Another Taboo Subject, or, Escape from Diversions.


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Another Taboo Subject, or, Escape from Diversions. (Part one of three parts)

This article has been adapted from chapter nine ‘The Original Plan’

from our self-published book:

‘Not just how but why?’

Have you noticed that whenever something is functioning smoothly and as rapidly as planned, some ‘bright spark’ always dreams up ‘improvements’ that slow everything down? In the case of the ascension process, long, long ago the ‘improvement’ dreamt up gave the female physical body the ability to reproduce more physical bodies. An unfortunate requirement of this ability involved intimate contact with, and a small donation from, a male physical body. The misguided ‘bright spark’ referred to might have been an angelic prince of light entranced by his own brilliant intellect to the point where he ignored the psychic guidance of his angelic twin-flame. Others have theorised that it might have been super scientists from some other galaxy. No matter who the bright spark was, if he, she, or they, had planned to divert mankind from the ascension path a more effective way couldn’t have been found.


From rebirth and throughout our body’s formative years of childhood we souls have no choice but to have our thinking moulded by the already moulded thinking of our beloved and respected elders. This applies whether our beloved, respected elders are also ruthless Mafia bosses, or if they are gentle, honest God-loving folk. It can’t be coincidence that next as the individual human soul approaches the age group when independent thinking should evolve he or she is also diverted by the traumatic effects of Puberty upon his or her physical body. Maybe for some people ‘traumatic’ sounds like a gross exaggeration. For many other people when recalling their own teen years ‘traumatic’ is the understatement of the year, and that anyone rhapsodising about “When we were sweet sixteen” must have been reared on some other planet. Unfortunately on this planet the changes that take place in a soul’s teen-aged physical body are guaranteed to add to his or her self-doubts and lack of self-confidence. These glandular changes take place at exactly the same time as each young adult-to-be is struggling to gain an independent sense of values out of a very confusing and contradictory physical world.


“So what’s new?” you may ask, we all have to endure this same baffling, often-miserable period of our physical lives, but we manage somehow to survive. This is very true, but survival isn’t enough if we survive to then just unthinkingly conform to the status quo based in complete ignorance of why we souls exist amid physical matter. Due to this widespread ignorance the physical body is glorified, worshipped, and generally used as yet another yardstick to evaluate and judge the worth of individuals in a ruthlessly competitive system. As just one tiny example, television advertising is deliberately designed to leave the viewer with the feeling that he or she is somehow failing to reach the accepted status quo level. This is achieved in the adverts by filling familiar, ordinary scenarios with seemingly flawless, successful characters. Each individual soul has to cope with this situation, but it can only be helpful to try to comprehend how and why this situation developed way back in the mists of time.

Looked at only from the limited perspective that we have in the physical, human reproduction is the only possible method by which souls could reincarnate from the astral into physical existence. Looked at from the wider perspective gained in the non-physical, human reproduction is the worst possible method. For all of us physical existence is meant to be simply a stepping-stone that leads us to our ultimate destination, which is the non-physical. If we believe this then it is difficult to also believe that originally our Creator chose this clumsy method for us to use to reach that ultimate destination. In turn this suggests that a compromise had to be reached. The compromise reached must have been between the originally intended chosen ideal method, and the catastrophic alterations that made it impossible to continue to use that chosen ideal method.



In previous articles we have described the creation process and have explained as the purpose of that process the creation of the next generation of creator minds. Every part of that process has taken place with smoothness, harmony and balance. The Creator mind has supplied the life force and the continuous flow of energy resources and has triggered the process then stepped back to allow the process to take place without interference. The trigger was the creation of Godhead in a less than perfect or less than instantaneous level. Next the process created each angelic level and of course the hierarchy of teacher angels to occupy those levels. Earlier we described this as a stairway that each of us human beings must climb to reach our Creator’s perfect level.


The next part of the process created the astral vortex that in stages reduced the power level and the speed of existence of the energies to a level where physical matter, empty space, and time could exist. All of this took place with the smoothness of a well-oiled machine, as did the descension of the dormant life force into this lowest, slowest level of all Creation. The smoothness, harmony and balance continued whilst the laws of the sub-atomic level built atoms from energy and then the laws of physics built a physical universe from those atoms.


Again smoothness, harmony and balance prevailed whilst the dormant life force entered physical existence and was guided to build the multi-level stage upon which intelligent human beings could appear. Up until to this point the life force was under the direction of Mother Nature. After this point on the human level, the direction of Mother Nature was replaced by the example of Mother Nature that individualised human level intelligence could choose to follow or not. Around that same point in time, harmony and balance disappeared from human-level life force. It is difficult if not impossible to believe that this loss of harmony and balance wasn’t foreseen by the Creator mind. It is even more difficult to believe it was intended as a part of the original plan. Maybe through unavoidable circumstances interference with the process required the potential creator seeds to follow plan B instead of the original plan A. Let us look again at the process to clarify what we mean.


We have explained that for the process to work correctly two basic and very important principles must be kept to from start to finish. The required result at the finish of the process is a next generation of Creator minds that are endowed with freewill and who will greet their Creator as friends and equals. They will be equals because in fact they will have created themselves from the resources supplied by the Creator mind. For this reason every part of the process must be governed by the freewill of all that are delegated to make the process work, and also by all that are to be the result of the process. The second principle is that of non-interference with the process.


