Soft-soaped public through the ages.

Soft-soaped public through the ages.
In the UK during the 1940s, in our scullery, we had a galvanised copper heated by gas for the weekly washing, and suds were produced by vigorously stirring the water with a hand-held wire cage containing slivers of Lifebuoy or Sunlight soap plus a soupcon of soda crystals. As time passed we graduated to Soap flakes and then to Oxydol detergent powder. Next, in our ongoing thirst for whiter whiteness (a thirst generated in us by the clever manufacturers) we were introduced to the latest wonder: Tide washing powder, and during those passing decades washing machines entered most homes.
More recently, whiteness just wasn’t enough. So next we learnt that expensive softener liquid that smells nice? Is a must for our laundry. Today, to add to our bafflement a silly lady in the TV ad urges us to buy granules to add a nice smell to our nice smelling softener liquid. Soft-soap anyone?


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