Often, amid a dripping forest of rain-drenched, shiny umbrellas, the priest, in sonorous tones, informs the mourners that we are born with nothing and we die with nothing. Alternatively, amid gales of laughter at stating the seemingly obvious, a jolly wag will remind us that we can’t take it with us when we “Snuff it”


In actual fact, both, the priest and the jolly wag have got it wrong. Of course, you can’t take material things with you. What would you do with them even if you could? But contrary to what many people believe, the important, lasting things in our lives are not material, and so we do take them with us. But before we look at these non-physical possessions let’s look at death (as most people are taught to regard it). Then we will look at death in the context of evolving life force and reincarnation.


The sketchy knowledge many people have about ‘after-death’ is further confused and distorted by their ignorance about ‘before-birth’. The teachers of established Christianity teach their many followers that one newly born baby equates with one brand-new innocent soul. When this baby grows to adulthood its enquiring mind may have difficulty in accepting these Christian teachings, for example, that we are all born with brand-new souls, to live one physical life each, and then to die. At some stage, after our death, our Creator will judge each of us. Gratefully, what is supposed to happen next to unforgiven sinners, becomes less menacing, and instead, more vagueness as each century passes by.


To accept these teachings, one of the difficulties to be faced by the enquiring mind is the question of; on what basis will our Creator judge us? This is a fair question when we observe that many people appear to have life loaded against them from start to finish. Conversely, for other people, life appears to be, ”A bed of roses” from start to finish. An alternative view of the same teachings suggests that none of us was given any choice about being born in the first place. How could our Creator judge with equal fairness, the sin of a nuclear physicist, and the sin of a pre-historic Homo-Sapiens Caveman? Again these are not trivial questions because according to those teachings, every soul ever created will be waiting to be judged. Another question enquirers might ask is where is this mixture of countless souls that have lived their one physical life apiece and then died? What are they doing now?


No doubt the sincere teachers of Christianity have answers to these questions, interspersed with the traditional demands, that their followers have unquestioning faith. Our concern is not for how teachers or followers choose to use their freewill. Our concern is for the negative effect on the outlook of the individual. If a respected teacher has encouraged a follower to choose faith instead of knowledge, then for the follower, ignorance equates with loyalty to the teachings. But for the individual, ignorance also equates with fear of the unknown. Only logical knowledge can transform the unknown into the known. This applies both, to followers and to non-followers of religions. So let us now try to replace with knowledge, the fear of death, and of the unknown, that needlessly blights the lives of so many people. To understand death and thus to lose the fear of death, we must first understand the purpose of life. This is made more difficult when we are only able to regard life from our limited, individual points of view.

When we are prepared to burst through those limits we will then replace our fears with the self-confidence gained from true knowledge.


In our articles and books we have offered our readers an alternative scenario to those offered by eastern and western religions. To build that scenario we have included our belief that our Creator is part of an ongoing process that creates “Creators”. Readily we have admitted that we don’t yet comprehend how the process started. As part of a process our Creator’s role would be to ensure the continuity of the process. For this reason our scenario is built around what we believe is our Creator’s viewpoint instead of the limited viewpoint of we, the creations of our Creator.


Just like any process here on Earth, if the intended result is to be achieved, once started the process must run its course without interference. Logically this means that our Creator would simply start, monitor and supply the energy needs of the process. It also means that the intended products of the process are more Creators who will continue the process. We realise that this talk of process seems unfeeling, and a far cry from the various traditional, blurred, unthinking pictures we are offered of our relationship to our Creator.


It only seems that way until we use thought instead of emotion without thought. For example, when would-be parents long to have a child to love and cherish, they deliberately start a process with an intended result. Carefully they monitor the process and supply all energy needs. But to the parents, a vital part of the process is also to ensure that the child feel fully included in the love the parents have for each other.


This has to apply to each child equally, no matter how large the family grows. At first the child must be protected and guided, but as it grows older the parents allow the child to exercise its intelligence and freewill. The child will make mistakes and hopefully will learn from those mistakes. At that stage the parents know it is wise not to interfere with the learning process. Instead the parents set an example of harmonious living that the child will eventually learn is the best and only way to live.


Once again, the learning speed is different for every child. The more children in the family, the longer it will take for the entire family to learn the lesson of harmony and balance. It will take longer because the faster learners will have to develop patience and understanding for the disharmony caused by the thoughtless and selfish actions of the slower learners. At no stage will the parents think of their children as a crowd, even though at first the children might think of each other in that way.


The parents will always regard each child (slow or fast learner) as a unique, incomparable, very special individual in his or her own right. This parental love and respect for each child continues as each child evolves towards and achieves adulthood and equality with the parents. The mutual exchange of love and respect continues long after the child has achieved adult, non-dependence on the parents. Then it is the individual members of the now adult family that individually choose to continue the process. In our example, the parents represent the perfectly blended she and he of our Creator’s mind. Obviously each unique, incomparable, family member represents each member of a family called mankind. Each human being is destined to grow from childhood dependence to adult independence. This is the ongoing, warm, loving process that creates Creators out of people like you and me. Whilst our self-doubts and fear-filled minds need our Creator as a parental figure, we will always be part of our Creator. When we individually conquer our fears and self-doubts, our courage will allow us to fully comprehend our true and glorious adult destiny. But nowhere, in the process we have described, is there room for death. This can only mean that mankind has misunderstood the true meaning of death. So now let’s find out why.