Freewill is something we all take for granted, and we are very resentful if someone tries to take it away, but if we join the fire brigade or join a football team we then willingly subjugate some of our freewill to the will of whoever is in charge. The one in charge would not demand the right to tell us what to eat or who to marry, but in the matter of fire fighting or football tactics would have the right to tell us what to do. We would agree to this before we joined the team. Equally regardless of what we previously agreed there would be nothing to stop us if we chose to use our individual freewill and kicked the ball into our own goal. The same would apply to anyone delegated to work with the creator seed process. After the smoothness, balance and harmony that accompanied the process it doesn’t make sense that we were all left to muddle along with soul plans lived out in physical illusion and so on unless this was unavoidable. The only reason this would be unavoidable would be if someone used his or her freewill and interfered with the process. The effect of that interference may have then made plan A. impossible to complete. Let’s look again at why we had to enter physical existence. This may give us a clue about who interfered, and why.


After Grandmother died a psychic medium showed us that Grandmother’s existence as an intelligent, warm, loving and loveable human being has no connection with or dependence on where she exists. During astral or physical existences Grandmother is the same “Me” that she has always been and always will be. We know that on the astral there is far more to Grandmother than the kind little old lady we knew before she died because there she has the total experience of all her lives. Also we know that her intelligence functions on a higher power level than in physical life. But also we know that most of the details of her many physical lives that make up her total experience are no more relevant to her spiritual progress than what she had for tea on her third birthday.


This may sound odd until we recall that Grandmother is a typical potential creator seed whose destiny is to leave our Creator’s Creation to begin her own elsewhere. A creator seed would need to be totally self sufficient and self reliant and so all training and preparation for that role would be aimed to fulfil that need. If we place this in relation to all those past lives it means that eventually all of those beloved ones on the astral who played their roles in the physical lives of Grandmother, are also creator seeds that will be left to go their own ways. The only relevance those physical experiences have to Grandmother’s progress is the effect they had on her outlook and her self-created image of self. Also whether those experiences and people helped Grandmother to exist in the required state of harmony and balance. Here we come to the nub of our discussion.


If Grandmother had not experienced those many past lives lived in the physical illusion it is reasonable to suppose that she wouldn’t have created karmic debts that in later lives would have to be paid. In turn this suggests that when originally we all evolved to the human level we existed in a state of harmony and balance that was interfered with. The interference may have been for the highest of motives but because of it the process was delayed and diverted. So now we will explore a scenario, admittedly based on conjecture, of the original plan and who might have interfered with its workings. The scenario could be placed anywhere in the physical universe, but our interest is centred on planet Earth and what happened long ago to we potential creator seeds. We have discussed the role Mother Nature played and plays in the guidance of all life force until it evolves to the “Me” human intelligence level. Also we conjectured that the physical universe is the physical metabolism of Mother Nature.


Mother Nature is herself of the Angelic Hierarchy and she is wise enough not to interfere with the unconscious, harmonious, and balanced functioning of her physical metabolism. The purpose for the life force was to enter physical existence, to evolve to the conscious, aware human level.  Then having the required level of balance and harmony each individual could learn to take over the intelligent control of the energy structure of his or her physical body. This is the lesson we are here to learn. The body would cease to physically exist because its transformation into his or her source of energy would allow it to ascend with him or her above the vortex-reduced power-levels.

In our scenario so far the readers will detect no need for soul plans, payment of karmic debts or the requirement to live countless physical lives. When we originally evolved to the human level we already existed in a state of harmony and balance because we brought that state with us from the levels below human. This means that really we all are trying to regain something that we lost long ago. If we have to climb a mountain, and we have never climbed a mountain before, usually there is a guide whose task is to guide us to the peak. The guide will show us the mountain track and will safely guide us up that track. But it is each of us who will climb that mountain by our own efforts and concentration. The guide will accompany us but he can’t climb the mountain for us. It is inconceivable that when we reached such a critical stage of evolvement there wasn’t guidance waiting for us when we reached the human level. Let us conjecture that there was guidance waiting for us brand new innocent human beings.


Our innocence would have been the same as that of the animal kingdom or of young children because at that early stage nothing had tarnished our innocence. If our guides had followed our Creator’s plan exactly our innocence would have remained untarnished. The next thing we want to know is who were the guides? We have compared the Creator mind’s pyramid structure to that of modern business enterprises in that with both structures power has to be delegated from the apex downwards, this is the only way they can work. Until the life force evolved to the conscious, aware, “Me” intelligence level the only beings with conscious “Me” intelligence that existed and that could guide us was the Angelic Hierarchy. So now our scenario includes the possibility that a team was sent from the various angelic levels whose task was to guide each of us as we individually evolved to the human level. The evolvement would have to be on the individual level because each of us is a potential creator seed and each of us has our own speed of learning. But if someone on that angelic team did interfere with the process we must revise our Sunday school images of angels.


Diaphanous, gossamer, full-length gowns of pure whiteness, feathered wings, hands clasped in prayer and eyes up-flung in supplication, and this is the stereotyped image we receive in our childhood. This image may have been sufficient to satisfy the spiritual needs of a Christian church medieval congregation. Those countless empty church pews of today bear witness to the fact that medieval imagery and teachings no longer satisfy modern laymen and laywomen. Before we find out who interfered with what let’s get a realistic and different image of angels, an image without medieval trappings. We will continue to call them angels simply because it is a familiar name to us all. In exactly the same way as we all regard ourselves, as real people the angels also are real people. Grandmother has already demonstrated that real people can live and function intelligently both in the physical and the non-physical levels. Earlier we described the differences and similarities between angels and potential creator seeds. Each complete angel is in fact made up of two individuals, a she and a he that can function independently from each other but can only function at full power when the two combine their energies. In a similar way to the angels each complete potential creator seed is in fact two individuals, a she and a he that can function independently from each other but only function at their full power when they combine their energies.


