What it is to be British in 2012


The Prime Minister invited views about what it is to be British, hence this essay.

Written by

David Brittain. E-Mail: david_brittain@tiscali.co.uk

What it is to be British in 2012

 What it is to be British depends very much upon how long one has been British! In 1936, the year I was born, for me there were no doubts about this matter because I was born into a white working class English family each member of which regarded their selves and their forefathers firstly as English and secondly as British. Similarly the Scots, Welsh, and Northern Irish folks regarded their selves firstly as Scottish, or Welsh, or Northern Irish and British second. All of the fore-going I will refer to as native Britons. At that time to see someone whose skin was not white was a rare and novel experience indeed. Employees were required to say “Sir” to their bosses, and bosses referred to their employees by surname only. We could name it “The pre-war keep your place syndrome”

Three years later at the outbreak of World War Two, and for the next few war-torn years, these local distinctions blurred when as native Britons, nationally we all closed ranks to face a common foe, and as an evacuee infant schoolchild my war effort consisted during school morning assembly of singing, “What can I do for England that has done so much for me?”

When the war ended and as the warm camaraderie of shared perils quickly evaporated I recall the general atmosphere of greyness that followed with post-war rationing and shortages everywhere in the UK. The war had caused the tragic deaths of many British service men and this led to a dearth of employees to fill the huge numbers of post-war job vacancies throughout the land. Employers had no choice but to compete with each other to offer better wages and conditions of work, and to even adopt the previously unheard of custom of using their employees’ Christian names. The effect of all this on the trade union led workforce was to become convinced that this beneficial situation could never change, which of course it has done for the worse time and time again since.

Next, two changes took place that altered what it was to be British. The first change; trade unions insisted that the same pay rates should apply no matter the age or length of the employees’ service to the employer; the same wage level for a man with a home and family to support as for his responsibility-free teen-aged son employed to do a similar job. The second change; before the war, most people disapproved of and avoided involvement in hire-purchase agreements. It wasn’t considered to be respectable or wise to buy anything on credit. Post war the financial institutions eagerly focused upon the fuller pay packets of the workforce, and via the Media campaigned successfully to make hire purchase appear to be normal and respectable in the eyes of the public. The second change came through the money-makers’ realisation that working teenagers now had wage packets just waiting to be milked. Another campaign, using the tools of media, and entertainment, deliberately set about widening the generation gap so that parental sage advice and guidance based on hard experience would be ignored by their offspring. Enough of yesterday’s dreariness let’s look at today’s.

What of today, what is it to be British in 2012? In the UK it is difficult to voice an opinion without offending someone somewhere. For example, broach the subject of immigration into the UK is to be accused of opening a racist can of worms with endless heated arguments for and against, and yet really it isn’t the immigrants that the British object to. Just like we British, mostly immigrants simply want to earn an honest living, pay their taxes and dues, and to live a friendly and pleasant life amid their local community. When I refer negatively to immigrants I simply mean anyone from wherever outside of the UK who on entering the UK expects to be housed and supported by UK taxpayers. Long ago via the media we learnt that in some foreign lands tuition classes on how to claim maximum SS benefits in the UK are eagerly attended by would-be immigrants. In no other country in or outside of the European Union would immigrants be offered the same generous support as they are offered here in the UK.

The main cause of discontent for the native Briton is the way in which his or her elected governments, no matter of which political persuasion, blithely ignore reality. The British public very much want to believe in the honesty, integrity, and wisdom of its political leaders, and so we trusted a previous government, which for its own reasons and motives urged council house tenants to buy their council owned houses, and as a result the stock of nationally available council dwellings was decimated in one fell swoop. Simultaneously, and maybe the object of the exercise, the power of the trade unions was drained away because, with mortgage repayments replacing subsidised council house rents, no union member could afford the freedom and right to strike for more than a couple of weeks. The results in 2009 are ever-lengthening council housing waiting lists on which native Britons have waited in vain for years, and this even before the flow of homeless immigrants began and continued to be inserted on a priority basis on the same UK council housing waiting lists, pushing native Britons further down the lists.

At what stage do we declare that enough is enough? Unfortunately a government, comfortably cushioned against reality as its members are, that allows streams of homeless, jobless immigrants and their families to enter the UK to partake of scarce UK resources, seldom if ever consider the traumatic effect on the welfare of the tax-paying public of the government’s generosity to outsiders. I’ve nothing against immigrants, they all have human needs, but surely it would be better to aid them in their own countries, or at least limit the number of new arrivals to our shores until we have the resources to cope with them? To word it another way,” You can’t squeeze a quart into a pint pot” So why try? From where could we obtain these much needed resources? Assuming that the European Union rules demand that the UK accepts a flow of immigrants from far and wide, surely the E U should be the main source of funding to provide the required extra homes and welfare benefits?

To be British in 2012 is not very enjoyable. Anti-terrorism has been the vogue word and media theme since 9/11, and we all have been fed an indigestible diet of fear ever since, even though in the UK one is more likely to be struck by lightning than to ever be directly affected by a terrorist. The USA apparently regards itself as the self-appointed policeman of the world. Today after the Bush era of freedom-suppression thinly disguised as patriotism that this side of the Atlantic slavishly emulated, the UK, European, and USA publics are left floundering and bewildered at having been drawn into continuing highly expensive wars based in lies, greed and the thirst for oil. A side effect of the anti-terrorism industry band wagon is that today every UK citizen has no choice but to be under surveillance should he or she step out of his or her front door.

We have to expand the frontiers of our imagination to fully comprehend the multitudinous ways in which computers and security cameras are already entwined into our daily activities. Today we receive our e-mail and Spam via our computers, after those e-mails have been monitored for keyword content. In this way government computers can monitor our supposedly private communications. If we enter a shop or service station to make a purchase or to buy petrol a security camera linked to a computer records our movements, and another computer records our transaction and credit card details. When we stroll across a public square a selection of security cameras affixed to buildings dutifully records the fact. Under the blanket of national security we even have in public places some cctv cameras fitted with Tannoy systems so that should we drop a piece of orange peel or a sweet wrapper, a highly-paid policeman monitoring at a distant screen can bellow admonishments at us.    When we drive upon the public highways increasing numbers of roadside   cameras record our vehicle registration number plate, our vehicle’s speed and closeness to the vehicle ahead of us and so on. All of these high-tech devices are, I assume, installed to give us all a feeling of being safe, secure, and lovingly watched over at all times. Not so reassuring is the fact that all of these various sources of information are to be linked and made widely available to interested and caring parties, although of course not to the general public.

Here I must pause to make a point that may have been missed about those roadside security cameras although my point has more to do with the vehicles the cameras are installed to monitor. Manufacturers of motor vehicles will be faced with a major technical challenge and that is to design a vehicle capable of travelling at speeds at and below the official speed limits. To date I have yet to drive a modern vehicle that doesn’t require its driver’s eyes to be dangerously riveted upon the speedometer instead of the road ahead to keep the speed down to the 30 M P H speed limit. Here I will mention that my old 1936 Austin 7 used to cheerfully cruise at 29 MPH, admittedly it was reluctant to go any faster than that, but as modern vehicles are already endowed with unusable high speeds far above the legal speed limits this further refinement should present few problems for the manufacturers.

It must be difficult for UK governments always forced to think in terms of re-election when faced with the demands of powerful lobbyists, and pressure groups as opposed to fulfilling the generally held wishes of the wider public which is, believe it or not, made up of freewill-endowed individuals, whose massed public demonstration themes are always studiously ignored by current governments. Another case in point is that of smoking, and of drinking alcohol. The impression we are left with is that under the cover of undeniable health risk concerns especially to young people, the government, rather than courageously ban smoking and drinking, is determined to tax all smokers, drinkers, and as a side-effect, public houses, out of existence.

I consider myself to be adult enough to make my own educated decisions as to health risks in regard to smoking and drinking and so I don’t feel the need for government intervention on such a wide all-encompassing scale. By all means strictly enforce the laws regarding the sale of alcohol and tobacco products to, and consumption of by, under-age people, but please leave us adults to make our own choices. Instead use the decades of ever-increasing taxes drained only from the smokers’ and drinkers’ pockets, to supplement the National Health Service finances, depleted we are told by smokers’ and drinkers’ illnesses.

As a proud Englishman I could ramble on indefinitely but won’t, but will ask this. If a loaf of bread that cost four pence half penny old money when I was a boy, and now in 2012 costs around two pounds decimal money, does this mean that today’s pound is only worth two pence farthing old money? If so is this progress?

Obediently yours

David Brittain









Often, amid a dripping forest of rain-drenched, shiny umbrellas, the priest, in sonorous tones, informs the mourners that we are born with nothing and we die with nothing. Alternatively, amid gales of laughter at stating the seemingly obvious, a jolly wag will remind us that we can’t take it with us when we “Snuff it”


In actual fact, both, the priest and the jolly wag have got it wrong. Of course, you can’t take material things with you. What would you do with them even if you could? But contrary to what many people believe, the important, lasting things in our lives are not material, and so we do take them with us. But before we look at these non-physical possessions let’s look at death (as most people are taught to regard it). Then we will look at death in the context of evolving life force and reincarnation.


The sketchy knowledge many people have about ‘after-death’ is further confused and distorted by their ignorance about ‘before-birth’. The teachers of established Christianity teach their many followers that one newly born baby equates with one brand-new innocent soul. When this baby grows to adulthood its enquiring mind may have difficulty in accepting these Christian teachings, for example, that we are all born with brand-new souls, to live one physical life each, and then to die. At some stage, after our death, our Creator will judge each of us. Gratefully, what is supposed to happen next to unforgiven sinners, becomes less menacing, and instead, more vagueness as each century passes by.


To accept these teachings, one of the difficulties to be faced by the enquiring mind is the question of; on what basis will our Creator judge us? This is a fair question when we observe that many people appear to have life loaded against them from start to finish. Conversely, for other people, life appears to be, ”A bed of roses” from start to finish. An alternative view of the same teachings suggests that none of us was given any choice about being born in the first place. How could our Creator judge with equal fairness, the sin of a nuclear physicist, and the sin of a pre-historic Homo-Sapiens Caveman? Again these are not trivial questions because according to those teachings, every soul ever created will be waiting to be judged. Another question enquirers might ask is where is this mixture of countless souls that have lived their one physical life apiece and then died? What are they doing now?


No doubt the sincere teachers of Christianity have answers to these questions, interspersed with the traditional demands, that their followers have unquestioning faith. Our concern is not for how teachers or followers choose to use their freewill. Our concern is for the negative effect on the outlook of the individual. If a respected teacher has encouraged a follower to choose faith instead of knowledge, then for the follower, ignorance equates with loyalty to the teachings. But for the individual, ignorance also equates with fear of the unknown. Only logical knowledge can transform the unknown into the known. This applies both, to followers and to non-followers of religions. So let us now try to replace with knowledge, the fear of death, and of the unknown, that needlessly blights the lives of so many people. To understand death and thus to lose the fear of death, we must first understand the purpose of life. This is made more difficult when we are only able to regard life from our limited, individual points of view.

When we are prepared to burst through those limits we will then replace our fears with the self-confidence gained from true knowledge.


In our articles and books we have offered our readers an alternative scenario to those offered by eastern and western religions. To build that scenario we have included our belief that our Creator is part of an ongoing process that creates “Creators”. Readily we have admitted that we don’t yet comprehend how the process started. As part of a process our Creator’s role would be to ensure the continuity of the process. For this reason our scenario is built around what we believe is our Creator’s viewpoint instead of the limited viewpoint of we, the creations of our Creator.


Just like any process here on Earth, if the intended result is to be achieved, once started the process must run its course without interference. Logically this means that our Creator would simply start, monitor and supply the energy needs of the process. It also means that the intended products of the process are more Creators who will continue the process. We realise that this talk of process seems unfeeling, and a far cry from the various traditional, blurred, unthinking pictures we are offered of our relationship to our Creator.


It only seems that way until we use thought instead of emotion without thought. For example, when would-be parents long to have a child to love and cherish, they deliberately start a process with an intended result. Carefully they monitor the process and supply all energy needs. But to the parents, a vital part of the process is also to ensure that the child feel fully included in the love the parents have for each other.


This has to apply to each child equally, no matter how large the family grows. At first the child must be protected and guided, but as it grows older the parents allow the child to exercise its intelligence and freewill. The child will make mistakes and hopefully will learn from those mistakes. At that stage the parents know it is wise not to interfere with the learning process. Instead the parents set an example of harmonious living that the child will eventually learn is the best and only way to live.


Once again, the learning speed is different for every child. The more children in the family, the longer it will take for the entire family to learn the lesson of harmony and balance. It will take longer because the faster learners will have to develop patience and understanding for the disharmony caused by the thoughtless and selfish actions of the slower learners. At no stage will the parents think of their children as a crowd, even though at first the children might think of each other in that way.


The parents will always regard each child (slow or fast learner) as a unique, incomparable, very special individual in his or her own right. This parental love and respect for each child continues as each child evolves towards and achieves adulthood and equality with the parents. The mutual exchange of love and respect continues long after the child has achieved adult, non-dependence on the parents. Then it is the individual members of the now adult family that individually choose to continue the process. In our example, the parents represent the perfectly blended she and he of our Creator’s mind. Obviously each unique, incomparable, family member represents each member of a family called mankind. Each human being is destined to grow from childhood dependence to adult independence. This is the ongoing, warm, loving process that creates Creators out of people like you and me. Whilst our self-doubts and fear-filled minds need our Creator as a parental figure, we will always be part of our Creator. When we individually conquer our fears and self-doubts, our courage will allow us to fully comprehend our true and glorious adult destiny. But nowhere, in the process we have described, is there room for death. This can only mean that mankind has misunderstood the true meaning of death. So now let’s find out why.


One of the reasons is that, most of us get fixed ideas and fixed images of self and of those around us, as in this example at our place of work. For years our fixed image of Joe, the maintenance man, has been that of an oil-stained, blue boiler suit, a pair of greasy wellington boots, and a scruffy old cap and scarf that covers but cannot conceal Joe’s silver hair and his wry, fatalistic grin. For years we all shared this image of Joe, until one day when Joe invited us all to his daughter’s wedding. Then, as we all turned in our pews to watch the entrance of the bride, we all received a similar mental shock. Why were we shocked? Because suddenly we all realised that the elegantly dressed, distinguished stranger, proudly leading the bride, was our old Joe!


In exactly the same way, we receive a sudden mental shock when a loved one dies. Our fixed image of the loved one includes the loved one’s animated with life physical body; no matter how old or worn out with illness it may be. The mental shock stems from the sharp reminder that our eyes only ever saw the visible part of our now departed beloved. Our sense of loss is a different matter altogether.


Our fixed image of our beloved was so familiar we never even thought about it. The shattered image then compels us to think of our beloved in an unfamiliar and pain-filled way. It is pain-filled because now, just when we need accurate knowledge to reassure us as to the whereabouts of our beloved, who can we ask? In the same way we take our own physical existence for granted, and so we never think beyond our physical existence. Often the reason why we avoid thinking about these questions is because we don’t know what to think or what to believe. This is when fear of death enters the scene. So now we must look at what many fearfully think of as death, from our Creator’s wider (parental) point of view.


In our ‘process of Creators’ scenario our Creator evolved from childhood to adulthood, and is now the parent of children.  From our Creator’s viewpoint, all of those children are fully expected to evolve and grow in intelligence to our Creator’s idea of adulthood. Not just the brightest children, all are special and unique, and each will learn in his or her, own timing. Now let’s look at the children’s progress so far.


In a busy household the nursery is like a different world, a world in which to feel safe and secure. Just like earlier, in the womb, in the nursery all needs are supplied without needing the conscious thought of the infants, because mother does the thinking. In that sense mother is part of the process that creates Creators. The womb and nursery represents both, the physical universe, and the astral vortex of reducing power-levels of incoming energy that creates our universe. The beloved infants represent every trace of life force that has yet to evolve to the, conscious, aware, me, intelligence level, (to the human level). The mother is Mother Nature, whose intelligence thinks for the beloved infants throughout the lower astral power-levels and the physical universe. In the nursery the infants frequently sleep, but when awake, must be protected from each other. In this sense the physical body is each infant’s protection. If the body is irreparably damaged, the beloved infant slips into the peace of astral sleep until a new physical body is available. The explanations in this chapter are relevant to our theme, learning to lose the fear of death. As part of the lesson we have learnt that, below the human level, all life force in the physical universe is guided by the overall intelligence of Mother Nature.


The guidance is the product of her intelligence, and is received in the stepped-down form of instinct, appropriate to the evolvement level of the life force. Thus the life force of an elephant will respond at one level. The life force of bacteria in the elephant’s intestine will respond at a much lower level.


But both levels of life force evolvement will respond to that guidance, both, when in the physical or in the astral. So here we observe the ongoing, pendulum of astral and physical existence of the many levels of guided, evolving life force. At these levels of evolvement life force cannot think, it can only respond, at its own level, to the guidance of instinct.


The life force, guided by Mother Nature, enters, activates, and gives direction to the atomic structure that is the physical body. The life force abandons the physical body when the body becomes too ill, old, or damaged to continue. The life force doesn’t die, it moves to the astral level to which it has evolved. It cannot die because it is a living, evolving part of its Creator’s energies.


So now we realise that the visible and physical body is simply a tool and vehicle. Its function is to enable non-physical, evolving life force to experience physical existence. So far we have discussed life force that cannot think, it can only respond to instinct. This applies equally to your lovely dog or cat that died, the fish you caught for your supper, the house fly you just sprayed, and the tree you sawed into logs. It also applies to the life force of the now extinct dinosaurs of prehistoric times. It means that the ongoing evolvement level of the physical body reflects the ongoing drive of the life force to evolve, certainly not the other way around.


Let’s think about this astral/physical pendulum mechanism in terms of reincarnation. Even when life force has evolved to the individual, human, conscious, aware level it continues to use this mechanism. When the human body can no longer function, the individual, human, conscious, aware life force returns to a power-level of the astral vortex. There he or she awaits another opportunity to re-enter physical existence.


This is no different to all of the levels of evolving life force below that of the human level. There is a power-level in the astral vortex to match every level of life force evolvement. In a similar way to the fixed structure of coils of wire in a transformer, the energy structure of the astral vortex is constant and unchanging. It is the power-level of the energy, flowing through the vortex fixed energy structure that is continuously reduced in power-level. From this we learn that physical evolvement really reflects non-physical life force evolvement. Also that life force evolvement is really the drive to continually increase the capacity to reach ever-higher power-levels of the astral-vortex.


In our analogy of the nursery, our helpless, unthinking, beloved infants gradually sense, and then discover how to use, their physical bodies. Next they learn how to move about in their cots. Then they painfully learn to climb out of their cots to crawl about on the nursery floor. More bruising experience teaches the infants how to stand and then how to walk. Now intelligence begins to blossom in the nursery world of the infants. The realisation dawns in each of the infants that they can choose to walk to their toys. Finally each infant notices that the nursery has a door that leads to somewhere else if they can discover how to open it. This is the evolvement level where the nursery becomes a classroom for life force that has evolved to the conscious, aware, freewill endowed, individual human level. At this level individual intelligence coupled with freewill choice replaces blind obedience to the guidance of instinct. From our Creator’s (parental) viewpoint, all of the life force represents the family, not just the life force that has evolved to the human level.


How would our Creator regard us at our human level? Probably as school children who are at present fascinated and diverted by our physical classroom and by each other. Just like most children, we enjoy what is easy and what we are good at, and we avoid if we can what is difficult and unfamiliar.


Also, like most children, we nervously avoid thinking about leaving our familiar junior school, when alone we have to enter the unfamiliar senior school. It never occurs to us that beyond the world of classrooms and schools is an adult world in which each of us has a unique part to play. So to lose the fear of death we each have to re-assess our own value, from our Creator’s point of view instead of our own.


We have discussed in this article an astral vortex that we have compared to a transformer, in that its coils gradually transform high power-level energy into very low power-level energy. Elsewhere we have described how the vortex structure resulted in the creation of a physical universe formed from spinning atoms of low power-level energy, and also how dormant high power-level life force was able to descend the vortex to enter the lowest power-level of all, that of physical existence. We have described evolution as the ongoing drive to achieve adulthood in the same sense as our Creator regards adulthood. The only way the life force can achieve adulthood is to climb from the lowest power-level to our Creator’s high power-level. At first, as dormant life force, the drive to climb the vortex power-levels is in unconscious obedience to instinct. At the human individual life force level, the conscious, aware, intelligence of the life force can choose to climb or not.


Let’s now bring this knowledge into our daily lives. Between the moment a human egg is fertilised, to the moment the baby is born, the foetus is continuously transformed. From a simple life form consisting of a few cells, it rapidly passes through many of the lower levels of evolution before it finally evolves into a human baby. This is common knowledge, but how does it apply to the ongoing pendulum existence of the life force that enters and activates the baby? This question is relevant to the subject of losing the fear of death. When the same physical baby grows to adulthood and then to the degeneration of dotage, the life force will have to depart from it. So now let us explore how life force enters and leaves its physical vehicle.


Reincarnation we have described as the continuous pendulum existence between the astral vortex and physical existence. Eastern religions describe our individual vortex climb in terms of spiritual attainment, and we have described it in energy power-level terms. In fact, evolution, spiritual attainment, and increasing one’s capacity to exist on ever-higher power-levels of energy, all three are the same thing looked at in different ways. The advantage of thinking in terms of energy power-levels is this. We all know that our familiar, solid, physical universe is really composed of atoms that are composed of energy. We all already know that this energy that forms atoms is very real, and must arrive from somewhere. Our certainty of the realness of that energy takes the astral energy vortex out of the realms of unfamiliar mystical knowledge. Instead it places it firmly into the layperson’s store of scientific general knowledge.


A human being exists physically and on the astral, many, many times. Each time his or her intelligence evolves a bit more. Each time he or she will gain some spiritual attainment. Each time he or she will increase the capacity to exist on yet higher power-levels of the energy vortex. This is the point of the whole exercise. So whilst on the astral, our human being has relinquished his or her worn out physical body. He or she has returned to the power-level of the vortex, that his or her total capacity has achieved over many lives. When we leave the limitations of physical existence it is like being cured of a lifetime of amnesia, spent in a diving suit on a murky seabed.


We know that it states the obvious to suggest that an inexperienced boy of seventeen years could not imagine himself at the age of seventy years. Probably it would spoil his life if he could.


Of course he could visualise himself with grey hair and with an old and failing body. But it would be beyond the boy’s powers of perception to imagine the rich total of bitter, sweet experience that the decades ahead will give him. It would also be beyond the boy’s powers to imagine his outlook at the age of seventy. It would be an outlook moulded by those decades of experience that he had lived moment by moment. In this sense, for the boy, life is like moving through a mist, where only now is fairly clear. His past blurs and fades into the mist. His future has yet to materialise out of the mist.


The only moment the boy can control is this moment called, ‘Now’. The mist is filled with people and events that the boy will face and interact with when they appear before him out of the mist. Whenever the people and events appear, the boy can only interact with them at his then current level of understanding. The people and events may seem positive, or they may seem negative, but how the boy allows them to affect his outlook is the lesson he is there to learn. Each person and each event eventually slips from the boy’s ‘Now’ into the mist of the past. But it is the effect on the boy’s outlook that remains in the boy’s now. If that effect is positive, the boy will regard his unknown future with Positivity. Conversely, if that effect is negative, the boy will face his unknown future with Negativity. From boyhood to dotage his level of understanding continues to increase, unless it is clouded by emotions felt in the past.


All of this is obvious until we place it into the context of an experienced old man of seventy, riddled and torn with guilt or self-blame, over mistakes he made in his younger days. Or his present outlook soured by hate and bitterness over the people and events of long ago. At the start of this article we mentioned that there are things you take with you to the astral. Your outlook is one of those things because it is the self-image you have built. Unconsciously or consciously, you built that image of self. No one but you has the right to change that image.


The boy became an old man and then (to the best of everyone’s knowledge) he died. Contrary to his pre-conditioned expectations, he discovered that he wasn’t then promptly marched away to await judgement by God. Our Creator-parent does not and cannot interfere with the process that creates Creators. Instead the confused old man found that he was faced with a long, dark tunnel, brilliantly lit at its far end.  How he will deal with this situation will very much depend on how he has faced his unknown future during his physical life. This is important, so let’s pause here to examine this a little more deeply. Each of us has to face our future in our own way. For us all, the future contains an unforeseeable mixture of joys and disappointments that we deal with as each appears. The content of the mixture is of lesser importance than what the entire mixture represents. To each of us the mixture represents ongoing uncertainty that we must live with, from birth to death. In other words, the only foreseeable certainty in anyone’s future is its content of ongoing uncertainty.


Uncertainty only becomes certainty when it is fixed in our past. This is why we use our past as a rough guide to our future. From this it will be obvious that how we regard our uncertain future will be powerfully influenced by how we allow ourselves to regard our past.


For example, we can view the events in our past in two opposite ways, the negative way, with bitter regret for lost happiness. Also, the dread that the future may contain similar awful problems to those we faced in our past. Or we can view our past the positive way, with optimism firmly based in our knowledge that, as we knew happiness in the past we may well know happiness again in the future. Also, that as in our past we faced and resolved those awful problems, we can be confident of our ability to resolve similar problems in our future. One of those two ways to regard the past will also is the yardstick we will use to regard the future. So in that sense it doesn’t matter whether you are a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, or a factory worker of today. You will regard your future in one of those two ways during your physical life. Now we return to our disembodied, confused old man, who is now faced with a mysterious, dark tunnel with a light at its far end. Of those two ways that we have described, which will he use? To the old man the tunnel now represents the unknown just as in physical life his future represented the unknown. He has a freewill choice to make, and only he can make it, to move through the tunnel and into the light, or to move away from the tunnel and the light. All of this sounds very mystical. So whilst the man ponders on his choices, let us transform the mysticism into practical knowledge that we can all understand and use.


What is the tunnel, and what is the light? Both represent different power-levels that the man must ascend to return to his total achieved power-level in the astral vortex. Earlier in this article we compared physical existence (as viewed from a total achieved astral power-level) to a lifetime of amnesia, lived in a clumsy diving suit, on a murky seabed. Of course it all felt natural whilst on the seabed and now our confused old man has left the seabed and has removed his heavy diving suit. But the man will continue to suffer from amnesia until he returns to his achieved power-level on the astral. The man was born completely stripped of memories of his previous physical and astral existences. Now, as he faces the tunnel, the only memories he has to guide and influence his choice are of this last physical life.


The light at the far end of the tunnel is that man’s total achieved power-level on the astral. The tunnel contains all of the power-levels that were previously stripped from him to enable him to be born into low power-level physical existence. In energy terms, his higher power-level had to be reduced before he could safely and gently enter the much lower power-level atomic structure of the growing foetus. Part of the power-level reduction process required his multiple (higher power-level energy) memory to be left in the same tunnel. This also was necessary to protect, in the mother’s womb, the foetus that was to be his future physical vehicle. For a moment let us consider his reincarnation, in human, psychological terms instead of power-level reduction terms.


There always seems to be confusion when the subject of birth and death is discussed. The Christian priest teaches that our old man was born with a brand new soul and that when the old man dies, his soul will sleep until awakened in God’s good timing. In complete contradiction of this belief, many people on their deathbeds, describe with joy, long dead loved ones that are there to meet them. Are the teachings inaccurate, or are people about to die, prone to hallucinations? The former seems more likely because the priest must teach only what he was taught. The dying person is in an altered state, similar to that of a psychic medium who describes what only she or he the medium can see.


Only when we apply the concept of reincarnation to this contradiction do we pinpoint the inaccurate part of the priest’s teaching. The inaccuracy lies in the question, when do you sleep? Does a soul sleep at the start or at the end of a physical existence? One thing is obvious, even to a person devoid of any kind of belief in God or the Hereafter. No matter what else death means to us, death is a certain escape from all physical pain. During physical life, a toothache or an aching back can be physical and mental torment until the pain is relieved. After the pain has gone we feel released, but may sleep to allow our bodies to rebuild their drained resources of physical energy.


When we leave physical existence we also leave its physical pain, so the need to sleep does not apply. The need to sleep does apply though, at birth and before. The priest teaches of brand new souls that enter brand new babies.


Reincarnation teaches us that we are experienced old souls. Also that to reincarnate, we must, with blank-sheet minds, re-enter a physical vehicle whilst it is still a foetus forming in its mother’s womb. Psychologically the need to sleep becomes obvious. It would be to escape the mental torment and mental pain that an aware, adult soul would suffer, trapped in the helpless body of a physical infant.


On his astral total achieved power-level, our old man has reviewed the lessons he previously set to learn during his last reincarnation. He alone judges his progress so far, and then plans his next reincarnation accordingly. He chooses his future parents and the environment into which he will be born, and so on. For the man, from his wider point of view whilst on the astral, there is only one reason to re-enter physical existence. The reason is to re-learn those lessons whilst in the confusion of physical life. Most of that confusion is caused by the necessity for everyone’s forgetfulness during their physical lives.


At this point a fundamental question must be answered if the readers are to make sense of this pendulum existence. The question is, why? We have explained that all life force is gradually ascending the power-levels of the astral vortex. Eventually all life force will rise above the vortex/physical pendulum existence. This includes the man in our example. Meanwhile, his progress continues to increase the gap between his achieved power-level whilst on the astral, and the power-level of physical existence. At the end of each reincarnation he leaves his physical body and returns to a higher power-level in the vortex. Finally the man reaches the highest power-levels of the vortex. This man through his own efforts is highly evolved, highly spiritualised, and so is able to exist on a very high power-level, but to achieve this high level he had to repeatedly return to the lowest power-level of all. Again and again he had to begin to make progress whilst stripped to the power-level of a helpless human foetus. As the power-level gap grows wider, a strange thing begins to happen. Earlier during the vortex climb, when the gap was much narrower, our man was slow in making progress. Each time when he reincarnated he was overwhelmed by the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs of other people that he believed knew better and more than he did. As a result of this, at the end of each life in the physical, he faced the tunnel with fear and trepidation.


Our confused old man has made his choice. Before his physical death he had developed an optimistic outlook despite the uncertain future that we all face. He has brought this outlook with him, and so he optimistically moves along the tunnel and into the light. But suppose he had developed a pessimistic, fear-filled outlook with which he now faced that tunnel? Full of self-doubt and fear of the unknown, he wouldn’t know what to do, or what to choose. What happens then? We need to know because for each of us, when our time comes, we will be faced with that same tunnel and that same quandary.