One of the reasons is that, most of us get fixed ideas and fixed images of self and of those around us, as in this example at our place of work. For years our fixed image of Joe, the maintenance man, has been that of an oil-stained, blue boiler suit, a pair of greasy wellington boots, and a scruffy old cap and scarf that covers but cannot conceal Joe’s silver hair and his wry, fatalistic grin. For years we all shared this image of Joe, until one day when Joe invited us all to his daughter’s wedding. Then, as we all turned in our pews to watch the entrance of the bride, we all received a similar mental shock. Why were we shocked? Because suddenly we all realised that the elegantly dressed, distinguished stranger, proudly leading the bride, was our old Joe!


In exactly the same way, we receive a sudden mental shock when a loved one dies. Our fixed image of the loved one includes the loved one’s animated with life physical body; no matter how old or worn out with illness it may be. The mental shock stems from the sharp reminder that our eyes only ever saw the visible part of our now departed beloved. Our sense of loss is a different matter altogether.


Our fixed image of our beloved was so familiar we never even thought about it. The shattered image then compels us to think of our beloved in an unfamiliar and pain-filled way. It is pain-filled because now, just when we need accurate knowledge to reassure us as to the whereabouts of our beloved, who can we ask? In the same way we take our own physical existence for granted, and so we never think beyond our physical existence. Often the reason why we avoid thinking about these questions is because we don’t know what to think or what to believe. This is when fear of death enters the scene. So now we must look at what many fearfully think of as death, from our Creator’s wider (parental) point of view.


In our ‘process of Creators’ scenario our Creator evolved from childhood to adulthood, and is now the parent of children.  From our Creator’s viewpoint, all of those children are fully expected to evolve and grow in intelligence to our Creator’s idea of adulthood. Not just the brightest children, all are special and unique, and each will learn in his or her, own timing. Now let’s look at the children’s progress so far.


In a busy household the nursery is like a different world, a world in which to feel safe and secure. Just like earlier, in the womb, in the nursery all needs are supplied without needing the conscious thought of the infants, because mother does the thinking. In that sense mother is part of the process that creates Creators. The womb and nursery represents both, the physical universe, and the astral vortex of reducing power-levels of incoming energy that creates our universe. The beloved infants represent every trace of life force that has yet to evolve to the, conscious, aware, me, intelligence level, (to the human level). The mother is Mother Nature, whose intelligence thinks for the beloved infants throughout the lower astral power-levels and the physical universe. In the nursery the infants frequently sleep, but when awake, must be protected from each other. In this sense the physical body is each infant’s protection. If the body is irreparably damaged, the beloved infant slips into the peace of astral sleep until a new physical body is available. The explanations in this chapter are relevant to our theme, learning to lose the fear of death. As part of the lesson we have learnt that, below the human level, all life force in the physical universe is guided by the overall intelligence of Mother Nature.


The guidance is the product of her intelligence, and is received in the stepped-down form of instinct, appropriate to the evolvement level of the life force. Thus the life force of an elephant will respond at one level. The life force of bacteria in the elephant’s intestine will respond at a much lower level.


But both levels of life force evolvement will respond to that guidance, both, when in the physical or in the astral. So here we observe the ongoing, pendulum of astral and physical existence of the many levels of guided, evolving life force. At these levels of evolvement life force cannot think, it can only respond, at its own level, to the guidance of instinct.


The life force, guided by Mother Nature, enters, activates, and gives direction to the atomic structure that is the physical body. The life force abandons the physical body when the body becomes too ill, old, or damaged to continue. The life force doesn’t die, it moves to the astral level to which it has evolved. It cannot die because it is a living, evolving part of its Creator’s energies.


So now we realise that the visible and physical body is simply a tool and vehicle. Its function is to enable non-physical, evolving life force to experience physical existence. So far we have discussed life force that cannot think, it can only respond to instinct. This applies equally to your lovely dog or cat that died, the fish you caught for your supper, the house fly you just sprayed, and the tree you sawed into logs. It also applies to the life force of the now extinct dinosaurs of prehistoric times. It means that the ongoing evolvement level of the physical body reflects the ongoing drive of the life force to evolve, certainly not the other way around.


Let’s think about this astral/physical pendulum mechanism in terms of reincarnation. Even when life force has evolved to the individual, human, conscious, aware level it continues to use this mechanism. When the human body can no longer function, the individual, human, conscious, aware life force returns to a power-level of the astral vortex. There he or she awaits another opportunity to re-enter physical existence.


This is no different to all of the levels of evolving life force below that of the human level. There is a power-level in the astral vortex to match every level of life force evolvement. In a similar way to the fixed structure of coils of wire in a transformer, the energy structure of the astral vortex is constant and unchanging. It is the power-level of the energy, flowing through the vortex fixed energy structure that is continuously reduced in power-level. From this we learn that physical evolvement really reflects non-physical life force evolvement. Also that life force evolvement is really the drive to continually increase the capacity to reach ever-higher power-levels of the astral-vortex.


In our analogy of the nursery, our helpless, unthinking, beloved infants gradually sense, and then discover how to use, their physical bodies. Next they learn how to move about in their cots. Then they painfully learn to climb out of their cots to crawl about on the nursery floor. More bruising experience teaches the infants how to stand and then how to walk. Now intelligence begins to blossom in the nursery world of the infants. The realisation dawns in each of the infants that they can choose to walk to their toys. Finally each infant notices that the nursery has a door that leads to somewhere else if they can discover how to open it. This is the evolvement level where the nursery becomes a classroom for life force that has evolved to the conscious, aware, freewill endowed, individual human level. At this level individual intelligence coupled with freewill choice replaces blind obedience to the guidance of instinct. From our Creator’s (parental) viewpoint, all of the life force represents the family, not just the life force that has evolved to the human level.