Those are the similarities, the differences are for reasons of purpose, and to achieve their purpose the sets of angel twins are able to remain together to work on their angelic level. To achieve their purpose the she and the he of each potential creator seed had to separate and remain separated to enable each to enter astral vortex and physical existence. The she and he of each potential creator seed will be permanently reunited when both individually have achieved harmony and balance and are then able to ascend above the astral vortex. Until they are reunited they cannot attain their full powers that will enable them to ascend the angelic levels. Now let us look at some more similarities. On the astral and in the physical each of us is either she or he. We are not telepathic and so must guess what each other are thinking. Because their power level and speed of existence isn’t reduced as much as ours the angels are telepathic. Though no doubt courtesy and mutual respect would ensure the privacy of thought the gift of telepathy would generate an atmosphere of mutual love and trust that would exist throughout the angelic hierarchy. A similar atmosphere would prevail in the physical if we all were telepathic.  In the absence of telepathy uncertainty and fear of the unknown replace love and mutual trust. As this could have been foreseen this is another reason to believe that guidance was provided ready for when we evolved to the human level.


Now we must again look at the structure and make up of the angelic hierarchy from which the team of guides was provided.  Earlier when we explored the angelic levels we found that each level has a speed of existence that is slower than the levels created before it rather like a flight of stairs.

We also found that the angels that form the angelic hierarchy were not all created in the same moment. One at a time God the son created the levels. Meanwhile from the reservoir God the father and God the mother created the first twinned angel. The names of this very first angel are Adam and Eve. To Adam and Eve was delegated the role of joint leaders of the team of guides.  The team would enter the vortex to take over the guiding role of life force from Mother Nature when that life force evolved to the human level. The twin aspect spark was passed through the combined energies of Gods the Father and Mother. As the result Adam and Eve were created and existed at a slower speed of existence than did the Godhead. When the highest and first angelic level was created more sparks were passed through the energies of God the Father and Mother and then were passed through the energies of Adam and Eve.


As the result the angelic occupants of this first level were created and existed at a slower speed of existence than did Adam and Eve. This same process of creation and reduction was repeated until all of the levels and the angelic occupants of those levels were created. There is no way we could know whether there were intervals between the creation of each level. But we may assume that a faster speed of existence would equate with greater creative powers whilst a slower speed of existence would equate with lesser creative powers.  Greater creative powers would require greater knowledge; experience and wisdom so possibly there were intervals to enable this greater knowledge and wisdom to be acquired. Regardless of the fact that all angels were created with fully activated “Me” intelligence, each angel then had to learn how to use his or her intelligence and creative powers wisely. On the assumption that this is correct it follows that the angels of the last created level would be the youngest, least experienced and have the least creative powers of the entire hierarchy of angels. Rest assured that the authors haven’t reached the stage of splitting celestial hairs. Our point is that to our cost the creation process was interfered with. That interference could only have originated from the angelic hierarchy, and the angels most likely to interfere with the process were the youngest and least experienced. So now we must try to comprehend what could cause anyone to interfere with the perfect functioning of the process.


In physical life a successful marriage is the nearest we can approach to the relationship between the two aspects of a twinned angel. In both relationships there exists respect as well as love. The respect is for the strengths and weaknesses of the other partner and also the respect is for the relationship both partners share with each other. A deep trust and an intimate closeness develops and with it a sensitivity that can detect the tiniest change in the other partner’s mood. Both partners contribute something special that makes the relationship greater than the total of two people alone. Whilst it may be mainly the man’s efforts that provide shelter and security for the relationship, it will be mainly the woman’s efforts that will transform that shelter into a light and warmth filled home. Later this love and trust filled relationship evolves to fully include any children born to this marriage. The husband and wife are now also father and mother and this adds a new quality to the joy they both shared before.  When we think of the birth of children we regard the event as a very physical matter that mainly involves the mother-to-be. Here we must expand our thoughts so that we may regard childbirth in a different way. This different way requires us to remind ourselves that the soul of our newly born baby previous to its birth already existed on the astral. On the astral that soul was aware, conscious, and adult, a “Me” intelligence with the total experience of many physical lives. This means that the love- filled parents did not create something between them that did not exist before. What they did do was to create a threshold into physical existence that didn’t exist before for a previously existing soul to use.

If we word it another way we can say that they combined their energies as a threshold to allow an existing energy being to enter a slower speed of existence, because physical is slower than astral existence. But no matter how we word it we could never deny the intense joy both parents would feel. Maybe already the readers understand the point we are emphasising, the intensity of parental joy. Even those parents well versed in the knowledge of reincarnation and the true nature of the parental role would still feel this parental pride and joy at what together they had brought into the world. Just like us humans, angels are very real people with very real feelings. Earlier we described how one by one the angelic levels became occupied. We explained that as part of the process for angels to be able to enter the levels with a slower speed of existence each angel had to pass through the energies of the angels that existed at a higher speed. Though part of a process we mustn’t ignore the feelings of those involved in the process. Those feelings would have probably been much akin to intense parental joy; in fact probably that is where the idea originated to interfere with the process. Now we’d better explain the last part of that sentence. To explain what we mean we must first examine faculties that exist in every “Me” intelligence, angels or potential creator seeds alike. Those faculties are intellect and intuition. With the twinned angels the masculine aspect would be mainly intellect and the feminine aspect mainly intuition. Because the aspects could combine, intellect and intuition would guide and balance each other. With us humans it isn’t that simple because our twin soul is either on the astral or somewhere else in the physical universe struggling to overcome problems that are probably similar to our own.


