Here’s looking at YOU

Here’s looking at YOU
An alternative exploration of the ascension process written by David and Yvonne Brittain

Although I’m not a scientist the microscopic world has always fascinated me. To be able to peer through the eyepiece of a microscope is to enter and observe a totally different self-contained living world. A tiny drop of pond water on the glass slide reveals strange and beautiful creatures busily going about their business, completely unaware that they are being closely observed. Then when we mentally step back for an instant from this scene what do we see? Surrounded by an expanding physical universe that contains our living planet filled with events, happenings, and human beings we see a human being whose entire concentration is focused on the happenings and events taking place in a tiny drop of water. In that instant nothing else exists, the observer and the observed have blended to become one. Let’s take this scenario a little farther. Let us suppose that our observer inserts into the drop of life-filled water a tiny living sample from his or her own body. The observer could simply observe, or by using micro-tools the observer could affect the happenings and events taking place on the glass slide. Why would the observer choose to affect the denizens of this tiny self-contained world? Maybe because the observer would comprehend the bigger picture into which the tiny, vulnerable drop of pond water on the glass slide fits. We could suggest that the observer could see into its future, and in particular the future of the living sample that he or she inserted into it.

The living sample from the observer’s body has been inserted into the observed micro-world for a definite purpose. The purpose is to either be affected by the tiny world that it has entered, or to have a definite affect upon that tiny world. Just like the other life forms on the slide with which it interacts the sample would be totally unaware of the observer and of the observer’s ability to affect what he or she observed. Now let us imagine that in some pre-planned way a spark of awareness allowed the living sample to become aware of the observer and of the observer’s abilities. The living sample could then learn to share two viewpoints, the wider viewpoint of the observer, and the limited viewpoint of the sample whilst existing in its tiny micro world. The sample could then choose to call upon the observer’s ability to see into the future of the sample to use to guide its present actions amid its tiny micro world. The sample would then quickly learn that it must remain in that micro world until it ceased to allow its self to be affected by that world and began to have a definite affect upon that world. Affecting the micro world around it would in turn have a transforming, evolving affect upon the living human sample. Only then with its purpose fulfilled could it permanently leave the micro world on the glass slide.

As our title ‘Here’s looking at you’ implies, there are similarities between our observer with his or her living human sample taken from his or her body and inserted into the microscopic world, and each of us linked to our own higher-self. These similarities are not meant to suggest we are helpless life forms trapped and observed on the glass slide on some celestial microscope, far from it in fact because each of us has chosen to enter and re-enter this physical world, a world that our higher-selves cannot enter because their energy power levels are too high. The similarities are these, that just as the living human sample is taken from the observer’s body and inserted into the observed micro world, we who choose to reincarnate are each a vital, indispensable part of our own higher-self. Another similarity is that just as the human observer can only observe but cannot enter that micro world, our higher-selves in their higher energy power-level can only observe us in our physical world. In other words, each of us humans is the concentrated focal point of his or her higher self. In turn this means that your higher self is incomplete without you to be its focal point.

Another similarity between the human observer and a higher self is this. By using micro-tools the observer could keep the unaware, living human sample safe by guiding it away from dangers and distractions that might divert it from its purpose for being inserted into that micro world. In a similar way higher-self uses the tool of conscience when the unaware human being becomes diverted from his or her pre-planned purpose, this until that spark of awareness of purpose dawns within us. What is a higher self? It is the greater part of your intelligence and it exists on a higher dimension but is always linked to you. Often we may feel the pricking of a guilty conscience when our freewill choices are not coupled with awareness. This isn’t a guardian angel or our Creator radiating dis-approval, it is your higher-self simply doing its job of signalling to you, its focal point of concentration, that your intended choice is about to divert you from your previously chosen path. Having received the signals it is then up to your freewill to choose whether to ignore the signals or not, because even amid the illusions of physical existence you are not meant to be the puppet of higher-self nor of anyone else. At this point it is vital to understand that, unlike the human observer and the observed living human sample in our micro-world scenario, you are not separate from your higher self because you are always linked

You and your higher-self are the same energy being that must function simultaneously upon two different energy power-levels until you, the focal point of your higher-self, have raised your power-level to that of your higher-self. We could suggest that you are the observer and also the observed. Maybe at this point you are wondering why your higher self has sent you, its focal point of concentration, to enter and struggle through life spans of physical existence. What does higher-self need that only exists in the lower energy power-level of the physical universe? Higher self needs a key that will allow it to progress and to ascend to the perfection level of its Creator. Let’s explain what we mean with a familiar example.

Imagine you’ve been given your very own aeroplane but before you can use it to fly you will have to be taught how to pilot it. Also, even though the plane is yours to own, its ignition key has been dropped into a muddy pool of water. To find the key you must plunge your hand and arm into the muddy water to blindly search the mud at the bottom of the pool. Maybe you are a talented genius, a top scientist, or an expert in your field of work, but none of these great gifts and talents could help you to search for that key. Only patience and care would help whilst your hand blindly searches the muddy pool bed. Whilst you continue to search, because of the coldness of the water, your hand may become numbed, lifeless, and so useless for searching. So then you would withdraw it from the pool for a while to bring it back to life before continuing your search, but the search must continue until your hand finds that key. Your search is even more delayed because in the same muddy pool are the ignition keys of many owners of aeroplanes who, like you, each must use his or her hand to blindly search for his or her key in the mud of the hidden pool bottom.

What is this key for which higher-self searches? The key is energy that is compelled to exist at the slowest, lowest power-level of existence. What we would think of as energy converted into sub-atomic particles that have then combined to structure atomic matter. Everything that exists is created from energy, and our role in the physical is to learn how to take over complete control of that energy. We can only learn that control whilst we exist in the physical dimension. To believe in the ascension process requires us to also believe that an intelligent Creator exists who has a definite purpose in mind for all of His / Her, intelligence-endowed, ‘I am’ creations. At this point we mustn’t allow lack of imagination to limit our recognition of intelligence-endowed ‘I am’ creations to only that of human beings. The physical universe is vast and no doubt contains countless different highly intelligent ‘I am’ life forms, which exist for the same purpose, as do humans, in this physical dimension. Each would be the focal point of concentration of its higher self, and each has entered the physical to learn complete control of that structured energy. Why would your higher self, existing in a non-physical dimension, need you to search for this energy-control key? The answer to this question will become clear as we proceed.