The tunnel and the light often are featured in the descriptions of near-death experiences of patients whilst undergoing surgical operations. These descriptions are very similar to those given by many clients during past-lives regression therapy. In both cases the person knows that he or she is fully conscious and aware, and has left the physical body. The person can see his or her unconscious physical body on the operating table surrounded by frantic surgeons, or, on his or her deathbed, surrounded by grieving relatives, at the end of that past life.


In both cases, when the person lifts his or her gaze from the physical scene below, the next to be seen is the tunnel and the light. Often whilst describing this tunnel to the PLR therapist, the client will suddenly realise that he or she is not alone. Someone has come out of the light and down the tunnel to meet the client.


Then the delighted client recognises the person as his or her beloved and trusted friend or relation that died before the client died, during that past life. Arm in arm, together they move through the tunnel and into the light. All of this sounds very encouraging and similar to the priest’s comforting assurances that, one-day we all will be reunited with our loved one, but what does it really mean?

Amid the illusion and confusion of physical life, people that we have categorised surround each of us. Our regard for each person is governed by our experience gained by our contact with that person, and as a result, some people we deeply love and trust, whilst others we may distrust, fear, and even hate, or any shade of feeling between these two extremes. Let’s call it a private mental catalogue that each of us makes, and then takes with us when our physical life ends. Thus when someone emerges from the light and the tunnel to meet us, automatically we consult the catalogue before we agree to trust and accompany that person.


For each of us the dream ends when we enter the light of our achieved power-level on the astral. Only then are we able to fully comprehend how that private mental catalogue distorted our regard for those around us. Released from the physical dream, we remember that we are all beloved students of a university for potential creators. For each of us our self-taught lessons take the form of an ongoing play.


The play is acted out on a theatre stage called physical life. We are the actors and actresses, and individually we make many exits and entrances as the play proceeds. There is no script, and so, offstage (on the astral) we students collaborate with each other so that onstage we will all learn from each other and from the play. To play our parts to the full, whilst on stage we have to fully immerse ourselves in the parts we have chosen. We may choose to sometimes play the villain, the hero, or a crowd scene part. But the lessons we learn from each part, onstage, are really to help each of us to eventually graduate (with flying colours!) from the University of Potential Creators.


We choose a different role each time that we appear in the play, sometimes as the oppressors, and other times as the oppressed. Each role offers us a different viewpoint of the roles we have played previously. Then as we learn more and more about ourselves, each of us, at our own speed of learning, chooses to refine our image of self. To achieve this, we plan our future parts so that whilst on stage they include the opportunity to realise that it is simply a play. Also to learn of the greater reality that lies behind the play. Previously onstage the apparent realness of the play, and its cast, deeply affected each of us until we left the stage, but then we learn to always be true to our refined self-image, both off stage and on stage. Only then does each of us begin to deeply affect in a positive and beneficial way, the play, and its entire cast. In accelerating numbers the actors and actresses, on stage, choose to portray the real person behind the fictional character part. Eventually, each of us in our own timing, finally leaves the play, and ascends to a higher grade in the University of Potential Creators.


His optimism that carried him into the light allowed our dear old friend to rediscover the truth behind the play. Even when fear and self-doubt clouded his optimism, always a trusted beloved from his past, would lead him into the light. Then the beloved would return to his or her achieved astral power-level (this might be higher or lower than our old friend’s achieved level).


Sometimes the old man’s fear and mistrust were so intense that even when his loved ones left their different astral levels to meet him, he would refuse to believe in them. At the human level this entire Creator Process is governed by individual freewill choice. To reincarnate, our man chose to move through the tunnel. Now only he can choose to return along the same tunnel. No one may force him if he chooses not to. But if he does choose not to enter the tunnel, where can he go? He cannot return to physical existence, and his fear has barred him from his achieved astral level. So where is he? He is trapped by his fears on the Interlife Zone between physical and astral existence. There he remains, oblivious to everyone and everything whilst he exists in a world of self-created fantasy and fear. He has become a trapped soul. He will remain trapped until a psychic medium in the physical, or someone on the astral can persuade him to re-enter the tunnel and move into the light. This is the only Hell, and only self-doubt and fear can create it. After countless delays caused by his fears, our man, whilst on his achieved astral level, finally decided to do something about it.


He learnt to always include in his future lessons for whilst in the physical, the chance to gain knowledge of his link to his higher self. For each of us the pivot of the pendulum existence is our higher self that exists above the astral levels. That was the breakthrough for our man, when he ceased to allow others in the physical to over-ride the guidance of his higher self. His progress accelerated on the astral. Whilst in the physical, he became a light-worker that helped to transform general confusion and fear into the clarity of self-knowledge. The higher that he climbed on the astral, the more affect he had on the confusion rife in the physical. But also, despite undergoing the required reduction process each time to be able reincarnate, he found that his astral-achieved high power-level began to affect his physical body.


How was this possible? To understand how, first we must consider the purpose of a physical universe. Earlier we described physical existence as a womb and a cradle. This womb and this cradle is for dormant life force that has the potential to evolve to the human (individual me) intelligence level. Until the life force evolves to that level, it exists in unconscious harmony and balance with the rest of Creation, and always in the moment called “Now”.


Even the apparent foresight of the little red squirrel that hoards nuts for the winter, it is not foresight. The squirrel collects and hoards nuts “NOW” in response to instinct that compels it to act “NOW”. In this sense, all life force below the human level is an unconscious, guided part of an overall harmonious pattern. But what happens to that pattern when life force evolves to the human level? Just a passing glance at planet Earth clearly demonstrates what happens. At the human level, individual conscious awareness replaces blind obedience to the overall pattern.


The overall pattern is the product of an overall intelligence that never interferes with the pattern. Looked at logically, this means that there is no permanent place in that overall pattern, for the individual human level of conscious, aware intelligence, and yet we return to that pattern again and again, as we progress to climb the vortex. Let us think about this for a moment in terms of, Mother, Womb, Nursery, and Classroom.


Mother represents the overall intelligence. The lower power-levels of the non-physical astral vortex and our physical universe together represent the womb and nursery. Energy, converted into the physical matter of physical bodies, represents the protective-garments and vehicles that all non-physical life force must wear whilst existing in the physical. We can compare the overall pattern to Mother’s set nursery routine. That routine is very flexible. It has to be to cover needs that range from those of newly born babies, to those needs of active toddlers that are near to school age. Because of the flexibility of her routine, Mother seldom if ever has to alter it. She designed her nursery routine for infants because they are unable to think for themselves. But also her routine extends to the protective garments worn by the active toddlers who do think for themselves. Carefully Mother never interferes with the way a toddler chooses to think and act, because she knows it will learn from mistakes.


She also knows that when it has learnt to always choose harmony and balance as its way of thinking, it will permanently leave the nursery. Mother only asserts herself when, in their immature and arrogant thoughtlessness, the children’s mistaken thinking becomes a threat to the nursery. Then Mother gives those children an experience to learn from, of a world where harmony and balance is missing.


The experience this time is familiar to us all. It is of a planet where pollution, and man-made global overheating have made freak weather patterns and rising sea levels a normal, studiously ignored, way of life. In this sense in our analogy of the nursery, it is fitting that we have likened Mankind’s current use of thought to that of wayward and clumsy children. This isn’t punishment, it is we being affected by what we originally caused, or allowed to be caused by our apathy.


Through the mistakes we all make whilst in the nursery, we all experience different aspects of dis-harmony and unbalance. Whilst in the nursery our mistakes cause no permanent harm to anyone. So the lesson we all individually learn from the nursery is to choose to think and act always with harmony and balance. Eventually we no longer have to consciously choose because each of us becomes harmony and balance. Then we can be trusted not to create havoc wherever we go when we leave the nursery.


Now we return to our old friend. To reincarnate yet again he must descend from his very high, achieved power-level of the astral vortex. Again he must pass through the tunnel to the Interlife zone, and from there, safely reduced in power-level, into physical existence. Now with increasing difficulty he sleeps whilst his tiny, helpless physical vehicle takes form. His difficulty is the vast gap between his astral and physical power-levels. Probably our readers have already seen typical examples of our old friend. You stop to admire a stranger’s baby in its cot or pram. For you it is like an electric shock to see bright intelligence and instant recognition when the baby’s eyes meet yours. Today, wherever you are in the world you could experience such a shock.


No longer is this a rare experience because for countless ages time and time again we have all made that gruelling two-way trip through the tunnel, highly developed souls whose chosen character roles on the physical stage are identical to their image of self on the astral. Just before and ever since this new millennium began, these souls have been reincarnating into the physical. As our old friend is typical of these returning souls, let us follow his progress.


Patiently our old friend dozes and holds his high power-level intelligence at bay. This he must do to allow his baby vehicle to develop naturally in its own timing. At this helpless stage all he can do is observe from his cot or his pram. Through the physical eyes and brain eyes of the baby our old friend receives glimpses of the real self-images of those character actors and actresses that surround him. The baby enters early childhood and because it is so filled with self-confidence, it becomes a source of astonishment to its parents and grandparents. Most of us have looked back in wonder when we have compared it to our own lack of self-confidence when at a similar age to our grandchildren.


More sources of astonishment for us all are the instant rapport that youngsters have with computers. It is as if they instinctively know that computers are simply tools that will release mankind from drudgery, to allow him and her at last, the time to concentrate on being truly human. Also children quickly grasp the computer’s potential to teach people everywhere to cherish and share with all people everywhere.


Our old friend is typical of this new special generation of children and young people who are changing the attitudes and outlook of their elders. No shabby, nationalistic, propaganda campaign will fool these clear-eyed souls into bloody wars against other souls. At their schools and colleges these fearless souls already run their own campaigns. They focus the public spotlight into the furtive shadows of the hypocrisy that always has riddled our society. At their age most of we elders were too busy, concentrating on qualifications for future careers in that society, to even notice the hypocrisy. Now, at long last, a new, enlightened generation is learning from the mistakes made by previous generations. It isn’t so much the mistakes we made, it is our reluctance to acknowledge and rectify those mistakes, that generates impatience in our youngsters. Who can wonder if, amid the physical illusion, many of them take to addictive drugs, as an escape from the madness of generally accepted normality?


In his outspoken teens our old friend tried to cure the problems of the world. Later, with a little more wisdom, he tried to alter the legislation that he believed caused those problems. Baffled when this failed he turned away from the world and instead withdrew into himself. Then, just as he’d previously planned whilst on the astral, a light worker taught him to meditate. Quickly this triggered his conscious link to his higher self. Next, knowledge of the bigger picture flowed down the link to widen his outlook, and this in turn revealed what he had previously missed. He realised those legislators and legislated, rulers and ruled, all have the same thing in common.


They are all unique and special individuals who don’t yet realise they are unique. Because of this each of them lacks self-trust. Filled with hidden fears, and with doubt of self, they merge their individuality into that of the crowd. Either as the leaders and manipulators of the crowd or as the faceless led of the crowd, but always as a crowd.


This gave our old friend a clue as to his role. Quietly and in his own way he began to help those he met to look at their selves in a new light. His help took the form of talking to, and writing for, individuals, because in a crowd people listen as a crowd. The effect of his work on individuals remained unseen, but he trusted that the affected individuals in turn would pass on the effect in ever-widening ripples. This is happening now. There are countless numbers like our old friend, quietly bringing the light of self-knowledge and self-confidence to individuals all over planet Earth. The work began slowly and painfully, as an idea that was alien to accepted normality. Then, just like a virus, it spread around the planet to affect everyone it touched.


What of our old friend’s ascension above the vortex power-levels? Why must it include the ascension of his physical body? There would be no need to include it if his intended final destination was to remain as part of his Creator’s Creation. But this isn’t his intended final destination. His final destination is to be the adult creator of his own unique creation, maybe alongside, but certainly not as part of, his parent Creator’s Creation. Together our old friend, merged with his feminine aspect twin soul, must leave their Creator’s Creation. Their adult role is to fulfil their part in the process that creates creators.


When the acorns leave their parent oak tree, they all contain the patterns needed to become oak trees in their own right. But this is not enough because when they leave the parent tree they also leave behind its flow of life-giving sap. This problem is overcome early in the process, whilst the acorns are developing on the tree. Each acorn converts some of the sap into a form of stored nourishment (the kernel), to use after they leave the tree and before they individually take root in fertile soil.


Now we must apply the same idea to our old friend, and what applies to him also applies to each of us. When we leave our Creator’s creation we will need an equivalent to the acorn’s kernel. Everything that is part of our Creator’s Creation (physical and non-physical) is totally dependent for continued existence, on an unfailing flow of energy from our Creator. That energy flow is very real both, before and after it has taken the form of atoms. The Creator-donated energy flow is continuously reduced in power-level as it spirals to the centre of the astral vortex, on its way to be formed into lowest power-level physical atoms.

As we climb the power-levels of the vortex we emboss our self-built image of self, onto the energy flow at our currently achieved total power-level. Our old friend’s self-built image of self belongs to him, because he alone created it. But the energy flow onto which that image is embossed is not his, because it enters and leaves his image, on its way down the vortex to become lowest power-level physical matter.


His spiritual progress, the control his highly evolved intelligence has over his thoughts and emotions, his striving in the altered state to reach ever-higher power-levels of the energy vortex. All three are the same thing, and they mean that our old friend, with his self-built, harmoniously balanced, image of self, could rise above the vortex. But first he must descend again to physical existence to collect the energy version of the acorn’s kernel that later he will need to reach his intended destination.


Now let’s all get comfortable and familiar with such daunting words as “Intelligence” and “Atoms”. Earlier we defined intelligence as a very real Creative energy that has evolved to the human level of aware, consciousness of self, and will continue to evolve at its own speed to our Creator’s level. That definition applies to all of us. Many people (including the authors) might feel that if ascension requires highly evolved and developed intelligence, “We’re not going anywhere”. But if for a moment we all drop our self-judgmental roles, we may then regard our own intelligence in a more favourable light. Let’s look at an example.


In the world of science, names such as, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Charles Darwin, these and many more are justly revered. But for what are they revered? Obviously it is for their invaluable contributions to the ever-growing store of scientific knowledge. We could say that the products of their individual intelligence benefited mankind, and for that we honour them.


But also in comparison to them we tend to devalue our own intelligence; these men were special, where as we are not special. But if we asked these honoured men, they would not agree that they were any more special than the rest of us. This wouldn’t be false humility; it would simply be the truth. The great store of scientific knowledge is composed of both, what has been clearly proved to be true, or of what has been clearly proved to be untrue. Provable knowledge of both is an essential foundation on which to build further reliable truth.


If asked, any of these great thinkers might tell you, “From existing data, all that I knew for sure was what it definitely isn’t. Knowing this, I wracked my brains to discover what it definitely is. Finally, no nearer to the answer, I shelved the problem until tomorrow, and instead went home to relax in a hot bath. Then, amid the warmth, steam and lather, whilst musing on thoughts of supper later on with my wife, inspiration came like a flash in the form of the searched-for answer. Suddenly I knew the answer, and the rest that followed was just tedious hard work. This was inspiration from his higher self that was only able to reach him when he ceased to create a barrage of thought. This same inspiration is the businessman’s sudden hunch or the poet’s or the composer’s creative-flow, that in the middle of the night awakens them.


All of us have experienced these sudden intuitive flashes of “Knowing” no matter what we choose to call them. What we do with that inspiration is then up to our individual freewill choice. But no one is barred from his or her higher self, and so in that sense we all have the same potential to highly evolve our intelligence.

After all, the same man, whose ideas changed the way mankind regards the universe, would probably be completely baffled by the intricacies of an income tax form.  Equally, his brilliant mind might retire totally defeated, when faced with a gunge-clogged S. bend drainage pipe of a kitchen sink. Really this means that our praise for the man should be equalled by our praise for his wife, who took on all the mundane boring tasks to free him to think. Possibly Mrs Einstein seldom if ever, felt riveted by her husband’s theories. But in her love for him she intuitively and fully directed her intelligence towards releasing his thoughts from the mundane. So which of the two had the highest evolved intelligence? Who may judge? Brilliance of intelligence becomes meaningless unless guided by the love of harmony and balance.


From these examples we all may allow ourselves to never again feel intimidated by comparisons of intelligence levels. These comparisons are simply fake weapons used in a school fictional stage play about a temporary and illusionary competitive world.


Now let’s see how we all feel about atoms? Just like our guess about Mrs Einstein’s feelings, probably the answer would be, “We feel indifference, and can take them or leave them”. This was a fair answer for many thousands of years, because until recent decades no one had the technology to see an atom, let alone, to see inside of it. Ancient Greek philosophers (who were also the scientists of the time) theorised that if something solid was continuously cut in half enough times, eventually what would remain would be an atom. Also that if you then cut this tiny atom of solid matter into halves it would disappear because it would be too small to exist.


Until comparatively recent days, no one since that time had any better ideas. As a result, countless generations both, of learned scientists, and of learned theologians, based their theories and teachings on one ancient unproven idea. The idea, that solid physical matter is entirely separated from the blind, non-physical process (favoured by the scientists) or, of the non-physical intelligent Creator (favoured by the theologians), that somehow created solid physical matter.


Later this same rigid idea placed severe limitations on the far-reaching work on the laws of physics by that genius, Isaac Newton. The same rigid idea also limited the brilliant insight of Charles Darwin as to the wider meaning and ongoing purpose of evolution.


The rigidity of the concept was based in the idea that all atoms of solid matter were created once only. Then once created by whatever created them, the atoms were left to get on with obeying the laws of physics. Even young schoolchildren of today are in a position to know a scientifically proven truth, denied for aeons to scientists and theologians alike.


The truth is that each atom is created and re-created continuously from an incoming flow of energy from the non-physical dimensions. The energy flow arrives via the empty space at the centre of each atom. If the energy flow ceased, the physical universe would cease to exist in its physical form. This applies no matter who or what supplies the ongoing energy flow. These physical atoms of whirling energy must obey the laws of physics.


All of us have lived with the effect of this unintended distortion of truth ever since. As a result we will only trust our physical senses.

This means that we rely entirely on our physical senses to tell us everything we want to know, even when we become curious to know about the non-physical. When use of these inappropriate senses, leads, as it must to failure and disappointment, often we will doubt the reality of the non-physical. Or we will doubt our own abilities. Instead we tend to rely on the abilities of others rather than to seek inside ourselves for senses, more appropriately attuned for the task.


Why did we ask how you feel about atoms? We asked to enable you to fully comprehend the realness of the non-physical, because it is no less real than the physical. Exactly the same energies are the basis of both, physical and non-physical existence. To make those same energies physical they had to be reduced in power-level and compelled to spin via the sub-atomic level into the form of atoms.


So now we come to the real question. What was and is, continuously used to control and compel high power-level energies to become low power-level atoms? The answer must be the living intelligence of our Creator. This has to be an acceptable answer, rather than the product of wishful thinking. So first we must acknowledge that living intelligence can and does control energy, even on our human level amid physical matter.


Every human trio of “Me, Mind, and Body”, is really a structure composed entirely of energy-flows. This structure is set amid, and is an integral part of, a larger energy-flow structure that we regard as physical existence. Simply by the use of thought, the living intelligence of “Me” is able direct “Body” via “Mind” to climb a mountain, or to send a rocket composed of atoms, to the moon. Equally, because emotions also are flows of energy, the living intelligence of “Me” is able to create or shatter the happiness of another “Me” simply with the vibrations of mutually understood words.


As we all learn more and more about our own human trio, the living intelligence of each of us continuously evolves to ever-higher power-levels of the energy vortex. Harvest time for our Creator is on an individual basis for each of us. Our individual evolvement of our conscious, aware, living intelligence will finally be able to channel our total achieved energy power-level from the astral and above.


We will actually draw down that high power-level energy into the low power-level energy structure of the atoms that form our current physical body. To remain physical, the energy structure of atoms must remain at the low power-level range of physical existence. Ascension means that we have consciously raised that power-level to the point where the atoms of our body can no longer remain in physical existence. Each in our own timing will take over from our Creator the control of that energy. Each acorn will have converted life-supporting, flowing sap into an independent kernel (energy source) to use later on, after leaving the parent tree.


So our individual ascension to the non-physical level is the beginning not the end of our conscious, aware, learning process. Ascension is simply the doorway by which we leave the nursery and the classroom for infants. The same doorway will lead us as ascended masters to the next grade up in the University of Potential Creators. But the only place for death, in our scenario, is the death of fear, and the fear of an illusion named, “DEATH”


Love and Laughter from David and Yvonne Brittain


In the previous article we began with a forest of rain-drenched umbrellas beneath which mourners listened, whilst the vicar intoned grey words of Jove. All of us feel sympathy because all of us at some time take some part in the described scene. Also, we must offer sympathy to the vicar because he is locked into the inflexibility of tradition and ritual. Whether he wishes to be or not, it is expected of him, by the church hierarchy that employs him, and also by his congregation. The vicar privately may also be a student of metaphysics, who also has a profound knowledge of the mechanics and purpose of reincarnation. His studies in private completely contradict what he must teach in public, and yet he is torn between loyalty to tradition and loyalty to truth. He knows beforehand that if he is loyal to truth he will become just another voice crying in the wilderness; rather like all of you and us light-workers.  So for the benefit of all vicars, and all congregations, our next article describes how Yvonne and I work for the Light.


Soft-soaped public through the ages.

Soft-soaped public through the ages.
In the UK during the 1940s, in our scullery, we had a galvanised copper heated by gas for the weekly washing, and suds were produced by vigorously stirring the water with a hand-held wire cage containing slivers of Lifebuoy or Sunlight soap plus a soupcon of soda crystals. As time passed we graduated to Soap flakes and then to Oxydol detergent powder. Next, in our ongoing thirst for whiter whiteness (a thirst generated in us by the clever manufacturers) we were introduced to the latest wonder: Tide washing powder, and during those passing decades washing machines entered most homes.
More recently, whiteness just wasn’t enough. So next we learnt that expensive softener liquid that smells nice? Is a must for our laundry. Today, to add to our bafflement a silly lady in the TV ad urges us to buy granules to add a nice smell to our nice smelling softener liquid. Soft-soap anyone?


A few paragraphs from our Amazon/Kindle E-Book: ‘Hints for all granddaughters’ A TREASURE HOUSE JUST FOR YOU

Did you know that in each town and large village there is a treasure House built by the public for the public: including you? All are invited to visit it as often as they like and to help themselves to the treasures, am I dreaming? It depends on how you define treasure. Gold, Silver Precious gems? These are lovely but can be lost, stolen or become a millstone around your neck. These treasures are all forms of knowledge that you can keep safely in your mind where none can steal them. I am describing a treasure house of ideas, other peoples’ thoughts and deeds, travels, tales of afar, journeys into the mind. Histories of long dead races; their achievements and failures and their hopes and fears, brought to life with their lessons for us to learn from, by the magic of words. There you would find treasures of arts and skills that you could teach your self in your own time and at your own speed of learning with no compulsion from anyone. Also you would find treasures of fact, fiction, and fantasy, a treasure for every need, and for every taste.

Whatever are your plans for the future, someone somewhere has either succeeded or failed to do the same thing in the past. For you to be able to learn from their successes and mistakes is treasure indeed. Their stories you will find along with all of the other treasures down at your local public library. You only have to make the effort to get yourself there and to ask for what you need, or simply browse until you find it. The person who in their teens cultivates the habit of reading would soon find that they enjoy it. You would have then opened your mind to the world of ideas, imagination and self-education. Your word power, vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar would improve without you even realizing it, as would your general knowledge, deftness of phrasing, humor and wit. Even more valuable than all of that; a book is a friend, and a diversion or temporary escape how ever rough life becomes for you. The glowing terms I have used about the joys of reading are from my heart, and are offered to you here after an ongoing sixty-year-old love affair with literature in its many forms. At the same time I can understand your difficulty in agreeing with my views if, as many find, your preparation for the English Literature exam involves studying, analyzing and virtually dissecting some classical work by, for example, Chaucer, Though doing so serves a definite purpose in your education, it is rather like stripping a beautiful rose to pieces to discover how it is made; The magic is lost. So I beg you to remember that it could spoil a pleasure that would last you a lifetime if, in your mind, you confuse compulsory school reading of prose and poetry with reading from choice for pleasure. This same confusion can, and has for many people denied them the pleasure and satisfaction that could have been gained from amateur writing, painting and all the many forms of artistic creativity. Compelled to attempt these subjects at school with the emphasis on gaining marks not satisfaction, they nervously avoid them for the rest of their lives.

Antique Ramblings

I’m 78 nearly 79 yrs old. This means that any decade, any year, any month, week, or day, or even in the next hour I could leave this mortal coil. After my long, interesting, eventful physical life in this now aging, aching body the prospect doesn’t alarm me of entering the zone of non-physical existence. After shuffling through the dubious offerings from science and religions as to what I will face I have found it an entertaining exercise to limit myself to my own solitary meditative ponderings as to what I may face.
Everything Science tells me boils down to the provable fact that, everything in the physical universe, including my human body, is made up from an incoming flow of energy. This energy flow is somehow compelled to structure itself into atomic matter (which is really tightly whirling energy orbiting tiny empty spaces) from which everything so-convincingly physical is formed.
So immediately I am faced the undeniable fact thatwhat seems so real and solid is a structured energy matrix onto which in some way I am embossed or projected; rather like a holographic image. This leaves me idly wondering whether if two holographic images touched would they feel solid to each other. Science also proves to me via Mr Charles Darwin that the lifeforce that clearly exists in this universe is also driven and controlled, by instinct to evolve to the aware, intelligent, human level that thinks of his or her self as ‘Me’; and this is clearly demonstrated by the evolution from the lliving single celled organisms of billions of years ago up to and including the physical human body because in parallel with this physical evolution we have the undeniable ongoing individualised evolution of the non-physical lifeforce that today I regard as ‘Me’. In fact I suggest that the evolution of the physical body at every stage of its evolution is driven by the requirements of the non-physical lifeforce to exist and fully function in this physical universe. So I conclude that the Creator’s purpose for the creation of the physical universe was and is to act as a seedbed in which individualised, human level, inductive thinking and aware non-physical intelligence could germinate and to blossom. To then leave this physical dimension to re-enter the Creator’s non-physical dimensions.

certain words appear to be no longer be used in conversation.

I find it strange how as time passes certain words appear to be no longer be used in conversation. Probably the reason for this is to do with western modern attitudes toward life. On the other hand via the Media we all hear other words and phrases repeated again and again; as if to intentionally emboss them into our minds.

For example, recently the brutal attack on the staff of the French satirical magazine; Charlie Ebdo has resulted on television in the authoritatively-toned talking heads of western nations waxing gravely, eloquently and at extreme length in defence of freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. Unfortunately one of the words no longer used in this context is ‘responsibility’ that should always be coupled such freedoms. What is required is the freedom of speech and of expression to be used with consideration for others; compassion, and common sense, especially by those who are in the position to powerfully influence public opinion.

One of the words no longer used is ‘vulgarity’ as apparently it is no longer considered to be vulgar or crude if male and female comedians use foul language, and spice their televised routines with explicit references to male and female sexual organs. In a space of a few decades we have regressed from the film censors’ officially approved, limited to 5 seconds, screened kiss, and anything more amorous to be simply implied by the couple sinking below screened level.

Today we are now regularly faced with the filmed display of prolonged sexual intercourse as part of the filmed plot followed by one or both partners brushing their teeth and viewed going to the toilet. The unfettered search for reality by the film makers of today has resulted in more and more violence and horror displayed on screen in nauseous detail. Yet somehow, with no sense of something missing, the cinema audiences of yester-year still enjoyed those censored films.

Respectability and good taste are no longer considered to be laid back enough to apply to modern, anything goes, western society.

As such it can be no surprise when the militant extremists, claiming to represent a belief system firmly based in medieval concepts of obedience to the alleged utterances of a ‘no longer with us’ prophet, and obedience to Sharia Law, the reduced status of women, and the heightened status of men, then declare terrorist war upon the western way of life.

Higher Self, Guardian Angel, Or Access To Your Super Consciousness

With some descriptions of the function of the higher self it is often difficult for the readers not to be left feeling slightly intimidated. Some of these descriptions state that the higher self is a guardian angel. But this in turn implies the presence of two separate intelligent beings; your intelligence and the much higher intelligence of the guardian angel.

Alternatively and equally daunting is the suggestion that higher self is really a group soul. As if it is a sort of conglomerate intelligence of which you are really a tiny, temporarily freewill-endowed extension. This must be equally daunting for each individual group soul that we are told also thinks of itself as ‘Me’ because next we are told that each group soul is really a tiny extension of an even larger group soul. Eventually this sequence combines all of these group souls into a central intelligence that also thinks of self as me. With each of these scenarios the reader is left to feel either like a child that must be guided, or a pawn that is really one self-deluded finger of a multi-fingered glove puppet.

Each of the foregoing scenarios contains some truth but each also fails to comprehend your true relationship to your Creator via your higher self. Because of that failure the most important part of that relationship ‘You’ is relegated to the least important part as a pawn of your Creator. So now let us try to get a more accurate and logical picture of the relationship, and let’s start ‘where we all are at’ in the physical.

Over the years from time to time the world of medical research knowledgeably admits that there are vast areas of the human brain that, to their knowledge, don’t appear to be used. Often during such sage discussions it also may be suggested that these currently unused areas may at one time have been functional, alternatively that they may become functional at some time in the future. The fact remains that currently we have large areas of our brains that apparently contribute nothing to our daily lives.

Unfortunately these sage discussions tend to become circumscribed by the very tight parameters set by the medical researchers. This especially applies if we lay persons dare to suggest that the human brain is only a physical linkage. It is a linkage that simply enables non-physical, individualized, intelligent and aware life force to use a body to experience physical existence. Such a suggestion is guaranteed to produce blank stares from those trained to believe that in some unexplained way life force is the product of, not the ‘raison d’etre’ for, the physical body.

Medical researchers may coyly admit to the possibility that these silent areas of the brain be linked to dormant ESP faculties proved to exist but not yet understood. But this admission will be safely made with the air of reckless abandon normally reserved for those who knowingly and daringly tread upon the thin ice of unproven conjecture. Fortunately we lay people are not bound by the rigid thought processes required by career-minded medical researchers. For example, if in meditation we receive thoughts that we know are not our own, then we need no laboratory-gained proof that telepathy is a fact of life. Similarly, experienced spiritual healers know that they could hold someone’s aching head all day but the headache would remain, the healing energy would flow only when the healer mentally ‘tunes-in’ to that non-physical level.

At the other end of the scale the majority of people never meditate, never ‘tune-in’. Instead they transmit and receive thoughts and ideas only via physical means of communication. In terms of those silent areas of the brain this is like a two-legged man who always hops along on one leg because he cannot believe he has two legs. With a population conditioned from birth to hop assumedly yet another part of the brain would rapidly become dormant. The part we each think of as ‘me’ could only be non-physical life force that has evolved to the level of individual, conscious, aware, inductive thought. This must mean that we all already have non-physical senses.