As a ‘he’ we will be mainly focused in our intellect, or as a ‘she’ we will lean more towards intuition. This doesn’t mean because a person is focused in one faculty that the person lacks the opposite faculty. It means that one faculty is developed and used more than the other. As an example, a person might walk through a forest and may or may not intuitively feel closely linked to and part of all creation. Then as a deliberate choice consciously made, swing from intuition to intellect to think, “ I can get ten planks of timber and a winter’s firewood from that tree” This same conscious choice of focus is available to twinned angels. There is something fascinating about a brilliant intellect that can pursue a complex train of thought to its logical conclusion. The strange thing is that the train of thought is often triggered, not by the intellect but by intuition. The brilliant scientist may have racked his intellect all day to solve some intellectual problem. Finally he goes home mentally exhausted and gratefully sinks into a hot bath. Relaxed and sleepy, his problem shelved until tomorrow, he drifts into a day-dreamy state very similar to the altered state in meditation. Suddenly, like a flash of inspiration that has nothing to do with thinking, the answer to his problem is in his mind.

In part two we examine the purpose of Plan A and the guidance that was intended to ensure Plan A ran smoothly.

Love and laughter to all seekers on the ascension path, from David and Yvonne Brittain




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Another Taboo Subject, or, Escape from Diversions. (Part two of three parts)

This article has been adapted from chapter nine ‘The Original Plan’ from our self-published book:

‘Not just how but why?


This fascination and over-reliance on the intellect is not limited to potential creator seeds. It is a trap that twinned angels can fall into as well. The angels most likely to become trapped would be the youngest and least experienced. It is so easy to fall in love with one’s own brilliance. Also there is always the temptation to undervalue the brilliance of others. We are seeking for reasons why in an atmosphere of complete love and complete trust, someone interfered with the process. Those reasons are contained in what we discussed in part one of this article. The feeling of parental joy and the trap of a fascination felt for one’s own brilliant intellect. For a young and inexperienced though brilliant masculine aspect of a twinned angel those two reasons could mar the joy of his existence. Of all the angelic levels it was his level, the last to be created, which was denied the experience of parental joy that all the other angels on the higher levels had experienced. This was the first tiny seed of hidden discontent that lodged in the mind of a being otherwise filled with love and light.


From the moment the creation process was triggered the probability always existed that someone would use his or her freewill to interfere with the process. The reasons and motives for the interference might be of the highest order but the effect would be the same, the intended result of the process would be distorted or delayed.  Whilst in the Angelic levels in the atmosphere of love, trust and innocence that tiny seed of discontent would remain dormant. Only away from that atmosphere could such   a negative seed germinate and then grow. How could this happen?


Let us imagine that the team of guides was selected from every angelic level. Just like humans are, every twinned angel is different and unique and so each would have something special to contribute that could qualify them as team members. Not every member would be required to possess great creative powers and so members would also be drawn from the level of the youngest angels. Even our angel with the brilliant intellect might have been selected simply because of that brilliant intellect. This angel has been given several names throughout history. We will simply name him “The Misguided One” The reason we say “him” is because dazzled by his own intellect he chose to ignore the intuitive guidance of his feminine twin. In our scenario the team leaders Adam and Eve have briefed the team as to their duties, and the team is ready to enter physical existence. The problem is that they cannot just appear in all their glory amid mankind. Quite apart from the damage their higher power level would inflict on physical matter, the sight of their truly awe-inspiring, light-filled presence would defeat the intended purpose.


Mankind would want to bow down and worship them as gods, and to rely upon the guides to think for them. This means that a way would have been found so that they could be seen and could move amongst human beings to do their work. The problem was overcome by the Creator mind by devising and providing via the Godhead a skin or sheaf of light for each member of the team. The skin of light would insulate physical matter from their higher power level energies, but would also render the guides visible and recognisable to mankind. Next we must try to imagine mankind as it was then as opposed to as it is now. We have described the ongoing multi-level stage that unconscious life force built, on to which mankind could evolve. If we looked at that stage another way we would realise it is a rising tide of life force always striving for evolvement to the human level. As each wave of life force evolved to the human level it was the task of the guides to prepare each human to ascend the vortex without undue delay.


Each newly evolved human soul entered a human body and had to retain his or her complete harmony and balance whilst learning how to control that body and how to control his or her “Me” intelligence. The final, most important lesson in the physical would have been for the human to learn to use his or her “Me” intelligence to control the basic energy structure of that human body. The “Me” intelligence complete with the controlled energy source could then ascend out of the vortex. The only likely delay would be the learning speed of each human.


What went wrong? What went wrong was that our misguided angel used his brilliant intellect to devise an improvement for an already perfect process. To explain this we must first look briefly at creative powers and how those powers control energy. An opera singer can sing all evening and have no effect on a wineglass. Only if our singer sings a certain note that’s in a certain key will she affect the glass. In sympathy with that particular note the wineglass will try to change its inflexible shape and instead will shatter. The wineglass is formed from atoms and the atoms are formed from whirling energy.


The singer’s special musical note is a form of vibration as is all sound and so this suggests that every vibration has some direct effect on the energies that are the basic structure of everything. It also suggests that because the musical note must be thought before it is sung the vibration is an integral part of the thought as well as of the sound. When we take this direct effect into our consideration the idea of magic and magical spells seems less mystical and less like superstition. Most spells require some incantation to be uttered in a special tone. Certain words are recited in a certain sequence, governed by certain timing and a certain tone. To the person that understands the vibrations contained in the sounds of words this is practical science. To anyone who doesn’t understand, this would seem to be weird magic, or superstitious nonsense. The undeniable fact remains that man-made machines exist that use controlled sound to cut through steel and concrete, and other machines use sound to scan the interior of the human body. We feel it to be a safe assumption that at least part of an angel’s creative powers would consist of the precise control of vibrations to affect energies in whatever way was required. What else would be required?