Titles Defined

Often the use of titles will cause confusion, so before we continue let us be clear about what we mean when we use any of them. What are the differences between a higher self, an ascended master, and an angel? Your higher self exists in the fifth dimension and is using you, its focus of concentration, to search for the key in the much lower power-level energy of the third dimension. An ascended master is a higher self whose focal point of concentration in the third dimension (you one day) has found the key, learnt how to use it, and has ascended and rejoined his or her higher self in the fifth dimension. An angel is simply a familiar title for an intelligent energy twin being who exists in the dimensions above the fifth. Like the branches of a tree, angels will always remain as integral parts of the Creator’s creation, and for this reason they are never separated from their higher selves.

The situation is very different for each of us humans stumbling around in the physical searching for the key of his or her higher self. The angels and each of us humans have our own higher self. The difference is that, just as angels are like branches of the main Creator tree we humans, and any other ‘I am’ intelligent beings in the physical universe are the seeds produced by the Creator tree, as are the ascended masters. When the timing is right each seed will leave the tree to germinate, grow, and then create its own unique version of a Creator tree. There is an essential point when defining any titles used for angels and ascended masters in the non-physical, and any ‘I am’ intelligences, human or otherwise existing in the physical. In each case higher self represents and is the powerhouse of resources, special powers, creative gifts, and communication links with the rest of creation. Higher self is in fact the complete intelligence available to each individual ‘I am’ energy-being including you. Every human being is equipped with ‘I am’ intelligence and the freewill choice to use his or her intelligence, or to not use it.

Other Dimensions

We have defined a few generally used titles applied to ‘I am’ intelligent energy beings, and now let us briefly define what we mean where we’ve mentioned different dimensions. In our schooldays geometry lessons a single stationary dot represents the first dimension. The second dimension is represented by a dot that moves to create a straight line, and then the line moves sideways to create a flat square with length and breadth. The third dimension is represented by the flat square moving upwards to create a cube with length, breadth, and height. So in the second and third dimensions time and sequence become involved when the dot ceases to be stationary. We have mentioned the first, second, third, and fifth dimensions and clearly the fifth and above dimensions are very different to the first three. They are different because, though created from the same twinned energy they are not created from twinned energy that has been reduced in power-level and compelled to structure itself into three-dimensional atomic matter. The dimension that links the fifth dimension to the third dimension is the fourth dimension, also known as the astral vortex.

The Astral Vortex

When we try to visualize a vortex we might bring to mind a familiar picture of a spiralling whirlpool that at its centre creates a cone-shaped hole in the swirling water. An astral vortex is a vortex formed by very real twinned energy, but it is not shaped like a cone. The astral vortex is a level shaped like countless balls of knitting wool with their layers intermeshed. When we wind a ball of wool we start at the centre and wind the inert strand of wool layer upon layer. With the astral energy vortex the outside layers are wound first by the high power-level energy as the energy flow moves into tighter and tighter curves. Layer-within-layer the moving energy winds itself to the very centres of the ball-shaped vortexes. To wind each layer of the balls the energy must continuously move into tighter curves. In doing so the power-level of the energy flow is reduced layer-within-layer just like electric current following the wire windings in a transformer. When the energy flow reaches the centres of the astral vortexes it is brought to a halt. The twinned energy is then compelled to convert its flow to spin speed, and because it has nowhere in the vortex left to go, it drops below the vortex-centres level as twinned spinning energy particles to then create the sub-atomic level.

A Bridge between Non-Physical and Physical

The high power-level twinned energy flow in the fifth dimension continuously enters and follows the vortex windings layer within layer, and in doing so its power-level is continuously reduced and finally its speed is converted to speed of spin. Compared to the energy flowing down the vortex layers the spinning energy at the vortex centre is stationary and so cannot remain in the vortex. The now low power-level twinned energy enters the sub-atomic level as twinned energy particles with each twin particle rapidly orbiting each other but in relation to the level into which they have arrived they are motionless and inert. In the sub-atomic level the orbiting twin particles are then compelled to combine with similar continuously arriving, orbiting twin particles to continue the process of structuring all of the atomic matter of our familiar physical universe that at its basic level is created from greatly reduced power-level twinned energy. If the energy flow from the astral vortex centres ceased the physical dimension would cease to exist. This is why we emphasise that the non-physical is as real as is the physical.

Why has a living, non-physical Creator created a physical universe that began totally devoid of life? We know from our own experience that life now exists in the universe, but we also know that the physical universe could continue to exist without the presence of life. The scientifically proved ‘Big Bang Theory’ has shown that the physical universe, by its very nature, is a rapidly expanding temporary structure that could not indefinitely support life, and yet, as we know, life exists in the physical universe. Even on this relatively tiny planet Earth, from the microscopic to the gigantic, life has built and learnt to control myriad designed physical bodies structured out of atomic matter that has as its basic level reduced power-level twinned energy compelled to structure itself in a certain way. This is the same energy that continuously flows from the Creator twinned energy ‘I am’ intelligence, flows through the angelic hierarchy energy levels, into the fifth dimension to then enter the power-reducing levels of the astral vortex fourth dimension. From where did the life force in the physical universe arrive?

