Ego versus Intuition





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Everyone is to some extent familiar with the “Doctor’s Surgery” mode of thought. Our early conditioning ensures that we immediately slip into this mode if we dare set foot into a doctor’s waiting room. We may be there simply to read the gas meter, but until we firmly declare our intentions, it is assumed by the receptionist that we are there to consult the doctor. If this is correct, often the receptionist may automatically regard her or his role as that of, “Defender of the Brilliant Doctor, and of the Brilliant Doctor’s valuable time.”

Knowing as we do that the doctor has a busy life, (as do most of us!) passively we patients patiently accept our roles of, “Those from whom the doctor must be defended.” With unruffled passivity we ignore the fact that all eight patients in the waiting room, including us, were given the identical appointment time; as if the patient’s time is considered to be valueless. Daunted by past experience, we know beforehand that to complain at such treatment is to call down upon us, horrified looks of disgust and indignation; but not only from the bristling receptionist and the bewildered doctor, but also from the other seven passive patients. Instead, because this mode is based on a deliberately generated implied atmosphere rather than anything clearly said, usually with unquestioning obedience we accept our prescribed passive roles. We go along with the crowd.


The above paragraphs are not meant to be a diatribe against the “Unalterable”. They are intended as a description of symptoms to which we all are vulnerable: The conditioned, unthinking, unquestioning passivity that leads us individually to automatically assume audience, acolyte, or ‘follow my leader’ roles. These are the very symptoms we are all trying to unload as individually we work towards our ascension.


For the individual seeker this task is made more difficult to achieve when set amid a new-age atmosphere geared to the comfort zone level of thought. This atmosphere manifests itself in the form of a generally accepted attitude that implies that “Intuition” is all that is needed. Where as the use of intellect, (probably because of its masculine past association with dominance), is to be regarded as, “Limited three-dimensional thinking that we ‘sensitive’ people have outgrown”


This is a very strange attitude, if adopted and encouraged by people who present themselves as, “Leading Lights at the cutting edge of New-age thought.” It is this same reluctance over many centuries; to include the use of intellect and logic that emptied the churches owned by established religions. In each of our articles we always urge seekers to develop the three inter-related attributes: Intuition, Intellect, and Discernment. Discernment is a vital ingredient when using either of the other two. The reliable use of intellect alone is limited to the past and the present.

Intellect only becomes truly reliable when backed by developed Intuition. Intuition has access to the future. Intellect does not have access to the future.


You may discuss intuition at endless length with others. You may read all the latest books about the development of intuition. But you are the only person that can find the time to patiently enter your own still quiet centre to develop your intuitional link to your higher self. Until you have done this you are vulnerable to the symptoms we have described in our “Doctor’s surgery” scenario, you go along with the crowd.


To illustrate what we mean, now try to visualise this typical new-age scenario:

A friend is “over the moon” about a lady he or she has heard of, who “channels” Ascended Masters. You succumb to his or her eager urgings to attend a channelled session. The audience consists of the usual mixture of very genuine, sincere people. It ranges from very knowledgeable, highly developed psychic mediums, and learned students of metaphysics, to the nice lady (in the red hat) who mistakenly thought it was to be a Spiritualist service. Many levels of spiritual understanding are in the audience.


Despite the hardness of the seats, the atmosphere in the hall is of quivering, joy-filled anticipation, conducive to generous spiritual hugs all around, and to a general air of, “Wanting to believe what we are about to hear, even before we hear it.”


At this point we all are vulnerable because as we passively succumb to the atmosphere as described we are tempted to stash our discernment, “outside the pale” with our already discarded 3D intellect. If we then rely on an intuitive link that we haven’t bothered to develop, to be our guide as to the authenticity of the channel’s utterances, we could end up by fooling ourselves. There are genuine channels that do channel genuine ascended masters. No doubt those genuine channels would readily agree that for the audience it is difficult to discern who is genuine and who isn’t. Just like their audiences, most channels have egos and maybe would admit that it is lovely to be the centrepiece. Admittedly it may be a tough vocation or career, but what vocation or career isn’t tough?


Genuine or not, most channels radiate personal charm and follow a similar format. With some channels it is difficult to define who is supposed to be speaking at any given moment; the channel or the ascended master. With some it is a person lecturing at length about what, we are told, he or she previously channelled in private. With others it is slightly more clear-cut. The ascended master comes through, and thanks his or her channel, and then announces that he or she has crossed the dimensions to be with the audience today. The audience is then informed that there is no such thing as coincidence, and that it is no coincidence that each of them is in the audience today.