Unfortunately from the moment of physical birth each individual is lovingly conditioned to totally rely upon his or her physical senses. For example any toddler that psychically ‘sees’ a fairy will be parentally pressured to believe he or she did not see a fairy. For anyone to publicly declare that they psychically ‘see’ human auras may well result in earnest TV discussions where learned men and women grimly demand concrete proof to back up the declaration.

Two solid facts have emerged from our discussion so far. The first that, most humans have vast areas of their brains that are alive but dormant. The second that, humans are so totally focused in the daily grind of physical survival their thoughts seldom range further than their immediate needs and interests. After all, with dependants, to support, a career to carve, a vehicle to run and pay for, and a heavily mortgaged house, who has time to seriously wonder if other life forms exist in the universe? Who can see any relevance or point in trying to mentally contact denizens of other physical worlds, let alone of other non-physical dimensions?

When we meditate first we have to quiet our mind. Mind is our two-way link with our hectic daily life in the physical dimension. The first part of the linkage links mind to the known parts of the brain that deal only with daily life. We could name this the comfort zone level of thought. Mind, is also our two-way link with the non-physical dimensions. Undeniably the brain is still involved when we enter the altered state in meditation. This must be so because in the physical the thoughts and intentions of non-physical “Me” have to first crank their way through the atomic structure of the physical brain.

When we meditate our first point of contact in the non-physical is our higher self for whom a better name might be the individual human’s super-conscious. But to meditate we have to deliberately switch the focus of our mind away from daily life to then focus on the non-physical. When we successfully make this switch we then enter what is known as the ‘altered state’. The sensation we then feel in our head is very subtle and ghostly, but also it is definitely a physical sensation. It is as if another part of our brain has awakened for the purpose. As has been scientifically demonstrated, the pattern of the brain waves alters during meditation.

What has also been demonstrated is that when people first begin to regularly meditate they are only able to remain in the altered state for a brief period of time. These periods of time increase with regular sessions of meditation. An intellectual equivalent to this would be the cerebral strain felt by a person at the commencement of studies to gain a degree in higher mathematics. All mundane thought would have to be excluded whilst the student concentrated on the intricacies of the subject. At first this would quickly tire the student until eventually the act of absorbing these intricacies became a normal way of life, but in the process of studying, the student’s thoughts would be led further and further away from and above his or her normal mundane relaxed level of thought. The student may receive knowledge of the subject from printed textbooks or from the spoken words of a teacher, but only by the student’s sustained efforts could the knowledge become an integral part of the student. In this comparison only physical means of communication have been used to transfer thoughts, ideas, and concepts, from mind to mind. The owner of the latter mind has then with a concentrated effort of intellect absorbed what was transferred.

Now we may gently move on. Let us suppose that someone on Earth did make telepathic contact with intelligent life on a planet somewhere in the physical universe. Before meaningful communication could begin, a mutually understandable language of mental images would have to be devised. This would require from each that their individual intelligence expanded to include far more than knowledge of their own familiar lifestyles.

In turn, amid the limitations of physical existence, this would require previously unused areas of the human brain to awaken, to make and maintain telepathic contact, and to comprehend the received, alien to the recipient, information. It would be very difficult for a human on Earth to relate to the day to day joys and problems of, for example, an intelligent, methane-breathing denizen of some distant giant planet. In terms of the human’s lifestyle on Earth the intelligent methane-breathing denizen would face the same problem of comprehension.

The only meeting point that they might share would be that each is a non-physical “me” that physically exists for the same purpose in a physical universe. This is where the seeker’s flexibility of thought and ideas allows the seeker’s intelligence to continuously expand. In this way those cherished, rigid ideas may be re-thought in the light of increasing knowledge and personally gained experience.

Now we gently move on to the subject of contact with intelligent denizens in the non-physical dimensions. Obviously again telepathy is the only viable means of communication. This applies no matter whether we try to contact our higher self, or our late dearly beloved aunt, or someone high up in the angelic hierarchy. The problem to be faced then is that telepathy in the non-physical dimensions is the normal and only means of communication. This problem only arises when we, conditioned to rely entirely upon our physical senses, then try to use those same senses to make contact. When this fails, as it must, the problem then also becomes a problem of belief as to whether or not there is anyone non-physical to contact.

To think is so easy. To then communicate our thoughts, this also is so easy whilst we limit our physical selves to physical communication with each other on this tiny planet. As a result we have vast areas of our brains that lie dormant. But we also find that we are cut off from intelligent two-way communication with the rest of Creation in the physical and in the non-physical, hence the need to learn to meditate. Earlier in this article we explained that to rise above the comfort zone level of thought takes sustained effort until the achieved rise becomes a natural part of the individual’s comfort zone. We cannot emphasize enough that exactly the same applies in meditation. Many people try to meditate and when at first they don’t succeed they give up. This is like the man in our earlier example, conditioned from birth to hop, who then discovers that he has two legs.

Obviously the realization on its own would not be enough because a sustained, initially tiring effort would be required from him to then awaken and learn to use his dormant leg. Embedded as we all are in physicality we have been encouraged to aim our thoughts through our brains along limited, familiar to us all, easy to follow, well-trodden routes. Because we all have always done this, each of us has vast unexplored areas of our selves to discover and no one but we could explore those areas for us. To explore these areas each of us has to discover our own previously un-trodden routes. Of course patience with self and sustained effort is required to find and follow the routes and then to fully comprehend what we individually discover. But until we make the effort each of us remains isolated and cut off from the greater reality of the rest of Creation,

Let us try to find out why in meditation the sustained effort is required, and where higher self fits into our scenario. First we must clearly understand that although each of us has chosen to exist amid physical matter the essential part that we each think of as ‘me’ is non-physical. Because each of us is really non-physical we all are already telepathically linked to the non-physical. In the physical our problem is one of conditioned disbelief in our natural capabilities. Whilst on the Astral we easily communicate with each other via telepathy. To communicate with each other in the physical we have to use the provided physical equipment. To communicate with the non-physical whilst in the physical we have to do so via a subtler aspect of the provided physical equipment.

Really this is like the deep-sea divers who can freely talk to each other until each is sealed into a diving suit. Then for the divers to hear each other each must use internal microphones. Also to communicate with those above on the surface they must switch the same equipment to a higher frequency. But when they all are together on the surface no one needs special equipment to be able to communicate.

Now let us get a more comfortable picture of our relationship to our higher selves, to the angelic hierarchy, and to our Creator. To do this first we must firmly dump our religiously conditioned, ingrained ‘bottom of the heap’ image of our selves. Instead, despite the priestly shock, and horrified astonishment it might cause, we must insist that, each of us individual human beings represent the whole point of the ‘Creation’ exercise. Only then does our parental image of our Creator make sense. It means that the angels of the angelic hierarchy and we humans are brothers and sisters all equally beloved by our Creator parents. The angels and we humans were created from the same source as absolute equals, each with vital but very different roles. The angels will always remain as parts of the Creator mind family. For that reason the individual super-conscious of each angel is able to remain as an integral part of each angel’s intelligence.

We humans individually will eventually leave our Creator Parents’ family to create our own unique versions of Creation. We will become individual, adult Creator minds in our own right, but to achieve this we first had to descend many levels without our higher selves. The power-level of the energy of our higher selves is far too high for low-power-level physical matter. Instead just the ‘me’ focal point of each higher self, made the descent. This is why rank doesn’t enter the scene because we all are one beloved family. Our Creator and the angels in the non-physical levels learn much from us through our tough, often awful experiences in the physical. Unlike us, with very few exceptions, they will never be required to choose to painfully enter and again and again re-enter the physical.

This means that they can only admiringly learn about the joys, tribulations, and limitations of physical existence from each of us. After we humans individually ascend the roles will be reversed so that our brother and sister students; the angels, then becomes our teachers with much to teach us about our ultimate roles. But if we are prepared to strive whilst in the physical we may learn a great deal about our destined roles even before we ascend. So now let’s look at why in meditation we have to strive. The main point to remember is that before we could ascend we first had to descend. Ascension requires that each of us will choose to strive to reclaim all that we had to leave behind to enable us to descend.

Again we stress that this has nothing to do with religiously prescribed ‘bottom of the heap’ rank. Instead it has all to do with ascending power-levels of energy and ascending speeds of existence in the non-physical levels. To describe these we have no choice but to use (with hopefully forgivable poetic license) familiar but unavoidably clumsy, physically based, terminology. For example, for countless centuries teachers of religious beliefs based the certainty of their teachings on one, thought to be undeniable, fact. This fact was confirmed by their physical senses that told them there is a clear-cut divide between non-physical Creation and physical Creation. Only in fairly modern times have scientists had the technology to prove that the apparent solidity of physical matter is an illusion. In fact everything physical in the physical universe is really energy compelled and controlled to act in a certain way. This includes each and every living physical body.

The illusion, viewed through our physical senses, still leaves us convinced to the point that we all tend to devalue the power of thought until thought is in some way converted into a physical result or action. We choose to ignore the fact that without the thought there would be no result or action. Our tendency to reason in this contradictory way is in complete contradiction to the scientifically proven reality of our situation.

It also makes the teachings of all religions so difficult for an intelligent layperson to accept and believe. We are taught that Our Creator is non-physical and only used the power of intelligent thought to create from energy both, non-physical and physical Creation. The truth is that our non-physical Creator used the power of intelligent thought to create from energy the entire Creation. Of that entire, very real energy structure called Creation, a tiny temporary part is the same very real energy greatly reduced in power-level and tightly structured to behave as if it were physical matter.

To understand how wave bands and energy power-levels apply to us let’s briefly look at our Creator’s level. When we move the tuner around the dial of our ordinary radio set we hear the crackle of static until we tune into a broadcast program. Continue to move the tuner and we hear more static between more broadcast programs. Each program is different and in each case the static first had to be controlled and organized. If we had a celestial radio set we could tune in to the instantaneous existence level of Creator Minds. As we moved the tuner we would hear the static crackle of very real energies in chaos until we tuned in to a Creator Mind’s Creation. But to create the creation the Creator Mind first had to organize and to control, the chaotic energy. Move the tuner some more and we hear more static between yet more Creator Minds’ Creations. They all exist on the instantaneous existence level linked by mutual love and separated by individual uniqueness. Each is an adult Creator mind that began as the beloved and unique child of another adult Creator mind. To be an adult Creator Mind is the ultimate destiny of each human being. Now let’s briefly look at speed of existence and reducing power-levels of our Creator’s energies.

To create, the descending levels of a freewill endowed angelic hierarchy of teachers required that a series of waves be introduced into the Creator’s radiated instantaneous energy. More and more waves were introduced to form each next lower angelic level. The purpose of this was to reduce the speed of existence in each level like a staircase of levels. Always the instantaneous energy flows through each level but must follow the path set by the increased number of waves in each next lower level.

Thus the speed of existence of the lowest level angels is far slower than that of angels in the higher levels. How can this be if the instantaneous speed and power-level of the energy is unaffected throughout? The angels are created to exist as freewill endowed, intelligent, twinned, and living images projected onto the waveforms of their own level. If that is the angelic hierarchy what about the life force that eventually evolved to the human level created as equal to the angels?

Our role is different and involves our eventual, individual departure from our Creator Parent’s Creation. For this reason we couldn’t be simply projected as images onto yet more waveforms. Before our dormant life force could be activated another form of energy structure had to create even lower speed of existence levels than that of the lowest level angels. To achieve this, the flow of unreduced in speed of existence energy is then compelled to enter this energy structure. This structure of energy is shaped to form an area of countless enmeshed spherical vortexes.

This combined structure simply acts like a power-level transformer and is known as the Astral Vortex. As the energy flow enters and follows the windings to the centre of each spherical vortex the vortexes reduce the power-level of the energy. Then even at each vortex centre the speed of existence of the energy remains unreduced because the speed is converted to spin-speed of existence. In relation to the higher power-level energy flow that follows it into and down the vortex windings this renders the very real spinning energy stationery at each vortex centre. It then has to drop out of astral vortex existence to create, and then to exist in, the yet slower, very real sub-atomic level. From there it is slowed further as it enters the electron and then atom building, process. All of the life force had as its source the high power-level energy of the instantaneous existence level of the Creator mind. This includes not only the life force that would become the angelic hierarchy, but also the life force that would eventually evolve to and beyond the human level. The entire angelic hierarchy exists on an unreduced power level of energy. But to create the descending levels of the hierarchy the speed of existence was reduced for each next lower level, via the waveforms.

For the angels to enter their levels of the hierarchy they had to descend from the level of the highest speed of existence and then be reduced in speed of existence as they descended through each of the levels above their own. To be reduced they each had to leave something of their selves on each level through which they descended.

The life force remained dormant that was to enter and exist in and then, ascend out of physical matter. It had to follow the same descension process, as did the angels of the angelic hierarchy. The life force had to be dormant to then descend below the lowest level of the angelic hierarchy, and next the energy power level of the life force had to be drastically reduced. This was achieved in three steps. Every trace of life force energy ever created contains both aspects that we think of as male and female in perfect balance. This means that each angel is actually a twin, a he and a she. In fact it is this perfect balance that gives the life force energy such a high power-level.

So the first step was to separate the two aspects so that their combined power-level was halved. Because they were dormant and incomplete without each other they dropped below the lowest of the angelic levels. The second step was to separate each dormant he or she aspect from his or her high power-level energy super-conscious. This was to enable the dormant life force to enter the highest power-levels of the astral, power-level reducing, vortex. The third step required the dormant life force to descend to the centre of the vortex. In the process the vortex reduced the power-level of the life force to that of physical matter.

So the Angels are non-physical life force twinned images. They are projected onto waveforms introduced into the unreduced power-level energy flow as it passes through each angelic level. It is totally different for non-physical life force that is to exist amid the low power-level energy-created illusion called physical matter. This life force will project its own him or her image onto instantaneous speed of existence, low power-level energy that has been structured and compelled to spin. But relative to the non-physical life force the structures of spinning energy formed into atoms will remain stationary, inert, and controllable when required by the dormant life force.

As, when, and whilst life-supporting conditions prevail in the physical universe the dormant life force enters and activates simple structures of atoms. . We could suggest that the power-level reduction process endured in the vortex by the life force made the power-level of physical existence the comfort zone of the life force. The drive to evolve is really the unconscious drive of the non-physical life force to return to from whence it originally descended. The only way it could return to those high levels would be first by gradually increasing its tolerance to existence in the higher power-levels of the astral vortex between each physical existence. The drive to achieve astral greater power-level tolerance would be reflected in the physical by the evolvement of more sophisticated and more versatile physical bodies. This astral climb and this ongoing physical evolvement would eventually cause the life force to evolve above the animal kingdom to the individual human level. Until the human level is reached the life force remains dormant and unaware of itself during this long, long journey of unconscious evolvement. Once the human level is reached, added to unconscious instinct, are emotions, the ability to think inductively, and the gift of freewill choice.

I am that I am, and I have the freedom to choose to further evolve of not. But since the purpose is to climb above the astral power-reducing vortex, the only way I could choose to further evolve would be to choose to continuously increase my tolerance to those higher power-levels of energy and those higher speeds of existence. Now it becomes easier to understand the relationship between my higher self or super-conscious and me. My super-conscious is my powerhouse, my limitless store of resources and knowledge of past, present, and future.

But until I ascend to above the vortex to its power-level my super-conscious will lack its focal point; just like any tool lacks purpose until someone’s intelligence uses it. Meanwhile super-conscious and I remain linked by what I left in the vortex to be able to descend. By striving in meditation I may activate and develop this intuitive link, the choice is mine. The more I develop the link the more my current thinking and choices made in the present will be influenced by my super-conscious’ access to the future. Also it becomes easier to understand why the life force that evolved to become human ‘Me’ had to descend into physical existence. To become a Creator Mind in my own right I will have to leave my Creator’s creation. When I leave my Creator’s creation I will also have to leave my Creator’s generous and ongoing supply of energy. I also would have to continue to exist until I can supply my own energy. How will this be achieved?

We have described the difference between the energy structure of the angelic levels, and the energy structure that then leads down to physical existence. The former consists of energy that flows from our Creator. The energy is both unreduced in power-level and unreduced in speed of existence, but is compelled to form levels filled with more and more waves that the energy-flow must follow. The life force that will inhabit these levels will be projected onto the wave patterns and this will govern the speed of existence of that life force. The same flow of energy then flows into the latter, the energy vortex, structure that reduces the power-level of the energy and converts its instantaneous speed of existence into instantaneous spin-speed of existence. It is into a physical dimension created from this energy flow that life force had to enter and evolve to the human level.

The intelligence of our Creator continuously provides and controls this energy structure throughout. By the time that the life force in the physical dimension has evolved to the human level it has learnt to control this energy. First it learns to control the energy in its physically structured form of the atomic matter of its current physical body. At the individualized human level the intelligence of the non-physical life force learns to understand the real nature of the physical matter amid which it exists. Next, and as a direct result of its continuous efforts to ascend to ever-higher power-levels of the vortex, the life force learns to control and raise the power-level of the energy that forms its current physical body. Eventually individual human intelligence learns to take over from his or her Creator, the energy power-level control of his or her current physical human body.

He or she has then achieved the purpose for which he or she entered physical existence. Now he or she, complete with a body converted to its original unreduced power-level energy form, may ascend above the astral vortex. There the ascended individualized human life force will blend with his or her higher self. He or she will then await the ascension of his or her opposite aspect out of the same physical dimension and astral vortex. Only when rejoined will both aspects be able, as students, to then ascend the angelic-teachers, hierarchy levels to our Creator’s level. At our Creator’s instantaneous level the two aspects will blend as a completely balanced and harmonious independent Creator Mind. This Creator mind will be independent and free to leave because it has collected its gift of a creative energy source onto which it has embossed its self-created image.

This is an Ascension Support Team, Self-Teaching Tool publication, intuitively received and written by David Brittain..

Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.

Massive sinkhole swallows buildings in Guangzhou, China

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Here’s looking at YOU

Here’s looking at YOU
An alternative exploration of the ascension process written by David and Yvonne Brittain

Although I’m not a scientist the microscopic world has always fascinated me. To be able to peer through the eyepiece of a microscope is to enter and observe a totally different self-contained living world. A tiny drop of pond water on the glass slide reveals strange and beautiful creatures busily going about their business, completely unaware that they are being closely observed. Then when we mentally step back for an instant from this scene what do we see? Surrounded by an expanding physical universe that contains our living planet filled with events, happenings, and human beings we see a human being whose entire concentration is focused on the happenings and events taking place in a tiny drop of water. In that instant nothing else exists, the observer and the observed have blended to become one. Let’s take this scenario a little farther. Let us suppose that our observer inserts into the drop of life-filled water a tiny living sample from his or her own body. The observer could simply observe, or by using micro-tools the observer could affect the happenings and events taking place on the glass slide. Why would the observer choose to affect the denizens of this tiny self-contained world? Maybe because the observer would comprehend the bigger picture into which the tiny, vulnerable drop of pond water on the glass slide fits. We could suggest that the observer could see into its future, and in particular the future of the living sample that he or she inserted into it.

The living sample from the observer’s body has been inserted into the observed micro-world for a definite purpose. The purpose is to either be affected by the tiny world that it has entered, or to have a definite affect upon that tiny world. Just like the other life forms on the slide with which it interacts the sample would be totally unaware of the observer and of the observer’s ability to affect what he or she observed. Now let us imagine that in some pre-planned way a spark of awareness allowed the living sample to become aware of the observer and of the observer’s abilities. The living sample could then learn to share two viewpoints, the wider viewpoint of the observer, and the limited viewpoint of the sample whilst existing in its tiny micro world. The sample could then choose to call upon the observer’s ability to see into the future of the sample to use to guide its present actions amid its tiny micro world. The sample would then quickly learn that it must remain in that micro world until it ceased to allow its self to be affected by that world and began to have a definite affect upon that world. Affecting the micro world around it would in turn have a transforming, evolving affect upon the living human sample. Only then with its purpose fulfilled could it permanently leave the micro world on the glass slide.

As our title ‘Here’s looking at you’ implies, there are similarities between our observer with his or her living human sample taken from his or her body and inserted into the microscopic world, and each of us linked to our own higher-self. These similarities are not meant to suggest we are helpless life forms trapped and observed on the glass slide on some celestial microscope, far from it in fact because each of us has chosen to enter and re-enter this physical world, a world that our higher-selves cannot enter because their energy power levels are too high. The similarities are these, that just as the living human sample is taken from the observer’s body and inserted into the observed micro world, we who choose to reincarnate are each a vital, indispensable part of our own higher-self. Another similarity is that just as the human observer can only observe but cannot enter that micro world, our higher-selves in their higher energy power-level can only observe us in our physical world. In other words, each of us humans is the concentrated focal point of his or her higher self. In turn this means that your higher self is incomplete without you to be its focal point.

Another similarity between the human observer and a higher self is this. By using micro-tools the observer could keep the unaware, living human sample safe by guiding it away from dangers and distractions that might divert it from its purpose for being inserted into that micro world. In a similar way higher-self uses the tool of conscience when the unaware human being becomes diverted from his or her pre-planned purpose, this until that spark of awareness of purpose dawns within us. What is a higher self? It is the greater part of your intelligence and it exists on a higher dimension but is always linked to you. Often we may feel the pricking of a guilty conscience when our freewill choices are not coupled with awareness. This isn’t a guardian angel or our Creator radiating dis-approval, it is your higher-self simply doing its job of signalling to you, its focal point of concentration, that your intended choice is about to divert you from your previously chosen path. Having received the signals it is then up to your freewill to choose whether to ignore the signals or not, because even amid the illusions of physical existence you are not meant to be the puppet of higher-self nor of anyone else. At this point it is vital to understand that, unlike the human observer and the observed living human sample in our micro-world scenario, you are not separate from your higher self because you are always linked

You and your higher-self are the same energy being that must function simultaneously upon two different energy power-levels until you, the focal point of your higher-self, have raised your power-level to that of your higher-self. We could suggest that you are the observer and also the observed. Maybe at this point you are wondering why your higher self has sent you, its focal point of concentration, to enter and struggle through life spans of physical existence. What does higher-self need that only exists in the lower energy power-level of the physical universe? Higher self needs a key that will allow it to progress and to ascend to the perfection level of its Creator. Let’s explain what we mean with a familiar example.

Imagine you’ve been given your very own aeroplane but before you can use it to fly you will have to be taught how to pilot it. Also, even though the plane is yours to own, its ignition key has been dropped into a muddy pool of water. To find the key you must plunge your hand and arm into the muddy water to blindly search the mud at the bottom of the pool. Maybe you are a talented genius, a top scientist, or an expert in your field of work, but none of these great gifts and talents could help you to search for that key. Only patience and care would help whilst your hand blindly searches the muddy pool bed. Whilst you continue to search, because of the coldness of the water, your hand may become numbed, lifeless, and so useless for searching. So then you would withdraw it from the pool for a while to bring it back to life before continuing your search, but the search must continue until your hand finds that key. Your search is even more delayed because in the same muddy pool are the ignition keys of many owners of aeroplanes who, like you, each must use his or her hand to blindly search for his or her key in the mud of the hidden pool bottom.

What is this key for which higher-self searches? The key is energy that is compelled to exist at the slowest, lowest power-level of existence. What we would think of as energy converted into sub-atomic particles that have then combined to structure atomic matter. Everything that exists is created from energy, and our role in the physical is to learn how to take over complete control of that energy. We can only learn that control whilst we exist in the physical dimension. To believe in the ascension process requires us to also believe that an intelligent Creator exists who has a definite purpose in mind for all of His / Her, intelligence-endowed, ‘I am’ creations. At this point we mustn’t allow lack of imagination to limit our recognition of intelligence-endowed ‘I am’ creations to only that of human beings. The physical universe is vast and no doubt contains countless different highly intelligent ‘I am’ life forms, which exist for the same purpose, as do humans, in this physical dimension. Each would be the focal point of concentration of its higher self, and each has entered the physical to learn complete control of that structured energy. Why would your higher self, existing in a non-physical dimension, need you to search for this energy-control key? The answer to this question will become clear as we proceed.

Titles Defined

Often the use of titles will cause confusion, so before we continue let us be clear about what we mean when we use any of them. What are the differences between a higher self, an ascended master, and an angel? Your higher self exists in the fifth dimension and is using you, its focus of concentration, to search for the key in the much lower power-level energy of the third dimension. An ascended master is a higher self whose focal point of concentration in the third dimension (you one day) has found the key, learnt how to use it, and has ascended and rejoined his or her higher self in the fifth dimension. An angel is simply a familiar title for an intelligent energy twin being who exists in the dimensions above the fifth. Like the branches of a tree, angels will always remain as integral parts of the Creator’s creation, and for this reason they are never separated from their higher selves.

The situation is very different for each of us humans stumbling around in the physical searching for the key of his or her higher self. The angels and each of us humans have our own higher self. The difference is that, just as angels are like branches of the main Creator tree we humans, and any other ‘I am’ intelligent beings in the physical universe are the seeds produced by the Creator tree, as are the ascended masters. When the timing is right each seed will leave the tree to germinate, grow, and then create its own unique version of a Creator tree. There is an essential point when defining any titles used for angels and ascended masters in the non-physical, and any ‘I am’ intelligences, human or otherwise existing in the physical. In each case higher self represents and is the powerhouse of resources, special powers, creative gifts, and communication links with the rest of creation. Higher self is in fact the complete intelligence available to each individual ‘I am’ energy-being including you. Every human being is equipped with ‘I am’ intelligence and the freewill choice to use his or her intelligence, or to not use it.

Other Dimensions

We have defined a few generally used titles applied to ‘I am’ intelligent energy beings, and now let us briefly define what we mean where we’ve mentioned different dimensions. In our schooldays geometry lessons a single stationary dot represents the first dimension. The second dimension is represented by a dot that moves to create a straight line, and then the line moves sideways to create a flat square with length and breadth. The third dimension is represented by the flat square moving upwards to create a cube with length, breadth, and height. So in the second and third dimensions time and sequence become involved when the dot ceases to be stationary. We have mentioned the first, second, third, and fifth dimensions and clearly the fifth and above dimensions are very different to the first three. They are different because, though created from the same twinned energy they are not created from twinned energy that has been reduced in power-level and compelled to structure itself into three-dimensional atomic matter. The dimension that links the fifth dimension to the third dimension is the fourth dimension, also known as the astral vortex.

The Astral Vortex

When we try to visualize a vortex we might bring to mind a familiar picture of a spiralling whirlpool that at its centre creates a cone-shaped hole in the swirling water. An astral vortex is a vortex formed by very real twinned energy, but it is not shaped like a cone. The astral vortex is a level shaped like countless balls of knitting wool with their layers intermeshed. When we wind a ball of wool we start at the centre and wind the inert strand of wool layer upon layer. With the astral energy vortex the outside layers are wound first by the high power-level energy as the energy flow moves into tighter and tighter curves. Layer-within-layer the moving energy winds itself to the very centres of the ball-shaped vortexes. To wind each layer of the balls the energy must continuously move into tighter curves. In doing so the power-level of the energy flow is reduced layer-within-layer just like electric current following the wire windings in a transformer. When the energy flow reaches the centres of the astral vortexes it is brought to a halt. The twinned energy is then compelled to convert its flow to spin speed, and because it has nowhere in the vortex left to go, it drops below the vortex-centres level as twinned spinning energy particles to then create the sub-atomic level.

A Bridge between Non-Physical and Physical

The high power-level twinned energy flow in the fifth dimension continuously enters and follows the vortex windings layer within layer, and in doing so its power-level is continuously reduced and finally its speed is converted to speed of spin. Compared to the energy flowing down the vortex layers the spinning energy at the vortex centre is stationary and so cannot remain in the vortex. The now low power-level twinned energy enters the sub-atomic level as twinned energy particles with each twin particle rapidly orbiting each other but in relation to the level into which they have arrived they are motionless and inert. In the sub-atomic level the orbiting twin particles are then compelled to combine with similar continuously arriving, orbiting twin particles to continue the process of structuring all of the atomic matter of our familiar physical universe that at its basic level is created from greatly reduced power-level twinned energy. If the energy flow from the astral vortex centres ceased the physical dimension would cease to exist. This is why we emphasise that the non-physical is as real as is the physical.

Why has a living, non-physical Creator created a physical universe that began totally devoid of life? We know from our own experience that life now exists in the universe, but we also know that the physical universe could continue to exist without the presence of life. The scientifically proved ‘Big Bang Theory’ has shown that the physical universe, by its very nature, is a rapidly expanding temporary structure that could not indefinitely support life, and yet, as we know, life exists in the physical universe. Even on this relatively tiny planet Earth, from the microscopic to the gigantic, life has built and learnt to control myriad designed physical bodies structured out of atomic matter that has as its basic level reduced power-level twinned energy compelled to structure itself in a certain way. This is the same energy that continuously flows from the Creator twinned energy ‘I am’ intelligence, flows through the angelic hierarchy energy levels, into the fifth dimension to then enter the power-reducing levels of the astral vortex fourth dimension. From where did the life force in the physical universe arrive?

Introduction to Non-Physical Life Force

So far we have described five very different dimensions, but above the fifth, and created in sequence before the five, are levels formed in a very different way, so let’s start at the top where it all began. Our Creator is an intelligent mind that is a perfectly balanced blend of ‘He’ and ‘She’ and exists in a measureless ocean of energy that is always in a state of chaos. This limitless ocean of very real, uncontrolled energy is the source used by the Creator mind to create, but to create what? Here we must put to one side what we have been taught, and instead allow free rein to our imaginations. Here we have a Creator mind made up of two aspects perfectly blended, he and she. The two aspects work as one and each has a special role. The role of the ‘she’ aspect is to draw in and convert chaotic energy into an organised form that can be used and controlled by intelligence for the purposes of creating. The chaotic energy is converted to a very real organised energy named ‘Love’ and this ‘Love’ energy will be used to create the Creation in which we all exist. The role of the ‘he’ aspect is to use, with intelligence and imagination, the converted to ‘Love’ energy to create in the Creator’s twin aspect mind the imagined image and purpose of Creation. So now we need to know the Creator’s purpose for creating Creation. What would be the intended final result of the entire Creation process? Set amid a limitless ocean of energy always in a state of chaos the only logical answer is, more Creator minds. The ongoing purpose to convert the entire energy ocean from chaos into the very real powerful energy named ‘Love’.