Introduction to Non-Physical Life Force

So far we have described five very different dimensions, but above the fifth, and created in sequence before the five, are levels formed in a very different way, so let’s start at the top where it all began. Our Creator is an intelligent mind that is a perfectly balanced blend of ‘He’ and ‘She’ and exists in a measureless ocean of energy that is always in a state of chaos. This limitless ocean of very real, uncontrolled energy is the source used by the Creator mind to create, but to create what? Here we must put to one side what we have been taught, and instead allow free rein to our imaginations. Here we have a Creator mind made up of two aspects perfectly blended, he and she. The two aspects work as one and each has a special role. The role of the ‘she’ aspect is to draw in and convert chaotic energy into an organised form that can be used and controlled by intelligence for the purposes of creating. The chaotic energy is converted to a very real organised energy named ‘Love’ and this ‘Love’ energy will be used to create the Creation in which we all exist. The role of the ‘he’ aspect is to use, with intelligence and imagination, the converted to ‘Love’ energy to create in the Creator’s twin aspect mind the imagined image and purpose of Creation. So now we need to know the Creator’s purpose for creating Creation. What would be the intended final result of the entire Creation process? Set amid a limitless ocean of energy always in a state of chaos the only logical answer is, more Creator minds. The ongoing purpose to convert the entire energy ocean from chaos into the very real powerful energy named ‘Love’.

The Creation of a Freewill Zone

If the purpose is to create more Creator minds, here we find a limitation that had to be overcome. The Creator’s use of imagination to create mind images would fail to produce the intended result because the result would be the same as the imagined characters created by an author to people his or her book. They would be products of the author’s mind and their thoughts and ideas would really be the author’s not theirs, and so they would have no freewill. To overcome this limitation a process had to be used where the Creator mind simply provided the energy resources for the freewill endowed, unique Creator-minds-to-be to create their selves. By using this process the result would be independent, unique Creator minds, which could meet their Creator parents as equals, and then depart from their Creator’s Creation to begin their own unique version of Creation amid the limitless oceans of chaotic energy. How could our Creator achieve this result?

Using energy converted to love energy, from the ocean of energy in chaos the Creator’s mind has created a level to exist upon that we could describe as ‘The Perfection Level’ and it is perfect in that it is instantaneous existence. Instantaneous existence requires perfection, and in this instance perfection means completeness. The Creator mind is complete in that both, ‘he’ and ‘she’ aspects are blended in perfect balance and harmony, and by being blended an even higher level of creative intelligence has evolved. This higher level is ‘The Perfection Level. The intended unique creator minds-to-be also will have to evolve to this higher level. It will be helpful to keep in mind as we continue, that intelligence uses thought to control energy, and intelligence uses energy to generate thoughts and ideas. For a human intelligence to move just one physical finger of one physical hand requires the energy of applied thought and then the finger moves. The finger and the hand really consist of, and are integral to, a matrix of energy compelled to take on the structure of sub-atomic particles that have built themselves into atomic matter, combined to create DNA and RNA strands, chromosomes, protein, human cells, organs, bone and muscles etc. The point being made here is that despite appearances, even on this physical level, human thought exists amid and is controlling a matrix of structured energy. The energy controlled by our Creator’s thoughts is not structured, and yet some sort of energy structure is required to endow with freewill all ‘I am’ intelligences wherever they are to exist.

Delegated Power

In the running of any enterprise the boss is limited in that although he or she may decide policy and the direction of effort towards a desired result, he or she then has to delegate power downwards for others to achieve the desired result. In a similar way the twin Creator mind on his / her Perfection Level is limited by that perfection, so now we will explore how an energy structure was created to release all ‘I am’ intelligences from the confines of the Creator’s will and imagination. With physical and non-physical, the source is the same matrix of controlled energy.

Godhead is Created

First, let us visualise our Creator as a point of light amid the measureless ocean of chaotic energy. Next, as in geometrical terms the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, let us visualise countless straight lines of light radiating outwards in all directions from this central point of light. The point of light and the lines of light represent instantaneous existence, and also represent the Creator’s twinned, blended mind and imagination. Again in a similar way to the author’s characters example, any images created in the Creator’s imagination would be projected onto the radiated screen of straight lines. The projected images would be perfect, but would be puppets with no free will. They would have no existence in their own right. To overcome this limitation together the twinned Creator mind created an image that could not remain on the perfection level. The image created was of the male aspect only of the Creator mind. Without the female aspect the created image was incomplete and so not perfect (instantaneous). Once created it had to continue to exist but also had to drop below the perfection level, and in doing so another energy level, below but linked to the perfection level, was created.

Next the twinned Creator mind created another incomplete image, this time of its female aspect only, and this image passed through the energies of the first image to create yet another level of energy. The role of a twinned creator mind is to create. The female aspect supplies the ‘Love’ energy, and the male aspect uses the energy to create. Existing below the perfection level the two incomplete, separated aspects, freed from the confines of the perfection level are endowed with free will and together represent the two hands of the Creator mind that will re-create in the freewill levels the creations created in the twinned Creator mind’s imagination. These imagined creations and the ‘Love’ energy supply needed to re-create them are sent through from the twinned Creator mind via the freewill-endowed female aspect link. Together the two freewill-endowed aspects use the supplied ‘Love’ energy to re-create their first creation.

At this point in our exploration of a creation process it would be helpful to give the two incomplete, separated aspects (intelligent, independent energy-beings) the names they have been known by since ancient times. The male aspect is named God-the-father the female aspect is named God-the-mother. Their first combined re-creation is named God-the-son / daughter. The re-creation of God the son / daughter required twinned ‘Love’ energy to flow separately through father and mother so that the son / daughter would contain both aspects of the blended Creator mind. Both aspects co-exist in the same re-created, twinned-energy-being, but existing in the freewill level the two aspects could not be blended. God-the-father, mother, and son / daughter are known as The Godhead, and together they will create the descending levels and also the occupants of those levels. For a moment let’s look at this from the point of view of the Creator mind on the perfection level.