How would our Creator regard us at our human level? Probably as school children who are at present fascinated and diverted by our physical classroom and by each other. Just like most children, we enjoy what is easy and what we are good at, and we avoid if we can what is difficult and unfamiliar.


Also, like most children, we nervously avoid thinking about leaving our familiar junior school, when alone we have to enter the unfamiliar senior school. It never occurs to us that beyond the world of classrooms and schools is an adult world in which each of us has a unique part to play. So to lose the fear of death we each have to re-assess our own value, from our Creator’s point of view instead of our own.


We have discussed in this article an astral vortex that we have compared to a transformer, in that its coils gradually transform high power-level energy into very low power-level energy. Elsewhere we have described how the vortex structure resulted in the creation of a physical universe formed from spinning atoms of low power-level energy, and also how dormant high power-level life force was able to descend the vortex to enter the lowest power-level of all, that of physical existence. We have described evolution as the ongoing drive to achieve adulthood in the same sense as our Creator regards adulthood. The only way the life force can achieve adulthood is to climb from the lowest power-level to our Creator’s high power-level. At first, as dormant life force, the drive to climb the vortex power-levels is in unconscious obedience to instinct. At the human individual life force level, the conscious, aware, intelligence of the life force can choose to climb or not.


Let’s now bring this knowledge into our daily lives. Between the moment a human egg is fertilised, to the moment the baby is born, the foetus is continuously transformed. From a simple life form consisting of a few cells, it rapidly passes through many of the lower levels of evolution before it finally evolves into a human baby. This is common knowledge, but how does it apply to the ongoing pendulum existence of the life force that enters and activates the baby? This question is relevant to the subject of losing the fear of death. When the same physical baby grows to adulthood and then to the degeneration of dotage, the life force will have to depart from it. So now let us explore how life force enters and leaves its physical vehicle.


Reincarnation we have described as the continuous pendulum existence between the astral vortex and physical existence. Eastern religions describe our individual vortex climb in terms of spiritual attainment, and we have described it in energy power-level terms. In fact, evolution, spiritual attainment, and increasing one’s capacity to exist on ever-higher power-levels of energy, all three are the same thing looked at in different ways. The advantage of thinking in terms of energy power-levels is this. We all know that our familiar, solid, physical universe is really composed of atoms that are composed of energy. We all already know that this energy that forms atoms is very real, and must arrive from somewhere. Our certainty of the realness of that energy takes the astral energy vortex out of the realms of unfamiliar mystical knowledge. Instead it places it firmly into the layperson’s store of scientific general knowledge.


A human being exists physically and on the astral, many, many times. Each time his or her intelligence evolves a bit more. Each time he or she will gain some spiritual attainment. Each time he or she will increase the capacity to exist on yet higher power-levels of the energy vortex. This is the point of the whole exercise. So whilst on the astral, our human being has relinquished his or her worn out physical body. He or she has returned to the power-level of the vortex, that his or her total capacity has achieved over many lives. When we leave the limitations of physical existence it is like being cured of a lifetime of amnesia, spent in a diving suit on a murky seabed.


We know that it states the obvious to suggest that an inexperienced boy of seventeen years could not imagine himself at the age of seventy years. Probably it would spoil his life if he could.


Of course he could visualise himself with grey hair and with an old and failing body. But it would be beyond the boy’s powers of perception to imagine the rich total of bitter, sweet experience that the decades ahead will give him. It would also be beyond the boy’s powers to imagine his outlook at the age of seventy. It would be an outlook moulded by those decades of experience that he had lived moment by moment. In this sense, for the boy, life is like moving through a mist, where only now is fairly clear. His past blurs and fades into the mist. His future has yet to materialise out of the mist.


The only moment the boy can control is this moment called, ‘Now’. The mist is filled with people and events that the boy will face and interact with when they appear before him out of the mist. Whenever the people and events appear, the boy can only interact with them at his then current level of understanding. The people and events may seem positive, or they may seem negative, but how the boy allows them to affect his outlook is the lesson he is there to learn. Each person and each event eventually slips from the boy’s ‘Now’ into the mist of the past. But it is the effect on the boy’s outlook that remains in the boy’s now. If that effect is positive, the boy will regard his unknown future with Positivity. Conversely, if that effect is negative, the boy will face his unknown future with Negativity. From boyhood to dotage his level of understanding continues to increase, unless it is clouded by emotions felt in the past.


All of this is obvious until we place it into the context of an experienced old man of seventy, riddled and torn with guilt or self-blame, over mistakes he made in his younger days. Or his present outlook soured by hate and bitterness over the people and events of long ago. At the start of this article we mentioned that there are things you take with you to the astral. Your outlook is one of those things because it is the self-image you have built. Unconsciously or consciously, you built that image of self. No one but you has the right to change that image.


The boy became an old man and then (to the best of everyone’s knowledge) he died. Contrary to his pre-conditioned expectations, he discovered that he wasn’t then promptly marched away to await judgement by God. Our Creator-parent does not and cannot interfere with the process that creates Creators. Instead the confused old man found that he was faced with a long, dark tunnel, brilliantly lit at its far end.  How he will deal with this situation will very much depend on how he has faced his unknown future during his physical life. This is important, so let’s pause here to examine this a little more deeply. Each of us has to face our future in our own way. For us all, the future contains an unforeseeable mixture of joys and disappointments that we deal with as each appears. The content of the mixture is of lesser importance than what the entire mixture represents. To each of us the mixture represents ongoing uncertainty that we must live with, from birth to death. In other words, the only foreseeable certainty in anyone’s future is its content of ongoing uncertainty.