The Creation of a Freewill Zone

If the purpose is to create more Creator minds, here we find a limitation that had to be overcome. The Creator’s use of imagination to create mind images would fail to produce the intended result because the result would be the same as the imagined characters created by an author to people his or her book. They would be products of the author’s mind and their thoughts and ideas would really be the author’s not theirs, and so they would have no freewill. To overcome this limitation a process had to be used where the Creator mind simply provided the energy resources for the freewill endowed, unique Creator-minds-to-be to create their selves. By using this process the result would be independent, unique Creator minds, which could meet their Creator parents as equals, and then depart from their Creator’s Creation to begin their own unique version of Creation amid the limitless oceans of chaotic energy. How could our Creator achieve this result?

Using energy converted to love energy, from the ocean of energy in chaos the Creator’s mind has created a level to exist upon that we could describe as ‘The Perfection Level’ and it is perfect in that it is instantaneous existence. Instantaneous existence requires perfection, and in this instance perfection means completeness. The Creator mind is complete in that both, ‘he’ and ‘she’ aspects are blended in perfect balance and harmony, and by being blended an even higher level of creative intelligence has evolved. This higher level is ‘The Perfection Level. The intended unique creator minds-to-be also will have to evolve to this higher level. It will be helpful to keep in mind as we continue, that intelligence uses thought to control energy, and intelligence uses energy to generate thoughts and ideas. For a human intelligence to move just one physical finger of one physical hand requires the energy of applied thought and then the finger moves. The finger and the hand really consist of, and are integral to, a matrix of energy compelled to take on the structure of sub-atomic particles that have built themselves into atomic matter, combined to create DNA and RNA strands, chromosomes, protein, human cells, organs, bone and muscles etc. The point being made here is that despite appearances, even on this physical level, human thought exists amid and is controlling a matrix of structured energy. The energy controlled by our Creator’s thoughts is not structured, and yet some sort of energy structure is required to endow with freewill all ‘I am’ intelligences wherever they are to exist.

Delegated Power

In the running of any enterprise the boss is limited in that although he or she may decide policy and the direction of effort towards a desired result, he or she then has to delegate power downwards for others to achieve the desired result. In a similar way the twin Creator mind on his / her Perfection Level is limited by that perfection, so now we will explore how an energy structure was created to release all ‘I am’ intelligences from the confines of the Creator’s will and imagination. With physical and non-physical, the source is the same matrix of controlled energy.

Godhead is Created

First, let us visualise our Creator as a point of light amid the measureless ocean of chaotic energy. Next, as in geometrical terms the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, let us visualise countless straight lines of light radiating outwards in all directions from this central point of light. The point of light and the lines of light represent instantaneous existence, and also represent the Creator’s twinned, blended mind and imagination. Again in a similar way to the author’s characters example, any images created in the Creator’s imagination would be projected onto the radiated screen of straight lines. The projected images would be perfect, but would be puppets with no free will. They would have no existence in their own right. To overcome this limitation together the twinned Creator mind created an image that could not remain on the perfection level. The image created was of the male aspect only of the Creator mind. Without the female aspect the created image was incomplete and so not perfect (instantaneous). Once created it had to continue to exist but also had to drop below the perfection level, and in doing so another energy level, below but linked to the perfection level, was created.

Next the twinned Creator mind created another incomplete image, this time of its female aspect only, and this image passed through the energies of the first image to create yet another level of energy. The role of a twinned creator mind is to create. The female aspect supplies the ‘Love’ energy, and the male aspect uses the energy to create. Existing below the perfection level the two incomplete, separated aspects, freed from the confines of the perfection level are endowed with free will and together represent the two hands of the Creator mind that will re-create in the freewill levels the creations created in the twinned Creator mind’s imagination. These imagined creations and the ‘Love’ energy supply needed to re-create them are sent through from the twinned Creator mind via the freewill-endowed female aspect link. Together the two freewill-endowed aspects use the supplied ‘Love’ energy to re-create their first creation.

At this point in our exploration of a creation process it would be helpful to give the two incomplete, separated aspects (intelligent, independent energy-beings) the names they have been known by since ancient times. The male aspect is named God-the-father the female aspect is named God-the-mother. Their first combined re-creation is named God-the-son / daughter. The re-creation of God the son / daughter required twinned ‘Love’ energy to flow separately through father and mother so that the son / daughter would contain both aspects of the blended Creator mind. Both aspects co-exist in the same re-created, twinned-energy-being, but existing in the freewill level the two aspects could not be blended. God-the-father, mother, and son / daughter are known as The Godhead, and together they will create the descending levels and also the occupants of those levels. For a moment let’s look at this from the point of view of the Creator mind on the perfection level.


The Creator mind cannot leave the perfection level, but the Creator’s purpose is to start a process. The intended end products of that process will be self-created, independent Creator minds. This could be compared to parents who are also able to visualize the time when their young children will be freewill-endowed, fully-grown, independent adults. On the perfection level of instantaneous existence there is no freewill possible for Creator-minds-to-be because they have to create their own perfection levels from the oceans of raw chaotic energy, and also the energy power-level is too high. On the Godhead level freewill is possible but again the energy power-level is too high. A series of levels would need to be created, each next level created with a lower speed of existence than the one created before it. So now for a moment if we regard in a different way the created Godhead described so far we realize that the twinned Creator mind has created a series of stepping-stones with which to enter the freewill level whilst continuing to remain on the perfection level. Why does the Creator mind need to enter the freewill levels? To explain this we must return to our word picture of the twinned Creator mind on his / her perfection level: In our example, the central point of light from which straight lines radiate outwards in all directions represents instantaneous existence, and it is onto these lines that imagined images with no freewill of their own are projected.

By using God the father and God the mother as separate energy-flow channel stepping-stones a freewill endowed energy being that contains both male and female aspects has been created. The two aspects of this being cannot blend but by combining their energies they are able to resist the outward flow of the straight lines of energy just enough to put kinks or waves into the lines. The flow of energy from the perfection level cannot be slowed but its path can be diverted into a series of waves, and it is onto the structure of the waves that all freewill endowed creations will be projected. To create the series of descending levels simply required God the son / daughter to squeeze more waves into each next level than in the previous level. In this way the speed of existence was reduced level by level. The clumsy word picture that we have sketched of central point, radiating lines, and resistance applied to introduce waves, is meant show how different vibrations could be introduced to create different levels of existence. Next we look at how and why the intended occupants of these wave-formed, descending levels were created.

A Hierarchy of Teachers

The intended occupants are known as the Angelic Hierarchy and their role is far more important than that of the medieval idea of ‘up-flung eyes whilst singing songs of praise to the Lord’. So far in our exploration we have seen a series of wave-formed levels created that lead level by level, like a flight of steps, down to the fifth dimension and then to the entrance to the fourth dimension energy power-level-reducing astral vortex. The latter also created by the energy control of God-the-son / daughter. It is important for us to keep in mind that although the steps lead downwards from the top, they also lead upwards from the bottom. Similarly although the power-level of the energy is continuously reduced layer-by-layer en route to the astral vortex centre, to ascend out of the vortex layer-by-layer is to encounter increased energy power-levels layer-by-layer. The scene is set, and the cast is waiting in the wings to enter on-stage. The powerful twinned aspect ‘Love’ energy supplied by the twinned Creator mind to create God-the-son / daughter, first flowed through the energies of God-the-father and God-the-mother. The Creator mind supplied much more twinned energy than was needed to created the son / daughter. This surplus energy was in the form of twinned-aspect energy sparks of dormant life force to be used by the Godhead to create the Angelic hierarchy, and also to be the life force of the self-created creator-minds-to-be. . Each twinned energy spark is in fact a dormant, tiny fragment of the blended twin aspect Creator mind, and as each spark passes into the Godhead level the dormant blended aspects remain in the spark but are separated so that each spark is a set of aspect twins, one twin male and the other twin female.

Same Source, Different Roles

At this point of our exploration there is no difference between an angel and a self-created creator-mind-to-be, both will be formed from the surplus of supplied twinned-aspect energy sparks. The difference is in the intended roles they will play. We have explored the method by which God-the-father, and then God-the-mother had to drop below the perfection level to create his and her own levels. We have then explored the creation of God-the-son / daughter created from an energy that flowed through God-the-father and God-the-mother direct from the twinned, blended Creator mind. We have described how the descending flight of energy steps or levels was created. Now we explore what was required to be done to populate them. All of those dormant twinned-energy sparks of life force exist at the same power-level and speed of existence, as does the Godhead, and yet the life force that those sparks represent are intended to populate levels that have slower speeds of existence. God-the-father and God-the-mother cannot leave the Godhead level, and so again, just like with any enterprise, we shall observe power being delegated downwards. From the surplus of twinned energy sparks just one is removed. This single twinned spark is passed through the energies of God-the-father and God-the-mother. The result is an energy being, created with separated male and female aspects. The first angel has been created at a slower speed of existence than that of the Godhead level. Each aspect can function separately and independently but the two aspects must combine their energies to function at full power. Each aspect is equipped with a higher self, or to re-phrase that last sentence, both aspects are higher selves, created fully conscious and aware, and endowed with freewill.

The function of this first twinned angel is to help to create, and then to guide and supervise, the angels that are to populate the angelic hierarchy levels. More twinned energy sparks are passed through the energies of God-the-father, and God-the-mother. They are then passed through the separate energies of the first twinned angel. In this way a level below that of the first twinned angel is populated with twinned aspect angels that have a slower speed of existence. The process is repeated again and again with twinned energy sparks passing through all of the previously created twinned aspect angels in their descending speeds of existence until all the levels are populated. Each aspect of each angel is independently endowed with freewill, and all the powers, resources, awareness, and high intelligence of his or her higher self. We have made this point here to make it clear that angels are just like us in that they are not puppets or mindless robots.

The Descension of Non-Physical Life Force

Next we explore the route by which twinned, blended Creator-minds-to-be were introduced into the process. The process is one of descension, which must be followed before the process of ascension can begin. The descension process for the Creator minds-to-be is the same as used to populate the angelic levels. Countless twinned aspect dormant sparks are first reduced in speed of existence as they descend through the energies of each angelic level, but for these sparks the process of descension must continue. Next the dormant sparks drop below the lowest angelic level to enter the fifth dimension below which, a higher self cannot descend to search for ‘the key’. More must be taken from the dormant sparks. Each aspect of each spark must leave its higher self on the fifth dimension, but even this is not enough to sufficiently reduce the power-level of the dormant sparks. The only way possible is for the two aspects of each spark to be separated from each other, to reduce the power-level of each aspect. Now the separated aspects enter and descend all of the power-level reducing layers of the astral vortex fourth dimension to the vortex centres level to await entry into physical existence. A Creator-mind-to-be is non-physical life force and it is required to descend to, and then start to evolve from the lowest level of the third dimension. The lowest level is of atoms because below the atomic level is the sub-atomic atom building level.

Who Will Guide Non-physical Life Force?

What guidance would the dormant sparks of life force receive whilst at the astral vortex centres level and after they enter physical existence? To answer this question, first we must ask, who, at this stage would be available to give guidance? At this stage of the process only the twinned aspect angels of the angelic hierarchy are equipped with conscious, aware, intelligence coupled, as they are, to their higher-selves, and also at this initial stage the third dimension contains no life force. Always power has to be delegated downwards from the top. From the lowest level of the angelic hierarchy a freewill endowed, twinned aspect angel volunteered to act as the guide for the dormant life force. The guidance was to take the form of the blind instinct to survive and to evolve up to the human level of evolvement. At the human level of evolvement blind instinct could be superseded by freewill endowed ‘I am’ awareness. To provide the guidance the volunteer twinned aspect angel had to descend to the fifth dimension. The guidance of blind instinct to evolve applied to the dormant non-physical life force that was waiting in the astral. The male aspect of the volunteer twinned aspect angel channelled the drive to evolve. The female aspect encompassed with her powers the lower levels (below the human levels) of the astral vortex, and also the entire physical universe. We think of her as Mother Nature but in fact the entire physical universe is her physical metabolism. Much the same as the functioning of a human metabolism, the metabolism of Mother Nature functions perfectly well without the need for the intervention of her conscious, aware intelligence.

At the vortex centres level, poised to enter physical existence, waits a cloud of dormant life force. The life force cloud consists of reduced power-level sparks with the dormant male aspects, and dormant female aspects completely separated from each other. None of the cloud can enter until somewhere in the physical universe life-supporting conditions exist. When such conditions exist Mother Nature guides some essence of the life force to enter physical existence. What do we mean by life-supporting conditions? As an example some scientists theorise that life was actually created in some primordial swamp when lightning struck causing random atoms to link together in a certain sequence to form proteins etc. Anywhere in this vast physical universe, possibly that is how it has happened time-and-time again, but the lightning didn’t create life. Lightning could only create random thresholds for non-physical life force to enter the third dimension.

Before we continue let us pause to examine more closely both, this cloud of life force, and the seemingly vague term ‘essence of ’. Throughout our exploration so far we have observed the creation of a staircase of energy that leads downward from the very highest power-level and speed of existence to the very lowest energy power-level and slowest speed of existence. We have observed that the occupants of each level, the hierarchy of twinned angels, had first to descend through the energies of the occupants of the upper levels reducing their speeds of existence accordingly in the process. Next we observed the creator-minds-to-be twinned sparks, from the same Godhead level reservoir as the angels descend to below the hierarchy levels and into the fifth dimension. To descend lower than the fifth is to enter and submit to the power-level reducing layers of the astral vortex, and this only after the two aspects of each dormant twinned spark have been separated, twin from twin and each twin has left its higher self on the fifth dimension. These dormant, separated sparks are the life force that will activate and animate energy structured as physical matter. Also this is the same life force that higher self sends to find the key that will allow higher self to ascend through all of the levels through which it previously descended. The high-energy power-level of higher self would damage the vortex if it entered it. In a similar manner the energy power-level of the dormant, separated aspects is too high to enter physical existence on the microscopic life form level. The dormant aspects must wait on the astral until the physical stage has been built upon which human level ‘I am’ energy beings can safely inhabit physical bodies. Meanwhile Mother Nature draws from the assembled life force enough power to begin the stage-building process.

Just enough life force energy is drawn down to activate these microscopic lifeless structures of linked atoms wherever they were formed. If and when life-supporting conditions continued the life force would then be guided by Mother Nature to incorporate more atoms to create more thresholds for more life force to enter the physical. If and when life supporting conditions disappeared the life force would return to the astral to await suitable thresholds to be formed anywhere in the physical universe. Dormant life force has entered physical existence and when physical conditions continue to permit, has responded to the instinctive drive to survive and to evolve. The drive to evolve applies to the non-physical life force. For the non-physical life force to be able to survive and evolve in the physical it has to use more atomic matter to structure more complex and mobile physical bodies better suited to physical survival. So even at this primitive level it is the effect of the drive to evolve on the non-physical life force that activates the physical structures made of atoms of whirling energy. This often is difficult to accept when the general belief is that in a vague and unspecified way the physical body is the source of the life force that in turn activates and powers the physical body. So one is left with the impression that when the physical body, like a battery drained of power, fails the life force ceases to exist. The truth is that even before, during, and after the physical body exists and then fails, the non-physical life force continues to exist. The non-physical life force only depends upon the physical body so that the life force can enter and experience physical existence.

The Climb to Ascension

The process of life force evolvement continues, closely followed by the building of more and more complex, versatile physical bodies. These are often made up from simple physical life forms that have together combined to function as one physical body, or as an organ in a physical body. The evolutionary drive is building the stage upon which human-level ‘I am’ beings will eventually evolve. Of course there have been setbacks because the physical dimension has its own laws that cannot be altered. For example the evolution of the dinosaurs on Earth was halted when their life-supporting conditions failed them. The non-physical life force activating the dinosaurs simply returned to the astral level to which it had evolved, to await more thresholds into the physical. Just to enlarge upon this point: Whenever life force returns to the astral it takes with it the experience, gained during its physical life span, of controlling the energy flow structured as atoms. Each next physical life span adds to that store of experience, and as the store of experience grows the power-level capacity of the non-physical life force increases allowing it to move to and exist in vortex layers with higher power-levels of energy passing through them.

Just like the human living sample in our earlier microscope scenario, the non-physical, dormant life force has descended into the physical and has begun to affect the world around it. By affecting the world around it, it has also begun to ascend the increasing power-levels of the astral vortex. Each time that the life force returns with its increased capacity from the astral to the physical that same increase raises the basic energy power-level of its current physical body. Guided by Mother Nature the non-physical life force evolves higher and higher like the waves of a rising tide until each wave rises above the instinctual, animal, dormant, unawareness level. Next the non-physical life force evolves to the level of mind. On Earth the mind level life force would inhabit physical bodies that had evolved to the level of primitive men They would still guided by blind, herd instinct and the drive to survive, but for the first time would now be able to feel emotion as well as instinct. At this intermediate stage of evolvement above the animal kingdom level but below the human ‘I am’ level the life force has not yet evolved to the level of inductive reasoning. Throughout this process of evolvement, from the microscopic life form level and up to the level of primitive men, we have also observed the increasing energy power-level capacity of the drawn-down, non-physical life force. This same increasing capacity to tolerate astral vortex ever-higher energy power-levels also enabled the life force to return to the cloud of he and she separated aspects on the astral energy power-level from which it was drawn. The stage is complete upon which human-level ‘I am’ individualised, non-physical life force can enter physical existence.

Three levels of Evolved Non-Physical Life Force

Now let us study the physical body, that non-physical, human level ‘I am’ individualised life force is to inhabit and activate. The human body exists in and is part of the physical metabolism of Mother Nature. The living, physical stage that has been built by the life force continues to exist. Life force at every level of evolvement continues to inhabit and activate physical life forms from the microscopic up to and including the human ‘I am’ level. Inhabiting and activating the human body are three main levels of non-physical life force evolvement. The lowest level of these is life force that is not yet evolved above the blind obedience to Mother Nature, instinct level. This is the Body level. The middle level consists of Life force that is obedient to instinct but also can sense emotion. This is the Mind level. The third and highest level consists of life force that has evolved to the freewill endowed, human ‘I am’ level with the capacity for inductive reasoning and intuitive inspiration. Only when the third level of evolvement is reached can the conscious and aware search begin for the key of higher self.

The search for the key demands that individual, human ‘I am’ intelligence will choose to transform his or her physical body into energy form that will be needed for the next level of human evolvement. The enlightened human intelligence accompanied by its body transmuted into its basic energy structure will depart from physical and astral existence. Even then it will continuously strive to ascend to attain the same high level as that of its creator. To be able to descend below the fifth dimension the dormant male and female aspects of each creator seed had first to be separated from each other, and then be separated from their higher selves. Separately and alone each dormant aspect entered and descended the power-reducing layers of the astral vortex. The ongoing evolvement of the non-physical life force of the creator seed aspects was used by Mother Nature to build the multi-level physical stage upon which the human level ‘I am’ aspects could exist whilst they fulfilled their intended roles in the physical.

Who is in charge here?

It is not an easy task to seek for the ‘Ascension Key’ because each human, ‘I am’ level seeker has first to learn to be firmly in control of non-physical life force at three different levels of evolvement. Mother Nature guides via instinct the dormant life force that activates the metabolism of the human body. The human physical body is built from the structured energy resources of Mother Nature and remains as part of her domain. In that sense the human body is a physical vehicle loaned for a physical life span to non-physical ‘I am’ level life force. The metabolism of the human body has its own unconscious agenda of needs and appetites that the ‘I am’ level seeker must comprehend and control. The middle level consists of non-physical life force that cannot think, is obedient to instinct, but also can sense emotion. This is the Mind level that acts both as the linkage between ‘I am’ level non-physical life force and physical body, and also acts as the linkage between ‘I am’ level non-physical life force and higher self.

A matrix of energy-flows

Let us pause here to consider why the ascension key is only to be found in this physical dimension. Whatever their beliefs most people would agree that thought, created and controlled by intelligence, is a very powerful tool, and that without the created thought intention no action takes place. If we compare thoughts to bullets, a bullet, fired from a gun, has great power, but the gun that fires it has to be stronger than the bullet. In a similar way when intelligence uses the energy of thought to create, then that intelligence has to be able to completely control the energy flow of thought. All life force is created from an energy flow channelled by and from the mind of our Creator. Our Creator exists on a self-generated perfection level. The perfection level is energy transmuted by the intelligence of the Creator mind to a higher level than the energy that is used to create a series of levels for free will-endowed creations to exist upon. In this sense the gun is stronger than the bullets that it fires. The situation is different for those free will-endowed creations that exist in those descending levels. As an example, the angels of the Angelic hierarchy are Creator-imagined images continuously projected onto the waves of that energy flow as it descends through their different levels. Only whilst the energy flow from the Creator mind continues and whilst the free will-endowed images continue to be imagined will they continue to exist, but they will never exist as energy beings that are no longer dependent upon that energy flow.

Life in the Astral Vortex Levels

We all are energy beings regardless of where we exist in the Creator’s Creation. Every thought, every emotion, every atom of energy converted into physical matter, is totally dependent for its existence upon that ongoing flow of energy from our Creator. What we have been, what we are, and what we will become by our own efforts is already contained as constituents of that Love energy. In that sense our ongoing evolvement isn’t a process of learning, it is really an awakening, or an ongoing re-tuning our selves across the range of those love energy flow constituents. As we become aware that a choice exists and then we choose to re-tune our selves, we awaken more and we increase our capacity to exist at higher power-levels of the astral vortex. This means that each of us has it in us to consciously develop enough spiritually to ascend all of the levels of the Astral Vortex, but still, even as non-physical energy beings, we would be dependent for our continued existence upon the energy flowing from our Creator. We human Creator-minds-to-be came from exactly the same reservoir of Godhead level life force as did the Angelic Hierarchy, but between the angels and humans there is an essential difference of intended purpose.


Compared to the twinned angels of the angelic hierarchy the creative intelligence of humans is more like the creative intelligence of our Creator in that it is unlimited. The angels are limited by the fact that the flow of Love energy passes through each angelic level on its way to enter and descend the windings of the astral vortex. Always the Love energy is passing through the levels until it enters the sub-atomic level to then be structured into atomic matter. The task of the angels is to teach us how to use our creative powers after we have ascended out of the physical, astral and fifth dimension to then ascend through each angelic level. The angels and the occupants of the astral levels differ from each other in that the angels are Creator mind created images projected onto the waves-forms of the Love energy as it flows through each angelic level. The occupants of the astral vortex levels are self-created images. Each astral level, human ‘I am’ occupant has used Love energy borrowed from the flow to create his or her own image of self whilst in the physical and whilst in the astral. He and she, owns his or her own image of self but does not yet own the flowing Love energy onto which his and her image is embossed.

Learning from Outcomes

There are many people who have different interpretations of the ascension process knowledge. It has been suggested by some that as we progress spiritually we are ascending all of the time. In one way this is true, but on its own, spiritual progress doesn’t find the key for higher self. So how do we make spiritual progress? Always our lives as individuals lived in the physical are governed by our free will choices made without knowledge of the outcomes of those choices. The choices may be our own, or choices made by others that we have chosen to go along with, but always we have choice, we could always say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Whatever the outcome of a choice we have to live with and experience that outcome. We may regard the outcome as good or bad but in fact it is neither because what we learn from the outcomes always, sooner or later, aids our spiritual progress. In that sense we are continuously ascending towards the fifth dimension, but regardless of that progress always we have to return to this the third dimension time and time again. So now let us explore the real and logical reasons and purposes for the existence of a physical universe and our repeated reincarnations into physical life.

Spinning but Controllable Energy

There is a similarity between ‘I am’ Human creative intelligence and the ‘I am’ creative intelligence of the Creator mind. Each of us is linked to our Creator’s intelligence by that ongoing flow of Love energy. At one end, as the source of this Love energy flow is our Creator who exists upon a self-created energy level that is even higher than the high level of the Love energy flow. This is the energy level of instantaneous existence. What do we find at the other end of this same Love energy flow, and existing at a greatly reduced power-level and speed of existence? We find evolved-to-individualised-human ‘I am’ level-intelligence that has created its own image of self whilst experiencing alternate sojourns in the astral and in the physical. The whole purpose and point of creating an astral vortex and a physical universe is to create a dimension where the flow of the Love energy is continuously converted to sub-atomic particles that spin. The spinning particles of energy are guided to combine together to create the energy structure of atomic matter. Often when scientists seek to understand this process they may prefer to conclude that the process is blind and mechanical. Similarly we all could conclude that a cake baking in the oven in the empty kitchen was the result of a blind, mechanical process if the cook that prepared it had gone to lunch. Conversely some scientists find it more and more difficult to accept that some greater intelligence is not guiding the process. For any process to produce the intended result it must not be interfered with once it has been started.

Finding the Key

In the bridging process that links non-physical to physical the energy that has flowed from the Creator, and then flowed through the all of the non-physical levels has then been brought to a halt relative to the physical dimension it has entered. Its speed of existence has not been reduced it has been converted to spin. A physical dimension has its own rules and laws that the converted Love energy must obey. Continuously refreshed from the vortex energy flow, it now in the sub-atomic level spins on the spot like a top and is inert in that, external forces can now control it. Inertness allows this dynamic, spinning ‘Love’ energy to be drawn into the atomic matter building process. This is the energy structure into which non-physical, individualised ‘I am’ human intelligence is embossed. In other words the physical human body that we use as a vehicle and tool is also at its basic level a store of ‘Love’ energy that is stationary enough to be controlled by the non-physical human level intelligence that for a physical life span inhabits it. First we learn how to control the ‘Love’ energy in its structured form, the physical body. Next we learn to control the energies of the emotions, and awaken the energies of the virtues that flow through the structured form. Finally his or her individualised intelligence learns to take over the control that compels the ‘Love’ energy to remain as structured atomic matter. At last he or she has found the key and may ascend with learnt control of his or her ‘Love’ energy to rejoin his or her higher self, but still he or she is incomplete.

Where is my other half?

You may recall that originally to enable the dormant Creator-minds-to-be to descend into the astral vortex they first had to be separated, the male aspects completely separated from the female aspects, and each aspect separated from his or her higher self. This means that somewhere, either in this expanding physical universe or on an astral level each of us has a twin-flame, our other half, also trying to find his or her key to ascension. Earlier in this article we explored the idea that life force would enter physical existence anywhere in the physical universe where life-supporting conditions existed, but always after each physical life span each separated aspect would return in his or her timing to the astral vortex. Often we may feel a sense of longing as if some part of us is missing, a feeling of incompleteness. In fact though we may not realise why we feel this way we are longing to be re-united with our twin-flame, and somewhere in our Creator’s Creation our twin-flame is longing to be re-united with us. We could search the worlds in vain to find our twin-flame, but only when both aspects have found their ascension keys and ascended to the fifth dimension can they be re-united.

How do you ascend?

Let us imagine that you have healed all of your emotional wounds, many of them self-inflicted through lack of understanding, during countless reincarnations into physical existence. You have consciously unloaded all emotional blockages and you have reached a very high level of harmony and balance between ‘thinking you’ your mind and your physical body. With clear thought you have pierced the illusions and clearly seen the reality that lies behind the illusions. Worldly events however traumatic no longer disturb your equilibrium because you know they are a necessary part of the illusion. To ascend is your goal, and you no longer cling to possessions or relationships. You have developed your intuitive linkage between you and your higher self, and always accept the guidance of higher self before all else. You have concentrated the focus of your thoughts upon the ascension of ‘thinking you’ and the structured ‘Love’ energy that forms your physical body. With all corrosive emotional baggage unloaded, and when the timing is right for you, your intelligence quite naturally takes over the control of that structured ‘Love ‘ energy and then it cannot remain structured. Like a hot air balloon with the sandbags unloaded you and your ‘Love’ energy have to ascend because you cannot remain and neither can your now unstructured ‘Love’ energy remain in the physical. You have found and used the key. All of this takes place quite naturally once you become fully aware of your true goal and have worked on self to achieve it.

What happens after you ascend?

After you ascend you will no longer be alone because by your own efforts you will have returned to the fifth dimension. On the fifth dimension you may expect to meet other ‘I am’ intelligences who, just like you have, have ascended from astral and physical existences. At last you will completely merge with your higher self with access to its powers, resources, and links with all of creation. You will still be the ‘You’ that lived all of those many astral and physical existences moment by moment. Those vast stores of bitter, sweet experiences are your hard-earned credentials that will qualify you to learn to be a Creator mind in your own right. So where will you learn to be a Creator mind? Our exploration has reached the point where your experience of life has filled your being with harmony and balance. Only when this point is reached could anyone be trusted with unlimited creative powers. What applies to you also applies to your twin flame. When the timing is right ascended you will rejoin your ascended twin flame and you will never be parted again. Together, and by combining your energy power-level you ascend above the fifth dimension to enter the lowest level of the angelic hierarchy. In one way we could suggest that at this stage of the exploration you and your twin flame have entered the elementary level of a university for Creator-minds-to-be, and your tutors are to be the twinned-angel energy-being occupants of those wave-formed levels. Your tutors have learnt a great deal from you by observing your existence amid the physical illusion. Now it is your turn to learn from your tutors, but what will you learn?

A School for High Flyers

Earlier in this article we likened higher self to a person who has been given his or her own aeroplane and has yet to be taught how to pilot it. Before any tuition could begin the would-be pilot must first use his or her hand and arm to blindly search for the ignition key that lies hidden at the bottom of a pool of muddy water. In our muddy pool search example the would-be pilot focused his or her concentration entirely upon the sensations felt by his or her searching hand hidden beneath the surface of the murky water. You are the hand and the arm and you are also the focal point of concentration of higher self. The would-be pilot had to give the fingers a chance to adapt and to get used to the coldness of the water before the blind search for the key could begin. In a similar way higher self has had to wait whilst each he or she aspect descended into physical existence via the astral vortex and then had to evolve to the freewill-endowed, human, ‘I am’ intelligence level. The numbing coldness of the water necessitating the temporary withdrawal of the would-be pilot’s hand and arm equates with those many reincarnations that you have enjoyed or endured. The would-be pilot has found the key and is now ready to learn how to fly his or her aeroplane. Similarly at that point you would have found your key and have learned how to control the unstructured energy that in structured form was your physical body, you have ascended with that unstructured energy completely under your control, now you and your higher self are one. You are re-united with your opposite aspect and now together by combining your energies you will ascend level by level whilst learning from the angel teachers how to use your newly developed creative powers. This ascension and learning process includes ascending up to and then through the Godhead levels. At this stage your two aspects will blend together to create your own self-created perfection level.

Why do you need that learnt control of energy?