The Creator mind cannot leave the perfection level, but the Creator’s purpose is to start a process. The intended end products of that process will be self-created, independent Creator minds. This could be compared to parents who are also able to visualize the time when their young children will be freewill-endowed, fully-grown, independent adults. On the perfection level of instantaneous existence there is no freewill possible for Creator-minds-to-be because they have to create their own perfection levels from the oceans of raw chaotic energy, and also the energy power-level is too high. On the Godhead level freewill is possible but again the energy power-level is too high. A series of levels would need to be created, each next level created with a lower speed of existence than the one created before it. So now for a moment if we regard in a different way the created Godhead described so far we realize that the twinned Creator mind has created a series of stepping-stones with which to enter the freewill level whilst continuing to remain on the perfection level. Why does the Creator mind need to enter the freewill levels? To explain this we must return to our word picture of the twinned Creator mind on his / her perfection level: In our example, the central point of light from which straight lines radiate outwards in all directions represents instantaneous existence, and it is onto these lines that imagined images with no freewill of their own are projected.

By using God the father and God the mother as separate energy-flow channel stepping-stones a freewill endowed energy being that contains both male and female aspects has been created. The two aspects of this being cannot blend but by combining their energies they are able to resist the outward flow of the straight lines of energy just enough to put kinks or waves into the lines. The flow of energy from the perfection level cannot be slowed but its path can be diverted into a series of waves, and it is onto the structure of the waves that all freewill endowed creations will be projected. To create the series of descending levels simply required God the son / daughter to squeeze more waves into each next level than in the previous level. In this way the speed of existence was reduced level by level. The clumsy word picture that we have sketched of central point, radiating lines, and resistance applied to introduce waves, is meant show how different vibrations could be introduced to create different levels of existence. Next we look at how and why the intended occupants of these wave-formed, descending levels were created.

A Hierarchy of Teachers

The intended occupants are known as the Angelic Hierarchy and their role is far more important than that of the medieval idea of ‘up-flung eyes whilst singing songs of praise to the Lord’. So far in our exploration we have seen a series of wave-formed levels created that lead level by level, like a flight of steps, down to the fifth dimension and then to the entrance to the fourth dimension energy power-level-reducing astral vortex. The latter also created by the energy control of God-the-son / daughter. It is important for us to keep in mind that although the steps lead downwards from the top, they also lead upwards from the bottom. Similarly although the power-level of the energy is continuously reduced layer-by-layer en route to the astral vortex centre, to ascend out of the vortex layer-by-layer is to encounter increased energy power-levels layer-by-layer. The scene is set, and the cast is waiting in the wings to enter on-stage. The powerful twinned aspect ‘Love’ energy supplied by the twinned Creator mind to create God-the-son / daughter, first flowed through the energies of God-the-father and God-the-mother. The Creator mind supplied much more twinned energy than was needed to created the son / daughter. This surplus energy was in the form of twinned-aspect energy sparks of dormant life force to be used by the Godhead to create the Angelic hierarchy, and also to be the life force of the self-created creator-minds-to-be. . Each twinned energy spark is in fact a dormant, tiny fragment of the blended twin aspect Creator mind, and as each spark passes into the Godhead level the dormant blended aspects remain in the spark but are separated so that each spark is a set of aspect twins, one twin male and the other twin female.

Same Source, Different Roles

At this point of our exploration there is no difference between an angel and a self-created creator-mind-to-be, both will be formed from the surplus of supplied twinned-aspect energy sparks. The difference is in the intended roles they will play. We have explored the method by which God-the-father, and then God-the-mother had to drop below the perfection level to create his and her own levels. We have then explored the creation of God-the-son / daughter created from an energy that flowed through God-the-father and God-the-mother direct from the twinned, blended Creator mind. We have described how the descending flight of energy steps or levels was created. Now we explore what was required to be done to populate them. All of those dormant twinned-energy sparks of life force exist at the same power-level and speed of existence, as does the Godhead, and yet the life force that those sparks represent are intended to populate levels that have slower speeds of existence. God-the-father and God-the-mother cannot leave the Godhead level, and so again, just like with any enterprise, we shall observe power being delegated downwards. From the surplus of twinned energy sparks just one is removed. This single twinned spark is passed through the energies of God-the-father and God-the-mother. The result is an energy being, created with separated male and female aspects. The first angel has been created at a slower speed of existence than that of the Godhead level. Each aspect can function separately and independently but the two aspects must combine their energies to function at full power. Each aspect is equipped with a higher self, or to re-phrase that last sentence, both aspects are higher selves, created fully conscious and aware, and endowed with freewill.

The function of this first twinned angel is to help to create, and then to guide and supervise, the angels that are to populate the angelic hierarchy levels. More twinned energy sparks are passed through the energies of God-the-father, and God-the-mother. They are then passed through the separate energies of the first twinned angel. In this way a level below that of the first twinned angel is populated with twinned aspect angels that have a slower speed of existence. The process is repeated again and again with twinned energy sparks passing through all of the previously created twinned aspect angels in their descending speeds of existence until all the levels are populated. Each aspect of each angel is independently endowed with freewill, and all the powers, resources, awareness, and high intelligence of his or her higher self. We have made this point here to make it clear that angels are just like us in that they are not puppets or mindless robots.

The Descension of Non-Physical Life Force

Next we explore the route by which twinned, blended Creator-minds-to-be were introduced into the process. The process is one of descension, which must be followed before the process of ascension can begin. The descension process for the Creator minds-to-be is the same as used to populate the angelic levels. Countless twinned aspect dormant sparks are first reduced in speed of existence as they descend through the energies of each angelic level, but for these sparks the process of descension must continue. Next the dormant sparks drop below the lowest angelic level to enter the fifth dimension below which, a higher self cannot descend to search for ‘the key’. More must be taken from the dormant sparks. Each aspect of each spark must leave its higher self on the fifth dimension, but even this is not enough to sufficiently reduce the power-level of the dormant sparks. The only way possible is for the two aspects of each spark to be separated from each other, to reduce the power-level of each aspect. Now the separated aspects enter and descend all of the power-level reducing layers of the astral vortex fourth dimension to the vortex centres level to await entry into physical existence. A Creator-mind-to-be is non-physical life force and it is required to descend to, and then start to evolve from the lowest level of the third dimension. The lowest level is of atoms because below the atomic level is the sub-atomic atom building level.

