then grew into our niche. I have already explained the limitations that we faced. These limitations meant that folks in France would seldom use any ‘intuitive writing’ or healing talents or developed psychic gifts that we knew we had to offer. Obviously Spirit didn’t intend our role to be connected with modern day French people in this area where, at the time, Spanish rather than English, was the second language. To become truly fluent communicators would take too long. Also in 1991 in this rural area local folk often regarded ‘New-age people’ as dabblers in black magic. From this we concluded that our future work must be connected in some way with this strange area of southern France. More than a decade later it is now known throughout the world as, “The land of the Cathars”

To become a seeker of truth also requires that the seeker cease to be a passive follower of this or that dogmatic belief system. This is inevitable no matter into which century the seeker is born. In medieval times, the Holy Roman Church would accuse any freethinking seeker of truth of being a heretic. To save the heretic’s soul from damnation required that he or she should publicly recant and obediently return to the RC fold. On refusal to recant, the seeker would be mercilessly tortured to enable him or her to physically experience the forthcoming torments of Hell. Finally the seeker of truth would be condemned to death and would then be publicly burnt to death.

We have described the fate of one typical medieval freethinking individual seeker. Now try to imagine the grim fate of a freethinking tolerant race of people encouraged to be individual seekers of truth, such as were the Cathars. Today, at least in the western countries, passive and fear-filled obedience to the demands of religious bigots has been replaced by public indifference. Today no one, including the authorities, really cares what you believe so long as you keep on producing and consuming. In a slightly different manner in those medieval times whilst Europe wallowed in the Dark Ages of religious bigotry the greater part of southern France enjoyed an easygoing outlook towards any religion that individuals chose to follow, or chose not to follow.

The Cathar belief system was a form of Gnosticism, which required each individual to learn how to spiritually and psychically develop his or her self. The teachers of the belief system were called Parfaits or ‘Perfected Ones’. But they regarded themselves as students as well as teachers. In a way we could compare the Cathar parfaits of medieval times with the light workers of today. In both situations the parfait of then was, and the light worker of today is, faced with vast opportunities to plant spiritual seeds into fertile soil. Both teach the knowledge and the logical nature of the knowledge in a way that appeals to the commonsense of each very different individual. Both then teach the techniques of meditation and self-development that allows the individual to transform blind faith in hearsay knowledge into ‘the knowing’ of self-gained experience. The Parfait, and the light worker then moves on because their part of the work is complete, the seed is planted and has germinated. Any more than this would be an intrusion.

The aim and method of light work as described here is and was the very opposite to the aim and method used by teachers of traditional established religions. What the light worker offers is offered to adults that are capable of independent thought. What the great established religions offer is often conditioned in to their followers at a very early impressionable and unquestioning age. This conditioned outlook usually becomes an integral part of the adult follower, thus to disagree with the teachers and the teachings is to also disagree with God. The Cathar beliefs began to spread beyond southern France and to take root far and wide. To the Holy Roman Church this heretical belief was akin to the spread of a virulent epidemic that had to be ruthlessly eradicated. Many books have described in graphic, grisly detail the Holy Crusade sent by the Holy Church of Rome to ruthlessly cleanse this heresy from southern and south western France.

In forty years the Holy Crusaders reduced the prosperous Land of the Cathars to a smoking plundered ruin. With ruthless efficiency seldom if ever equalled by the Nazi Gestapo the Crusade was immediately followed by a hundred years of intensive witch-hunt tactics by the Holy Inquisition. As a result the Holy Church of Rome achieved its purpose. The Cathar epidemic was wiped out and the Cathar people of southern France entered the misery of the dark ages alongside the rest of Europe. That’s enough French history so now let’s look at the effect upon the countless individuals that died during that mindless religious purge of a population, because this is where Yvonne and I found a part of our niche.

The Cathar Parfaits both, men and women, knew exactly what they were teaching. As we do they understood and accepted the concept of reincarnation, and had a clear understanding of what followed physical death. The seekers taught by the parfaits also gained this clear understanding. This meant that during the purge all that had this understanding could face without fear what comes after physical death. They weren’t supermen or superwomen, and they cringed from physical pain just as we would, but, like us, they had no fear of the afterlife. The problem with the Holy Crusade and the Holy Inquisitorial witch-hunt tactics was this. The Crusaders, mainly interested in plunder, indiscriminately massacred whole populations. The Holy Inquisition had to justify its own existence with results measured in numbers of condemned heretics. Anyone could be denounced and condemned as, Cathar Belief believers no matter whether they were or not. As a result countless victims then faced physical death whilst also filled with terror of what lies beyond death.