Uncertainty only becomes certainty when it is fixed in our past. This is why we use our past as a rough guide to our future. From this it will be obvious that how we regard our uncertain future will be powerfully influenced by how we allow ourselves to regard our past.


For example, we can view the events in our past in two opposite ways, the negative way, with bitter regret for lost happiness. Also, the dread that the future may contain similar awful problems to those we faced in our past. Or we can view our past the positive way, with optimism firmly based in our knowledge that, as we knew happiness in the past we may well know happiness again in the future. Also, that as in our past we faced and resolved those awful problems, we can be confident of our ability to resolve similar problems in our future. One of those two ways to regard the past will also is the yardstick we will use to regard the future. So in that sense it doesn’t matter whether you are a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, or a factory worker of today. You will regard your future in one of those two ways during your physical life. Now we return to our disembodied, confused old man, who is now faced with a mysterious, dark tunnel with a light at its far end. Of those two ways that we have described, which will he use? To the old man the tunnel now represents the unknown just as in physical life his future represented the unknown. He has a freewill choice to make, and only he can make it, to move through the tunnel and into the light, or to move away from the tunnel and the light. All of this sounds very mystical. So whilst the man ponders on his choices, let us transform the mysticism into practical knowledge that we can all understand and use.


What is the tunnel, and what is the light? Both represent different power-levels that the man must ascend to return to his total achieved power-level in the astral vortex. Earlier in this article we compared physical existence (as viewed from a total achieved astral power-level) to a lifetime of amnesia, lived in a clumsy diving suit, on a murky seabed. Of course it all felt natural whilst on the seabed and now our confused old man has left the seabed and has removed his heavy diving suit. But the man will continue to suffer from amnesia until he returns to his achieved power-level on the astral. The man was born completely stripped of memories of his previous physical and astral existences. Now, as he faces the tunnel, the only memories he has to guide and influence his choice are of this last physical life.


The light at the far end of the tunnel is that man’s total achieved power-level on the astral. The tunnel contains all of the power-levels that were previously stripped from him to enable him to be born into low power-level physical existence. In energy terms, his higher power-level had to be reduced before he could safely and gently enter the much lower power-level atomic structure of the growing foetus. Part of the power-level reduction process required his multiple (higher power-level energy) memory to be left in the same tunnel. This also was necessary to protect, in the mother’s womb, the foetus that was to be his future physical vehicle. For a moment let us consider his reincarnation, in human, psychological terms instead of power-level reduction terms.


There always seems to be confusion when the subject of birth and death is discussed. The Christian priest teaches that our old man was born with a brand new soul and that when the old man dies, his soul will sleep until awakened in God’s good timing. In complete contradiction of this belief, many people on their deathbeds, describe with joy, long dead loved ones that are there to meet them. Are the teachings inaccurate, or are people about to die, prone to hallucinations? The former seems more likely because the priest must teach only what he was taught. The dying person is in an altered state, similar to that of a psychic medium who describes what only she or he the medium can see.


Only when we apply the concept of reincarnation to this contradiction do we pinpoint the inaccurate part of the priest’s teaching. The inaccuracy lies in the question, when do you sleep? Does a soul sleep at the start or at the end of a physical existence? One thing is obvious, even to a person devoid of any kind of belief in God or the Hereafter. No matter what else death means to us, death is a certain escape from all physical pain. During physical life, a toothache or an aching back can be physical and mental torment until the pain is relieved. After the pain has gone we feel released, but may sleep to allow our bodies to rebuild their drained resources of physical energy.


When we leave physical existence we also leave its physical pain, so the need to sleep does not apply. The need to sleep does apply though, at birth and before. The priest teaches of brand new souls that enter brand new babies.


Reincarnation teaches us that we are experienced old souls. Also that to reincarnate, we must, with blank-sheet minds, re-enter a physical vehicle whilst it is still a foetus forming in its mother’s womb. Psychologically the need to sleep becomes obvious. It would be to escape the mental torment and mental pain that an aware, adult soul would suffer, trapped in the helpless body of a physical infant.


On his astral total achieved power-level, our old man has reviewed the lessons he previously set to learn during his last reincarnation. He alone judges his progress so far, and then plans his next reincarnation accordingly. He chooses his future parents and the environment into which he will be born, and so on. For the man, from his wider point of view whilst on the astral, there is only one reason to re-enter physical existence. The reason is to re-learn those lessons whilst in the confusion of physical life. Most of that confusion is caused by the necessity for everyone’s forgetfulness during their physical lives.


At this point a fundamental question must be answered if the readers are to make sense of this pendulum existence. The question is, why? We have explained that all life force is gradually ascending the power-levels of the astral vortex. Eventually all life force will rise above the vortex/physical pendulum existence. This includes the man in our example. Meanwhile, his progress continues to increase the gap between his achieved power-level whilst on the astral, and the power-level of physical existence. At the end of each reincarnation he leaves his physical body and returns to a higher power-level in the vortex. Finally the man reaches the highest power-levels of the vortex. This man through his own efforts is highly evolved, highly spiritualised, and so is able to exist on a very high power-level, but to achieve this high level he had to repeatedly return to the lowest power-level of all. Again and again he had to begin to make progress whilst stripped to the power-level of a helpless human foetus. As the power-level gap grows wider, a strange thing begins to happen. Earlier during the vortex climb, when the gap was much narrower, our man was slow in making progress. Each time when he reincarnated he was overwhelmed by the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs of other people that he believed knew better and more than he did. As a result of this, at the end of each life in the physical, he faced the tunnel with fear and trepidation.