To understand why, we also must try to understand our Creator’s role in the scheme of things. For example the ancient teachings authoritatively insist that ‘God is all’ there is nothing but God, but no one is truly in a position to know if that statement is fact or conjecture. Unfortunately the statement has been generally accepted as fact by the established belief systems of the world and by their many followers. The unfortunate part is that any scenario created by men as to the Creator’s purpose for Mankind has to be tightly circumscribed by what could only at best be conjecture. Now let us explore a scenario where God isn’t all, and that Our Creator is part of a process that creates Creators. In this article so far, stage-by-stage we have explored the way in which such a process would work. We know we exist and we know that at our most basic level we are created from a flow of very real energy that links us to our Creator. So now before our exploration of the process continues let us look at the source of this energy flow. We know the energy is real and we have explored the method by which the female aspect our Creator converts that energy into ‘Love energy’. The source is a limitless ocean of energy in a state of chaos. The chaotic energy is totally free from control. Out of that chaos, countless random combinations of energy flows could occur until one of these combinations generated a spark of intelligence that once generated continued to grow and evolve by drawing on the energy of the ocean that generated it. Once intelligence had been created it would continuously grow, evolve and begin a process of creation, but we have no reason to believe as fact that the Creator converted to ‘Love energy’ the entire limitless ocean of chaotic energy. Maybe our Creator’s sphere of Creation has limits, and this would explain our Creator’s plans for we humans. Let us compare our twin aspect Creator drawing and converting energy from that limitless ocean to an oak tree with its roots firmly embedded in the soil. The roots extend outwards far enough to draw sufficient nourishment from the soil. The trunk is both the twin aspect Creator intelligence and the perfection level that this intelligence has created. The branches of the oak tree are the Godhead and the angelic hierarchy and also the created energy levels that lead down, via the astral vortex, to this physical dimension. With what could we compare we individual human beings? In our oak tree comparison we could compare mankind to the acorns that the parent tree will continuously nourish until the acorns are ripe and ready to leave their parent. The acorns won’t be ripe until they contain everything required to create their own unique versions of an oak tree, but they also will need a store of nourishment provided by the parent tree, to survive after they leave the tree and until they take root to supply their own nourishment direct from the soil. Creator-minds-to-be will need that self-taught, complete control of unstructured energy. Later they will need to be able to convert chaotic ocean energy into ‘Love energy’ after leaving our Creator’s Creation.

Why would we wish to leave our Creator’s Creation?

At this present stage of human evolvement many people would find it impossible to imagine leaving our Creator’s Creation. Let us compare this present outlook to that of young children being brought up by their parents in a love-filled family home. The children depend upon their parents for everything so that all the children have to do is enjoy their own existence. The young children couldn’t imagine ever leaving their parents and family home. In fact the very suggestion would fill the children’s minds with fear and feelings of insecurity. Regardless of those juvenile fears the day would arrive when the same children, now grown to near adulthood, would choose to make an independent life of their own away from the beloved family home. Just like those young children we have to allow that our future evolvement will broaden our outlook. Once we lose our fears and our self-doubts we will no longer feel we need a parental figure. We will always love and cherish our Creator parent and be grateful for all that was so generously given to us. But also we will be ready to take up our destined roles as independent Creator parents in our own right. Somewhere in a measureless, limitless ocean of chaotic energy a forest of Creators is expanding to convert all of the chaos to ‘Love energy’ and intelligence. The darkness of chaos is being transmuted into light.