Great knowledge and wisdom would be required because it is not sufficient just to know how to create something. It is more important to know what effect that creation will have on what is already created. Today this need for wisdom is clearly demonstrated by the self-assumed god-like role of genetic engineers whose insatiable curiosity drives them to play “Mix and match” with the basic living structures of physical life. As to the outcome, the genetic engineers don’t know and neither do we, but all of us will have to exist with that outcome. All we can do is wait and see, and of course exist with the astonished dismay of the genetic engineers when we have waited and seen. Let us return to our discussion about the effect of sound or vibration pre-ceded by thought. On our greatly reduced power level of intelligence and of existence our opera singer must first think the note that shatters the wineglass, but the glass doesn’t shatter until that thought is transformed into sound. If the opera singer could exist in the higher unreduced power levels, to think the special vibration would be enough.


The shattered wineglass is an example of destructive vibration but angels would use vibration in thought to create not to destroy. Earlier we suggested great wisdom and knowledge would be required to use with great creative powers. The need for wisdom we explained and so the need for knowledge we’ll explain with another example. If an angel wanted to create an apple by the use of the effect of thought upon energy, it would not be enough to simply visualise an apple. The angel would have to be able to visualise every part of an apple, from the outside skin to the core and seeds in the centre, every combination of atoms and every sub-atomic particle of that apple. If you think that would take great knowledge and creative powers, try to imagine the power and knowledge needed to create a human body from thought.


That was the task delegated by the Godhead to Adam and Eve, the leaders of the team. In our scenario the human body would not be as it is today. To survive today we must work. We must use our intelligence, our strength and our energy to obtain the resources that will give us strength and energy just simply to continue to survive, and to enable our dependent children to survive.  For most of mankind everything else has to take second place. Whilst this struggle to survive continually occupies mankind’s thoughts, reliance has to be placed on others just as confused as we are to give some sort of meaning and purpose to that struggle. That is why we believe mankind was diverted and delayed, and that an alteration to the human body created that diversion and delay. Probably most people would admit that the physical body provides very little joy for the “Me” intelligence that must use it. Any joy it does provide is fleeting and transitory, as the person that seeks ongoing stimulation of the physical senses knows. Those that have the resources to spare will often roam the world always seeking new sights and new experiences or new sexual conquests, always something new because the current experience palls even whilst it is being experienced. For those without resources the struggle to survive is often accompanied by the frustration felt at the pointlessness of such an existence. Even the parental joy we discussed earlier is for many a fleeting joy swiftly marred when the struggle for resources becomes a lost battle. When the human body is healthy and in the prime of its existence it may be tolerable. When the human body grows old for many people it is excruciating. So whoever designed the human body wasn’t as clever as they thought.


Now let us return to our scenario to discover who did what and why. The twinned angel Adam and Eve are the team leaders because their intelligence, creative powers, knowledge and wisdom are of the highest level below the Godhead level. Their team members would possess similar gifts to Adam and Eve, only limited by the level from which the member was drawn. The complexity of the creative tasks the members were given would be limited by the individual member’s abilities. In this way some would have a creative role whilst others less gifted would have guiding roles. We have declared our firm belief that intelligent life exists throughout the physical universe. This must mean that also the angelic team had to be spread throughout the universe to provide guidance wherever intelligent life had evolved. This would present no problem because complete, mutual, love and trust had always existed throughout the angelic levels.


Adam and Eve as team leaders would be required only to supervise and guide the team members and also to create human bodies ready to receive each wave of evolving life force. Of course that last sentence sounds fantastic until we give it thought. Let us remind ourselves of the purpose behind the whole physical exercise. The purpose is the self-creation of the next generation of creator minds. As we have already explained those creator minds will create their own image of self whilst existing in their Creator’s creation and whilst using the energy of their Creator’s creation. But to enable that next generation to finally depart from their Creator’s creation and continue to exist they will need their own independent source of energy. Each of that next generation of unique creator minds will seek across the wave bands of energies to find their own ocean of chaotic energy to transform into intelligent creative energy. In our analogy of a forest, the tree provides everything the potential seed will need to become another tree. But also the tree provides what the seed will need to remain as a seed, after it has left the tree and until the seed finds suitable soil in which to germinate. There is only one way that the independent source of energy can be passed from the Creator mind to the potential creator seed.


First that energy must have its instantaneous speed of existence greatly reduced. Second the power level of the energy must be greatly reduced. The former is achieved as the energy passes through the angelic levels. The latter is achieved as the energy travels to the centre of the astral vortex. In this way instantaneous, high power level energies are reduced to low power level stationery but spinning energies of physical matter. To enable the potential creator seeds to learn how to collect their independent source of energy they also have to be reduced in speed of existence and power level. They must match the level they must enter to collect their independent source of energy. The Creator mind has used the power of intelligence to achieve the energy reduction process. It is the intelligence of each potential creator seed that must return the reduced energy of their physical body to its original high power level and speed of existence.