Who Will Guide Non-physical Life Force?

What guidance would the dormant sparks of life force receive whilst at the astral vortex centres level and after they enter physical existence? To answer this question, first we must ask, who, at this stage would be available to give guidance? At this stage of the process only the twinned aspect angels of the angelic hierarchy are equipped with conscious, aware, intelligence coupled, as they are, to their higher-selves, and also at this initial stage the third dimension contains no life force. Always power has to be delegated downwards from the top. From the lowest level of the angelic hierarchy a freewill endowed, twinned aspect angel volunteered to act as the guide for the dormant life force. The guidance was to take the form of the blind instinct to survive and to evolve up to the human level of evolvement. At the human level of evolvement blind instinct could be superseded by freewill endowed ‘I am’ awareness. To provide the guidance the volunteer twinned aspect angel had to descend to the fifth dimension. The guidance of blind instinct to evolve applied to the dormant non-physical life force that was waiting in the astral. The male aspect of the volunteer twinned aspect angel channelled the drive to evolve. The female aspect encompassed with her powers the lower levels (below the human levels) of the astral vortex, and also the entire physical universe. We think of her as Mother Nature but in fact the entire physical universe is her physical metabolism. Much the same as the functioning of a human metabolism, the metabolism of Mother Nature functions perfectly well without the need for the intervention of her conscious, aware intelligence.

At the vortex centres level, poised to enter physical existence, waits a cloud of dormant life force. The life force cloud consists of reduced power-level sparks with the dormant male aspects, and dormant female aspects completely separated from each other. None of the cloud can enter until somewhere in the physical universe life-supporting conditions exist. When such conditions exist Mother Nature guides some essence of the life force to enter physical existence. What do we mean by life-supporting conditions? As an example some scientists theorise that life was actually created in some primordial swamp when lightning struck causing random atoms to link together in a certain sequence to form proteins etc. Anywhere in this vast physical universe, possibly that is how it has happened time-and-time again, but the lightning didn’t create life. Lightning could only create random thresholds for non-physical life force to enter the third dimension.

Before we continue let us pause to examine more closely both, this cloud of life force, and the seemingly vague term ‘essence of ’. Throughout our exploration so far we have observed the creation of a staircase of energy that leads downward from the very highest power-level and speed of existence to the very lowest energy power-level and slowest speed of existence. We have observed that the occupants of each level, the hierarchy of twinned angels, had first to descend through the energies of the occupants of the upper levels reducing their speeds of existence accordingly in the process. Next we observed the creator-minds-to-be twinned sparks, from the same Godhead level reservoir as the angels descend to below the hierarchy levels and into the fifth dimension. To descend lower than the fifth is to enter and submit to the power-level reducing layers of the astral vortex, and this only after the two aspects of each dormant twinned spark have been separated, twin from twin and each twin has left its higher self on the fifth dimension. These dormant, separated sparks are the life force that will activate and animate energy structured as physical matter. Also this is the same life force that higher self sends to find the key that will allow higher self to ascend through all of the levels through which it previously descended. The high-energy power-level of higher self would damage the vortex if it entered it. In a similar manner the energy power-level of the dormant, separated aspects is too high to enter physical existence on the microscopic life form level. The dormant aspects must wait on the astral until the physical stage has been built upon which human level ‘I am’ energy beings can safely inhabit physical bodies. Meanwhile Mother Nature draws from the assembled life force enough power to begin the stage-building process.

Just enough life force energy is drawn down to activate these microscopic lifeless structures of linked atoms wherever they were formed. If and when life-supporting conditions continued the life force would then be guided by Mother Nature to incorporate more atoms to create more thresholds for more life force to enter the physical. If and when life supporting conditions disappeared the life force would return to the astral to await suitable thresholds to be formed anywhere in the physical universe. Dormant life force has entered physical existence and when physical conditions continue to permit, has responded to the instinctive drive to survive and to evolve. The drive to evolve applies to the non-physical life force. For the non-physical life force to be able to survive and evolve in the physical it has to use more atomic matter to structure more complex and mobile physical bodies better suited to physical survival. So even at this primitive level it is the effect of the drive to evolve on the non-physical life force that activates the physical structures made of atoms of whirling energy. This often is difficult to accept when the general belief is that in a vague and unspecified way the physical body is the source of the life force that in turn activates and powers the physical body. So one is left with the impression that when the physical body, like a battery drained of power, fails the life force ceases to exist. The truth is that even before, during, and after the physical body exists and then fails, the non-physical life force continues to exist. The non-physical life force only depends upon the physical body so that the life force can enter and experience physical existence.

The Climb to Ascension

The process of life force evolvement continues, closely followed by the building of more and more complex, versatile physical bodies. These are often made up from simple physical life forms that have together combined to function as one physical body, or as an organ in a physical body. The evolutionary drive is building the stage upon which human-level ‘I am’ beings will eventually evolve. Of course there have been setbacks because the physical dimension has its own laws that cannot be altered. For example the evolution of the dinosaurs on Earth was halted when their life-supporting conditions failed them. The non-physical life force activating the dinosaurs simply returned to the astral level to which it had evolved, to await more thresholds into the physical. Just to enlarge upon this point: Whenever life force returns to the astral it takes with it the experience, gained during its physical life span, of controlling the energy flow structured as atoms. Each next physical life span adds to that store of experience, and as the store of experience grows the power-level capacity of the non-physical life force increases allowing it to move to and exist in vortex layers with higher power-levels of energy passing through them.