Our confused old man has made his choice. Before his physical death he had developed an optimistic outlook despite the uncertain future that we all face. He has brought this outlook with him, and so he optimistically moves along the tunnel and into the light. But suppose he had developed a pessimistic, fear-filled outlook with which he now faced that tunnel? Full of self-doubt and fear of the unknown, he wouldn’t know what to do, or what to choose. What happens then? We need to know because for each of us, when our time comes, we will be faced with that same tunnel and that same quandary.


The tunnel and the light often are featured in the descriptions of near-death experiences of patients whilst undergoing surgical operations. These descriptions are very similar to those given by many clients during past-lives regression therapy. In both cases the person knows that he or she is fully conscious and aware, and has left the physical body. The person can see his or her unconscious physical body on the operating table surrounded by frantic surgeons, or, on his or her deathbed, surrounded by grieving relatives, at the end of that past life.


In both cases, when the person lifts his or her gaze from the physical scene below, the next to be seen is the tunnel and the light. Often whilst describing this tunnel to the PLR therapist, the client will suddenly realise that he or she is not alone. Someone has come out of the light and down the tunnel to meet the client.


Then the delighted client recognises the person as his or her beloved and trusted friend or relation that died before the client died, during that past life. Arm in arm, together they move through the tunnel and into the light. All of this sounds very encouraging and similar to the priest’s comforting assurances that, one-day we all will be reunited with our loved one, but what does it really mean?

Amid the illusion and confusion of physical life, people that we have categorised surround each of us. Our regard for each person is governed by our experience gained by our contact with that person, and as a result, some people we deeply love and trust, whilst others we may distrust, fear, and even hate, or any shade of feeling between these two extremes. Let’s call it a private mental catalogue that each of us makes, and then takes with us when our physical life ends. Thus when someone emerges from the light and the tunnel to meet us, automatically we consult the catalogue before we agree to trust and accompany that person.


For each of us the dream ends when we enter the light of our achieved power-level on the astral. Only then are we able to fully comprehend how that private mental catalogue distorted our regard for those around us. Released from the physical dream, we remember that we are all beloved students of a university for potential creators. For each of us our self-taught lessons take the form of an ongoing play.


The play is acted out on a theatre stage called physical life. We are the actors and actresses, and individually we make many exits and entrances as the play proceeds. There is no script, and so, offstage (on the astral) we students collaborate with each other so that onstage we will all learn from each other and from the play. To play our parts to the full, whilst on stage we have to fully immerse ourselves in the parts we have chosen. We may choose to sometimes play the villain, the hero, or a crowd scene part. But the lessons we learn from each part, onstage, are really to help each of us to eventually graduate (with flying colours!) from the University of Potential Creators.


We choose a different role each time that we appear in the play, sometimes as the oppressors, and other times as the oppressed. Each role offers us a different viewpoint of the roles we have played previously. Then as we learn more and more about ourselves, each of us, at our own speed of learning, chooses to refine our image of self. To achieve this, we plan our future parts so that whilst on stage they include the opportunity to realise that it is simply a play. Also to learn of the greater reality that lies behind the play. Previously onstage the apparent realness of the play, and its cast, deeply affected each of us until we left the stage, but then we learn to always be true to our refined self-image, both off stage and on stage. Only then does each of us begin to deeply affect in a positive and beneficial way, the play, and its entire cast. In accelerating numbers the actors and actresses, on stage, choose to portray the real person behind the fictional character part. Eventually, each of us in our own timing, finally leaves the play, and ascends to a higher grade in the University of Potential Creators.


His optimism that carried him into the light allowed our dear old friend to rediscover the truth behind the play. Even when fear and self-doubt clouded his optimism, always a trusted beloved from his past, would lead him into the light. Then the beloved would return to his or her achieved astral power-level (this might be higher or lower than our old friend’s achieved level).


Sometimes the old man’s fear and mistrust were so intense that even when his loved ones left their different astral levels to meet him, he would refuse to believe in them. At the human level this entire Creator Process is governed by individual freewill choice. To reincarnate, our man chose to move through the tunnel. Now only he can choose to return along the same tunnel. No one may force him if he chooses not to. But if he does choose not to enter the tunnel, where can he go? He cannot return to physical existence, and his fear has barred him from his achieved astral level. So where is he? He is trapped by his fears on the Interlife Zone between physical and astral existence. There he remains, oblivious to everyone and everything whilst he exists in a world of self-created fantasy and fear. He has become a trapped soul. He will remain trapped until a psychic medium in the physical, or someone on the astral can persuade him to re-enter the tunnel and move into the light. This is the only Hell, and only self-doubt and fear can create it. After countless delays caused by his fears, our man, whilst on his achieved astral level, finally decided to do something about it.


He learnt to always include in his future lessons for whilst in the physical, the chance to gain knowledge of his link to his higher self. For each of us the pivot of the pendulum existence is our higher self that exists above the astral levels. That was the breakthrough for our man, when he ceased to allow others in the physical to over-ride the guidance of his higher self. His progress accelerated on the astral. Whilst in the physical, he became a light-worker that helped to transform general confusion and fear into the clarity of self-knowledge. The higher that he climbed on the astral, the more affect he had on the confusion rife in the physical. But also, despite undergoing the required reduction process each time to be able reincarnate, he found that his astral-achieved high power-level began to affect his physical body.


How was this possible? To understand how, first we must consider the purpose of a physical universe. Earlier we described physical existence as a womb and a cradle. This womb and this cradle is for dormant life force that has the potential to evolve to the human (individual me) intelligence level. Until the life force evolves to that level, it exists in unconscious harmony and balance with the rest of Creation, and always in the moment called “Now”.