Once that was achieved the potential creator seeds could have learned in the angelic levels all they needed to know about how to become a creator mind. The required sequence was to enter physical existence at the lowest power level and then evolve to the individual human power level. The next part of the sequence was for each human to learn to control and use human intelligence, first to control his or her body and then learn to control and raise the power level of the energy contained in the atoms of his or her body. When control of the energy was achieved he or she could then leave physical existence and ascend out of the vortex to exist in the unreduced power levels. Once there he or she would take control of his or her higher self and be re-united with his or her opposite aspect twin. Together the two opposite aspects of the complete potential creator seed would commence to climb the angelic levels, learning more and more on each level. Each higher level attained would increase their speed of existence until finally they achieved the instantaneous, perfect level of their Creator’s mind. At that highest level the potential creator seed becomes transformed. The two aspects, he and she, blends together to become one creator mind seed with its own energy source that can now leave the Creator’s creation.


Earlier we explained that part of the team leader’s role was to create the human bodies as required by the evolving life force. We suggested that vibration thought power could have been used as the method of creation. Adam and Eve who are the highest power level intelligence of all the angels would have the knowledge and ability required for such a task. But what would a created human body consist of, what would it need? What would it not need? The original intention was for the physical body to be finally transformed into its basic structure of energy by the human “Me” intelligence that had entered it. This meant that the physical body didn’t die, it was transformed ready to accompany its “Me” intelligence into the non-physical.


The human body would have been less dense and have fewer requirements to keep it healthy. Any nourishment it required would be readily available and so there would be nothing to divert its “Me” intelligence from its sole purpose for physically existing. The team of guides was always nearby to keep that purpose to the forefront of human thoughts. So what went wrong? Though the team was made up of many angels these were thinly spread throughout the physical universe wherever there was a planet with evolving life force. Adam and Eve often had to visit far-flung team members. Because of that they delegated and taught some of their team members who had higher power level intelligence how to create human bodies.


The human body was created to a specific design provided and sanctified by the Creator mind. The original human body was specially designed to allow its occupant to enter and leave physical existence as swiftly as the learning speed of its occupant would allow. The creation process of the human body required a specific sequence of enormously powerful thought vibrations to be focused by the angel delegated to the task. The sequence had to be learned and the power level of the angel’s intelligence had to be high enough to carry such enormous power without damage to the angel.


Now let us assume that the life force, guided by Mother Nature, built the multi-level stage that made planet Earth suitable for humans. The purpose of the multi-levels was to allow the unconscious life force to evolve stage by stage to the human level. Once again the life forms would have been less dense, and nourishment would be readily available and so no life form fed itself from the body of another life form. The life force would evolve in waves. Each wave of life force would vacate its physical life forms and then, via the astral vortex, return to the physical to enter the vacated life forms of the stage above it, always a smooth upward transition. The life force that had evolved to the human level would leave the physical multi-level stage and return to the astral to await the creation by the team, of human bodies that the human-level life force could then enter.


Probably the team members on Earth would have been few in numbers but each would have their role of guidance or of creation. It is difficult to imagine that the havoc and misery that exists today on planet Earth is also repeated on life supporting planets throughout the physical universe. If that is true then the original interference with the process that caused the misery of today must have taken place on this planet. Though it’s not much consolation for us on Earth today, it could mean that for life force in the rest of the universe the process continues as originally planned. It also means that our young, inexperienced, brilliant of intellect, misguided angel was sent to this planet as a junior member of the team.


If we try to picture the Misguided one’s mind and outlook it will help us to understand what he found when he arrived on Earth, and also how he would have regarded what he found. To begin with, he would have fallen in love with the beauty of Earth, and the beauty of all the life forms that together created the multi-level stage. At that point the misguided one was filled with love for his Creator and all of his Creator’s creations. He loved and trusted his fellow team members and they loved and trusted him in return.

As a junior member of the team his creative abilities would be limited and so his role would be that of guidance. This would mean that he would work always amongst new physical human beings that would look to him for guidance as to how to control their bodies and their intelligence. Soon this misguided angel would feel a deep and protective love for these innocent humans and the humans would soon adore him.


Previously on his angelic level, regardless of the atmosphere of mutual love and trust, he would have realised he was a small inexperienced fish in a very large pool. Working almost alone among the humans, understandably he would have enjoyed feeling like a large fish in a small pool. No one is exempt from the dangers of ego problems, not even angels. Always his brilliant intellect would be working on ideas that he believed would speed up the process. That same brilliant intellect and his inexperience of physical life would make it impossible for him to conceive that there are many different speeds of learning. In fact the speed of learning of each individual human governed the speed of the ascension process.


The apparent slowness of the ascension process would have been a matter of great concern to the “Misguided angel”. This is understandable because to any angel in the team the beauty of the physical universe would seem like a pale shadow compared to the glorious beauty he and she had left to enter physical existence. Eagerly he would search for reasons to explain the slowness that delayed the entrance of his beloved humans into glorious non-physical existence. Because the true reason was unacceptable to him, his logical intellect would lead him to believe the delay was caused by delay in the creation of human bodies. He would then apply his brilliant intellect to solving this problem.


At this point that dormant seed of discontent awoke to provide the solution to the problem. What a good idea! If the creative vibrations were altered slightly the created human bodies would be able to breed. This would accelerate the body creation process and also enable his beloved humans to experience the parental joy he had been denied.  Once his intellect had worked out the required alterations the next requirement would be to persuade the team member delegated to create human bodies to agree to the alterations. Adam and Eve the team leaders had previously specified the formula of vibration thought to be used by those delegated to use it.