Then just like today, for many death and what lies beyond, was a taboo subject. This avoided subject was and is taboo because the majority of people lacked and still lack the precise knowledge of what follows physical death. During their present lifespan they are born without this knowledge and no one around them wants to talk about it or seems to know anything about it either. As a result many people take with them to their graves a garbled fear-filled version of what come after death. It is this fear based in ignorance that traps a soul in the Inter-life zone that lies between physical existence and the achieved astral level of that soul. In this blood-soaked, haunted land of trapped souls we found our niche, the rescue and release of trapped souls. During our years of drawing down and anchoring ‘Light’ in France, in our ancient two-seater farm car we have followed the trail of the crusaders and have released many souls that had remained trapped by their own fears and uncertainties.

We use the familiar term ‘trapped soul’ but really in any context it is easy to forget that a soul is a very real person that has for whatever reason departed from his or her physical body. In all other respects he or she is just the same human being as before. Previous to this life this soul has lived countless lives in the physical. Each life lived has added to his or her vast personal store of accumulated experience and spiritual evolvement. The ongoing accumulation of this vast store is the means by which each soul evolves to ever-higher levels of the astral vortex.

Often the soul’s achieved astral level is depicted as a brilliant light ahead that the disembodied soul has only to choose to enter and to reclaim as his or her right. Nothing could be simpler unless during this soul’s last physical life he or she has succumbed to the tendency to allow self to be devalued both, by others and by self. This tendency is non-physical but deeply ingrained and therefore often accompanies the self-devalued soul into the Interlife Zone.

Faced with but not aware that it is his or her, own glorious light, this soul may feel too intimidated to dare to feel permitted to enter it. Instead the soul backs away to then create a safe refuge out of memories. The soul remains immersed or trapped in those memories, in the timelessness of the Interlife Zone. A psychic such as Yvonne is able to sense the presence of the trapped soul. Yvonne then gently and respectfully enters the refuge to restore the soul’s self-confidence. Yvonne does this by showing the soul the true nature of the light. Often the soul will then allow Yvonne to lead him or her towards the light. Part of the rescue release process often requires Yvonne to listen to the story and the fears of this unhappy soul. Often the story is revealed to Yvonne in the form of thought images of the life and times of this trapped person, other aspects of the niche that we found also involved Yvonne’s ability to accompany a soul whilst receiving images from that soul; past-lives regression therapy.

With this aspect the souls are in the physical and are clients that have visited Yvonne so that they may re-experience some of their past-lives. With rescue release work Yvonne encourages and leads the trapped soul. With PLR therapy Yvonne encourages the client to take the lead. Each session is tape recorded for the recumbent client to describe what he or she the client is experiencing, this even though Yvonne is able to psychically ‘see’ what the client is psychically ‘seeing’ and ‘re-experiencing’. This ability of Yvonne’s to ‘see’ is not affected by distance. Our postal, Soul Readings and personal past-lives information service evolved and is offered for the benefit of seekers all over the world.

My role during our several years in France has been that of an intuitive writer. Over that time span I have ‘received’ (I assume via my higher self) information in a simple, clear, and logical form related to the ascension process. Often this information may contradict the current ideas and latest theories about the purpose of the ascension process. For example, as we all realize, the light worker’s task is twofold. Part is to continuously work on self, clearing old emotional blockages to allow more and more, soul light to overflow from the light worker onto unaware, un-awakened, people. This is natural, uplifting, soul-to-soul, communication that needs no words. Words are needed however when the radiated-upon, awakened soul then feels drawn to seek. Now the new seeker demands to know where he or she fits in when faced with the confusion of familiar to us all offerings of both, the new-age scene, and of established religions.

In our writings Yvonne and I have tried to provide a clear and logical picture of an energy structure. This is a structure of very real energy. The structure includes and leads from a Creator’s mind, down through every level of evolvement. It leads all the way down to the unaware life force that for now exists as microscopic life forms made up of a few atoms made of the same energy, anywhere in the physical universe.