Not just how but why

We will ask the reader to bear in mind that many types of people will read this book, each with his or her own unique way of looking at things. Of those people some may be content to know and to accept that somewhere there is a benevolent and all-powerful Creator who has all of our interests at heart. They are happy and willing to leave to that Creator the actual details of purpose and intent while they simply get on with living their lives. They believe, and love what they believe, and for those people faith is enough. In this way they have made their leap of faith. For those people we hope this book will confirm what they believe, and that the details we offer will not seem tiresome.
There are many more people whose outlook prevents them from having this simple unquestioning faith, even though in their hearts they may long to have it. In every other aspect of our lives except in that of religion, we are conditioned to rely on logic and common sense, and proof where possible. No matter how open-minded we are, we find that the faith demanded of us by those religions has to include unquestioning faith in the generations of fallible priests and what they teach us about that Creator. For many of us this is too much to ask of our intellects, and yet somehow we know that life should contain more than alarm clock, rush-hour, work, rush-hour, Tele, and so to bed. If we are fortunate, a yearly vacation, and at the latter end of our lives a few years to contemplate the pointlessness of it all. A difficult contemplation solidly reinforced by our complete ignorance of WHY WE EXIST.
With slight variations this type of life is lived by many. Life goes on for these people and they are neither happy nor unhappy, content nor discontent. Fame and riches seldom come their way, and thoughts that faintly fringe on the possibility that a Creator exists only occur at times of family crisis. But now life has changed for us all. Today we all witness the affect on our lives and the lives of our loved ones of negative world events, such as recessions, slumps and the collapse of national and international economies. When we experience those negative effects we may feel compelled to question the aimlessness of our lives before those events shattered our complacency, lives of unquestioning, passive acceptance of the need to strive for more and more material comfort and security, this to the point where all thoughts of the meaning of our life are excluded and regarded as irrelevant. To then lose everything that was striven for, we may feel betrayed by the incompetence, greed and mismanagement of the fallible experts whose urgings to strive and compete we listened to and accepted in the first place.
But out of the losses come blessings that the losers couldn’t begin to appreciate if they hadn’t been altered in outlook by experiencing the loss. If circumstances improved for them and all their losses were restored, they could never value them in the same intense way. They would have learnt by their own feeling experience just how fleeting and transient were the things they had striven for. Worldwide many millions of people have had this experience and it has shocked them into awareness. Striving is all they know; it has been their life, but what to strive for now? This book we hope will help them find out because it attempts to explain why we exist. In the book we describe a logical sequence of events that leads down from a nebulous, omnipotent Creator to every one of us confused and baffled human beings here on Earth.
What is my religion? Who can say?
I worship the Sun that shines by day
I worship the Moon and Stars by night
I worship the Giver of the Inward Light
For I am a pagan with naturist philosophy
A student sympathetic to Gnosis and Theosophy
I am a Spiritualist, with leanings Buddhistic
I am a Christian, Occultistic, Mystic
My teachers are Jesus, Zoroaster and Buddha
Paul, Krishnamirti and many another
From Greek philosophy, Shakespeare and Bacon
From Chinese and Egyptian, my religion is taken
From realms that reach out beyond imagination
From the Voice in the night comes more education
But the greater part, my religion by half
Is learning to sort the wheat from the chaff
My religion is living, all creation my brothers
My religion is giving loving service to others
My religion you may say is peculiar and odd
But I am just a searcher, learning about God
Author’s note: Stephanco was the pen name of an inspired poet named George Stephanson who preferred to be called Steve. The “anco” part of the pen name was Steve’s way of including his lovely wife and fellow seeker Ruby, because it was Ruby who inspired Steve with his poetry and his Spiritual Healing work. Together by their example of always radiating loving warmth and light to all no matter how tough life became Steve and Ruby inspired and uplifted many including we the authors, and helped us to find our own sources of inner strength. Steve died a few years ago but he lives on through his poetry and also in a special place deep in our hearts.
The poem “My Religion” was transcribed from Steve’s book of inspired poetry called,” In my father’s garden”. Enquiries about Steve’s poetry should be addressed to: R. & T. Emptage. 2 Ffordd Gobaith Mochdre Colwyn Bay LL28 5BY Wales
When people try to delve into spiritual as opposed to physical knowledge, immediately they are faced with other people who insist that “THEY” are the possessors of that knowledge. To back up their claims they will quote from this or that “Holy Book” as if they had been observers whilst that book was written in letters of fire by the hand of God. The authors make no such claims, and even where for example we have mentioned the teachings of Jesus we readily admit that we cannot prove when or even if Jesus existed. In any case for the purposes of this book the point is immaterial. The purpose of this book is to explore in a logical and common sense way the reasons and purpose of existence.
We have tried to follow the thinking behind eastern and western religions and belief systems and also what is loosely called “New age thought”, and like many other people have retired baffled by the inconsistencies and contradictions of the beliefs. One of the finest tools we all have available to us is Common sense. We beg the readers to use this tool to test the ideas and thoughts we shall offer them. Common sense applied by minds that are not fixed or rigid, but are open to new ideas and new slants on ancient ideas, is all we ask of the readers. First consider this idea that the end goal of spiritual striving is to leave our familiar physical universe, our bodies transformed to light, to begin the next stage of the evolution of each Human Being. Newcomers to that idea may well think we are inviting hoots of derisive laughter, head shaking and worried looks from our loved ones. Just a few centuries ago such an announcement heard in public would qualify as Heresy.
The one charged with Heresy would have to renounce the belief or burn to death at the stake. And yet in the twelfth century while the rest of Europe, including the British Isles, wallowed in ignorance, poverty, and religious bigotry and few of the nobility could read or write their names, the light of knowledge shone brightly like a beacon in south western France. Here education; the quest for all forms of knowledge by the ordinary people was encouraged, including freedom and tolerance of religious thought and belief. These people were known as the Cathars. They were a cultured artistically inclined, prosperous tolerant people.
We mention this to emphasise that they were not a race of superstitious fools. Many Cathars were deep thinkers who refused to let anyone else think for them. Yet amid this atmosphere of striving as individuals for knowledge, the end goal as I have stated it formed the basis of the Cathar Beliefs, with only slight variations. But why have we introduced these people to you? We have introduced them because the Church of Rome sent the Holy Inquisition and a vast crusade of knights and soldiers to stamp out this heresy. The Cathars, these cultured clever people, rather than renounce that end goal publicly, preferred to die by their tens of thousands; either slaughtered or by mass and individual burnings to death. With the approval of the then Pope, the Holy Crusade crushed the light of knowledge and left a smoking desolate ruined country and a dead race of Cathars. But they could not kill the idea: The End Goal. Without getting technical or mystical we want to paint a clear picture of this end goal for you. Then if you choose not to accept it as likely or the truth it will be from the standpoint of knowledge instead of from lack of knowledge.
Before we commence let us first look briefly at what orthodox religious teachers of Christianity encourage us to believe, and also we will look at what effect those teachings have had on us down the centuries to the present day, teachings that were laid down as Official Dogma long ago, but long after the days when it is said that Jesus walked the Earth. When Jesus walked the Earth he insisted that he was a man of flesh and blood, no different to any of us. Jesus also insisted that anything he did, every member of Mankind could do, but only if they chose to.
Now let us return to the present day when all of us individual people are wallowing around, trying to survive in a Producer/Consumer society. If we are honest we will admit that this type of society only works by applying Jungle Law, the survival of the fittest. Of course there are some winners but mostly there are losers. This only applies to the affluent ten or at most twenty percent of the Earth’s population. The other eighty or ninety per-cent spends their days trying to figure out where to get the next mouthful of food or drinkable water. Before we go any further, who are these winners and losers? The simple answer is we all, every one of us.
There is little difference between a millionaire and a road-sweeper. Each in different ways is ruled by fears that compel them to compete, and as we continue this will become more and more obvious to the readers. For any producer/consumer society to function smoothly, the people who steer it, and gain most from it (the winners) are required to think faster than everyone else. For a start the winners must convince the masses (losers) that they have no choice but to be totally dependent on that society for their survival. That in fact there is no other acceptable way of life.
To achieve this aim the winners make sure they include in their ranks, the bankers, the mass media in its many forms, the influencing of elected government policy, and the established church in terms of its many business and property dealings. The control via bank interest rates of the property and labour markets, and the deliberate and careful manipulation of consumers buying trends: The effect of all of this greatly enhanced by the proved mildly hypnotic effect of gazing at a TV screen, regardless of what is shown on that screen. The programmes, excellent though some of them are, really are fillers to keep viewers viewing between adverts. The adverts are designed by the top experts to appeal to the viewer’s basic lower instincts that may range through envy, greed, conceit and vanity, to fear, lust, or in times of war, racism. It doesn’t really matter what is used, so long as it keeps the losers focused on producing and consuming in ever increasing amounts.
In modern times the winners find it useful to neither endorse nor criticise established religions. Instead, via the media, a vaguely apathetic attitude is generated within the masses, that, “Religion is very nice, but rather irrelevant to the daily race for material comfort and the ongoing search for personal security”. For the most part the churches stand empty and ignored.
Meanwhile with bated breath, we all await the next ‘Latest’ miracle from our new priesthood, the scientists and the technologists. Together these are prepared to discover, invent, concoct, or devise, anything to keep us passively contented. What they are not prepared to do, is to use their expertise, vast stores of knowledge, and ever probing minds to help us all discover, not how but why we exist.
The WHY is important, because only in these last few years has the public realised that planet Earth is a complete living organism in its own right. In accepting that as a fact we have also had to recognise our total dependence on that organism. We have also begun to recognise that Mankind as a unit represents the aware, conscious, thinking intelligence of an entire planet.
Our dependence on planet Earth makes us an integral part of it. In the absence of thinking intelligence all life below the Human level is governed, by instincts, the phases of the Moon, the seasons and the checks and balances of Mother Nature. All of this life exists in a world of earth, fire, air, and water. It has taken from the misty past to our arrogant modern times for Mankind to realise that intelligence has a price that must be paid.
The price to be paid for the freedom of conscious, thinking, intelligence is the responsibility for the care and stewardship of the planet and all that exists on it. We are part of the planet. We don’t own Earth, if anything Earth owns us. In brief, our responsibility is to protect the planet from the irresponsibility of immature Human thinking intelligence. This realisation has at last been forced upon us all by our irresponsibility in terms of pollution, global heating, and damage to the vital ozone layer, acid rain. Even worse, the decimation of the rain forests and the increasingly polluted oceans, the rain forests and the plankton in the oceans together produce the oxygen we breathe.
What is human intelligence doing with its ability to think? On the international level, the national level, and the individual level it is competing instead of co-operating with itself. But we are told that competition is a remnant of the instinctual behaviour for survival in the animal kingdom. Unfortunately this doesn’t ring true. Although animals do compete for food or for mates, when they have fed or mated they stop competing. Humans don’t, they just go on and on competing. So if it is not natural human behaviour, what is the need to compete based in? Simply fear. When an animal feels fear it is an instinctual tool to make the animal do something about it to get rid of the fear, but unlike the human, the animal is not filled with fear all of the time.
So what are these fears that rule human beings? They are not great big fears like fear of nuclear war or fear of comets striking Earth; they are far more mundane than that. Fear of not conforming, fear of being wrong, fear of losing face, fear of losing anything, and fear to be the first to stand up in a crowd to say, “No this is unjust!” fear to get off the fence to become a real person. Fear of death and fear to trust beyond their tight little circle of family and friends, fearful even to trust themselves.
The fear that should simply be an emergency tool has become master of the human race. Fear has reduced us to a race of winners and losers, both driven by fear in different ways. Fear can produce dynamic, ruthless and selfish action, but also fear can induce apathetic inaction. The former produces winners the latter produces losers. Fear is a tool the winners have adapted to control the thinking of the losers. Let’s have quick look at how this works because this didn’t happen recently, it began long, long ago. Probably just after human intelligence evolved on the planet the fear-filled faster thinking winners started looking for fear-filled losers to control. The method is simple and foolproof and has been used countless times throughout human history. A winner uses bribery and flattery to form a team of would-be winners. Together they then convince the slower thinking losers that losers should be competing against each other to see who wins.
The process of competing separates the losers from each other, hence the expression, “To divide and conquer”. Together the force of the team of winners is easily able to crush the protests of individual losers. The latter would have no one to back them up because all are competing. To reinforce their power the winners would then have made use of the loser’s religious beliefs by altering the teachings to suit their political needs. The method we describe would initially require the generous application of terror tactics and violence by the team on all involved. 7
The losers would already accept the authority of their priests just as the priests had no choice but to accept the authority of their seniors. The priesthood of all religions throughout the ages shares one thing in common. They are survivors in a very tough world. To survive, their only choice would have been to work with the winners. Originally the teachings were intended to uplift, educate and prepare the people for their next stage of spiritual evolution. As a result of this dubious partnership the teachings were corrupted so that instead the people were taught that individually they were wicked abject sinners. They were taught that they must obey their rulers, and that they must beg the priest to intercede with God on their behalf or face eternal Hellfire and Damnation. What a lovely situation for the winners and what an awful situation for the losers. All achieved by use of Fear.
This power to generate obedience in the losers is reinforced, and the need for violence reduced as time passes. Children readily accept what their parents, relations, friends and neighbours teach. If unquestioning obedience to rulers and priests were taught, the conditioning would be passed from generation to generation, countless generations of losers who honestly believed that the loser’s role is God-given, as is the priest’s and the winner’s role. To the winners God became a useful weapon, and to the losers another source of fear. Only by introducing into the loser’s lives sufficient fear, dependence and lack of self-confidence can the losers become firmly convinced that there is rightness to a traditional situation, a situation that places them in their countless numbers in an inferior position to a few men of flesh and blood like themselves, “It must be right, everyone I know agrees it’s right”.
It hasn’t all been problem free for the winners, problems with their own bunch of losers for whom life has become intolerable. Or problems with other winners from elsewhere who want what these winners have won. But the fast thinking winners have already planned for this by forming an elite band of losers called an Army, and another band called the Police. The winners carefully blur the distinction between winners and losers by calling on these two bands to protect “THE NATION” from the nation’s enemies, enemies from outside or inside of the NATION.
This ensures that standing firmly and proudly between their employers, the winners, and winners from elsewhere with their own armies. Or between winners and their own irate losers is the Army or police made up from the ranks of losers. To maintain this situation for as long as possible whenever the method has been applied, the winners ensure that losers are not taught to read or write, or to have access to knowledge beyond that needed to survive. What a lovely situation for winners, they can’t go wrong. But what have they actually done? They have used their intelligence and power of thought to the full to manipulate everyone else into not using theirs. They have used every negative trait at their disposal (found in generous measure in most of us) to generate in the losers apathy, inferiority, fear of life and fear of the after-life.
The result for the losers is a lack of personal confidence that in turn leads to dependence on others for guidance, instead of self-reliance. This is all very depressing but we are sure for the reader it has a familiar ring. Although the method never changes, many things have changed over the years for the winners. Many scientific and technological discoveries, breakthroughs and advances have transformed the worlds of commerce, industry and business. Often these are by-products of the winners’ ongoing demand for bigger and better weapons technology. This same transformation has required a more educated population of losers to be able to perform as its workforce. 8
The current winners are the first to realise that the loser’s ability to read will expose the losers to scientifically proved knowledge that will cause the credibility of the traditional church and its teachings to crumble in the stark light of provable truth.
Thus established religion that has always aligned itself with the current winners now becomes irrelevant both to winners and losers. This presents no problem to the winners because they simply use their influence and ability to mould loser non-thinking apathy. Instead they simply transferred the losers’ focus away from fear of God, to focus entirely on the search for security, comfort and the acquisition of material possessions. Often this involves getting deeply into debt to gain them. A threat of job losses or a twitch of the bank interest rate, and for people encouraged by the winners to live on credit, who has got time to think about God and end goals anyway?
With competition goes separateness, and with separateness goes selfishness. This is why today when various governments agree with each other that if a man risks persecution torture or death at the hands of his own government; he may be given safe asylum. But if through the ineptitude and corruption of his own government he faces economic ruin and starvation, he will not be granted asylum. Nobody turns a hair. One would think that such an unfair position would rouse indignation throughout the civilised world. But no, “APATHY RULES!” if that’s OK with you? A minority who think for themselves have torn through the illusion, are ready and do protest, but when we take the role of observant bystanders it seems the great majority of people resemble a vast herd mentality. It is as if they all are in a trance or a dreaming slumber what ever their level of intelligence.
Much wonderful work is done in the world today, for purely unselfish reasons. We only have to think of when some awful disasters like earthquakes strike somewhere. Rescue teams pour in from all over the world and with complete smooth co-operation they all work together to bring relief to those who have suffered the disaster. The rescuer would admit that however ghastly rescue work became, they would feel intense satisfaction at all working together in harmony to bring that relief, all co-operating and no-one competing.
This is the nub of our problem. We have used the disaster example because the human tragedy it causes is so immediate and intense in its effect on the observer. The observer’s humanitarian virtues burst through the apathy, separateness, and fear. Instead they seek inside themselves to bring out, reveal, and freely offer the very best aspects of human nature. The vital point when viewed from the “End Goal” point of view, is the feeling of satisfaction that each rescuer gains. This suggests that the natural condition of mankind is to work in complete co-operation with itself at all times. Not just when disaster strikes. From this we learn that co-operation brings each person alive, alert and fully aware of the feelings of others. It dissolves lack of trust that generates the conditioned need to compete, and the need to always be looking into others to divine their true motives. Co-operation creates trust and the determination to give the very best we have unstintingly, trusting and knowing the rest of mankind will offer us what we need in return. In a world of co-operation it would be those who sought to compete who wouldn’t fit in.
If the reader hasn’t realised it already, the whole point of this description of our long history of fast thinking selfish winners and apathetic, competitive herd- mentality losers is this. Winners and losers both have got it all terribly wrong. Winners and losers pass on to their children the conditioning they received from their parents, and so we have a situation that has travelled with mankind from the dawn of history, and is still with us today. 9
The winner conditioning has always led them to believe that they own the planet to exploit, as they will. The losers, by their conditioned apathetic acquiescence to the winner’s authority over them, have agreed and helped with the exploitation. Earlier we mentioned that Earth is a complete living organism and that mankind, winners and losers make up the sum total thinking intelligence of that organism.
Now let us compare the metabolism of an individual human body with that of an organism named Earth. Suppose the metabolism of a human body began and continued a process of separation, and this caused it to compete with itself? De-valuing some parts, over-valuing other parts? That human body would be considered very ill indeed. Swiftly and ruthlessly that body’s immune system would swing into action to eliminate and expel the cause of the disease. In a normal healthy human body every organ, every living cell, every blood corpuscle, and on a tinier scale, every atom and every sub-atomic particle, all work in complete harmony with the rest of the body. Or we could instead say, “Works in complete co-operation with the rest of the body”.
Mankind with its selfish misuse of intelligence is now on the brink of becoming a diseased part of Mother Earth. Her immune system is poised ready to swing into action. Previously through the ages, exploitation with its poisonous side effects on the planet was limited and on a localised basis. Today it has grown and spread to the extent where all the checks and balances of the planet’s ecology are being badly affected. Ecologists have from all over the world warned us all again and again that there is only one way to save the life-supporting systems of Earth. That way requires that every nation and all the people who make up those nations whole’ heartedly co-operate with each other to bring the damage to an immediate halt, then to work together to repair the damage, and to clean up the mess.
Our description of the world of winners and losers is not intended as a diatribe against all forms of leadership and authority.
Some people are natural leaders with a flair for co-ordinating the efforts of people who lack this flair. Mankind has chosen to build civilisations and civilisations need leaders. Our criticism is both of the often dubious motives of the leaders and the apathy and indifference of the led. The latter has allowed the former to pass without effective comment or protest. The operative word here is effective because the majority of people have allowed themselves to become brainwashed into the belief that as individuals they are ineffective and powerless to alter events.
This belief is a complete contradiction of what they see before them each day. A universal law is that “Like is drawn to like” and the leaderships of religions and political parties demonstrate this daily. The few at the top draw the like-minded to them to form a nucleus to which growing numbers of voters or worshippers are drawn. The factor that does the drawing may take the form of a presented idea, ideal, or belief system but the fact remains that each time it is the few that draw the many to be led by the few. From this we must conclude that the only difference there is between leaders and led is in the attitude of mind or outlook adopted. A leader chooses to be convinced that he or she was born to lead other people and the world is faced with that chosen outlook.
Those countless individuals, which combined make up the led, have chosen to be convinced that they were born to be led. But just suppose another idea began to take root, the idea that the majority is a myth because each individual refused to be regarded as part of an unthinking, faceless crowd?
A crowd that is only fleetingly consulted by the media backed leadership at election time. Or regarded as a crowd that must sit in unquestioning silence whilst a priest quotes phrases from a holy book of dubious origins and history? What will happen to leadership then? If leaders are faced with countless individuals that has burst through their conditioned apathy and has started to think clearly and positively, leaders would then have to choose a different outlook. Leaders would then regard their role as a privilege instead of a right. Each of us is a thinking part of this world and the awful state of the world is due our refusal as individuals to accept responsibility for that awful state. But each of us is responsible because even when that state came to our knowledge we all said to each other “Someone should do something about it” Instead of “I’m going to do something about it”. The individual may say, “What can I do about it?” and that is a fair question because it is intimidating to stand up alone and say to our leaders” This is wrong and unjust”. But letters of protest written and signed by you have to at least be read by someone in authority even if they are not replied to. Then as you encourage others to also write letters of protest the protest grows to the point where it cannot be ignored. Petitions no matter how many sign them, and noisy demonstrations don’t have the same effect as letters written and sent by growing numbers of caring individuals. Leaders understand the power of the written word.
This is how each individual of the many will change the world, by the adoption of the idea that each individual was born to lead his or her self, and to accept the responsibility for the well-being of the planet, not as part of a faceless mass but as an individual capable of thinking and caring. As this idea spreads, the universal law of “Like is drawn to like” will alter the outlook of mankind.
There is a definite connection between the contents of chapter one and the following chapters. This book is intended to be an exploration into a Creation that undeniably exists all around us. At a first glance our choice of subject might seem rarefied and obscure, with little or nothing to do with everyday life. This would be true if Creation was something quite separate and apart from our daily lives, but it isn’t separate because without Creation we wouldn’t exist to live daily lives.
We owe it to ourselves to at least try to comprehend why Creation was created, and even more important to us, why we human beings were created. Was it blind, mechanical chance or was it the intended result of a conscious aware intelligent mind that already existed? If that mind exists what did it have in mind when it brought us into existence? These are some of the questions we will explore and the readers may find that the answers will alter the way they regard familiar daily life.
To be effective and convincing the exploration cannot rely on assumptions given the authority of facts. Simply because Saint Paul or Buddha or Mohammed are said to have said something doesn’t automatically make what they are said to have said true. Maybe they knew what they meant when they spoke, but we cannot know that they weren’t miss-understood, miss-heard, or deliberately miss-quoted.
So we have to rely on what is proved common knowledge and also on what intuitively “Feels right”. One of the things that countless people intuitively feel is that there should be more to life than this. For many people existence consists of hard, boring work in unsatisfying jobs for many years. Then they face the freedom of a few years of retirement that are soon marred by a reduced income, a failing body and later marred by the fear of death and fear of the unknown. Obviously life shouldn’t be like that; we live in a world of plenty for all. What we lack is the will and compassion to share that plenty with all.
The true knowledge has always existed in the world, knowledge that would ensure that no one faced the death of his or her physical body filled with fear. Again what is lacking is will, the will to share true knowledge, and also the will to seek true knowledge. The reluctance to share is based in fear, the fear of giving away power over people. The reluctance to seek is based in the fear of the unknown, the fear that knowledge of the unknown may in unknown ways change our familiar life. Then our conditioned thoughts do not allow us to consider the possibility that change could be for the better.
Imagine how your life would be changed if you clearly understood for example, why one person is born healthy and handsome whilst another person faces life as a crippled, mentally retarded captive in a wheel chair. Or why everything one-person attempts is a success, and why failure always seems the lot of another person. Why one person is homosexual whilst most people are heterosexual.
It all seems so unfair until the sought for answers appear, then it all begins to make sense as we observe the unfolding of a great plan. The plan includes and deeply involves each and every one of us humans, neither as a crowd of voters nor as members of a vast faceless congregation, but as conscious, aware, caring individuals. The plan is vast and each of us has to grow and evolve into our own special part, and so the exploration must reveal why we devalue ourselves and how to stop devaluing ourselves. Always we devalue each other and ourselves. For example we create an organisation or a business enterprise with the intention that what we have created will benefit everyone involved in our creation, but it never works as we intended.
Before we realise it our creation has become like an organism with a will to survive regardless of the cost to individuals, even though individuals for the benefit of individuals created it. Every enterprise is a pyramid thought structure, the highly valued boss at the apex and below the apex people whose value is assessed by their level in the pyramid with the least valued majority on the bottom level. Maybe this is the only way competing enterprises can function but the result is a conditioned attitude that it is acceptable for one human to value or devalue another human.
A person may tell us that he or she is a business executive and we immediately categorise his or her value. A person may tell us that he or she empties dustbins or cleans sewers. Once again we immediately categorise his or her value, but it’s a safe bet we will award that person a lower value. We all do this automatically. This is shown by our bafflement at our inability to categorise when a person tells us that he or she is a Poet.
Our exploration will lead us into a world of thought structures that are not dependent on atoms for their continued existence. These will be less difficult to comprehend than one might think. The pyramid-structured enterprise we just described could also be thought of as a thought structure. It is the continued, combined thought power of everyone involved in its creation that keeps the enterprise in existence. If simultaneously all of those people completely excluded it from their thoughts the enterprise would cease to exist. All that would be left would be empty offices and factories made of atoms made of energy.
Anyone who plans to enter, what is for them, unexplored territory will if they are wise equip themselves with a few basic necessities that they feel may be needed on the journey. Sometimes this involves searching around in the loft or attic for a pair of stout walking boots last used twenty years ago. But as this is a journey into a world of thought structures, boots however stout won’t help. What will be helpful for the trip you will find in your cranial attic gathering dust, stored away maybe years ago. A few memories considered interesting at the time but irrelevant to your busy daily life.
Organisations could be described as thought structures functioning in a universe of atoms, and in particular, in offices built of atoms, but still as the thought creation of many people. If simultaneously all those people decided to stop creating that thought structure it would immediately cease to exist. All that would remain would be empty offices built at their basic level from atoms.
We have repeated that paragraph as we are to explore intelligence that neither resides in, nor is dependent for its existence on atoms. This will be difficult because none of our readers as far as they know have ever experienced any existence other than linked to our solid seeming world of atoms. So our first trip into our attic is to look for an experience that is as near as we can get to what we are to explore. The nearest we can get is the memory of a dream, just an ordinary dream of which, as usual, only the vivid parts were remembered. Maybe you dreamt you were sitting with friends drinking coffee when you saw a bright red fire engine and heard its bell as it raced up the street to a fire. Then in confusion you awoke to the clatter of your alarm clock. But in the dream it all seemed as real and as natural as your life when awake.
Okay, that was just a dream, and while you had it you were still in your body made of atoms. While you are in your attic you can dig out another dusty old memory in which you experienced a contact with the kind of intelligence we are to explore. At the time you probably didn’t think of it in that way. Likely as not the reader has had an experience similar to the one we will describe or at least knows of someone who had a similar experience.
A loved one dies and amongst the grief-stricken, the closest to the loved one is inconsolable and even as the weeks pass the grief does not ease.
A worried friend trying to help suggests the grieving one visits MrsX who has an excellent reputation as a Psychic Medium. The friend, maybe you, offers to go along to give morale support. Mrs X is a complete stranger to both of you; so far your only contact has been a very brief phone call to make an appointment. During the phone call MrsX suggested you bring a tape-recorder, as this will enable you to replay the Reading at your leisure.
On the day Mrs X makes you both welcome, and as you are newcomers to all this, explains that she will not require any information from your friend because Spirit will supply all that is needed. Mrs X goes on to explain that while sitting with you she will link and make contact with the world of Spirit on behalf of your friend. Mrs X knows that tricksters and fakes can learn a great deal about people by how they dress, express themselves, and unconsciously use body language. For that reason Mrs X does all she can to reassure you. She explains that she does not go in to a trance state, or speak in anything other than her normal voice. 13
Any information she receives from Spirit she will relay to your friend, who is only required to answer yes or no. If the answer is no, Mrs X will ask Spirit to clarify what they have told her. The Reading may last an hour and during that tine Mrs X may make contact with the deceased loved one and be able to relay a lot of information of a detailed sort, information that could only be known by your friend and the deceased person. All through the ‘Reading’ it was ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without discussion or pumping your friend.
If the deceased is, for example, a Grandmother then some of the information may baffle your young friend. But for all that when you both leave Mrs X at the end of the Reading your friend is happier and reassured that somewhere the deceased still exists as a real person as they were in life. The baffling information only became clear when you got home and replayed the tape. An older member of the family recognised the information and knew that it referred to some incident that happened before your friend was born. Yvonne Brittain is a very experienced Clairvoyant Medium and so the authors are in a position to know that this is a very common occurrence, a typical Clairvoyant Reading.
Your friend begins to live again, and relieved you tuck the affair into your memory without further thought as your busy life engulfs you again. But what has Mrs X done? Firstly she has given a demonstration of Telepathy. Information passed from mind to mind using no words, only direct thought. What does the fact mean that Mrs X gave your friend accurate information that did not exist in your friend’s mind or the mind of Mrs X? It means that another mind was in contact with Mrs X. and as that information could have only come from the mind of the deceased grandmother (Whose cremation you both attended) we are left with an unavoidable conclusion. That Grandmother, now free of her aged, failing, tiresome body is alive and conscious.
Grandmother is also well aware of where she is, and is very happy and reassured that one day all of us will be where she is now, and you all will meet her again. There was no trickery or trumpery; this was a genuine psychic linkage. So now you have two pieces of equipment from your cranial attic. The first, a dream in which you drank coffee while your sleeping arm lay inert at your side,
The second, a contact (admittedly via a third person) with an aware conscious intelligence that no longer exists in a human body composed of atoms. We are searching for the missing parts of Christian teachings, and also we very much want to know what happens next to Grandmother. Is she in Heaven or Hell? As \we are taught by the church. She certainly didn’t give you that impression. Nor is she sleeping until Judgement Day. So what now?
Grandmother seems to be quite happy so we will leave her for the moment while we go in search of the missing parts. During his extensive travels we are told that Jesus studied and practised many religions of the world. He found many differences between them. Each had a different and magnified facet of the truth, but also they had certain things in common that they all believed. One belief they all shared was that of Reincarnation. Some of the religions regarded this as a form of punishment from their God or Gods for sins committed during past lives. But the early training of Jesus took place in the ancient temples of Egypt where the teaching included a deep understanding of the meaning and purpose of Reincarnation. There Jesus was taught that Reincarnation was not a punishment from God or anyone else but a means of making spiritual progress. That progress would enable each human being to eventually attain the End Goal. We will explore the subject of Reincarnation later in this book. 14
With the training and depth of understanding Jesus received it is unthinkable that Reincarnation would not have been included in his teachings. Is there anything to suggest that Jesus did teach about reincarnation? Yes there is. Earlier we discussed organisations in which the many, to remain as part of the organisation are compelled to follow the rules, directions and purposes of the few at the top, We included the organisation known as the Christian Church. After two thousand years during which tradition has been used to weld the name of Jesus to the organisation, we could be forgiven for assuming Jesus was its founder. The truth is that the organisation was not created at the time of Jesus but well after. This means that much of what we are taught to believe was in fact decided by the few, most of who were not even born at the time of Christ’s ministry.
As an example, about five hundred years after Christ, one of the current few named Augustine of Hippo (He later received sainthood) decided for reasons that may or may not have been benevolent; (we will never know) that God creates each new soul for each new baby. We have always had difficulty with this belief because it takes the control of soul production out of God’s hands. To us it suggests that if two healthy people decide, not necessarily to have a baby, but to have sexual intercourse, from which a baby results, God be then compelled to create a soul for it. For the many priests who had to explain this switch in belief to their congregations, this became part of the Official Christian Faith and Teachings, as we are told, were laid down by Jesus Christ. Anyone at the time who couldn’t handle this sudden switch and publicly said so, was accused of Heresy punishable by death.
This is recorded history and clearly suggests that Reincarnation was an integral and important part of the original teachings. By the same switch all belief in the living energies of Mother Nature and the guiding power of Mother Earth was banned as Heretical and Pagan. Thereafter planet Earth was to be considered as an inert mechanism not influencing Mankind but there for his use. For the select few who would control kings, and through those kings, control great numbers of people, clearly the few achieved their goal. They had forbidden teachings that they realised would make those many people very difficult to control, even to the point of preferring death rather than give up their beliefs. For this reason if for no other we owe it to ourselves to explore the subject for the chance that we also may receive something we will treasure more than our present life.
At this point, for any readers who are completely unfamiliar with the thoughts we offer we suggest a drop of mental oil on the hinges of your mind. Now we must widen our limited thinking (mostly imposed on us by others) to begin to realise just how priceless and unique is each human being.
Before we explore Reincarnation we must do a little groundwork. Let us take the late beloved Grandmother as our example. Just like everyone else Grandmother was born, lived her allotted span of years and then, her body worn out and exhausted, died (as far as we knew). But now we know that she has continued to exist. If it is possible and normal to exist after so ca1led death, there is no valid reason to say she didn’t exist before her birth into physical life. But if she did exist before her birth why did she choose to enter into a life on Earth, trapped in a body? As we all know, the human body in its prime is limiting and often in its dotage is excruciating. You will note we have used the word choose. Let us look closely at what Saint Augustine insists we should believe
What he said really meant that the Creator whom we think of as God is unfair. It means that each of us is given one single chance to make the grade. We might be born to nice, loving, middle-class, comfortably off parents with all that that means. We would enjoy love and care, the best of education, health care and religious guidance, and so on.
Or alternatively we could be born to parents who detest each other and their unwanted children, and are forced to exist amid poverty, squalor, loose morals and crime.
This would be an upbringing almost guaranteed to scar the future adult life of any child or brand new inexperienced soul, the same one chance when born to be to be a handsome, healthy man or woman, or a twisted, crippled wheelchair bound object of pity. It will be as obvious to you as it is to us that Saint Augustine was really telling uneducated masses of people forced to live in ignorance, squalor and grinding poverty at that time, “Keep your place and don’t complain, it is God’s Will and your reward is in Heaven”. Anyway no one would have dared to argue with the all-powerful priests.
If we recall, Jesus always insisted that our Creator is just and fair, compassionate and wise, and filled with love for all Creation including us. But with just a casual glance around the world we are left with the strong suspicions that we have been excluded from the Creators love. If we are to believe Jesus it would help if we knew what the Creator had in mind when creating Creation. If the Creator is perfect why does he/she need us less then perfect humans muddling along on planet Earth? You don’t know? Well all we can do is to offer you our thoughts and what we have learned so far.
We have looked at our role as the conscious, aware, thinking intelligence of an organism called Planet Earth. We know that intelligence bestows freedom from the shackles of blind instinct but also responsibility for all life on the planet that lacks that freedom. Logically a Creator with maximum, perfect intelligence and awareness would have instantly deduced that perfection couldn’t work or be perfect without harmony. Slowly and painfully poor old Mankind is forcing itself by its own stupid and selfish actions to come to the same conclusion.
Harmony is just another word for co-operation, unselfishness, compassion, generosity, kindness and caring a bit more about other people’s feelings, also the wisdom to remember that we all are in the same boat, or planet. So as we all reluctantly edge towards this conclusion as the proper individual behaviour and outlook for each of us, already our Creator uses harmony to guide and temper every thought and action. Our Creator, who knows when to leave well alone, already uses the wisdom we referred to. Unfortunately Mankind has yet to learn not to interfere with a creation that functions perfectly without that interference, but we can get to that later. Regardless of all of us people, muddling through life on Earth, if a Creator exists, why, and for what purpose? The ancient wisdom that existed long before Saint Augustine, and for that matter before Jesus Christ, refers to an eternal battle or duel between Light and Darkness, or between Chaos and Order; the lesser meaning refers to the human race always faced with good or evil choices. The greater meaning refers to the Creator’s role of replacing Nothingness with harmonious, conscious, aware Intelligence. In this context Light refers to intelligence and the creative use of knowledge by that intelligence. Darkness can refer to its absence or misuse. We certainly do not intend to draw our readers into a deep and intricate metaphysical discussion even if we were capable of it.
So far we have tried to demonstrate how the beliefs of the unquestioning many are shaped and influenced by the interpretations of the fallibly human few at the top. Those beliefs then become set in the concrete of centuries of tradition that must not be questioned by the current teachers of that tradition. This applies equally to western and to eastern belief systems, all of which make the unproven assumption that the duel between the Creator and Darkness or Nothingness was won by our Creator, and nothing exists but our Creator.
Unfortunately to be able to believe that interpretation, everything else including the unfairness we have described and also the Creator’s purpose for Mankind has to be altered to fit that unproven assumption.
The beauty of frequent applications of oil to the hinges of the mind is that no longer does one feel intimidated by sheer weight of numbers who believe this or believe that. In many cases what is believed was instilled during childhood and thereafter never questioned. But only by searching questions can we assess the value to us as individuals of what we are asked to believe, regardless of what the rest of humanity believes. It is on that basis that the rest of this book explores the equally unproved assumption that the duel we have described is ongoing. If our exploration is to make sense first we must look briefly at processes, at Time, and at ourselves as we really are.
To suggest that a Creator’s role is to replace Chaos with conscious, aware intelligence implies that where the Creator isn’t, there is Chaos or Nothingness, and vice-versa. This in turn implies that a Creator has to appear amid the Chaos or Nothingness to begin the replacing process. But to imply that a Creator has to begin at all contradicts all we have been taught that the Creator is eternal which means no beginning and no end. The only way this can cease to be a contradiction will be if the Creator is the name of an ongoing process, of which our Creator is a part.
Before we all end up completely baffled let’s put it in Earth terms we can all understand.
Imagine “Somehow” is an ever- expending forest of Creator Trees. Where the trees of the forest exist is filled with light, wisdom compassion creativity and to make the entire forest function harmoniously, an out-flowing of a powerful energy called Love. The forest is completely immersed in Chaos, Darkness, and Nothingness that the forest must expand into. On Earth we have clues as to how it would do this from observing our own forests.
Trees while growing and filling their own space also create from their own fabric, seeds that when the timing is right, the tree will broadcast into its surroundings. Each seed contains everything that the tree knows about becoming a tree and creating more trees. Each broadcast seed, again when the timing is right germinates; or awakens and then begins to build a tree where at present no tree exists. But also it begins the process of creating and preparing the next generation of seeds. Only when the seeds have fully developed from being potential seeds into being completed seeds that contain the potential to be seed bearing trees would there be any point broadcasting them, this much is obvious.
But if you were able to ask a potential seed its views about one day being a tree the seed would probably think that you are crazy. With the best will in the world it couldn’t imagine itself ever becoming a tree. It might even say “Look at me, a tiny speck, the most insignificant part of this magnificent tree, I am nothing. The other seeds told me I am nothing. They are wiser than me so they must be right”. Then as the conversation continued you would suddenly realise that the potential seed wasn’t talking about the whole huge tree (it wasn’t even really sure that the tree existed) when it said tree, it meant the inside of the seedpod in which it was developing.
Oh dear, time for a drop more of that mental hinge oil.
If we were to follow the progress of just one of these broadcast Creators seeds, which would we choose? Why not the one that created us?
Our Creator seed pops into existence amid the Darkness, or let’s call it Chaos, Its task to convert that Chaos to light. Earlier we explained the ancient definition of Light in the context of our Creator. Now we must expand on that explanation so that the readers do not under estimate the realness of that Light, but also the realness of that Chaos that the Light must replace. At this point it will be helpful to use as an analogy a Radio set, and also the very real radio waves that carry the programmes. When we move the tuner across the dial we tune into and then out of different programmes, and in between the programmes we hear the static sound of the radio waves that are not carrying programmes. Though we cannot see or touch the radio waves or the programmes we know that both are very real. Now we will compare the static of those unused radio waves to the unconverted energy of Chaos.
Then we will find it easier to imagine our Creator seed as it leaves the level or wave length of its parent tree and then leaves the level or wave band of the forest to seek out an untouched level of the energy we have named Chaos. We will end this explanation by surmising that these untouched levels of Chaos could exist in countless numbers. So now we have a mental picture of a measureless, boundless ocean of very real energies that exist in a state of unorganised Chaos. The Ocean is measureless because such three dimensional terminology cannot apply, and the nearest we could get was to compare it to the realness of unused wave bands and unused radio waves.