Just like the human living sample in our earlier microscope scenario, the non-physical, dormant life force has descended into the physical and has begun to affect the world around it. By affecting the world around it, it has also begun to ascend the increasing power-levels of the astral vortex. Each time that the life force returns with its increased capacity from the astral to the physical that same increase raises the basic energy power-level of its current physical body. Guided by Mother Nature the non-physical life force evolves higher and higher like the waves of a rising tide until each wave rises above the instinctual, animal, dormant, unawareness level. Next the non-physical life force evolves to the level of mind. On Earth the mind level life force would inhabit physical bodies that had evolved to the level of primitive men They would still guided by blind, herd instinct and the drive to survive, but for the first time would now be able to feel emotion as well as instinct. At this intermediate stage of evolvement above the animal kingdom level but below the human ‘I am’ level the life force has not yet evolved to the level of inductive reasoning. Throughout this process of evolvement, from the microscopic life form level and up to the level of primitive men, we have also observed the increasing energy power-level capacity of the drawn-down, non-physical life force. This same increasing capacity to tolerate astral vortex ever-higher energy power-levels also enabled the life force to return to the cloud of he and she separated aspects on the astral energy power-level from which it was drawn. The stage is complete upon which human-level ‘I am’ individualised, non-physical life force can enter physical existence.

Three levels of Evolved Non-Physical Life Force

Now let us study the physical body, that non-physical, human level ‘I am’ individualised life force is to inhabit and activate. The human body exists in and is part of the physical metabolism of Mother Nature. The living, physical stage that has been built by the life force continues to exist. Life force at every level of evolvement continues to inhabit and activate physical life forms from the microscopic up to and including the human ‘I am’ level. Inhabiting and activating the human body are three main levels of non-physical life force evolvement. The lowest level of these is life force that is not yet evolved above the blind obedience to Mother Nature, instinct level. This is the Body level. The middle level consists of Life force that is obedient to instinct but also can sense emotion. This is the Mind level. The third and highest level consists of life force that has evolved to the freewill endowed, human ‘I am’ level with the capacity for inductive reasoning and intuitive inspiration. Only when the third level of evolvement is reached can the conscious and aware search begin for the key of higher self.

The search for the key demands that individual, human ‘I am’ intelligence will choose to transform his or her physical body into energy form that will be needed for the next level of human evolvement. The enlightened human intelligence accompanied by its body transmuted into its basic energy structure will depart from physical and astral existence. Even then it will continuously strive to ascend to attain the same high level as that of its creator. To be able to descend below the fifth dimension the dormant male and female aspects of each creator seed had first to be separated from each other, and then be separated from their higher selves. Separately and alone each dormant aspect entered and descended the power-reducing layers of the astral vortex. The ongoing evolvement of the non-physical life force of the creator seed aspects was used by Mother Nature to build the multi-level physical stage upon which the human level ‘I am’ aspects could exist whilst they fulfilled their intended roles in the physical.

Who is in charge here?

It is not an easy task to seek for the ‘Ascension Key’ because each human, ‘I am’ level seeker has first to learn to be firmly in control of non-physical life force at three different levels of evolvement. Mother Nature guides via instinct the dormant life force that activates the metabolism of the human body. The human physical body is built from the structured energy resources of Mother Nature and remains as part of her domain. In that sense the human body is a physical vehicle loaned for a physical life span to non-physical ‘I am’ level life force. The metabolism of the human body has its own unconscious agenda of needs and appetites that the ‘I am’ level seeker must comprehend and control. The middle level consists of non-physical life force that cannot think, is obedient to instinct, but also can sense emotion. This is the Mind level that acts both as the linkage between ‘I am’ level non-physical life force and physical body, and also acts as the linkage between ‘I am’ level non-physical life force and higher self.

A matrix of energy-flows

Let us pause here to consider why the ascension key is only to be found in this physical dimension. Whatever their beliefs most people would agree that thought, created and controlled by intelligence, is a very powerful tool, and that without the created thought intention no action takes place. If we compare thoughts to bullets, a bullet, fired from a gun, has great power, but the gun that fires it has to be stronger than the bullet. In a similar way when intelligence uses the energy of thought to create, then that intelligence has to be able to completely control the energy flow of thought. All life force is created from an energy flow channelled by and from the mind of our Creator. Our Creator exists on a self-generated perfection level. The perfection level is energy transmuted by the intelligence of the Creator mind to a higher level than the energy that is used to create a series of levels for free will-endowed creations to exist upon. In this sense the gun is stronger than the bullets that it fires. The situation is different for those free will-endowed creations that exist in those descending levels. As an example, the angels of the Angelic hierarchy are Creator-imagined images continuously projected onto the waves of that energy flow as it descends through their different levels. Only whilst the energy flow from the Creator mind continues and whilst the free will-endowed images continue to be imagined will they continue to exist, but they will never exist as energy beings that are no longer dependent upon that energy flow.

Life in the Astral Vortex Levels

We all are energy beings regardless of where we exist in the Creator’s Creation. Every thought, every emotion, every atom of energy converted into physical matter, is totally dependent for its existence upon that ongoing flow of energy from our Creator. What we have been, what we are, and what we will become by our own efforts is already contained as constituents of that Love energy. In that sense our ongoing evolvement isn’t a process of learning, it is really an awakening, or an ongoing re-tuning our selves across the range of those love energy flow constituents. As we become aware that a choice exists and then we choose to re-tune our selves, we awaken more and we increase our capacity to exist at higher power-levels of the astral vortex. This means that each of us has it in us to consciously develop enough spiritually to ascend all of the levels of the Astral Vortex, but still, even as non-physical energy beings, we would be dependent for our continued existence upon the energy flowing from our Creator. We human Creator-minds-to-be came from exactly the same reservoir of Godhead level life force as did the Angelic Hierarchy, but between the angels and humans there is an essential difference of intended purpose.


Compared to the twinned angels of the angelic hierarchy the creative intelligence of humans is more like the creative intelligence of our Creator in that it is unlimited. The angels are limited by the fact that the flow of Love energy passes through each angelic level on its way to enter and descend the windings of the astral vortex. Always the Love energy is passing through the levels until it enters the sub-atomic level to then be structured into atomic matter. The task of the angels is to teach us how to use our creative powers after we have ascended out of the physical, astral and fifth dimension to then ascend through each angelic level. The angels and the occupants of the astral levels differ from each other in that the angels are Creator mind created images projected onto the waves-forms of the Love energy as it flows through each angelic level. The occupants of the astral vortex levels are self-created images. Each astral level, human ‘I am’ occupant has used Love energy borrowed from the flow to create his or her own image of self whilst in the physical and whilst in the astral. He and she, owns his or her own image of self but does not yet own the flowing Love energy onto which his and her image is embossed.