Even the apparent foresight of the little red squirrel that hoards nuts for the winter, it is not foresight. The squirrel collects and hoards nuts “NOW” in response to instinct that compels it to act “NOW”. In this sense, all life force below the human level is an unconscious, guided part of an overall harmonious pattern. But what happens to that pattern when life force evolves to the human level? Just a passing glance at planet Earth clearly demonstrates what happens. At the human level, individual conscious awareness replaces blind obedience to the overall pattern.


The overall pattern is the product of an overall intelligence that never interferes with the pattern. Looked at logically, this means that there is no permanent place in that overall pattern, for the individual human level of conscious, aware intelligence, and yet we return to that pattern again and again, as we progress to climb the vortex. Let us think about this for a moment in terms of, Mother, Womb, Nursery, and Classroom.


Mother represents the overall intelligence. The lower power-levels of the non-physical astral vortex and our physical universe together represent the womb and nursery. Energy, converted into the physical matter of physical bodies, represents the protective-garments and vehicles that all non-physical life force must wear whilst existing in the physical. We can compare the overall pattern to Mother’s set nursery routine. That routine is very flexible. It has to be to cover needs that range from those of newly born babies, to those needs of active toddlers that are near to school age. Because of the flexibility of her routine, Mother seldom if ever has to alter it. She designed her nursery routine for infants because they are unable to think for themselves. But also her routine extends to the protective garments worn by the active toddlers who do think for themselves. Carefully Mother never interferes with the way a toddler chooses to think and act, because she knows it will learn from mistakes.


She also knows that when it has learnt to always choose harmony and balance as its way of thinking, it will permanently leave the nursery. Mother only asserts herself when, in their immature and arrogant thoughtlessness, the children’s mistaken thinking becomes a threat to the nursery. Then Mother gives those children an experience to learn from, of a world where harmony and balance is missing.


The experience this time is familiar to us all. It is of a planet where pollution, and man-made global overheating have made freak weather patterns and rising sea levels a normal, studiously ignored, way of life. In this sense in our analogy of the nursery, it is fitting that we have likened Mankind’s current use of thought to that of wayward and clumsy children. This isn’t punishment, it is we being affected by what we originally caused, or allowed to be caused by our apathy.


Through the mistakes we all make whilst in the nursery, we all experience different aspects of dis-harmony and unbalance. Whilst in the nursery our mistakes cause no permanent harm to anyone. So the lesson we all individually learn from the nursery is to choose to think and act always with harmony and balance. Eventually we no longer have to consciously choose because each of us becomes harmony and balance. Then we can be trusted not to create havoc wherever we go when we leave the nursery.


Now we return to our old friend. To reincarnate yet again he must descend from his very high, achieved power-level of the astral vortex. Again he must pass through the tunnel to the Interlife zone, and from there, safely reduced in power-level, into physical existence. Now with increasing difficulty he sleeps whilst his tiny, helpless physical vehicle takes form. His difficulty is the vast gap between his astral and physical power-levels. Probably our readers have already seen typical examples of our old friend. You stop to admire a stranger’s baby in its cot or pram. For you it is like an electric shock to see bright intelligence and instant recognition when the baby’s eyes meet yours. Today, wherever you are in the world you could experience such a shock.


No longer is this a rare experience because for countless ages time and time again we have all made that gruelling two-way trip through the tunnel, highly developed souls whose chosen character roles on the physical stage are identical to their image of self on the astral. Just before and ever since this new millennium began, these souls have been reincarnating into the physical. As our old friend is typical of these returning souls, let us follow his progress.


Patiently our old friend dozes and holds his high power-level intelligence at bay. This he must do to allow his baby vehicle to develop naturally in its own timing. At this helpless stage all he can do is observe from his cot or his pram. Through the physical eyes and brain eyes of the baby our old friend receives glimpses of the real self-images of those character actors and actresses that surround him. The baby enters early childhood and because it is so filled with self-confidence, it becomes a source of astonishment to its parents and grandparents. Most of us have looked back in wonder when we have compared it to our own lack of self-confidence when at a similar age to our grandchildren.


More sources of astonishment for us all are the instant rapport that youngsters have with computers. It is as if they instinctively know that computers are simply tools that will release mankind from drudgery, to allow him and her at last, the time to concentrate on being truly human. Also children quickly grasp the computer’s potential to teach people everywhere to cherish and share with all people everywhere.


Our old friend is typical of this new special generation of children and young people who are changing the attitudes and outlook of their elders. No shabby, nationalistic, propaganda campaign will fool these clear-eyed souls into bloody wars against other souls. At their schools and colleges these fearless souls already run their own campaigns. They focus the public spotlight into the furtive shadows of the hypocrisy that always has riddled our society. At their age most of we elders were too busy, concentrating on qualifications for future careers in that society, to even notice the hypocrisy. Now, at long last, a new, enlightened generation is learning from the mistakes made by previous generations. It isn’t so much the mistakes we made, it is our reluctance to acknowledge and rectify those mistakes, that generates impatience in our youngsters. Who can wonder if, amid the physical illusion, many of them take to addictive drugs, as an escape from the madness of generally accepted normality?


In his outspoken teens our old friend tried to cure the problems of the world. Later, with a little more wisdom, he tried to alter the legislation that he believed caused those problems. Baffled when this failed he turned away from the world and instead withdrew into himself. Then, just as he’d previously planned whilst on the astral, a light worker taught him to meditate. Quickly this triggered his conscious link to his higher self. Next, knowledge of the bigger picture flowed down the link to widen his outlook, and this in turn revealed what he had previously missed. He realised those legislators and legislated, rulers and ruled, all have the same thing in common.