Some new-age people choose to believe that originally humans descended from the Angelic levels, and descended into physical existence to be able to experience separation. They go on to suggest that having had the experience it is now time for humans to ascend and return to those Angelic levels. The suggestion may be valid but to a new seeker it would appear to be extremely vague and to totally ignore the undeniable presence of all ever-evolving life force that exists amid physical matter. This has to include the life force from the microscopic and upwards that has yet to evolve to the human level and beyond. Otherwise none of it makes sense. We could make this article fill many pages. In fact we have written full-length books that are available and that fully explore this logical structure. In the limited space available we will simply conclude by urging all light workers / spiritual teachers, to keep their teachings as simple as possible when offering guidance to new seekers. Confusion is generated in the minds of newcomers when they are offered an incomplete picture of the descension process followed by a blurred and vaguely described purpose and outcome of the ascension process. If you’d like to know more about our beliefs and our writings, or wish to make use of our psychic services, or even feel that in some way you can help us, feel free to contact us via this website.

Love and laughter from

David and Yvonne Brittain

Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from Walton on the Naze a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.


Ascension Doubt Blues


It seems so long ago: All that excitement, spreading throughout the New-Age World about the Ascension Process: To ascend, and entirely by our own efforts. Neither Lord Sananda, nor Eric Klein, through whom Lord Sananda channelled, made any pretence that the information was new or original. Far from it, what was offered was very ancient knowledge. This is knowledge that has, from time to time during Man’s long history, been offered; always at Mankind’s then current level of understanding. Once more in the early nineteen nineties we were offered that knowledge again: That time hopefully at our level of understanding.

Our physical bodies to fill with Light as we individually ascend to the Ascended Master Level and above. Surely even for New-Age seekers with the sketchiest scientific knowledge, this isn’t too difficult to comprehend? All that is needed is to combine knowledge of the process with what is every-day common knowledge already as we approach the year 2012. No one needs to be a scientific genius to know that if we insist on regarding physical matter as something solid, we are fooling ourselves. Scientists have proved that all physical matter is really structured from energies compelled to whirl in space-enclosing orbits so convincingly that the whirling energies create an illusion of solidity when they combine as atoms in great numbers. We admit that Jesus would have had great difficulty explaining sub-atomic realities to the Multitude: But in this day and age, as Lord Sananda, He probably thought it wouldn’t be necessary. All that is required is to give it a little clarity of thought.

On the one hand we have priests whom have always insisted that our non-physical Creator created our physical universe, though they can’t tell us how. On the other hand, our scientists have proved that physical matter really is controlled energy, though they can’t tell us what controls the energies, nor from where the energies arrive. So that dumps it squarely in the lay-person’s lap. Though they would never admit it, scientists have shown us how our Creator used the power of intelligence to control energies of self to create and continually re-create our physical universe, and of course this includes our physical bodies. It isn’t such a difficult mental leap to deduce what Lord Sananda was actually telling us. It is the INTELLIGENCE of each individual human being that will remove and replace our Creator’s control of the basic energy structure of each human physical body.

It is important to understand that Ascension is nothing to do with physical bodies glowing with light. When you ascend: Where you ascend to, you will have evolved beyond the need for a physical body. It is the full control of the basic energy that structures your body that you will need. At the moment everything you have including your body, is borrowed from your Creator’s energies, but it is necessary to think beyond Ascension. We hear vague mention of our Creator’s Great Plan that as God’s Children we are part of, what is this plan?

During our many physical lives, when we become parents, we fully expect our children to grow and mature into adults who will become our equals. If our Creator is our parent, what does that parent expect from us, eternally to be children, or to mature and evolve to our Creator’s adult level? All of this is food for thought, especially for those who believe that each unique human will eventually return to, and become part of, a central “Me” that we now regard as our Creator. This belief is based on the unproved assumption that Our Creator is the only creator, whose Creation is the only creation.

Equally valid is the unproved assumption that our Creator is part of a process of Creators. That in fact our Creator also was created by a Creator, and then had to evolve to the Creator Level in that Creator’s Creation. Do give this idea some thought because it means that our Creator has in mind greater plans for our future as individuals, than the roles of applauding, worshipping Christian audiences or as a bunch of memories for that central “Me” to reminisce about. Also it would make sense of our need of our body’s energy structure after our individual Ascension. This energy structure donated from our Creator’s energies will become our own energy supply; independent of our Creator’s energies. This would make sense if the plan is for us all to be independent unique creators in our own hard-earned right. The authors admit that these are large-sized, intimidating thoughts, but then that is what free-thinking is all about, isn’t it? It means we don’t meet our Creator on our knees. We meet as adults. It will be a loving relationship between independent son/daughter and parent. It will be a relationship in which we have evolved and matured to the Creator Level to be greeted as very special, trusted, unique, beloved friends.