Learning from Outcomes

There are many people who have different interpretations of the ascension process knowledge. It has been suggested by some that as we progress spiritually we are ascending all of the time. In one way this is true, but on its own, spiritual progress doesn’t find the key for higher self. So how do we make spiritual progress? Always our lives as individuals lived in the physical are governed by our free will choices made without knowledge of the outcomes of those choices. The choices may be our own, or choices made by others that we have chosen to go along with, but always we have choice, we could always say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Whatever the outcome of a choice we have to live with and experience that outcome. We may regard the outcome as good or bad but in fact it is neither because what we learn from the outcomes always, sooner or later, aids our spiritual progress. In that sense we are continuously ascending towards the fifth dimension, but regardless of that progress always we have to return to this the third dimension time and time again. So now let us explore the real and logical reasons and purposes for the existence of a physical universe and our repeated reincarnations into physical life.

Spinning but Controllable Energy

There is a similarity between ‘I am’ Human creative intelligence and the ‘I am’ creative intelligence of the Creator mind. Each of us is linked to our Creator’s intelligence by that ongoing flow of Love energy. At one end, as the source of this Love energy flow is our Creator who exists upon a self-created energy level that is even higher than the high level of the Love energy flow. This is the energy level of instantaneous existence. What do we find at the other end of this same Love energy flow, and existing at a greatly reduced power-level and speed of existence? We find evolved-to-individualised-human ‘I am’ level-intelligence that has created its own image of self whilst experiencing alternate sojourns in the astral and in the physical. The whole purpose and point of creating an astral vortex and a physical universe is to create a dimension where the flow of the Love energy is continuously converted to sub-atomic particles that spin. The spinning particles of energy are guided to combine together to create the energy structure of atomic matter. Often when scientists seek to understand this process they may prefer to conclude that the process is blind and mechanical. Similarly we all could conclude that a cake baking in the oven in the empty kitchen was the result of a blind, mechanical process if the cook that prepared it had gone to lunch. Conversely some scientists find it more and more difficult to accept that some greater intelligence is not guiding the process. For any process to produce the intended result it must not be interfered with once it has been started.

Finding the Key

In the bridging process that links non-physical to physical the energy that has flowed from the Creator, and then flowed through the all of the non-physical levels has then been brought to a halt relative to the physical dimension it has entered. Its speed of existence has not been reduced it has been converted to spin. A physical dimension has its own rules and laws that the converted Love energy must obey. Continuously refreshed from the vortex energy flow, it now in the sub-atomic level spins on the spot like a top and is inert in that, external forces can now control it. Inertness allows this dynamic, spinning ‘Love’ energy to be drawn into the atomic matter building process. This is the energy structure into which non-physical, individualised ‘I am’ human intelligence is embossed. In other words the physical human body that we use as a vehicle and tool is also at its basic level a store of ‘Love’ energy that is stationary enough to be controlled by the non-physical human level intelligence that for a physical life span inhabits it. First we learn how to control the ‘Love’ energy in its structured form, the physical body. Next we learn to control the energies of the emotions, and awaken the energies of the virtues that flow through the structured form. Finally his or her individualised intelligence learns to take over the control that compels the ‘Love’ energy to remain as structured atomic matter. At last he or she has found the key and may ascend with learnt control of his or her ‘Love’ energy to rejoin his or her higher self, but still he or she is incomplete.

Where is my other half?

You may recall that originally to enable the dormant Creator-minds-to-be to descend into the astral vortex they first had to be separated, the male aspects completely separated from the female aspects, and each aspect separated from his or her higher self. This means that somewhere, either in this expanding physical universe or on an astral level each of us has a twin-flame, our other half, also trying to find his or her key to ascension. Earlier in this article we explored the idea that life force would enter physical existence anywhere in the physical universe where life-supporting conditions existed, but always after each physical life span each separated aspect would return in his or her timing to the astral vortex. Often we may feel a sense of longing as if some part of us is missing, a feeling of incompleteness. In fact though we may not realise why we feel this way we are longing to be re-united with our twin-flame, and somewhere in our Creator’s Creation our twin-flame is longing to be re-united with us. We could search the worlds in vain to find our twin-flame, but only when both aspects have found their ascension keys and ascended to the fifth dimension can they be re-united.

How do you ascend?

Let us imagine that you have healed all of your emotional wounds, many of them self-inflicted through lack of understanding, during countless reincarnations into physical existence. You have consciously unloaded all emotional blockages and you have reached a very high level of harmony and balance between ‘thinking you’ your mind and your physical body. With clear thought you have pierced the illusions and clearly seen the reality that lies behind the illusions. Worldly events however traumatic no longer disturb your equilibrium because you know they are a necessary part of the illusion. To ascend is your goal, and you no longer cling to possessions or relationships. You have developed your intuitive linkage between you and your higher self, and always accept the guidance of higher self before all else. You have concentrated the focus of your thoughts upon the ascension of ‘thinking you’ and the structured ‘Love’ energy that forms your physical body. With all corrosive emotional baggage unloaded, and when the timing is right for you, your intelligence quite naturally takes over the control of that structured ‘Love ‘ energy and then it cannot remain structured. Like a hot air balloon with the sandbags unloaded you and your ‘Love’ energy have to ascend because you cannot remain and neither can your now unstructured ‘Love’ energy remain in the physical. You have found and used the key. All of this takes place quite naturally once you become fully aware of your true goal and have worked on self to achieve it.

What happens after you ascend?