They are all unique and special individuals who don’t yet realise they are unique. Because of this each of them lacks self-trust. Filled with hidden fears, and with doubt of self, they merge their individuality into that of the crowd. Either as the leaders and manipulators of the crowd or as the faceless led of the crowd, but always as a crowd.


This gave our old friend a clue as to his role. Quietly and in his own way he began to help those he met to look at their selves in a new light. His help took the form of talking to, and writing for, individuals, because in a crowd people listen as a crowd. The effect of his work on individuals remained unseen, but he trusted that the affected individuals in turn would pass on the effect in ever-widening ripples. This is happening now. There are countless numbers like our old friend, quietly bringing the light of self-knowledge and self-confidence to individuals all over planet Earth. The work began slowly and painfully, as an idea that was alien to accepted normality. Then, just like a virus, it spread around the planet to affect everyone it touched.


What of our old friend’s ascension above the vortex power-levels? Why must it include the ascension of his physical body? There would be no need to include it if his intended final destination was to remain as part of his Creator’s Creation. But this isn’t his intended final destination. His final destination is to be the adult creator of his own unique creation, maybe alongside, but certainly not as part of, his parent Creator’s Creation. Together our old friend, merged with his feminine aspect twin soul, must leave their Creator’s Creation. Their adult role is to fulfil their part in the process that creates creators.


When the acorns leave their parent oak tree, they all contain the patterns needed to become oak trees in their own right. But this is not enough because when they leave the parent tree they also leave behind its flow of life-giving sap. This problem is overcome early in the process, whilst the acorns are developing on the tree. Each acorn converts some of the sap into a form of stored nourishment (the kernel), to use after they leave the tree and before they individually take root in fertile soil.


Now we must apply the same idea to our old friend, and what applies to him also applies to each of us. When we leave our Creator’s creation we will need an equivalent to the acorn’s kernel. Everything that is part of our Creator’s Creation (physical and non-physical) is totally dependent for continued existence, on an unfailing flow of energy from our Creator. That energy flow is very real both, before and after it has taken the form of atoms. The Creator-donated energy flow is continuously reduced in power-level as it spirals to the centre of the astral vortex, on its way to be formed into lowest power-level physical atoms.

As we climb the power-levels of the vortex we emboss our self-built image of self, onto the energy flow at our currently achieved total power-level. Our old friend’s self-built image of self belongs to him, because he alone created it. But the energy flow onto which that image is embossed is not his, because it enters and leaves his image, on its way down the vortex to become lowest power-level physical matter.


His spiritual progress, the control his highly evolved intelligence has over his thoughts and emotions, his striving in the altered state to reach ever-higher power-levels of the energy vortex. All three are the same thing, and they mean that our old friend, with his self-built, harmoniously balanced, image of self, could rise above the vortex. But first he must descend again to physical existence to collect the energy version of the acorn’s kernel that later he will need to reach his intended destination.


Now let’s all get comfortable and familiar with such daunting words as “Intelligence” and “Atoms”. Earlier we defined intelligence as a very real Creative energy that has evolved to the human level of aware, consciousness of self, and will continue to evolve at its own speed to our Creator’s level. That definition applies to all of us. Many people (including the authors) might feel that if ascension requires highly evolved and developed intelligence, “We’re not going anywhere”. But if for a moment we all drop our self-judgmental roles, we may then regard our own intelligence in a more favourable light. Let’s look at an example.


In the world of science, names such as, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Charles Darwin, these and many more are justly revered. But for what are they revered? Obviously it is for their invaluable contributions to the ever-growing store of scientific knowledge. We could say that the products of their individual intelligence benefited mankind, and for that we honour them.


But also in comparison to them we tend to devalue our own intelligence; these men were special, where as we are not special. But if we asked these honoured men, they would not agree that they were any more special than the rest of us. This wouldn’t be false humility; it would simply be the truth. The great store of scientific knowledge is composed of both, what has been clearly proved to be true, or of what has been clearly proved to be untrue. Provable knowledge of both is an essential foundation on which to build further reliable truth.


If asked, any of these great thinkers might tell you, “From existing data, all that I knew for sure was what it definitely isn’t. Knowing this, I wracked my brains to discover what it definitely is. Finally, no nearer to the answer, I shelved the problem until tomorrow, and instead went home to relax in a hot bath. Then, amid the warmth, steam and lather, whilst musing on thoughts of supper later on with my wife, inspiration came like a flash in the form of the searched-for answer. Suddenly I knew the answer, and the rest that followed was just tedious hard work. This was inspiration from his higher self that was only able to reach him when he ceased to create a barrage of thought. This same inspiration is the businessman’s sudden hunch or the poet’s or the composer’s creative-flow, that in the middle of the night awakens them.


All of us have experienced these sudden intuitive flashes of “Knowing” no matter what we choose to call them. What we do with that inspiration is then up to our individual freewill choice. But no one is barred from his or her higher self, and so in that sense we all have the same potential to highly evolve our intelligence.

After all, the same man, whose ideas changed the way mankind regards the universe, would probably be completely baffled by the intricacies of an income tax form.  Equally, his brilliant mind might retire totally defeated, when faced with a gunge-clogged S. bend drainage pipe of a kitchen sink. Really this means that our praise for the man should be equalled by our praise for his wife, who took on all the mundane boring tasks to free him to think. Possibly Mrs Einstein seldom if ever, felt riveted by her husband’s theories. But in her love for him she intuitively and fully directed her intelligence towards releasing his thoughts from the mundane. So which of the two had the highest evolved intelligence? Who may judge? Brilliance of intelligence becomes meaningless unless guided by the love of harmony and balance.