The intention behind the Great Plan could be that INDIVIDUALLY, after that greeting, we leave our Creator’s Creation behind to enable us to continue the work of replacing the energies of Chaos with our own unique version of Creation. After all, how many creators does our Creator’s own Creation need? We admit that these are intimidating thoughts for those who feel safer hidden in the crowd scene. But the clues are all around us if we will only leave the restrictions of the crowd scene to see them. One clue: The re-emergence in the consciousness of Mankind of the belief that Planet Earth is an intelligent living being.

The next mental leap is to believe the entire physical universe is an intelligent living being. The leap is less difficult when we come nearer home to recall that our universe is structured from similar energy as is our own physical body. Each of us has a metabolism that plods on, doing its job to the best of its ability. Providing our scintillating intelligence hasn’t interfered in any way, each organ, each corpuscle, each enzyme, each atom, each sub-atomic particle, works at its task, never competing. Unconsciously aiming for complete harmony and balance for the entire metabolism. We seldom have to think about it. Whether we are asleep or awake our metabolism just plods on. We could take the comparison a stage further:

Imagine what would happen if those tiny organelles, called Mitochondria; that inhabit and power each living cell of our body, evolved consciousness, freewill, and individual intelligence. All Hell would break loose in our metabolism. Harmony and balance would be replaced by chaos and misery whilst all of those Mitochondria learnt individually how to use and control their intelligence. Painfully each of us could only wait until each organelle had learnt through hard experience, that Harmony and Balance requires co-operation, but is far better and far more logical than the chaos and selfishness of competition. Our comparison makes sense when we can think of our freewill endowed conscious aware intelligence as a non-physical thing that has an existence separate but amid our physical metabolism.

Planet Earth is the unconscious physical metabolism of slumbering intelligent Mother Earth. The physical universe is the unconscious metabolism of slumbering Mother Universe: Both of who are intelligent enough not to interfere with the unconscious workings of their metabolism. All goes well. All is harmony and Balance, until…until…until the Non-physical life-force in that universe, on that planet or planets, develops and evolves individual human, freewill-endowed aware, conscious Intelligence. Then the chaos and misery begins and will continue until we individually learn the lesson of Co-operation, Harmony and Balance.

Another clue: The process of “thinking” is so effortless we never give it thought. Yet in our lives, without thought nothing happens. To lift the rock takes effort. The thought intention is effort-less. But without the thought the rock stays where it is. The thought of one man or woman can transform the thinking of Mankind. To THINK is to use the power of Creative energy supplied by our Creator. We have the freewill to use that power creatively or destructively. Whichever way we use it, we learn eventually that harmony and balance is the only acceptable way of life. We take the effortlessness of thinking for granted, but we must understand thought to be able to Ascend; after we ascend: To think it is to create it. Before we ascend there is a delay between “thinking” it and creating it whilst the thought cranks it way through the atoms of our brain. The purpose of that delay is to allow us TIME to reconsider the quality of that thought before it becomes an action.

We have mentioned Comfort Zone Thinking. What is it? We all tend to exist in our comfort zone of thought. The zone contains all the thoughts, ideas, and people we are comfortable with. It is familiar and thus effortless: No Brain Strain! But if we choose to enter the realms of, say, Philosophical profundities, or the intricacies of higher mathematics, we would have no choice but to leave our Comfort Zone of thought. Until we got used to the strain of higher thought it would be a struggle to remain on that high level. This illustrates the fact that the focus of your Intelligence can ascend or descend to different levels or wavelengths of thought. You have a comfortable level that takes effort to leave, until you become comfortable on that higher level. Then that higher level becomes your Comfort Zone; until you strive again. The same applies in Meditation. Many people at first find it takes effort simply because they are re-tuning their mind to receive ever-higher wavelengths or levels of thought. So now we must try to comprehend why so much striving and tiring mental effort is required.