After you ascend you will no longer be alone because by your own efforts you will have returned to the fifth dimension. On the fifth dimension you may expect to meet other ‘I am’ intelligences who, just like you have, have ascended from astral and physical existences. At last you will completely merge with your higher self with access to its powers, resources, and links with all of creation. You will still be the ‘You’ that lived all of those many astral and physical existences moment by moment. Those vast stores of bitter, sweet experiences are your hard-earned credentials that will qualify you to learn to be a Creator mind in your own right. So where will you learn to be a Creator mind? Our exploration has reached the point where your experience of life has filled your being with harmony and balance. Only when this point is reached could anyone be trusted with unlimited creative powers. What applies to you also applies to your twin flame. When the timing is right ascended you will rejoin your ascended twin flame and you will never be parted again. Together, and by combining your energy power-level you ascend above the fifth dimension to enter the lowest level of the angelic hierarchy. In one way we could suggest that at this stage of the exploration you and your twin flame have entered the elementary level of a university for Creator-minds-to-be, and your tutors are to be the twinned-angel energy-being occupants of those wave-formed levels. Your tutors have learnt a great deal from you by observing your existence amid the physical illusion. Now it is your turn to learn from your tutors, but what will you learn?

A School for High Flyers

Earlier in this article we likened higher self to a person who has been given his or her own aeroplane and has yet to be taught how to pilot it. Before any tuition could begin the would-be pilot must first use his or her hand and arm to blindly search for the ignition key that lies hidden at the bottom of a pool of muddy water. In our muddy pool search example the would-be pilot focused his or her concentration entirely upon the sensations felt by his or her searching hand hidden beneath the surface of the murky water. You are the hand and the arm and you are also the focal point of concentration of higher self. The would-be pilot had to give the fingers a chance to adapt and to get used to the coldness of the water before the blind search for the key could begin. In a similar way higher self has had to wait whilst each he or she aspect descended into physical existence via the astral vortex and then had to evolve to the freewill-endowed, human, ‘I am’ intelligence level. The numbing coldness of the water necessitating the temporary withdrawal of the would-be pilot’s hand and arm equates with those many reincarnations that you have enjoyed or endured. The would-be pilot has found the key and is now ready to learn how to fly his or her aeroplane. Similarly at that point you would have found your key and have learned how to control the unstructured energy that in structured form was your physical body, you have ascended with that unstructured energy completely under your control, now you and your higher self are one. You are re-united with your opposite aspect and now together by combining your energies you will ascend level by level whilst learning from the angel teachers how to use your newly developed creative powers. This ascension and learning process includes ascending up to and then through the Godhead levels. At this stage your two aspects will blend together to create your own self-created perfection level.

Why do you need that learnt control of energy?

To understand why, we also must try to understand our Creator’s role in the scheme of things. For example the ancient teachings authoritatively insist that ‘God is all’ there is nothing but God, but no one is truly in a position to know if that statement is fact or conjecture. Unfortunately the statement has been generally accepted as fact by the established belief systems of the world and by their many followers. The unfortunate part is that any scenario created by men as to the Creator’s purpose for Mankind has to be tightly circumscribed by what could only at best be conjecture. Now let us explore a scenario where God isn’t all, and that Our Creator is part of a process that creates Creators. In this article so far, stage-by-stage we have explored the way in which such a process would work. We know we exist and we know that at our most basic level we are created from a flow of very real energy that links us to our Creator. So now before our exploration of the process continues let us look at the source of this energy flow. We know the energy is real and we have explored the method by which the female aspect our Creator converts that energy into ‘Love energy’. The source is a limitless ocean of energy in a state of chaos. The chaotic energy is totally free from control. Out of that chaos, countless random combinations of energy flows could occur until one of these combinations generated a spark of intelligence that once generated continued to grow and evolve by drawing on the energy of the ocean that generated it. Once intelligence had been created it would continuously grow, evolve and begin a process of creation, but we have no reason to believe as fact that the Creator converted to ‘Love energy’ the entire limitless ocean of chaotic energy. Maybe our Creator’s sphere of Creation has limits, and this would explain our Creator’s plans for we humans. Let us compare our twin aspect Creator drawing and converting energy from that limitless ocean to an oak tree with its roots firmly embedded in the soil. The roots extend outwards far enough to draw sufficient nourishment from the soil. The trunk is both the twin aspect Creator intelligence and the perfection level that this intelligence has created. The branches of the oak tree are the Godhead and the angelic hierarchy and also the created energy levels that lead down, via the astral vortex, to this physical dimension. With what could we compare we individual human beings? In our oak tree comparison we could compare mankind to the acorns that the parent tree will continuously nourish until the acorns are ripe and ready to leave their parent. The acorns won’t be ripe until they contain everything required to create their own unique versions of an oak tree, but they also will need a store of nourishment provided by the parent tree, to survive after they leave the tree and until they take root to supply their own nourishment direct from the soil. Creator-minds-to-be will need that self-taught, complete control of unstructured energy. Later they will need to be able to convert chaotic ocean energy into ‘Love energy’ after leaving our Creator’s Creation.

Why would we wish to leave our Creator’s Creation?

At this present stage of human evolvement many people would find it impossible to imagine leaving our Creator’s Creation. Let us compare this present outlook to that of young children being brought up by their parents in a love-filled family home. The children depend upon their parents for everything so that all the children have to do is enjoy their own existence. The young children couldn’t imagine ever leaving their parents and family home. In fact the very suggestion would fill the children’s minds with fear and feelings of insecurity. Regardless of those juvenile fears the day would arrive when the same children, now grown to near adulthood, would choose to make an independent life of their own away from the beloved family home. Just like those young children we have to allow that our future evolvement will broaden our outlook. Once we lose our fears and our self-doubts we will no longer feel we need a parental figure. We will always love and cherish our Creator parent and be grateful for all that was so generously given to us. But also we will be ready to take up our destined roles as independent Creator parents in our own right. Somewhere in a measureless, limitless ocean of chaotic energy a forest of Creators is expanding to convert all of the chaos to ‘Love energy’ and intelligence. The darkness of chaos is being transmuted into light.


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