Next, maybe they are informed that long ago each of them volunteered to descend from higher realms to exist in physical matter to help planet Earth and its bewildered peoples to ascend. Also, because they have all forgotten the task they came to do, that he or she; the ascended master, is there today to remind them of their special-ness.

The ascended master/channel then goes on to speak at great length, and with calm authority, about new waves of energy, reactivated crystal energy grids, Galactic Brotherhoods, refurbished DNA and RNA strands in a higher dimension, and so on. Whilst we listen, we all nod knowingly because we’ve all vaguely heard or read about these items somewhere.


But now maybe you can see the need for developed intuition? 


Intellectually you cannot prove, disprove, or even test any of this rarefied, scientific-sounding information. Equally, it is unlikely that the joy-filled atmosphere would survive too much audience-ego bruising. For example, if the audience were informed that they are some of the bewildered peoples of Earth to be uplifted by angelic volunteers, rather than being some of the special angelic volunteers that came to uplift Earth. For many in the audience this wouldn’t be quite what they wanted to hear.


Please don’t think we are trying to debunk genuine channels or the genuine ascended masters that are channelled. We are trying to highlight time-wasting diversions better avoided by the sincere individual seeker. A reliable guideline to follow could be: Is knowledge of this torrent of celestial tech-science relevant to my task of working on me: or is it simply “clutter” and “jargon” that will in turn just make me sound more knowledgeable?    


So that nothing will prevent he or she from recognising truth when faced with truth the genuine seeker is at all times trying to eliminate ego, and resist appeals by others to the ego. Otherwise the entire new-age scene becomes a pointless ego trip to nowhere, simply a matter of going along with the comfort zone crowd.


There is a danger until the seeker’s intuitional link is developed. The danger is that amid the atmosphere of maybe genuine, or maybe carefully generated, cosy, like-mindedness, he or she has no way of defining whether what was personally felt was, “Truth-chills” from the intuition, or “Frissons” of pleasure from a flattered ego. The operative words in the last sentence are, ‘what was personally felt’, because what anyone else in the audience personally felt is irrelevant to your personal spiritual progress. Equally, what anyone else thinks that you should have felt is also irrelevant.


Where does intellect fit into the new-age scene for the sincere individual seeker? This is far simpler that it seems. At all times the seeker receives more and more information. Much of this information is received via other seekers, and is offered in the sincere form of their individual interpretations (correct or incorrect) of information received by them. The information may be culled from the latest books, or from channels. Alternatively you may have received the information direct from your higher self via your intuitional link.


No matter how you received the information, now that you have it what are you going to do with it? Obviously you want to make that information an integral part of you. But before you can allow that to happen you need to know two things, that the information is genuine, and that you clearly understand the information. Both are vital if you are to avoid misguiding yourself and those you will teach.  Let’s look at gurus.


A guru enters the solitude of a cave to obtain answers that are unobtainable to him from the big world outside of the cave. Before seeking solitude he has listened with care to the mixed bag of spiritual conjecture, authoritatively offered to mankind by the great, established religions, and belief systems of the world. The guru seeks accurate knowledge and personally gained experience that he can use to transform himself, to achieve self-illumination, to enable him to ascend. The guru’s goal is no different to that of we modern-day seekers, so let’s see how he goes about the task. The guru in his cave divides his time between two meditative functions, both of which he firmly monitors with discernment. The first function is used to get the information, and so he clears his mind of clutter and then quietly waits, intuitively ‘tuned-in’ rather like a radio receiver. But who will send the information to him? No one will send it because he already has it stored with the part of his intelligence that we call his “Higher self”. The guru’s higher self will release that stored information, via the intuitive link, at the learning speed of the guru. What applies to the guru also applies to each of us.


So far our guru, in his passive, observing role, has intuitively received a flow of information in meditation. Then the flow ceases. When the flow ceases, the guru no longer remains a passive observer. Now the guru becomes an active participant. The guru brings in his intellect to absorb and understand the information he has received so far. This second meditative function is called ‘Contemplation’ and is used to make that information an integral part of the guru. The information so far, begins to transform the guru. Only then will higher self release more information. In this way gradually, the guru (or you reading this article) becomes so transformed that eventually higher self, the intuitive link, and the guru (or you) completely merge.


So we have access to two avenues of information. Intuitively from our higher self to then be absorbed via our intellect. Or intellectually via books, psychic channels etc. to then be tested by our higher self via our developed intuitive link. It couldn’t be simpler, and you don’t have to sit in a draughty cave. A warm, quiet bedroom will do. Or, if you are the last of the (block-appointment) eight patients, try it in the silence of a doctor’s empty waiting room.