Our description of the sub-atomic world earlier was not intended to bore you. It was intended to bring that general knowledge forward in your mind. To help you to realise that despite appearances, each and every one of us is an intelligent energy with a focal point we each regard as ME. Our Creator also is an intelligent energy; no doubt with a ME focal point. The only difference between our Creator and us is that for now we must exist amid energies that are compelled to structure their selves into atoms. On the Creator’s level of existence the energies are not structured into atoms. Yet despite the fact that those atoms of energy build themselves into the bodies we all must clump around in, it does not prevent us from using our creativity, just as our Creator uses creativity. It only limits us. So to understand the striving and effort we must also try to understand what it is that limits us.

Let’s return to that rock for a moment. We all know that no matter how strong our beliefs in the powers of ESP that rock won’t move until someone applies either muscles or machinery to the task. Priests insist that our Creator is non-physical: No muscles, no machinery yet our Creator created everything that exists in non-physical and physical Creation. Consider the vast machinery and huge amounts of powerful energy required for nuclear researchers to artificially create short-lived sub-atomic particles. Go on to recall that our Creator only had to use the power of thought to control energies of self to create. Then we begin to realise how we all have under-estimated the enormous power of thought, the power of our Creator’s thoughts, the power of our thoughts as individuals, and the combined power when Mankind thinks as one.

Below is a reflection of above. What we see here are the same energies; the energies of our Creator. We also see a descending scale of power-levels applied to those energies between our Creator’s level and our physical level. So this gives us a clue as to what limits us, and why we always have to strive to overcome those limits. Here is a familiar example from domestic life as a comparison: To run a vacuum cleaner or an electric oven you would use the full power of mains electricity. But to run your little transistor radio off of main electricity you would need a plug-in transformer, or your radio would burn out. If you examined inside the transformer you would find a continuous coil of wire. The mains full-power follows the wire to your radio. In doing so, it has to work against itself; reducing its power-level all the way down to a level that wouldn’t harm a torch bulb.

So now we must find out what our Creator used as a transformer. A transformer that would safely reduce those energies in power-level, and would also be the mechanism that would convert those reduced energies into spinning atoms. We don’t have to look far. Most of us have heard of the Astral Levels, often known as the Astral Vortex. Instead of mains electricity compelled to follow a coil of wire: High-powered Creator energies would be compelled to form and travel down, a spherical vortex. The energy would work against itself to reach the centre of the vortex where it could only spin and then drop into a lower level. So here we have a bridge between physical and non-physical: The sub-atomic level.

Often our little domestic transformer is versatile enough to offer us a selection of voltages: For example; 12v, 9v, 7.5v, 6v, 4.5, 3v. This allows us to use appliances that can handle these higher voltages. For each of these different settings the coil is tapped into further and further along the coiled wire, because the further we move along the wire the higher the voltage. But as we know, if we use these higher voltages for our 3 volt torch bulb it will burn out. All of this is obvious, but we must apply the same thinking to the function of the Astral Vortex. Those who can accept the concept of reincarnation will know that our individual existences take the form of a pendulum that swings backwards and forwards between Astral and Physical. We must then expand that thought to accept that every form of life force; from the most simple life forms up to and including the human “Me” level: All experience this pendulum existence. When the poor old worn out body of a Human, or a Flea, can no longer carry the Life force, That Life force returns to the Astral for a while.

So now we must bring together three seemingly diverse fields. From the Flea level and below, up to the Human level we see a series of ascending levels each more complex than the one below it. Charles Darwin described these levels in terms of Physical Evolution as the driving force. But atoms don’t care about evolving. As part of a star, or a fingernail or a needle, it’s all the same to atoms. So the driving force must apply to the life force to always evolve higher and higher: With the accompanying need for more complex physical bodies. The second field is that of Spirituality. The ancient eastern belief systems tell us that the Astral Vortex Level we will attain between physical lives is governed by our total spiritual progress gained during our many physical and astral sojourns, to date.

Our third field we have already discussed: The Astral Vortex, with its levels, as a transformer that reduces and converts highest power-level Creator energies into low power-level atoms. Elsewhere we have written at length about the introduction of unconscious life force into the physical universe; via the Astral Vortex. Here we will limit ourselves to only mention that the Life force could have only arrived from the levels where the Creator energies are unreduced in power level. There is no where else they could have originated from. This must mean the unconscious life force could exist in those high power-levels: But to enter the physical existence amid low-power atoms, the power-level of the life force had to be greatly reduced.