From these examples we all may allow ourselves to never again feel intimidated by comparisons of intelligence levels. These comparisons are simply fake weapons used in a school fictional stage play about a temporary and illusionary competitive world.


Now let’s see how we all feel about atoms? Just like our guess about Mrs Einstein’s feelings, probably the answer would be, “We feel indifference, and can take them or leave them”. This was a fair answer for many thousands of years, because until recent decades no one had the technology to see an atom, let alone, to see inside of it. Ancient Greek philosophers (who were also the scientists of the time) theorised that if something solid was continuously cut in half enough times, eventually what would remain would be an atom. Also that if you then cut this tiny atom of solid matter into halves it would disappear because it would be too small to exist.


Until comparatively recent days, no one since that time had any better ideas. As a result, countless generations both, of learned scientists, and of learned theologians, based their theories and teachings on one ancient unproven idea. The idea, that solid physical matter is entirely separated from the blind, non-physical process (favoured by the scientists) or, of the non-physical intelligent Creator (favoured by the theologians), that somehow created solid physical matter.


Later this same rigid idea placed severe limitations on the far-reaching work on the laws of physics by that genius, Isaac Newton. The same rigid idea also limited the brilliant insight of Charles Darwin as to the wider meaning and ongoing purpose of evolution.


The rigidity of the concept was based in the idea that all atoms of solid matter were created once only. Then once created by whatever created them, the atoms were left to get on with obeying the laws of physics. Even young schoolchildren of today are in a position to know a scientifically proven truth, denied for aeons to scientists and theologians alike.


The truth is that each atom is created and re-created continuously from an incoming flow of energy from the non-physical dimensions. The energy flow arrives via the empty space at the centre of each atom. If the energy flow ceased, the physical universe would cease to exist in its physical form. This applies no matter who or what supplies the ongoing energy flow. These physical atoms of whirling energy must obey the laws of physics.


All of us have lived with the effect of this unintended distortion of truth ever since. As a result we will only trust our physical senses.

This means that we rely entirely on our physical senses to tell us everything we want to know, even when we become curious to know about the non-physical. When use of these inappropriate senses, leads, as it must to failure and disappointment, often we will doubt the reality of the non-physical. Or we will doubt our own abilities. Instead we tend to rely on the abilities of others rather than to seek inside ourselves for senses, more appropriately attuned for the task.


Why did we ask how you feel about atoms? We asked to enable you to fully comprehend the realness of the non-physical, because it is no less real than the physical. Exactly the same energies are the basis of both, physical and non-physical existence. To make those same energies physical they had to be reduced in power-level and compelled to spin via the sub-atomic level into the form of atoms.


So now we come to the real question. What was and is, continuously used to control and compel high power-level energies to become low power-level atoms? The answer must be the living intelligence of our Creator. This has to be an acceptable answer, rather than the product of wishful thinking. So first we must acknowledge that living intelligence can and does control energy, even on our human level amid physical matter.


Every human trio of “Me, Mind, and Body”, is really a structure composed entirely of energy-flows. This structure is set amid, and is an integral part of, a larger energy-flow structure that we regard as physical existence. Simply by the use of thought, the living intelligence of “Me” is able direct “Body” via “Mind” to climb a mountain, or to send a rocket composed of atoms, to the moon. Equally, because emotions also are flows of energy, the living intelligence of “Me” is able to create or shatter the happiness of another “Me” simply with the vibrations of mutually understood words.


As we all learn more and more about our own human trio, the living intelligence of each of us continuously evolves to ever-higher power-levels of the energy vortex. Harvest time for our Creator is on an individual basis for each of us. Our individual evolvement of our conscious, aware, living intelligence will finally be able to channel our total achieved energy power-level from the astral and above.


We will actually draw down that high power-level energy into the low power-level energy structure of the atoms that form our current physical body. To remain physical, the energy structure of atoms must remain at the low power-level range of physical existence. Ascension means that we have consciously raised that power-level to the point where the atoms of our body can no longer remain in physical existence. Each in our own timing will take over from our Creator the control of that energy. Each acorn will have converted life-supporting, flowing sap into an independent kernel (energy source) to use later on, after leaving the parent tree.


So our individual ascension to the non-physical level is the beginning not the end of our conscious, aware, learning process. Ascension is simply the doorway by which we leave the nursery and the classroom for infants. The same doorway will lead us as ascended masters to the next grade up in the University of Potential Creators. But the only place for death, in our scenario, is the death of fear, and the fear of an illusion named, “DEATH”


Love and Laughter from David and Yvonne Brittain


In the previous article we began with a forest of rain-drenched umbrellas beneath which mourners listened, whilst the vicar intoned grey words of Jove. All of us feel sympathy because all of us at some time take some part in the described scene. Also, we must offer sympathy to the vicar because he is locked into the inflexibility of tradition and ritual. Whether he wishes to be or not, it is expected of him, by the church hierarchy that employs him, and also by his congregation. The vicar privately may also be a student of metaphysics, who also has a profound knowledge of the mechanics and purpose of reincarnation. His studies in private completely contradict what he must teach in public, and yet he is torn between loyalty to tradition and loyalty to truth. He knows beforehand that if he is loyal to truth he will become just another voice crying in the wilderness; rather like all of you and us light-workers.  So for the benefit of all vicars, and all congregations, our next article describes how Yvonne and I work for the Light.



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