In the ongoing atmosphere of mutual love and trust between all team members the team leaders would remain confident that their instructions would always be obeyed. Each team member was a volunteer that made the freewill choice to obey Adam and Eve. In that sense the visits made by the team leaders were to encourage and aid all of the far-flung team members rather than visits of a supervisory nature. The authors, and no doubt also the readers, with all our hard-earned experience of life and of people have at some time been victims of charm when it is used by someone as a tool to get his or her own way. The smiles and declarations of friendship and the full powers of the magnetic personality are deliberately switched on to swamp us and sweep us along on a wave of emotion instead of thought. Only when discernment has taught us to say “No” are the smiles and the charm switched off as fast as they were switched on.


So now we can imagine how difficult it was for the delegated creative angel to say “No” to the misguided one’s request. Up to that time none of the angels had needed to learn discernment because complete trust had been sufficient. The misguided angel was admired for his brilliance and charm and his ideas were compelling, and even his twin was spellbound by his personality. After some heart-searching the creative angel agreed to the alterations.


This is a story too long and detailed to tell here and so we will summarise what happened. To ensure that nothing would upset his plans the misguided one waited for the team leaders to be absent before he approached the creative angel with his idea. Then to make sure the creative angel uttered the altered vibration thoughts correctly they uttered them together.

The two-fold result was disastrous for the misguided angel and for the human race. The vast power of the creative energy was too high for the power level of his intelligence, and all the love and light that he had previously radiated was converted to black hate. Now the misguided angel could only feel hatred for the Creator mind, for Adam and Eve and for the human race. His mind was damaged because he chose to tamper with powers he hadn’t been taught to use. He couldn’t be healed unless he chose to be healed, and his hatred denied him that choice. This is the price of freewill choice; no one else may intrude. His brilliant intellect was unaffected and this he then used to work against the Ascension process. He used his powers of persuasion to turn other young inexperienced team members on Earth against the process and their team leaders. Then he taught a distorted version of the true guidance to the humans, all of who completely trusted him.


The distortions were subtle, and so similar that humans that hadn’t been taught the true teachings believed them. The misguided angel wanted planet Earth for himself, and for mankind to regard him as their God. When Adam and Eve returned to planet Earth they faced a mess because now there were two sorts of humans, the sanctified version, and the new version that could breed but that had no control their bodily appetites. To create the new version the misguided angel had used his brilliance to the full. He knew from his own experience that; when twinned angels merge their powers and energies both twins experienced an intense feeling of ecstasy. He also knew that the he and the she of each human potential creator seed would be denied that ecstasy until they were re-united after their individual ascension. Also until they were re-united each unconsciously would feel incomplete and feel a sense of longing.

In the final part of this article we explore how Plan B was put into operation.




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Another Taboo Subject, or, Escape from Diversions. (Part three of three parts)

This article has been adapted from chapter nine ‘The Original Plan’ from our self-published book:

‘Not just how but why?’


By cleverly altering what was already there the misguided angel incorporated this unconscious longing into the human physical alterations. Here we must explain that the human body is designed in such a way that it can adapt to the spiritual evolvement and increasing power-level of its non-physical “Me” intelligence. This means that as the “Me” intelligence evolves across the wide range of the incoming vortex energies the power-level of the energy structure of the physical body increases accordingly. This rise in power-level and speed of existence continues until the energy base of the physical body can no longer remain in its physical form of existence.


To enable what we have described to happen, the design of the human body includes a series of energy entrances known as Chakras that we could liken to non-physical closed valves. The series of Chakras exist throughout the human body including below the feet, but the main Chakras are placed to follow the upward route from the base of the spine to above the top of the skull. Near the base of the spine is a reservoir of energy known as the Kundalini. This energy is activated by the increase in spiritual evolvement of the “Me” intelligence. The effect on the Kundalini energy of that evolvement causes that energy to rise like a coiled serpent along the route of the Chakras. As that energy ascends the route it fully opens each Chakra en route. Each Chakra when fully opened allows a section of the range of incoming energies to flow through it. In today’s human body the two lowest Chakkras admit the energy sections of the range that cover “Me’s” awareness of “Me” as a separate individual. At this level of evolvement “Me” is only aware of, and interested in “Me’s” needs and desires.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is opened by the energy when that awareness increases to include the awareness that other “Me” intelligence exists that also has needs and desires. At this stage curiosity makes the individual start taking an interest in knowledge of people and the world around it. Behind the physical heart is the Heart Chakra that when opened allows the energy of love to flow through to blend with, refine and modify the energy flows from the three lower Chakkras.


At this stage the individual has begun to want to return the love and affection it has received from those around it.  When the evolvement makes the individual long to communicate that flow of love energy to all others the Kundalini energy reaches and begins to activate the Throat Chakra. The energies of this section of the range are specifically to do with communication. This book is an example of what we mean by a longing to communicate to all the love we feel for all. We have written this book because we are fully aware of the misery, aimlessness and confusion that fill the world. We are also aware that most of it is caused by the individual’s lack of accurate knowledge of the true purpose of mankind’s existence. Without that knowledge we have all been vulnerable to the self-confidence sapping miss-guidance of others. With that knowledge physical existence no longer seems aimless. Those inner doubts and fears that ruled our lives dissolve and then we are free. With that freedom comes the caring responsibility to communicate knowledge of how to attain that freedom to all that will listen.


The next Chakra to begin to be activated is known as the Third Eye because it lies behind the forehead. The gradual activation of this Chakra begins when the individual strives to back up intellectually learned knowledge of psychic and spiritual energies with actual first hand experience of those energies. At last the individual has decided to try to meditate instead of just reading about meditation. In other words the individual becomes aware of the intuitive link to his or her higher self and then consciously strives through meditation to use and develop that link.