By the use of the same analogy our Creator tree forest has converted some wave bands of that chaotic energy into aware, conscious, creative, living energy, and always the forest seeks via its broadcast seeds to convert more and more of that Chaos. We, the authors cannot pretend to know how, when, or why this process began. The foregoing description is relevant in that it presents a more convincing scenario than those offered by established religions to explain the reason for, and purpose of, the existence of aware, conscious, intelligent Mankind. This will become clear as we proceed
Our Creator seed has arrived and is now immersed in the ocean of chaotic energy. It knows the job it has to do, but it hasn’t got a body or a bag of tools, how will it start creating? Grandmother, during her life, used to bake lovely cakes. This required knowledge of the recipe, how to blend the ingredients, a little touch of this, and a little pinch of that, how much heat to apply and for how long.
But before any of this can happen, Grandmother had to create the image of a finished cake in her mind before she could translate that image into a delicious cake that on its tiniest, most basic level would be that image created from atoms. Grandmother now existing quite happily in “Somehow” has not lost her gift of creativity; she has only lost her body of atoms. Now if she wishes, Grandmother can create a cake that is as real as she is simply by creating it in her mind. If Grandmother can do it, it is a safe bet that the Creator can do it perfectly. The operative phrase here is, “in her mind”.
At this point it is important that the readers use their imagination to help them realise that initially Creation is the result of the Creator’s use of imagination followed by the Creator’s ability to hold and project the imagined image indefinitely. The Creator has a two-part job to do. The first part is more straightforward to do than the second part. The first part involves the Creator deciding how much of the Chaos it will replace with light. We have already assumed that countless levels of Chaos exist.
Now we will take the assumption further by assuming our Creator seed will convert the entire level of Chaos that it has entered.
Once decided it simply converts the Chaos into Light in its imagination and then fills the selected area of “Somehow” with it on an ongoing basis. The next part is trickier because it involves the next generation Of Creator Seeds. To understand why it is tricky you have to try if you will to compare the Creator’s mind with the mind of an author or playwright here on Earth. Just like the Creator, an author can create anything he likes in his imagination. He can create a string of characters, and he can make them do or say anything he wishes. His skill at creating them makes them seem like real people when you read his book or watch his play. But really they are puppets and their decisions, ideas and actions in the story are the author’s imagined decisions, ideas and actions.
In the same way while creations remain in the Creator’s mind they have no Freewill. The Creator can project them into the surrounding Light-filled “Somehow” and still they would lack freewill because existing on the same perfect level as the Creator they would simply be extensions of the Creator’s mind.
Just like the tree on Earth that creates seeds from its own fabric and than sends them away to start over alone, the Creator Seeds will have to be able to leave the mind of the Creator. When the potential seeds have evolved into seeds with the potential to be Creators in their own right they will be ready to leave. When they leave they must take with them the same creativity and Freewill to choose as their Creator enjoys. Here we will again remind our readers that everything created begins as a thought, as an idea, in the mind of someone. The potential Creator seeds began as an idea in our Creator’s mind. They were then created from our Creator’s very real thought energies. But if they were to enjoy freewill they could not remain on the perfect level, and also the seeds had to be placed where eventually their growing evolving intelligence could take over the control and ownership of the thought power energy of which they were made. Until individually the seeds achieved this each seed would exist on energies provided by the Creator.
This is just the start because then the intelligent conscious, aware potential Creator seed must climb and develop, learning always, until it reaches the same perfect level of Intelligence and creativity as its Creator, but by then separate, independent and free to depart from the Creator.
Our description of a process that creates Creators may at first glance seem obscure. Also it may appear to have little or nothing to do with Ascension or the readers. But this lofty and obscure level and its processes has so often been misunderstood by theologians and teachers of religion That is the reason why a great part of mankind believes they all will eventually merge into our Creator’s mind as one single ME. Meanwhile another great part of mankind is taught to believe they are God’s eternal children who retain their individuality and who have no other role other than applauding, worshipping audience. Mostly the remainder of mankind doesn’t know what to believe so our description offers the readers a third possibility that in fact encompasses re-interpreted aspects of many belief systems.
All religions and belief systems of the world stem from the same ancient knowledge and wisdom. Each represents an emphasised facet of that knowledge magnified until it is sincerely regarded as the complete and only knowledge. So for the believers of this or that religion it follows that anyone who believes anything else must be wrong. Now we will try to combine some of those facets to get a more complete picture of the truth.
On the Creator’s perfection level there can only be one way of doing things, and that is the correct way, the harmonious way. So obviously it is not the correct level yet for potential creator seeds that have yet to learn how to guide and control every thought and action with harmony. They can be taught about harmony, but no one can learn for them. Only through their own experience can they come to KNOW that harmony is the correct and preferable companion of intelligent thought. To be able to learn they must have the freewill to choose. To choose to make mistakes, to choose to learn from those mistakes, or not to learn from those mistakes. Always each must have freewill choice and Time to learn, Time to teach self, the harmonious way.
So without getting technical, if this is the purpose how is it done? Those people we have described as Winners we tend to regard as fast thinkers. But no doubt instruments exist that could prove that their thinking processes are slow enough to be timed. One aspect of the Creator’s perfection would be instantaneous thought.
So clearly from this we conclude that the higher we climb towards the Creator’s perfection level the faster we will have to be able to think. Speed of thought or rather speed of existence is the key that will give freewill choice to the Creator’s imagined projected creations, until they have gained their independence.
By the way, have you guessed who the Potential Creator Seeds are yet? Yes that’s right, you, and that poor old confused “Bag lady”. Yes, and that Philippine toddler playing in the filth of the city garbage dump, and the millionaire on his yacht, also that condemned serial killer, and the Mafia man busy selling drugs to children. Everyone a developing potential Creator Seed, each one as a part of self development acting out a role in a body that can be permanently damaged but, as Grandmother has proved for us, a soul (the real you) that can’t be damaged.
From all of this it becomes obvious that there is quite a gradient of speeds of existence between the Creator Seeds in the process of development, and the Creator’s perfect level. So how does the Creator overcome the problem of puppet-like creations on that perfect level? To create a creation that is endowed with Freewill means that it must have the freedom to choose to be less than perfect if it wishes.
But as this is impossible on the perfect level the Creator must provide a less than perfect thought area for that creation to exist in. How can a Creator on the perfect level generate less than perfect thought? This is less complicated than it sounds. Once more we return to familiar terminology to describe activity in the non-physical. First we will describe what had to be done, and then we will describe how it was possible to do it.
To portray the Creator’s perfect level of instantaneous existence let us imagine the Creator as a brilliant point of light. The light screen that is replacing an area of Chaos we will picture as straight lines of light or perfect thought energy radiating out in all directions from that central point of light. It is these lines of light on to which the imagined images are to be projected. We could say that the lines and the central point together represent the mind of our Creator. In our picture the analogy of the straight lines of perfect instantaneous thought would be represented in a way that is familiar to us.
We could say that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The instantaneous thought energy that form the radiated lines cannot be slowed down, and yet somehow the thought energy must be delayed if less than perfect and instantaneous levels are to be created. Now let’s see how it was done. 20
If we take an unlikely example on Earth let us imagine the driver of a car has to leave point A. at a certain time and arrive at point B. at a certain time later.
The trouble is that the accelerator is jammed down which means the speed of the car cannot be changed or reduced. This means on the straightest direct route the car will arrive too early at point B. The driver gets around this problem by taking a different circuitous route with many bends which involves driving far more distance at the one speed between A. and B. (Again we ask you not to be put off by the three dimensional terminology we have used to describe non physical levels)
The Creator uses the same solution, by introducing a series of kinks or waves into the straight lines of radiated instantaneous perfect thought. The speed of the thought is still instantaneous but its route is less than direct. The waves make it act as less than perfect thought. This creates a level where Freewill endowed creations can exist. So now we need to know how our Creator (Who cannot leave the perfect level) introduced kinks and waves into those straight lines. For the explanation to make sense, first we must define what we mean by “Our Creator”.
Most religions seem to agree that unlike us humans, Our Creator doesn’t have nor need a physical body. Logically that means that Our Creator is a conscious, aware, intelligent mind. The differences of belief enter the scene at this point as to the gender of that mind. In the past God was regarded as SHE. In more recent times men, for their own motives and reasons have preferred to regard God as HE. In actual fact both beliefs are right because our Creator’s mind is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine aspects. As we proceed the readers will realise that had that mind only been HE or SHE it would have been impossible for our Creator to create the required freewill levels.
By now our readers will have noticed that we have started our exploration right at the top, right at the beginning with the Creator’s mind. To do otherwise, such as to start at our familiar level and to work upwards would cause confusion because then we would be describing the effect of processes without the reasons why those processes were started. Again please allow us flexibility as we next describe a process that was triggered. So far our Creator mind has appeared amid a level we have named an ocean of energy that is in a state of chaos. Then our Creator has used the power of thought to convert that chaotic energy into an organised creative energy in the control of the Creator’s mind. This we have represented with the analogy of a central point with straight lines radiating outwards from the central point. But in fact this entire ocean of energy on this particular waveband or level has become the Creator’s mind.
Next we describe the only creative act that was directly performed by the Creator mind on the perfect level. All subsequent creative acts of that mind were performed indirectly. As we continue this will become clear, we have explained that the Creator’s mind is a perfect blend of both him and her, and that if it hadn’t been this blend the less than perfect freewill levels would have been impossible to create. Now we find out why. Many religions speak of Godhead, and hierarchies of angels.
The explanations of what these are and what they do greatly varies from one religion to another. According to those descriptions they all seem to be very wise and all seem to have special powers, and we worshipers are urged to regard them with the respect due to highly placed officials of God. But if they exist where does mankind fit into the set up?
The first and only direct creative act of the Creator mind was to create an image in that mind. The image was of the masculine aspect only of that blended mind. Without the feminine aspect the image was incomplete. Because it was incomplete it was less than perfect. Because it was less than perfect it couldn’t remain on the perfect level but because it had been created it had to exist. The fact of its existence created a less than perfect level on which the image of the masculine aspect existed as a link with the blended mind on the perfect level.
The second part of this creative act was to create an image of the feminine aspect only, once again incomplete without the masculine aspect and so not perfect. Using the masculine aspect as the link this second image passed through the linkage level to generate another less than perfect level. So now we have the blended Creator mind on the perfect level, which has created two less than perfect levels, both linked to the perfect level. But really this means that the Creator has placed images of both aspects of that mind in the less than perfect levels where freewill is possible.
The two images have freewill and creative gifts in their own right but must merge their powers to be fully creative. Their combined role is to re-create in the freewill levels the images sent to them, via the feminine image from the blended mind on the perfect level. In this way the Creator mind is able to give freewill to all creations created in the imagination of that mind. The playwright has allowed his imagined characters to make up their own dialogue as the unwritten play proceeds.
This is not enough because when the potential creator seeds are created they will remain totally dependent for their continued existence on the energies provided by their Creator. That is that unless a way can be devised that will enable the seeds to individually take control of those energies to gain their independence. To explain what we mean, first the creations must be given freewill, but because to be given freewill means that they must be created in a less than perfect level they cannot directly take control of perfect, instantaneous energies.
Before we describe the next part of the process let’s take another look at our Creator and our Creator’s thought power, and by using our analogy of the central point with the radiating lines, logically only another Creator with power equal to our Creator could affect those lines in any way, for example, to stop the instantaneous flow of energy in its tracks. And yet to create the required waves, as we described them earlier, something has got to resist that outward flow of energy to delay it to create the waveforms that will create more of the required less than perfect levels.
We have described what is needed as a resistance that could resist that outward flow enough, not to stop the flow but to deflect it into a waveform. With this in mind the masculine and feminine images combine their powers to create a third image. This third image is created with both the masculine and feminine aspects of the perfect level Creator mind, but now in the less than perfect levels.
The Creator mind has used these three images as stepping stones to gain access to the less than perfect levels without leaving the perfect level. These three images are called the Godhead: God the Father, God the Mother and God the Son. But all three are products of the Creator mind. God the Son is able to provide the required resistance that will create the levels.
God the Mother will receive the required creations from the perfect Creator’s blended mind, and then together with God the Father will re-create those creations in the less than perfect levels. But always they will use the creator’s energies that arrive via the linkages that link the Godhead levels. This same flow of energy was used to create God the Son and simultaneously to provide a reservoir of life-force energies that contained both aspects of the Creator’s mind. The reservoir on the Godhead level contained all the life force that would form the Angelic Hierarchies and also all of the potential creator seeds. To summarise the process so far, Our Creator has appeared amid the chaos and has converted it to creative energy. The chaos has become the Creator’s mind. Next by use of incomplete imagined images has created freewill levels and Godhead to create the imagined creations. Via the Godhead an image of the blended Creator mind has been placed in the less than perfect level where that image can resist the outward path of that instantaneous thought energy to create descending levels.
Lastly a reservoir of life force has been placed ready to descend those levels when they are created. From that reservoir Gods the Father and Mother take a spark of energy or life force and pass it through their combined energies. The spark contains both aspects of the Creator’s mind and from the spark is created a twinned angel. This twinned angel has been given many names by many religions. Only much later through distorted teachings would mankind think of this special angel as Adam and Eve, the first man and woman.
In any organisation power is delegated downwards because obviously the boss can’t do his job if he has to be on the factory floor helping to produce the products. In the same way Our Creator mind cannot leave the perfect level and so has delegated creation in the freewill levels to the Godhead. The Godhead is limited to creation in the Angelic levels and so in turn the Godhead delegates the creation of physical matter as a seedbed for potential Creator seeds to God the Son and this special twinned angel who was known as the friend of the Godhead.
The next part of the sequence involves the Son moving into the Freewill area to create the first less than perfect level and as we explained earlier, less than perfect means less than instantaneous. By resisting the outward flow of instantaneous thought energy a series of waves are formed that the energy must follow and thus is delayed. This would represent the first level below the Godhead levels. To create the next level the Son would simply introduce more waves than in the previous level. In this way simply by adding more waves than in the previous level the flow of energy would be increasingly delayed.
This would mean that the speed of existence would be reduced for each successive level. Now we must find out the purpose of these created levels of existence. From our description probably the readers have noted the resemblance of the levels to a flight of stairs that lead downwards from the Creator mind level. But then we must remind ourselves that stairs lead upwards as well as downwards and this staircase will be used in both directions by the potential creator seeds. Next was the creation of the occupants of the levels that we have described.
God the Father and Mother together tap the reservoir to create the angels who will populate this first level. For the sake of a name we have called the energies in the reservoir, sparks of life force. Each spark contains both aspects of the blended Creator mind, and in fact we can say that each spark is a tiny part of that Creator mind.
Each spark is passed through the energies of the Godhead to form twins male and Female; each independent beings, both with Freewill and creative powers, but just the same as the Godhead these twin angels must merge to use the full potential of their powers. By passing through the Godhead the sparks leave some of their power on the Godhead level because only in this way can they exist at a reduced speed of existence. A period of training follows for the angels, conducted by the Godhead and the special angel. The reason for this is to have firsthand experience of the learning process. The angels are created with conscious aware intelligence, their role to be the guides and teachers who will eventually teach all they know to the ascending potential Creator seeds when each seed reaches that level. This is like the ascending levels of a college. Only when the learning process of the angels is complete does the Son move further into the freewill area to create the next less perfect level, where the process of angel creation and training is repeated but this time with the assistance of the first level angels.
In sequence, each level is created and populated by angels who have passed through the energies of the Godhead and higher angelic levels. So these are known as the Hierarchies of angels and teaching is the purpose of their existence. How many of these angelic levels exist depends very much on who one asks. The most precise information we can offer the readers is that there are many levels. It will be obvious that the first created level will have learned far more and would have far greater powers of creativity than the last created level because the first is that much closer to the perfect level of instantaneous thought, and started learning before the last level angels.
So far everything we have described has taken place in the non-physical where conscious, aware, intelligence exists quite happily, and so far not one atom of physical matter has been created. On the Godhead level the remaining sparks in the reservoir are left to slumber until their seedbed is prepared for them.
We will conclude this chapter by emphasising that the sparks that became angels and the sparks that became mankind originated from the same reservoir.
In the previous chapter the readers will have noticed that in the Creator Mind the masculine and Feminine Aspects are blended into a perfect balance, where as in all the creations that followed, each was created as one masculine or feminine half of a set of twins. Each twin has freewill and creative powers and can function independently, but must merge that creative power with the powers of the other twin to be fully creative.
Also we have explained as the reason for the separation of the two aspects was to enable those creations to enjoy freewill even though this involved existing on levels that are less than instantaneous. But this does not mean those creations are locked into their own levels. Simply by slowing their speed of thought they can descend into slower levels of existence. Equally if they wish to they can ascend to higher, faster levels of existence by striving to raise their consciousness to match those higher faster levels.
Before we descend below the angelic levels let us explore some of the similarities between angels and us. Later on we will look at the differences. We have explained that when we move below the Perfect Creator level we move to the less than perfect, freewill area, and common-sense tells us that the angels that populate this area on their different levels are less than perfect just like us, it is only a matter of degree.
Our individual intelligence has a point of focus that in each of us we regard as “Me”.
Within the limits of thought speed set by the level we exist in, we are able to move that focus up the gradient of speed in our level to touch by striving, that next level. Those in the higher level are then able to slow their speed to match the speed our striving has been able to reach. For example Mrs X is a human being who has developed her psychic gifts by her own striving to contact those higher levels of existence. No one could do it for her; all the effort had to be made by Mrs X.
If the readers succumb to our urging to try meditation they will be attempting to link up with these higher levels. To achieve this they will have to enter what Mrs X would call, an altered state of consciousness. The one who enters that altered state experiences a speeding up of existence for as long as they are able to stay in that altered state. But always you are aware of your relaxed body. Later we will explore what it is in the non-physical that you make contact with. Mrs X is well practised and can stay on that level for an hour or more.
Conversely by not striving we are able to keep our focus at a comfortable level of thought by always remaining focused outwards on the level of the everyday world around us and seldom if ever focused inwards. The effort is great and so most people can only manage that altered state for a few minutes, but during those few minutes, communication can and does take place between the two levels of existence.
This is the state of focus that most people prefer because it is effortless and is why so many people find it impossible to believe that any other level could exist.
We could compare this inward striving to reach up to higher levels of the non- physical to a similar outward striving by some people to gain ever-higher levels of knowledge of the world and of the physical universe.
With striving either inward or outward the seeker has to leave his or her comfort zone level of thought to be able to receive and to absorb into the mind what is received. This applies whether the seeker seeks psychic contacts or seeks profound knowledge of higher mathematics, astronomy, or even the abstract concepts of philosophy. In each case the mind of the seeker must be open and flexible like an open vessel into which the sought for knowledge and experience can be poured. But always the choice is yours to seek or not to seek.
The purpose of our conscious, aware intelligence is to fully exist in our physical world whilst always striving to reach those higher levels of the non-physical. Me: The focus of that intelligence is also non-physical so me needs physical linkages to experience physical existence. Our mind links me to our brain. Our brain is our physical link with our body. Via those linkages me is able to translate non-physical thought into physical action. The brain is equipped to allow me to fulfil that purpose we have just described. It is no matter of chance that the human brain is formed into two halves that are linked.
One half deals with the interchange between the “Me” point of focus as a separate individual and the physical level in which we all exist. This side is called the Intellectual. The other half of the brain deals with how “Me” the focus relates to, and knows it is an essential part of the whole of Creation, physical and non-physical. This side is known as the Intuition. It is through the intuitive side of the brain that magical inspiration that defies logic arrives when it is least expected the inspiration that causes beautiful poetry and music to be effortlessly composed.
The intellectual side, if I allow it to, leads my focus deeper and deeper into my separateness and preoccupation with everything that I do not regard as “Me”. My Intuitional side, if I allow it to leads me the focus to communicate with and to merge with all of Creation, to regard myself as part of everything, and everything as part of me. All this whilst never losing the focus I regard as “Me”.
In the Creator mind it could be said that the Intellect, the “doing” part of the mind resides more in the masculine aspect where as the Intuition, the psychic link with all Creation is more with the feminine aspect. This is not rigid because both aspects perfectly blended would overlap and influence each other, always perfectly in balance
As we move from the Creator mind level to the Godhead level we observe that the two aspects are individualised but must merge their powers to be at their most creative, as if one plus one becomes three instead of two. Individually they would not have been able to create God the Son, the Creator mind image in the less than perfect, freewill zone. Exactly the same applies to the Angelic Hierarchies, the masculine twin is mostly intellect with latent intuition and the feminine twin mostly intuition with latent intellect.
Both must merge their powers for the same reason. Yet again the same applies to male and female human beings. This is why throughout history up to the present day women have always been the prophetesses, the see-ers, and the mystics. And today they are the psychic mediums like Mrs X. On a less developed level, women are familiar with, and trust their Intuition. Men are the “Doers” the breadwinners’ always looking outwards, seldom inwards, who are unfamiliar with, and distrust Intuition as something strange, and as such to be avoided. Often when we delve into the most successful relationships between men and women we discover a mutual trust in the powers of intellect firmly guided by the tested powers of intuition. Unfortunately for men in a winner’s world intuition is belittled by the winners.
Twin angels and humans face the same danger that is part of the price of freewi11. The danger is when the Me focus allows the mind to draw it away from the striving Intuition and draw it completely into the separateness of the Intellect because the feeling of separateness leads to the growth of fear and self-doubt that always accompanies separation. We see every day around us the products of that fear and self-doubt in the forms of the frenzied search for personal security whatever the cost to others. The desire to dominate others is one such product of that search. Separateness and competition breeds vanity, greed and selfishness.
This has happened to countless human beings and also it can happen to an angel of light, and to the other angels who were influenced by the brilliant power of that angel’s Intellect. This angel chose to ignore the intuition of his twin flame. Later we will examine this misguided angel’s role to place it in its true perspective.
We have explained that the Creator mind triggered a process and the product of the process will be to create a next generation of Creator minds. Also we have explained that the process cannot work unless the products of the process have the same freewill to make choices as the Creator mind, right at the start of the process. Because that next generation will have to learn and evolve their way, as their route to the Creator’s level, an integral part of the process is the choices they make.
In retrospect some of those individual choices may be considered as bad and some as good. But always the choices were and are made without foreknowledge of the future outcomes of those choices. Eventually the one who chooses will learn from both good and bad outcomes of those choices.
We are sure the readers can accept that just like the cake making process triggered by Grandmother, the Creator mind triggered a process that once started must not be interfered with until it is complete. If Grandmother disturbs the cake mixture as it bakes, or alters the temperature the cake won’t be what she planned. In the same way if the Creator mind interferes with the triggered process the result won’t be as planned.
How could the Creator mind interfere with the process? Simply by judging us and judging the outcomes of the choices we have to make without any knowledge of the future. If that idea is acceptable to the readers then what does become unacceptable is the unsubstantiated claims of established religions that our Creator judges each of us, if the Creator mind doesn’t judge us who does? Quite simply as individuals we judge ourselves. Who else has the right to judge us?
Our title for this chapter is “A physical Universe is created”. What we have explained so far in this chapter is very relevant to what follows because it is vital to understand the absolute power of thought. The only thing that exists so far in our exploration is conscious, aware intelligence that can think. The intelligence is very real and the energy it uses to create thought structures is also very real.
Always it has been regarded as a mystery how a non-physical Creator mind could create our physical universe and all that it contains that seems so solid. Always mankind has regarded thought as something less valuable than the products of thought. Now we ask the readers to realise thought is a very real energy that intelligence can control and use to create anything including a physical universe.
We have to descend a level of thought speed to see how God, the Son creates the conditions required to create a physical universe. Before we descend let us find some familiar terminology to get an idea, an inkling of how directed thought could control very real energies.
We will ask the readers to visualise a pond filled with water. There is neither inlet nor outlet and so the water is still and undisturbed. As we watch a breeze begins to blow across the calm surface of the pond and this creates a continuous series of waves that steadily move across the surface of the water. As we continue to observe the moving waves they reach the far side of the pond.
There the waves bounce against the side of the pond and then begin to move in the direction they originally arrived from. Now we have two sets of waves moving in different directions on the same pond surface. As they must, the returning waves collide with the waves the breeze has continued to create. When the waves collide with each other there is an area of confused movement on the surface, and as we watch tiny eddies like miniature whirlpools are formed in the surface of the pond.
So now we have the pond plus the breeze plus the waves, and also we have the whirlpools created by the waves. Whilst the breeze continues to blow and create waves the colliding waves will continue to create whirlpools. The whirlpools are created from water but have an identity as whirlpools in their own right.
But the whirlpools and the waves that create the whirlpools are both dependent on the breeze, because if the breeze stops blowing there will be no more waves and so no more whirlpools. All of this is logical and so now we must apply the same logic to the Creator mind.
Now we ask the readers to imagine if they can a limitless ocean of energy. This is our pond. The ocean is the Creator’s mind. The “Me” focus of that mind can choose to be anywhere or everywhere in that ocean of energy. Unlike the pond this ocean doesn’t have a surface or a breeze, but it does have an aware intelligent mind that can send thought waves through the energies of the ocean from any direction.
So here instead of a random breeze we have directed thought waves that will create the required eddies or whirlpools for as long as they are needed. But the whirlpools created in this ocean of energy are not open like a funnel as they are on the surface of our pond.
These whirlpools could be compared to balls of knitting wool continuously being wound as the energies pour in to form first the outer layers and then the inner layers as the energies spiral inward to the centre of the ball. We could call it a spherical vortex of energies. This is the process triggered by those directed thought waves that resulted in a physical universe. This will become clearer as we proceed with our exploration
What we have described so far during our exploration is known as the Greater Reality. Our physical existence in a physical universe is only a tiny temporary part of that greater reality. In a similar way our childhood school years occupy only a small fraction of the average human life span. One of the largest stumbling blocks in the way of a belief in that greater reality is for many people a conditioned acceptance of the only reality their body senses can detect; sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing.
These senses built from a structure of atoms are perfectly adequate for sensing the presence and activity of other massed atoms and also some physically generated energy. Where these five senses let us down is when we try to use them to detect and thus prove to us physically that the other Greater Reality exists. Of course those senses cannot detect anything but atoms, so then only this very limited reality exists for us. It becomes everything to us. 28
When the physical senses fail to detect the greater reality many will then deny its existence rather than seek inside for a more sensitive instrument that is designed for the job. Earlier we referred to this instrument as the Mind Lens, which is always clouded by your current surface level thoughts. In meditation to clear the lens your polishing cloth is passive, uninvolved observing.
This passive inaction, contradiction though this may seem, is the very striving for speedier levels of thought that will enable you to make contact with that greater reality. Please believe us that whoever you are when you at last do make that first contact; up there on that next level they all hold a celebration! At last! Another Creator seed has woken up!!
Thought is Energy, energy generated by Intelligence, and controlled by the Focus of that Intelligence, no matter whether that focus be the Creator mind on the perfection level, you, or us. For now we must use the energy generated by the Creator mind. Our role is to be the ‘me’ focus of that generated and donated energy until we have learnt how to generate our own energies. The Ascension process is the trigger that will allow us as individuals to become our own source of energies.
What we have described so far, and will continue to describe is a descension process intended to delay instantaneous thought energies in such a way as to make them act as if those energies had been slowed down. But even this is not enough because always the energies passing through the created levels will be too fast to be taken control of by the occupants of those levels. For the Angelic Hierarchies this fact is irrelevant because they will never be required to leave the mind of the Creator. Always the Angelic Hierarchies will be dependent on the energies provided by the Creator for their continued existence.
Eventually when their teaching task is completed the Hierarchies will return to become one with the Creator mind. To return briefly to our tree analogy, we could compare the Hierarchies as the branches of the Creator tree, and we could compare the human race in its physical universe to the potential seeds developing and evolving in their pod attached to the tree. The tree remains as do the branches, but when the timing is right the essences of the seedpod are withdrawn back into the tree and the seeds depart, totally independent of the tree.
So here we see two totally different ultimate destinations for that reservoir of twin sparks. The Godhead and the angels to ultimately return to and merge with the Creator mind, their task completed. Before that happens Mankind must ascend from physical existence to climb that Angelic stairway, learning and evolving all the way to the Creator mind level, and by then ready to fulfil the Creator’s purpose for Mankind. But when we write Mankind we don’t mean as a crowd, we mean individually, each and every one of us.
We hope the readers will agree that this helps us to understand the confusion caused by ancient and modern theologians who remain locked into ancient incorrect assumptions calcified by centuries of unquestioned tradition. The Christian Church teaches us of somewhere called Heaven. Many people who have rejected those teachings have swung across to what they believe is New Age thought but is actually eastern belief systems thinly disguised as New Age thought. There they become immersed in ancient equally calcified incorrect assumptions to the effect that we all return to become one central Me. When originally the assumptions were made, today’s knowledge of science didn’t exist because the technology didn’t exist. But today it does exist and so we can use it to test those ancient assumptions. 29
Then you the readers are free to choose what you believe. The preceding paragraphs also explain why God the Son didn’t simply create another level with more waves in it for the human race. To be able to take over complete control of instantaneous energies those energies had first to somehow be rendered stationary without losing their speed. The only way this can cease to be a contradiction is if speed is converted to spin, as it is with the sub-atomic particles that creates atoms.
When this special level was created the next problem was the speed of existence of the potential creator seeds. The readers will recall that at this stage these seeds were twin aspect sparks left dormant in the Godhead level reservoir whilst the sparks that were removed from the reservoir were activated to become the Angelic Hierarchies after each different level was created. Shortly we will see how this problem was overcome.
Let us return for a moment to again consider the absolute power of thought. We have explained that thought is energy. Energy generated by intelligence and directed by the focus of that intelligence. The greater and more developed the intelligence the greater amount and power level of energy is created. We tend to think that because we exist in a world of atoms we are totally reliant on them for our existence. But even here amid physical matter our reality if you look at it in a slightly different way, is a world of intelligence directed thought energy which we focus and use to create ideas. To make a cup of tea, to build a hospital, to start a war, to crush someone’s Spirit, to fill someone with Joy. Each you have first created from the thought energy you focused.
All the rest follows from that and involves the manipulation of the atomic structure in which we are for now compelled to exist. It may be thought converted into action by the body via the brain to express and create that idea in our physical reality. To express our non-physical idea physically we may use speech or writing to involve or repel the created ideas of those around us.
In turn those around us may choose to help or hinder the creation or manifestation of our thought created idea. From this it may occur to the reader that though often our motives are less laudable we are imitating the actions of our Creator. The Creator has deliberately used resistance by its self-projected less than perfect image to create the less than perfect levels.
We could say the Creator has competed with its own image to produce a definite and intended result. Mankind has adopted the tool of competition or the resistance of thought generated by others, as his and her way of life, with exactly the same but unintended result. The sad result is that even lower levels of less than perfect thought have been generated by the combined creative/ destructive powers of Mankind’s misuse of intelligent thought power. The less than perfect results we see all around us, and if these are the results, now we look at what was intended, and also, in a non-technical way, how it was to be achieved.
There are other reasons why God the Son didn’t simply use resistance to the Creator’s radiated thought power to create yet another less than perfect level, a level with yet more waves for all of us to finally discover Harmony as the only possible way of life that works for all involved. The Angels all exist quite happily in a reality of pure creative intelligence. Why did we have to be saddled with an existence in a physical universe? This is very fair question and there are several valid answers that will become clear as we proceed. We all have at least an inkling of the vastness of the physical universe that is our home for the time being. We also know that the universe is filled with countless galaxies, and those galaxies are filled with countless stars.
Many of those stars are orbited by planetary systems of which it is likely that some of those planets could support life. Our astronomers have revealed the vastness and potential of the universe to us. For that reason, as intelligent people it would be the height of arrogance to suggest that intelligent aware conscious life is limited to a relatively tiny planet called Earth. Our astronomers have also proved that all of those countless galaxies share something in common.
Each galaxy is hurtling outwards from the centre of our Universe. A huge explosion that occurred aeons ago at the centre of the universe caused this outward motion. For many decades argument has raged in scientific circles about whether the explosion took place or not. It was called the Big Bang Theory until the orbiting Hubble telescope finally proved the theory as fact.
The only reason we have mentioned Big Bang is because many scientists tend to use the theory to demonstrate the likelihood of a blind mechanical process that led to the creation of matter. In turn this train of thought implies that the subsequent appearance of life and the evolution of intelligence was totally dependent for its continued existence on the previous creation of that matter.
This is the limited and narrow outlook of people trained to only trust what their body senses tell them, and what their physical instruments can detect. With these limited tools they build their theories. But if we take a wider larger view of the whole purpose and picture, those very same theories confirm, not deny the purpose and existence of an intelligent Creator mind: The architect and builder of our physical universe. How can this be? A contradiction becomes a confirmation?
We have already described the Creator’s Creation as a process started by The Creator’s intelligence with a pre-planned result in mind, once started the process must be allowed to continue without interference, so only in that sense is it blind or mechanical. We want to believe in a non-physical Creator, but we cannot deny that we exist in an extremely physical universe that must have come from somewhere. The now proved Big Bang Theory helps us to comprehend how the universe of galaxies of stars and their planets was created. But unless we also comprehend what happened before the Big Bang we are no better off that we were before.
For that reason we ask the reader’s patience whilst we next describe in a non-technical way the bridge that links the non-physical Creation to our familiar physical universe. Earlier we asked you not to be intimidated by sheer numbers of believers in this or that belief system. Now we ask you not to be intimidated by the vastness of what we will describe, because vastness is irrelevant to the Creator’s purpose for us. An acorn misguided, by other acorns, could be forgiven for becoming awe-struck at the sheer size of its parent tree.
But once that acorn understood its own potential to become an oak tree, awe would become irrelevant. In a similar manner, a farmer prepares his field before he plants the seeds. Once planted, the seeds supplied with everything they will need are left to get on with it. But both from the farmer’s, and the seed’s point of view, the size of the field is irrelevant
We have described a process step by step, and we began that description at its logical starting point, the forest of Creator trees. We have followed the progress of one Creator seed through the wave bands of energy and its arrival amid an ocean of unconverted energy that is in a state of chaos. Then we have witnessed the germination of that seed; a Creator mind that has used intelligence to take control of that energy.
The energy has been organised by the Creator mind to become the Creator mind, and we have described this, as an ocean of creative energy of which the Creator’s Me Intelligence is the focal point. The focal point can, at will, be enlarged to include the entire ocean of energy, or reduced, at will, to focus on any part of that ocean. When we think about it this is no different to what humans can do. We can focus on the whole of Creation, or we can focus on our tiny part of Creation.
Next we described the creation of the Godhead as the method used to give freewill to all that would exist in the less than perfect levels.
We have described how those levels and their occupants were created and why. When scientists delve into the creation of our universe they are actually attempting to retrace a process that is already taking place. In our descriptions of that same process, starting from the top from the Creator’s perspective we can only describe that process stage by stage, with some of those stages yet to be created.
In this next stage the Creator mind narrows the focus of that mind to focus on one relatively tiny area of that ocean of very real energies. The readers may recall that God the Son represents both aspects of the Creator mind in the less than perfect levels. In that role God the Son controls the Creator-sent energies, which have already passed through the Angelic Levels, in such a way that the energy turns around to curve in on itself. Because the Creator mind contains both aspects, the energies sent by the Creator are also made up of both aspects.
It is these two aspect energies that will be used to create the physical universe. First we must consider the power level of those energies, the greater the intelligence the higher the power level. The source of those energies is the Creator mind on the perfect or instantaneous level of existence. The method used to delay those energies to create the less than perfect levels has in no way affected the power level of the energies. For the angelic occupants of those levels the high power level doesn’t matter because they will never be required to take over the control of those energies. The potential creator seeds will be required to take over control and so in some way the power level of the energies must be reduced before a physical universe can be created.
Many readers may have childhood memories of sitting with arms and hands held forward to hold a hank of knitting wool whilst Grandmother wound the wool into a ball. As you watched Grandmother’s nimble fingers would start winding the wool first into a tiny ball and then layer by layer the ball would grow bigger. The fingers provided the winding movement but the strand of wool remained inert and lifeless.
To create a spherical vortex the winding procedure is reversed. In compelling the Creator sent energies to follow ever-tightening curves the outermost layers of the ball shaped vortex are formed, and they are formed from the highest power-level energies. As more energy enters the vortex the energies already in the vortex are compelled to continue winding more and more layers inside the outer layers. In the process the energies have to work against each other and become reduced in power-level layer by layer.
Always the reduced power-level energies are driven on by more high-power level energies entering the vortex. Finally the energies wind the innermost layers and arrive at the centre of the vortex where there is no-where to go and no-where to stay because yet more energy with a higher power-level is also trying to reach the centre.
The energy at the centre is trapped and brought to a halt but at the centre the speed of its two aspects has been converted to spin speed around each other, so in that sense there is still no loss of speed. But it cannot stay on that level with higher power-level energy forcing it on, and so it drops out of that level to create an even slower level of existence that we know as the Sub-Atomic level. Now we can visualise on the Sub-Atomic level a continuous succession of rapidly spinning twinned particles of energy flickering into existence where there was nothing before. The same compulsion compels the particles to then combine to form electrons. The electrons orbiting the nucleus where the particles appeared create a series orbit shells one inside the other. The number of orbit shells and the number of electrons orbiting in each shell decide the type of atom that will be created. The atoms combine in enormous numbers to create a very convincing illusion that we all think of as physical matter. But in fact the entire illusion is created from whirling particles of energy that are compelled to whirl in empty space enclosing spherical orbits.
Scientists describe the compulsion as Nuclear Forces though they admit that they don’t know what they are, or do they know where the energy comes from. We have described that compulsion as the control of God the Son. An atom isn’t a permanent thing. To remain in existence as an atom, energy must be continuously pumped down that vortex and into that atomic nucleus on the Sub- Atomic level. So always an atom is being continuously recreated by energies from the non-physical levels. For the sake of simplicity we have described one spherical vortex that has been used to create and continuously recreate one atom. Obviously one atom on its own is not much use when we consider the countless numbers of atoms needed to create a physical universe.
So now we must try to imagine in that measureless ocean of creative energy a selected region that we will name the Vortex Area. This region is exactly the same as the rest of the ocean with exactly the same energies. The only difference is that the Creator’s intelligence has selected this region to focus upon. Any energy that flows into that area is compelled to wind itself into a spherical vortex, countless vortexes all leading down to the sub-atomic level.
The physical universe to be created will have a special function. It will be the nursery, and then the classroom for the potential creator seeds to evolve to the “Me” intelligence level, and then to learn to use that evolved intelligence with balance and harmony. Because this cannot be imposed on the seeds they must have time to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes. For this reason their classroom must exist at slow enough rate for Time and sequence to exist, so that individually the seeds can experience the sequence of cause and effect. This is the only way harmony and balance can be learnt, from personal experience.
The vortex area is like an idea that has crystallised in someone’s mind. The idea is to temporally create a level that so far doesn’t exist. This means that the vortex area must not only create the physical matter, it must also create the empty space that will contain the physical matter. To achieve this, all the vortex centres must be very close to each other. The only way the centres can be that close is if the energy layers of the vortexes are tightly interlocked into the layers of the surrounding vortexes.
