certain words appear to be no longer be used in conversation.

I find it strange how as time passes certain words appear to be no longer be used in conversation. Probably the reason for this is to do with western modern attitudes toward life. On the other hand via the Media we all hear other words and phrases repeated again and again; as if to intentionally emboss them into our minds.

For example, recently the brutal attack on the staff of the French satirical magazine; Charlie Ebdo has resulted on television in the authoritatively-toned talking heads of western nations waxing gravely, eloquently and at extreme length in defence of freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. Unfortunately one of the words no longer used in this context is ‘responsibility’ that should always be coupled such freedoms. What is required is the freedom of speech and of expression to be used with consideration for others; compassion, and common sense, especially by those who are in the position to powerfully influence public opinion.

One of the words no longer used is ‘vulgarity’ as apparently it is no longer considered to be vulgar or crude if male and female comedians use foul language, and spice their televised routines with explicit references to male and female sexual organs. In a space of a few decades we have regressed from the film censors’ officially approved, limited to 5 seconds, screened kiss, and anything more amorous to be simply implied by the couple sinking below screened level.

Today we are now regularly faced with the filmed display of prolonged sexual intercourse as part of the filmed plot followed by one or both partners brushing their teeth and viewed going to the toilet. The unfettered search for reality by the film makers of today has resulted in more and more violence and horror displayed on screen in nauseous detail. Yet somehow, with no sense of something missing, the cinema audiences of yester-year still enjoyed those censored films.

Respectability and good taste are no longer considered to be laid back enough to apply to modern, anything goes, western society.

As such it can be no surprise when the militant extremists, claiming to represent a belief system firmly based in medieval concepts of obedience to the alleged utterances of a ‘no longer with us’ prophet, and obedience to Sharia Law, the reduced status of women, and the heightened status of men, then declare terrorist war upon the western way of life.


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