Most of this very high power would have been shed in the Fifth Dimension, and would await the eventual Ascension of that life force. We know this as our Higher Self. The rest would be shed as the life force descended the vortex to await thresholds into physical life. At first as simple life forms that would survive or not. If not, the life force would return to the Astral at its lowest power-levels to await another suitable threshold. In this way the life force would commence its long climb. A climb that one-day will allow it to escape from the vortex. But before that day arrives the life force must keep on evolving until it evolved individual, human ”Me” Intelligence. At that point the evolutionary driving force of Mother Earth is replaced by Human Freewill choice. Unlike the animals, Man can choose to evolve or not. But the evolvement then is not of the body, but the “Me” Intelligence.

Now we are able to bring those three fields together: To understand why we have to strive, and what it is that limits us. From our description, it will be obvious that Evolution in the Darwin sense, Spiritual Progress in the Eastern Belief system sense, and increasing our capacity to exist and function on ever-higher power-levels of Creator energies. All three are exactly the same thing. When you enter the silence during your meditation: All mundane thought ignored as far as possible. In fact you are passively opening yourself to allow higher power-levels of Creator energy to flow through your being. Higher power-levels than you are used to normally in your Comfort Zone power-level of thought. Every time you quietly meditate, you are trying to raise your capacity, so that “Me” the focal point of your intelligence can move to higher power-levels.

Everything that is positive and good in our existence, is part of those Creator energies that flow
through us via the vortex. Those energies bring the patterns of everything we know. They also carry the virtues from our Creator to flow through us. So when we feel compassion it is flowing through us, not from us. But we feel it passing through us to where it is needed. It is energy. Negativity is when, in our lack of clear thought and understanding, we block or distort the flow. Spiritual progress is not aiming for goodness. It is more to do with clear thinking that will enable us to understand our ways of thinking and our selves. This is what Lord Sananda meant by “clearing the blockages”, because it is those blockages that will restrict the flow of those energies. You don’t need to try to be virtuous. Understand the blockages and then remove them. Then the virtues with their ever-higher power-levels will lift you clear of the Vortex.

The title of our article is ASCENSION DOUBT BLUES…. Yes it is a long time since the Klein Tapes. No. No one to our knowledge has yet ascended. And yet we all have learnt so much about ourselves. If we are honest, can we truthfully state we have cleared all blockages? We know we couldn’t; not even just from this present life. Then when we contemplate all that accumulated emotional scar tissue from all those past lives, we wonder if we’ll ever make the grade. For all that we’ll sure keep trying. There’s no going back. Where could we go back to?

In our article we have emphasised Intelligence and energies because that is what individually we all are. All are at different stages of development and speeds of learning. All are at different power-level capacities. Each of us is linked to our Higher Self by a trail of energy that we had to leave behind to be able to descend the energy windings of the vortex. We could liken that trail to our personal wire through the transformer and our individual intelligence is the appliance that must always strive to follow that wire: This even though we know the wire increases in energy power-level as we move along it. It can’t be rushed, and only you can do it, in your own timing. It is you who has to live with the discomfort of consciously and determinedly rising above your Comfort Zone level of thought.

For us all there are several stages of learning after we ascend to the Ascended Masters, fifth dimension level, but before we together with our twin aspect ascend through and then above the angelic/teachers’ levels to then achieve the perfection level of our Creator. Meanwhile the energy control achieved by our efforts as individuals would allow us when appropriate to convert our energy into physical form as a means to spiritually uplift those in the physical, still striving to ascend.

We’d like to be able to tell you that the Ascended Masters or ‘Scottie’ from Star Trek will wave a wand or press a button to “Beam you up”. But there is no wand, nor a button. Instead, as it should be, there is UNIQUE YOU FULLY EQUIPPED TO TRIGGER YOUR OWN ASCENSION IF YOU WILL ONLY TRUST YOURSELF ENOUGH NOT TO FEEL YOU MUST RELY ON OTHERS WHO YOU MISTAKENLY THINK, KNOW BETTER THAN YOU DO.

You could regard dumping your Ascension Doubt Blues, as an exercise in blockage clearing.

Love and Laughter from (Freethought) David and Yvonne Brittain