It is through that link via the higher self that spiritual energies are drawn down the vortex to interact in the spiritually evolving “Me” intelligence with energies that enter through the other Chakras. This flow of spiritual energy arrives through the Head Chakra that lies in the human brain near the pineal and pituitary glands. The more the individual strives for psychic understanding and development the more activated these last three Chakras become. This means that each of the three interact upon each other and upon the lower Chakras as well. For example the Chakra known as the Third Eye is actually created by the interaction of the energies entering through the Throat Chakra and the Head Chakra. The opening of the Third Eye is achieved through the individual’s striving.


The last Chakra is situated above the head and is known as the Crown Chakkra and this is created by the interaction of the energies entering through the opened Third Eye Chakra and the opened Head Chakra. When the Crown Chakkra is opened the full flood of spiritual energy can flow unimpeded into the human being to transform that human being into light. This is a very brief and sketchy outline of a subject about which others have written many vast and learned tomes. The point of the outline was to describe the upward, spinal route of the Kundalini Energy. Now we understand the purpose of that energy and of its route it becomes easier to comprehend the long-term traumatic effects of the Misguided Angel’s alterations to the human body.

The alterations consisted of tapping into that reservoir of Kundalini energy at its lowest point. Simply by the creation and placing of human sexual organs, the Misguided Angel created an alternative route for the Kundalini energy to follow. Before he damaged himself the Misguided Angel longed to give to humans the joy of parenthood that he the misguided one had been denied.  He achieved this by incorporating the human his and her unconscious spiritual feeling of incompleteness on a physical level. Through this physical feeling of incompleteness the opposite sexes were drawn together to mate and physically experience fleeting moments of angelic ecstasy, and then to reproduce.

Unfortunately, due to the Misguided Angel’s inexperience, this new version had no control over its sexual urges, which meant that all spiritual striving was diverted into sexual activity. But worse was to reveal itself because for humans to be able to breed children the human body needed to be far stronger and this required it to be more densely packed with atoms. This meant that the “Me” intelligence that was now already diverted from the spiritual purpose was also now trapped in and preoccupied by the needs of its heavier body. The original human body was never intended to remain in its physical form for any longer than necessary. The new, non-sanctified version, occupied by a “Me” intelligence that was not striving to ascend, could only deteriorate as time passed. In this way unintentionally the misguided angel introduced into human consciousness the concept and the fear of physical death.


When the team leaders returned, the misguided angel’s twin; sickened by his actions, asked that until he chose to be healed, she be returned to the non-physical levels, taking her half of their combined powers with her. Her request was granted and so alone, his powers reduced by half, and with hatred in his heart the misguided angel had to face Adam and Eve. He defied them both and refused their offer to heal the damage to his mind. Because he had broken his trust and would only work against the process the team leaders confined him and his followers from the team to the lower astral regions until such time as he chose to be healed. Meanwhile, powerless on the astral, the temptations he inserted into the thoughts of team members and humans would be used by team members and humans as tests that they would either pass or fail. Due to his own freewill choice actions the misguided angel rendered himself powerless to do anything other than try to persuade others to work against the process.


But already the damage had been done with the best possible intentions by his original interference. The team leaders consulted the Godhead that in turn consulted the Creator mind. Humans that could breed now existed. They couldn’t be destroyed and neither could their children be destroyed. Once they had been created they had the right to live, but now death of the physical body had entered the equation. The Creator mind provided a solution to the problem. The solution we named Plan B. and to put Plan B into operation required a great personal sacrifice from the team members. Plan B. would take far longer to complete but since humans had experienced childbirth and death of the body, Plan A. was no longer workable on planet Earth.


A second version of the sanctified human body was designed by the Creator mind. This version was similar to the version designed by the misguided angel in that it could reproduce itself and that it would experience physical death. Also it would experience sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. The differences would be that the “Me” intelligence that would use it could choose to control its sexual urges, and could choose to spiritually evolve. The brain of this new version had to be adapted so that the “Me” intelligence was equipped to become fully involved in the diversions of physical life but could also choose to evolve spiritually. The new sanctified version of the human body was heavier and more complex than the original, sanctified version. For this reason we return to our earlier discussion about middle and lower selves. Our higher selves exist on a higher power-level of energy than we do, though always linked to us.


We have described the middle self or soul as the “Me” intelligence, the navigator of the trio. Then we described the mind or lower self or lower soul as the chief engineer who knows nothing about destinations but who keeps the ship in perfect running order. The human body part of the trio we described as the ship. The sacrifice the angelic team was asked to make was for each twin of each twinned angel to separate and to enter a new human body to become the middle self of a human trio. The angelic twin would then be in a position to guide the newly evolved lower self or soul until that lower soul evolved into a middle soul; a full “Me” intelligence. The sacrifice required the angelic twins to separate, to be reborn again without their creative powers and to physically exist just like any other human.

This would include the tedium of existing in a human body that had to grow from infancy to adulthood, old age and finally physical death. Amid the illusion of physical life there was also always the risk of creating karmic debts that then had to be cleared. The sacrifice had to continue until several entire generations of lower selves or lower souls had evolved to the middle self or soul level.


Meanwhile when the human bodies and offspring of those bodies, created by the misguided angel, died the human life force trapped in them was released. It was then reborn as a lower self or soul, in a sanctified human body with a team member as its middle self. To make such a sacrifice took a great deal of courage and a deep and abiding love for the human race. Adam and Eve would not ask the team to do anything that they its leaders wouldn’t do. For this reason Adam and Eve were the first twinned angel to part and to be reborn into separate human bodies. As more and more time passed this information became wildly distorted.

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