So now we may visualise those streams of energies weaving in and out of the layers of the surrounding vortexes to wind the layers inwards to get to the centre of their own vortexes. In everyday terms this means that the entire universe and everything in it is immersed in tightly packed vortex centres.
We could say that the length, breadth, and depths of the physical universe are saturated with vortex centres, and wherever those centres are, and they are everywhere, controlled energies are continuously pouring into the sub-atomic level to keep our universe in physical existence.
We have described it in this way so that the readers will clearly understand what is meant by the often-used phrase, “Everything is created out of energy from the Creator’s mind”. Now we can complete our description of the bridging link between non-physical and physical existence. We have seen how the sub-atomic level was created to be the level to continuously receive all those spinning twin aspect particles as they drop out of the vortex-centres level of the non-physical. We can skip the atom building stage because most of us have children or grandchildren who will patiently explain to us how atoms are structured from those particles.
They will also be delighted to tell us that, contrary to many centuries of scientific thought, there is no physical matter anywhere in any atom. There are only spinning particles of energy.
Our interest is in the bridge between the vortex-centre level in the non-physical and the proven Big Bang theory in the physical. We have explained that our entire physical universe is in fact the product of the sub-atomic level, and that the sub-atomic level is the product of the vortex-centre level. This means that both levels permeate the entire universe. In turn this suggests that the creation of Space, as we think of it, and the commencement of the atom building process began simultaneously. So now we must try to visualise the appearance of a vast empty space, which eventually will contain a universe, suddenly entirely filled with a great dense cloud of newly formed atoms.
To understand what happened next we have to think about rules and laws that govern processes. The sub-atomic level no doubt has its equivalent to those boring laws of physics we all had to learn at school. Probably, even as we write, nuclear scientists are trying to discover of what that equivalent consists. Even though the sub-atomic level creates and continuously recreates atoms, once created all atoms are subject to those laws of physics, boring though they may be.
One of those laws is the force of gravity, and when we think of gravity we tend to think of Earth’s gravity that keeps us pinned to the surface of Earth. But in fact gravity is an integral part of each atom. . Each atom exerts its own field of attraction and when countless atoms combine to form physical matter all those separate fields of attraction also combine. So though all the combined atoms of planet Earth drag us toward them, at the same time the combined atoms of our body are trying to drag the planet towards us.
Now the gravity fields of individual atoms have entered the equation we will have no difficulty in visualising what happened next amid this vast cloud of newly formed atoms that filled all space. We can imagine that as all of the atoms were attracted to each other they were drawn closer and closer to each other. The huge cloud of atoms would be seen to rapidly reduce in size at an accelerating rate. The centre of the cloud would quickly become densely packed with atoms. All of these atoms combining their fields of attraction and that would draw even the outer fringes of the cloud into the centre. So now we must visualise at the centre of the same vast empty space a gigantic conglomeration of atoms. Some belief systems describe this conglomeration as the Egg of Creation, because this egg contains all the atoms required to construct our physical universe, next more laws of physics enter the scene, heat generated by pressure at the centre of the egg trigger chemical changes.
This enormous central mass rapidly becomes more and more unstable until the increasing pressure triggers the biggest explosion in the history of the universe. Debris is flung in every direction from that central explosion, and is still hurtling outwards today. The bridge from the vortex-centres level to Big Bang is complete and the galaxy- forming process that followed is common knowledge.
To the readers this description of processes must seem very cold and remote, and far removed from the concept of a warm-hearted loving Creator, and in some ways this is true. But suppose instead we described, for example, the frenzy of neural activity that would take place in the brain of a person who was feeling compassion for a beloved? The description would be factual, and would seem cold and remote. So we must not confuse gaining knowledge of the process with losing sight of the warm and loving purpose of the process.
Let’s have a break from metaphysics and instead we will explore how an eastern guru with no modern scientific knowledge would describe Creation.
Eastern mystics, sages, seers, and gurus throughout the ages have shared one thing in common. What they share is a downright refusal to be winners or losers, nor to become enmeshed in anyone’s rat race. Often this attitude drives them to live in a remote, draughty cave and to live off the offerings of seekers guided to the guru by an ever-caring Creator. The guru’s refusal to compete is coupled with a positive belief, based on personal experience, that food will appear when needed.
Nine out of ten times, food does appear when needed. The tenth time, when food doesn’t appear, the guru never complains because this isn’t a bad score by anyone’s standards.
This chosen lifestyle has certain requirements that must be fulfilled beforehand. Many of the people we all meet suffer from a malady called Self-doubt. Somewhere along the way fear and doubt has been lovingly conditioned into them. Constantly they need to be always surrounded and re-assured by the same type of fears and self-doubts of the crowd. The guru has to dump all of these negative feelings before entering the cave dweller lifestyle. All emotional props and crutches have to go. In the same way all the guilt, hate, regret, bitterness, grief, resentment and fear of the future that we all tend to cling to pointlessly for too many years, as far as humanly possible all of these have to be left outside the cave.
What the guru does take into the cave are essentials such as a change of robe, a bowl for food, and little else. Far more important than these is the guru’s outlook, his attitude to life. Obviously it would be pointless and self-defeating for anyone to enter into a life of solitude if their personal happiness was dependent on the presence and approval of other people. There is no point in seeking the solitude of the ascetic if in your heart you long to be in the busy market place. So the guru has to know that he is self-reliant enough to leave the world outside of the cave.
To the seekers the guru may appear to be a man steeped in Spirituality, wisdom, and great psychical knowledge and experience. The seekers may feel convinced that they have found their “Master” and they may long to sit at his feet.
The compassion of the guru would never allow him to turn the seekers away, and he will teach them what he can. But really the seekers are a distraction because the guru doesn’t regard himself as a “Master”, but as a seeker who is trying to learn how to master self. He knows that however much he learns there will always be more to learn, and that he will always be a student.
At whatever the personal cost the guru has stepped away from the crowd. His chosen lifestyle will offer him solitude and time to meditate. His meditation will be some variation of the method we described for you to try if you wish. The guru will have become expert at the use of passivity to polish the lens of his mind. In his cave there is no one to fret and worry when the guru enters the required altered state. Every time he meditates he makes a little more progress. He does this by allowing his focus to ignore, and then rise above its comfortable, everyday level that is based in intellect. As it rises to the top of his level his speed of existence accelerates even though he knows he is still sitting in his cave.
He becomes like a tuned-in radio set and now he simply waits. Deliberately he doesn’t hope or long to receive anything because he knows his thoughts will act as a barrier to his role as a receiver. What he receives in meditation will very much depend on his level of development. It will also depend on how long he is able to maintain a higher level contact.
Just like at school, the guru won’t be taught what he already knows, he will be taught lessons he has the potential to learn if he chooses to make the effort. Learn is the operative word, and so our guru doesn’t sit in continuous meditation; like the audience of an ongoing cinema show. After he receives a lesson during meditation, when next he meditates he may receive absolutely nothing. Then he knows that his part in the lesson awaits completion. It is one thing to be taught and quite another thing to learn what has been taught.
Now the guru has to take the psychic lesson into his intellect. He must apply rational thought to absorb and understand the lesson so that the lesson becomes a “Knowing” part of his being. When he has done this he is ready for the next lesson. The lesson is received by use of his mind lens link to his intuitive aspect as a communication device in meditation. The lesson is learnt by use of his intellectual aspect in what is known as contemplation.
This learned old man; our guru, will always be a student even though he may also be a teacher revered by others. What applies to the guru also applies to anyone who tries to meditate. To be able to make that high level contact the guru needs the silence of his cave. The last things he needs are spacey meditation music or someone talking him through the meditation. Both are an intrusion and a barrier to the higher level contact.
Because the guru works at it full time his lessons and his understanding of those lessons becomes very profound. His teachers in the higher levels encourage his questions and when the timing is right he will receive his answers. Eventually the guru will ask how the universe was created. He won’t be given a verbal description he will be shown. As he observes he knows he is witnessing the truth. It is a “Knowing” that needs no proof, now he “Knows” how the universe was created, and after psychically witnessing larger than cosmic sized events taking place the difficulty for the guru is to find adequate words to describe those events to the seekers. If you have difficulty believing that, here is a little exercise you can try for yourself. Try to describe the perfume of a rose to someone, who has never seen a rose. The nearest you could get is that it doesn’t smell like a hollyhock where as if you gave them a rose to smell they would “Know”, no words nor proof would be needed. Exactly the same applies in meditation because once you “Know” through your own striving, words and proof do not apply.
The guru has to at least try to find the words, so he uses lyrical and poetical words and phrases to paint as truer picture as possible.
Instead of the dry, factual way we have described Creation the guru would ask you to imagine countless pinpoints of light that suddenly appeared in the dark vastness of the void. Where originally there was nothing, an instant later there is a huge endless cloud made luminous with the light of these pinpoints. The pinpoints are never still but whirl in an endless dance that as the guru watches he can see has purpose. Suddenly, like the secret signal that causes a cloud of starlings to wheel as one in the sky, all of the whirling dancers rush to the centre of this vast ballroom. The combined light of all these pinpoints illuminates a huge sphere that the pinpoints have created. The Egg of Creation, that, even as the guru watched, swiftly and violently hatched and gave birth to the universe. At some other time the guru would be shown the creation of an atom and the energy structure of the vortex. Then once again he would have to first contemplate on what he had been shown, and then struggle to find the words to describe what he’d seen to the seekers.
Our guru has done his best to describe the indescribable. He could have existed in his cave at any period of mankind’s history. We mention this because it is unlikely that he would have any knowledge of nuclear physics and neither would the seekers who heard his descriptions. The seekers would then have to interpret, at their own level of understanding, what the guru had described, to be able to then pass it on to others. Most established religions are founded on psychic information received by genuine psychics and then interpreted and re-interpreted by generations of non-psychic people long ago. We feel sure the readers will agree that this is an unsound rock on which to pin unquestioning faith.
The strange thing is that western man has always preferred to pin his faith on that unsound rock. At the same time he has always chosen to regard the eastern guru of any period as some sort of harmless but deluded crank. The guru knows what he was shown but then had to almost invent a language with which he could describe it to those who weren’t shown. When the gurus explained that our familiar world of reliable physical matter is built onto layer after layer of illusions, western man thought they were simply waxing lyrical with a load of mystical nonsense.
The guru gained his knowledge directly by his inward search. Our modern nuclear physicists gained their knowledge by their outward search via their advanced technology. The physicists then found that they had to invent a new language to describe the indescribable to each other and to lay-people whose taxes paid for the research. The physicists have yet to discover the vortex layer of the illusion.
Whoever tries to explain about atoms will find their selves reduced to comparisons with everyday familiar things. To be able to give an inkling of an atom’s size, one comparison we will offer is to ask the readers to imagine an ordinary orange somehow magnified to the diameter of planet Earth. If the atoms of the orange were magnified in proportion, then in an Earth-sized orange each atom would be no larger than a normal sized cherry.
This is what we meant when we explained that our physical senses are too coarse to detect the greater reality. Our physical senses are too coarse to even detect a single atom let alone to detect its real energy structure. Throughout man’s history those senses have always been too coarse until modern technology bypassed that coarseness.
Many people, including the authors, retired completely baffled from the battle between theologians and scientists. The battle has several fronts. We have discussed one of those fronts already. The battle on that front has always been between the scientific theories and the religious dogmatic teachings about how the universe was created. Throughout the millenniums long battle there have always been psychics ready and willing to explain how the universe was created. As we all know, there are none as deaf as those who won’t hear are, so the psychic’s cry from the wilderness has always been ignored.
Today all those psychics have been proved by scientific research to be correct. The proof is limited to the limited progress of the research. As that is proved correct already there is no valid reason to doubt the rest of the psychic information that has yet to be proved by scientists. The logical dovetail that links physical to non-physical exists. Do we see theologians and scientists joining hands to joyfully dance in the streets? No we do not. The mutual attitude is that religion is nothing to do with science, and science is nothing to do with religion.
Next, before we return to our examination of the non-physical, we explore another front of the same battle. This part of the battle is about how intelligent aware life appeared in the universe. Theologians and priests authoritatively quote their holy books as if those books are the very last word in truth. The authors believe this is an unproven assumption. Of course we do not wish to deny them the right to make this assumption because for those who listen to what is quoted; this is for them a test of discernment.
The theologian tells us that God made man in his image. Also that after God made man he placed him on Earth, in a Garden of Eden. The theologian may be prepared to accept the account as an allegorical story, but by quoting the story he limits the image of God to that of man. But he doesn’t tell his listeners that each man and woman will eventually evolve into the image of God. At the same time he tells us that God placed man readymade into that Eden. The theologian goes on to tell us that God used a rib bone from that man to make the first woman. Once again this may be accepted as allegorical but without explaining what the story really means the theologians and priests are misguiding the people they feel called to teach. Later we will explore the true meaning of the story.
Regardless of what the theologian authoritatively quotes, the evidence of our own eyes tells us that nothing is placed anywhere readymade, it has to evolve. After several decades of avidly reading the high quality “Science Fiction” works of such writers as Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov we can safely say that our mind barriers were flattened many years ago. For that reason we can readily accept the possibility that mankind evolved elsewhere in the physical universe, and then was brought, or brought himself to Earth. But the fact remains man had to evolve somewhere. No Celestial Potter moulded man overnight. Now we have mentioned evolvement we must cross the battlefield to examine the scientist’s version.
The world of science offers us, as if etched in letters of fire, Charles Darwin’s “Evolution of the species” theory, in which scientists include the human race. It is a depressing theory because its outlook and horizons are so limited especially when scientists use the theory on which to base modern research. The combined scientific offering seems to boil down to this.
Somewhere at sometime in prehistory in a primeval swamp that steamed under a tropical sun, proteins that could support life were constructed when certain atoms linked together to form a chain. This was achieved on a chance basis that also in some way required the structure of atoms to be struck by lightning. How life entered this scenario is a little vague, but apparently as soon as the atomic structure of the proteins came to life that life was imbued with an unconscious will to survive even though to survive it had to continuously adapt and evolve. Things can’t be more blind and mechanical than that, and it is logical and reasonable.
Unfortunately it fails to explain certain things. Although scientists have proved that atoms are constructed from whirling particles of energy, by their very nature atoms are inert. They don’t do anything or go anywhere unless gravity or heat or some external influence affects the atom in some way.
We could put it another way and say that the atom doesn’t care whether it is part of a star, part of an ant or part of a protein. It’s all the same to an atom.
The scientists fail to explain why this structure of atoms activated by lightning; has a will to survive. From their observations the scientists accept, as we must also, that this will to survive is a very real thing. But in a physical universe with a limited life supporting span, created blindly and mechanically, we ask again, why would chance activated structures of atoms have a will to survive?
We cannot argue with the evidence of our own eyes. Proved evidence that structures of atoms, no different to any other atoms, became imbued with life and then evolved into ever more complex forms with the ongoing urge to survive.
Common sense tells us that it couldn’t be achieved any other way. Often the media reminds the public about the disastrous effects the cleverness of modern mankind is having on the ecosphere. Previously in a similar way those atomic structures brought to life in those primeval swamps began an accelerating process of evolvement. That process also had major effects on the ecosphere, for example by completely converting Earth’s atmosphere so that eventually it would be breathable for mammals, later to include mankind.
Today we can see around us the result of this evolutionary drive, this will to live and survive. Our world with its countless life forms, from microscopic up to vast, that together present a multi-level stage on to which conscious, aware, human intelligence was able to blossom in a physical body made of atoms. Conscious, aware intelligence whose body is totally dependent on the unconscious effect of bacteria made up of a few linked atoms, on the roots of plants to create a food chain that provides man’s daily sustenance.
Before we continue let us enlarge on the point about the limited life-supporting span of the physical universe. We exist in a universe that the Hubble orbiting telescope proved has exploded. After the explosion a great deal of time would have passed before the delicate environment that could support life could exist anywhere in the universe. Before that could happen highly unstable giant stars would have been created from the outward flung debris. These giants exploded and hurled debris far and wide, from which galactic clouds were formed.
The clouds condensed to become galaxies of stars with their orbiting planets, some of which could support life. But stars burn out or explode. Eventually all the stars in all of the outward hurtling galaxies in their own timing must run out fuel. At some time in the distant future the light and heat of the last star will be extinguished and the debris of the exploded universe will journey on in complete darkness.
From the scientist’s blind, mechanical point of view the assumption is that the creation of life in the physical universe was a random freak accident, and even before the accident happened that life was doomed to eventually be extinguished, and also that the ongoing existence of that life is totally dependent on its structure of atoms. So a blind and mechanical process creates and then explodes a physical universe. Also we have life that has the will to survive and evolve in that universe. Lastly, regardless of the will to survive, that life cannot be supported in that universe indefinitely. If these are the scientific facts we can’t argue with them. But we can argue with the depressing way they have been interpreted by the scientists. Later in our exploration we will use those same facts re-interpreted to prove that scientists have a lot to learn.
Rather than believe the scientist’s interpretation of the facts, we prefer to believe Grandmother who informed us that she admired the flowers at her cremation ceremony and scolded us all for wearing black mourning clothes. So now we have to decide whether evolvement was a need of the body made from atoms or the need of the life force to be able to eventually evolve to the conscious aware intelligence level that resulted from that evolvement, and if the former the point is academic. If the latter then the life supporting life span of the universe is irrelevant providing that life span is long enough for the required evolvement to take place.
We refuse to be in any way apologetic for keep bringing the late and greatly lamented Grandmother in to our exploration. That exploration has so far revealed to us, a Creator mind, thought screens, thought particles engaged in an ongoing, frenzied polka, spherical vortexes that produce sub-atomic particles, exploding cosmic eggs, and a Guru who just wants to be alone. With kindly and loving grandmother in and out of our exploration we won’t forget that the purpose of the process is to produce kindly and loving intelligent individuals that can exist amid atoms, or free of atoms.
From time to time young scientific researchers manage to obtain generous funds to research into what they call The Paranormal. This includes maybe Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and psychic phenomena in general. Because the researcher is not endowed with psychic gifts the research will require the services of someone misguided enough to admit that they are in some way psychically gifted. The career-minded young researcher will eagerly corner this person, and then attach all kinds of instruments and sensing devices to them. After switching on the lie detector, the researcher then burbles on at length about foolproof laboratory conditions to eliminate any possibility of fraud or trickery. By now the misguided and now reluctant volunteer becomes not only more reluctant but also bored to tears with the whole sterile set-up. In this frame of mind it is hardly surprising when the results of the research are mediocre and inconclusive.
Of course we must allow for a generous number of tricksters and frauds, psychics on ego trips, and mourners whose regrets, sorrow, and wishful thinking will allow them to believe anything. Tricksters, fakes and conceited fools exist in all walks of life. Regardless of that, there are countless thousands of recorded cases where it has been the psychic who has made sure that no trickery could be involved. In each of these cases everything was done in a completely relaxed atmosphere and condition such as we described when Grandmother came through during your Reading with Mrs X. Once again we have stressed the difference between the scientific approach and the approach of people with real-life experience who” KNOW” and so don’t need proof.
The established religions have yet another different approach in that we may attempt to contact Jesus Christ in our prayers, but not Grandmother in our meditations, even though both exist in the non-physical. With the former we are praying to our Saviour. With the latter we are consorting with the Dead. If we dare to suggest that Jesus answered us we are then thought to be crazy. If we dare to suggest that Grandmother answered us we are then thought to be dabbling in Black Magic. From all of this you will realise that if you trust your intuition and cease to conform to the ideas and thinking of experts, scientific or religious, you will be very much on your own just like the guru. Grandmother will continue to feature in our exploration simply because she exists on a level that is not physical, but equally is not Angelic. If you are able to accept this idea, then you will also be able to accept a complete turn-around from the officially accepted outlook on Life, Evolution, and Death.
We can safely leave the newly, born, hatched or exploded physical universe to get on with the job of forming itself. Giant, unstable stars must explode galaxies of stars and planets must condense from vast clouds of debris and so on. A great deal of time must pass before life-supporting conditions will exist anywhere in the physical universe. Our exploration now moves back to the non-physical so that we may witness the start of a journey. It is the journey of the potential creator seeds into the physical universe.
Just before we re-enter the non-physical let us remind ourselves of what physical and non-physical consists. Both consist of the same very real energies. Physical atoms have been proved to have a structure of tightly controlled whirling energy. This means that despite solid appearances anything living or inanimate structured from atoms is really structured from tightly controlled energy. If we take this thought further and apply it to ourselves we realise that our entire existence is based in energy that continuously arrives from the non-physical. Later we will explore the wide range of effects that those incoming energies cover.
For now we ask you to open your mind to this thought. The energy flow at one end of its range is controlled to form atoms. Further along its range it is the energy source of emotions and feelings. Yet further along it is the energy source of individual, conscious, aware thought. This must be so because our only source of energy is the non-physical. In everyday human relationship terms this means that all the energies we could ever need are continuously pouring into the physical universe. If we become aware of that undeniable fact we can confidently retune our thoughts to receive anything we wish from that energy flow.
Each of us is an outlet for that incoming energy flow. The person who is unaware of that fact will instead try in their confusion and doubt of self to drain energy from those others around them. The point of the reminder is to keep the realness of the non-physical to the forefront of our minds. It is to remind us constantly that the physical to remain in physical existence is totally dependent on energies flowing from and controlled in the non-physical.
As we re-enter the non-physical it must be clearly impressed in our minds that the energy structures and intelligent energy-beings we discover there are as real as we are. There is nothing alien or mystical about the non-physical and its inhabitants. No one in the non-physical asks us to think of ourselves as abject sinners who must beg for forgiveness or to grovel before their greatness. The only thing they require from us is our unselfish love and our whole-hearted willingness to learn from them.
Earlier we compared those Angelic levels to a flight of stairs, or to the ascending grades in the University of Life.
Right now in the physical we all are learning or not learning, harmony and balance in the lower grades. Just like at school those higher grades seem out of our reach where as physical life, the grade we are in feels natural to us and at the level of our understanding. At school in each grade we are urged by our teachers to strive, and when we do strive we ready ourselves to move upwards to a higher grade.
With the higher-grade teacher’s help we soon adapt to the next grade and then that grade feels as natural to us as did the lower grade. To complete the comparison we can compare the Head master of the school with the blended Creator mind on the perfect level. The whole purpose of the school is to achieve an end result, which is to train the students to enable them as adults to attain similar levels of intelligence control as has the Head master. The Angelic levels have a similar function.
Now we must rendezvous with the potential creator seeds. To find them we must return to that reservoir of sparks that were created in the same instant as the creation of God the Son, the image of both aspects of the Creator mind but in the less than perfect levels.
To call them sparks is really to understate their enormous power. The sparks were created on the Godhead level and so their power level and their speed of existence is the same as the Godhead. Earlier we described the creation of the twinned aspect angel later to be known as Adam and Eve.
This twinned angel was created to be the creative equivalent of the Godhead in the levels below the Godhead including the Angelic, the Vortex level and the Physical level. The role of God the Son was to create and continuously recreate all the required descending levels including our physical level. So here we see an intelligent process at work. The process reduces high power-level energies of instantaneous existence stage by stage until those same energies appear to be low power-level stationery energies compelled to take physical form.
Because the forces are intelligent, aware energy beings that control with thought each stage of the process we have given them names. We have given them names to highlight their similarity to all of us in the physical. We also are intelligent, aware energy beings who use thought to control those same energies in their physical form.
We have explained that all of the sparks in the reservoir were created with both aspects, masculine and feminine. Unlike the blended Creator mind, for freewill purposes the two aspects were not blended as one. Instead, just like the Godhead, with the sparks the two aspects were twinned. Then we explained that the Angelic Hierarchies would always remain as an integral part of the Creator’s mind. As such both aspects of each spark could be fully activated as a conscious, aware, intelligent, energy-being in its own right.
Each twin could function alone but must merge powers with the other twin to function at full power. Exactly the same applied to God the Father and God the Mother. It also applied to the twinned angel we have named Adam and Eve who together formed one complete energy-being. If we were able to observe this energy-being separate into its two aspects we would see Eve emerge from the side of the complete energy being, Adam and Eve. This explains the Biblical story of Adam’s rib.
To descend and to populate the descending levels of the Angelic Hierarchies, each twinned angel had to slow their speed of existence at each level until they matched the level they were to exist in. To achieve this required them to leave some of their creative powers at each level they descended through. Now the dormant sparks that are to be potential creator seeds enter the process. The potential creator seeds have a very different role ahead of them to the angels. Because the role is so different they cannot be processed in the same way as the angels. The difference is that the angels, who we have explained, will never leave the Creator’s creation, only had to descend, with fully activated intelligence, from the Godhead level to their designated level in the Hierarchy. The potential creator seeds have to descend from the same Godhead level to then descend through all the angelic levels to the Vortex level. They then have to enter and descend through the Vortex level to await a suitable threshold into physical existence.
To understand what the Seeds had to face to be able to eventually become their own energy source we must also understand the difficulties of the journey they had to undertake. Also we must understand what we mean by the word, “potential”. Each dormant spark in the reservoir was created with both aspects, masculine and feminine, and both aspects had the potential for individual, conscious, aware, intelligence. So any or all of the sparks in the reservoir could have been activated to become twinned energy-beings that we have called Angels. Again we urge the readers not to be intimidated by comparisons of size. We urge this because compared to the human body the physical universe is vast and contains enormous powers and energies.
Now we compare the physical universe with the energies and intelligence that created it. We then realise that the physical universe exists on the lowest power level and slowest speed of existence of all Creation. When we understand that, we are then able to perceive the universe as it really is. It is a fragile, temporary structure of very low-powered controlled energies. The universe is formed for a specific purpose, from energies that have been compelled to act in an unnatural way. When that purpose is fulfilled there will be no further need for the continued existence of a physical universe, and so in that sense the physical universe is an artificial and temporary structure that can only exist whilst the incoming flow of energies continues, and also whilst the control of those energies is maintained.
At the start of their journey the sparks contained both aspects, masculine and feminine, also just like the sparks that became angels they were dormant and had the potential for conscious aware intelligence. To make the journey possible the intelligence could not be activated as it was with the angels. Only in this dormant state could the speed of existence of the sparks be slowed enough to drop through and below the Angelic Hierarchies to the vortex level.
But even at the outer layers of the vortex the speed and power-level of the sparks was too high to descend the vortex. Earlier we explained that the combined energies of both aspects are far greater than the totalled energies of the separated individual aspects. For this reason the dormant sparks separated into their masculine and feminine aspects and in this way their individual power-level and speed of existence was reduced by more than half. On the Godhead level and then on each angelic level that the sparks descended through, their speed of existence was reduced level by level.
The sparks were the living energies of life force that even when separated into the two aspects still had a power level that was too high to be able enter the vortex. To enable the life force to enter and descend the vortex most of their individually high power levels were stripped away and left at the entrance to the vortex.
So now we must try to understand the connection between what was left at the high power-level vortex entrance, and what descended to the low power-level centre layers of the vortex. To achieve this it will be helpful to again compare the sparks that became angels with the sparks that are the potential creator seeds.
We have described the twinned angels that can separate and work alone. Even when separated each aspect have vast creative powers with links and communication with all of creation. Each aspect of each twinned angel has access to his or her own vast resources of creative energies provided by the Creator mind via the Godhead. We could describe this in another way by suggesting that each individual aspect of a twinned angel is the conscious aware intelligent focal point of his or her own individual powerhouse. The powerhouse of each potential creator seed aspect lacked this conscious, aware intelligent focal point because that focal point had yet to evolve conscious, aware intelligence. We have explained that the only difference there was between any of the sparks in the reservoir was their ultimate destination and purpose.
The point we wish to make is that the life force of the potential creator seeds had to be able to descend to the vortex centre level. To achieve this each spark had to separate into its two aspects and then each aspect had to leave its powerhouse of resources at the entrance to the vortex.
We have described the creation of one spherical vortex and have explained how the power-level of the energy is continuously reduced as it winds the layers that will guide it inwards to the vortex centre. We have also explained that all of the vortex centres were packed closely together to create a physical universe and this meant that all the layers of all the spherical vortexes are tightly interlocked.
So now we must look at the vortex area in its entirety instead of as countless numbers of individual energy vortexes that are interlocked. In our pond analogy the water in the pond was still. It was the effect of the breeze on the pond’s surface that created moving waves that in turn created whirlpools and eddies. The still waters simply were moulded by the compulsion of the breeze for as long as the breeze lasted. But as far as the confused area of whirlpools and eddies was concerned the length, breadth, and depth of the pond water was irrelevant.
In a similar way the ocean of creative energy cannot be measured because there is no yardstick to measure it against. But just like in the pond analogy, measurable dimensions are irrelevant because it is what happens in that ocean that is relevant. When something does happen in that ocean it is because the energies of the ocean are being moulded by the compulsion of intelligent waves of thought. But the energies and the thought power that controls the energies, both are very real. Together they have created, from an imagined idea, an area in that ocean that is so reduced in speed of existence and power level it can be measured because it has three dimensions.
Because it has three dimensions it occupies space and exists in a state of sequence that we think of as Time. This area amid the ocean of instantaneous, creative energy can only exist and continue to exist whilst those intelligent purposeful thought-waves continue to compel those energies to mould their selves to the imagined idea. In this way we move from creative thought on the instantaneous level to an illusion called physical existence on the lowest power level and the slowest speed of existence
The interlocked layers of all of the vortexes create the area we have described. The vortex area is known as the fourth dimension and also the Astral Vortex.
This vortex dimension is created from a graduated, linked scale of energy power-levels. To explain the graduation we must again visualise those energies as they weave in and out of the layers of the surrounding vortexes whilst spiralling inwards to reach their own vortex centre. No matter what layer of a vortex is being wound the same layer is simultaneously being wound in all of the vortexes.
The same applies to each intersection when the energy streams weave in and out of the surrounding vortexes. The result is that throughout the vortex area, from its outer edges to its inner level of densely packed vortex centres, a series of linked stages are created. All of the stages exist at different power-levels to each other, but each stage remains at its own power-level throughout the vortex area. All of the stages are linked by the flow of energies entering the vortex.
The reason why we have explained at length the energy structure of the vortex area or fourth dimension will become clear in the chapters that follow. It was this energy structure that the potential creator seeds had to descend. Stripped of their vast powers at the vortex entrance their power-level was reduced more and more as they descended through each stage of the vortex until their power-level matched the power-level at the vortex centre level. But throughout their entire descent from the reservoir each aspect of each potential creator seed remained linked by what it had left behind at each level and stage of its descent
From this the readers will realise that as each aspect of each potential creator seed in its own timing eventually ascends the power-levels of the vortex, the aspect, he or she, will regain the power-levels left behind at each stage of the descent. As he or she ascends out of the vortex each aspect regains that powerhouse of resources and links to all knowledge, but before that can happen each aspect will have evolved to the conscious and aware intelligence level that has then learnt to control that intelligence with harmony and balance. But even whilst the aspect is learning harmony and balance he or she is always linked to that powerhouse of resources and knowledge beyond the vortex.
We have written this book for everyone. The book represents the authors’ beliefs hopefully presented in a logical manner. Our readers may be people who, like us, have devoted many years of study to the subjects of Metaphysics, Meta-psychology, and Spirituality. On the other hand it is our hope that our readers will include those who have never given these subjects any thought. For the sake of the latter we have paused now and again during our exploration to clarify certain points that we know are the cause of confusion for many people.
The link between the potential creator seed aspect and the powerhouse of resources is one such point of confusion to now clarify. Already we have described conscious, aware Intelligence as a creative energy with a focal point that regards itself as “Me”. We believe the same applies to the Creator mind, to the Godhead and the Angelic Hierarchies, and it also applies to every human being. To all that exist on those higher levels of the non-physical the powerhouse as we have described it is a built-in part of their intelligence always available, always in use. For the descending potential creator seeds that later evolved individual, conscious, aware, human intelligence, somehow his or her powerhouse waiting above the vortex was forgotten.
Because it was forgotten, each he and she lost sight of the greater reality to which their individual powerhouses link them. Instead each human relied more and more on what their body senses told them, whilst ignoring what their psychic senses tried to tell them. But how is it possible to forget you have a vast powerhouse of resources at your disposal?
The simple answer is that the powerhouse cannot intrude into your life unless you invite it to. It isn’t something greater or more intelligent than you. It is a part of your total intelligence that you can choose to use or not, that is your freewill right. But if you do choose to use it, it is you who must activate the psychic, intuitive link that always connects you to that powerhouse.
Often there is confusion over different names for the same thing, and then more confusion over what the thing consists of, so let us be clear what we mean. Your powerhouse is the part of your intelligence that exists in the non-physical on that high power-level above the vortex. On that level time and sequence as we all understand them do not exist and so past, present, and future can only exist as “Now”. Because your powerhouse exists in that “Now” it has access to the past, present and future as we think of them. So when Mrs X the medium made contact with Grandmother she did it via her powerhouse that in turn linked with Grandmother’s powerhouse. When Mrs X foretold a little of your future she did it via her powerhouse that linked with your powerhouse. We all have this psychic, intuitive link but Mrs X has worked very hard to develop hers. Powerhouse is a clumsy word we have used to emphasise that it is a facility that is part of your total intelligence. In fact your intelligence is an energy that is linked all the way through the levels from the Creator mind on the perfect level to you whether you are in the physical, or like Grandmother in the non-physical. But the focal point of that intelligence is where you are. We will discuss this in more detail later.
What we have named powerhouse is also known as the Higher Self. Others know it as the Super Conscious. Yet others misunderstand what it is and so they describe it as their Guardian Angel, or their Gatekeeper who they believe is there to protect them from psychic intrusion. The confusion that is implicit in this belief is to think that we need others to protect us; as if we need some angel to decide for us who may psychically contact us and who may not. But this would be an intrusion on our freewill choice, and even the Creator mind would not do that.
The truth is that any protection you may need is an integral part of your Higher Self that you can use at any time you wish to. We will end this explanatory pause by also explaining that when we mention Intelligence we don’t mean the intelligence of a brilliant mathematician as opposed to the intelligence of a dunce or a moron. We mean intelligence that is aware, conscious, and thinks of itself as “Me”. This applies equally to all human beings. So now we continue our exploration by following the descent of the dormant potential creator seeds.
The power-level reduction process has done its job and the power-level of the dormant potential creator seeds matches the power-level of the physical atoms they will exist amid. The operative words here are ‘dormant’, and ‘potential’, so before we proceed further we must remind ourselves of why the life force must enter physical existence because why is more important than how. We will explore how, but first we must re-examine the purpose of all this elaborate set-up that we have described so far.
Always we are encouraged to look upon our vast and mysterious physical universe in awe and wonder, and yet as our exploration has shown us; the creation of that universe was child’s play for the Creator mind. A few purposeful thought waves sent through an ocean of creative energy started a process that created a physical universe. So now we must ask ourselves what would be a really creative ongoing challenge to the Creator mind? Common sense gives us the answer.
To create an ongoing series of Creator minds, but not carbon copies of their Creator, no, that wouldn’t be a challenge.
What would be a challenge would be to create unique Creator minds, each Creator mind different and unique. But something is unique or it isn’t unique. There’s no such thing as almost unique because that is a contradiction in terms. It either is or is not unique. There is only one way the Creator mind could guarantee uniqueness to each of its creations and that could only be the way of non-involvement. The Creator mind would provide all the resources that would be needed, and would trigger the action that would begin the creation process. But as we explained earlier, once the process was started the one who started it mustn’t interfere with it.
If the Creator mind has to remain uninvolved, who is it that will actually create these unique creations? The answer, puzzling though it sounds, is that the creations will create themselves. This is why those creations had to be endowed with freewill choice right from the start. The answer becomes less puzzling when we give it thought. Let’s have a very simple and familiar example to see this from the Creator mind’s point of view. Let us suppose that you are an artist, a painter of beautiful paintings, and your dearest wish is that your child will also wish to one day become an artist as talented as you. How could you fulfil your wish?
One way would be by your example. The child would be brought up always surrounded by examples of your work. Everywhere in the home the child’s eyes would fall upon your beautiful paintings and the child would be able to observe your technique as you worked. In the child’s room you would leave a box of paints and blank paper or a blank canvas that the child would know was a gift from you. You would then wait. You wouldn’t order your child to start painting or even suggest it because that would be an imposition on the child’s freewill choice. Instead you would carry on as normal and simply wait because you want your child to want to paint. Then one day when you peeped into the child’s room to your joy you would see the child trying to paint.
Your child would make many mistakes and would learn from them. Your child’s curiosity would make it want to know how you did what you did, and it would learn more in the process. As your child grew to adulthood its painting technique would rapidly equal yours and like yours its paintings would be very beautiful but very different to yours or anyone else’s. They would be your adult child’s unique creations.
So now we can apply that example to ourselves in our roles of potential creator seeds. Yes, just as established religions tell us, we are the offspring, the children of our Creator. But the same as in our example we are not meant to remain as eternally dependent children. Our role is to grow and evolve to unique creator adulthood, each in our own right.
Each of us is creating our own image moment by moment, and our artists’ paintbrush is our gift of freewill choice. Always we are using our paintbrush consciously and unconsciously, and if we allow it to happen many negative influences affect our brushstrokes and then our self-creative efforts lack our Creator’s technique of harmony and balance. But as our exploration will show us, regardless of our mistakes, always we will have another chance to start again with a blank sheet until we master the technique.
Now we are clear as to why the potential creator seeds must enter physical existence we can proceed to find out how it was achieved. Dormant and unconscious the life force waits at the vortex centres level in the non-physical. Whatever the life force will become eventually is in the far future. For now it has no conscious, aware intelligence to guide it and so it can only wait. Let us recall our description of the bridging link between non-physical and physical.
We suggested that just as the entire physical universe made of atoms and vast space overlays the sub-atomic level, the sub-atomic level overlays the vortex centres level in the non-physical. We went on to surmise that access to any point in the physical universe could be gained from the vortex centres level because where one is the other is also.
We now apply what we have surmised to the entry of life force into physical existence. This could have happened anywhere in the universe at any time where and when life-supporting conditions prevailed. This must mean that we have no valid reason to assume that Earth was the first place where life appeared. Regardless of what holy books tell us, life-supporting conditions existed in the universe long before the Solar System was formed. So now we can look in a new light at the theories of Charles Darwin and our modern researchers.
Our dormant life force is waiting at the bottom of the vortex for a threshold into physical existence somewhere in the universe that can support life. The passing of time is unimportant and so the mathematical odds that lightning will strike chance line-ups of atoms may be very high or very low but is bound to happen eventually. But the lightning didn’t create life; it created the threshold for waiting life to pass through to activate the atoms. The atoms became the servants of the dormant life force. What has been interpreted as an unconscious will to survive is in fact at this stage an unconscious drive to follow the route that will return the life force to the non-physical above the vortex.
That route will be long and difficult because the dormant life force must continuously evolve more complex and sophisticated atomic structures to keep up with the needs of the evolving life force. The unconscious drive is supplied by the life force and then the atoms made of whirling energy passively obey.
The need of the life force is to eventually evolve to the individual, conscious, aware, human intelligence level but this can only be achieved stage by stage. Each next stage must be built on to the stages that have already been built. Starting at the microscopic levels of simple life forms and then incorporating those simple life forms into more complex life forms with more and more freedom of action and more chance of survival.
Whenever the environment can no longer support the atomic structures of the life force, the life force adapts the atomic structure to the changed environment and if this fails the life force returns to the vortex centres level to await another threshold somewhere in the universe. The life force that survives in the physical swiftly evolves the ability to reproduce itself, but in fact it doesn’t reproduce itself, it lines up more atoms to act as thresholds for yet more life force to enter physical life without the need for further random lightning strikes
Now we must look at the larger picture because what we next describe will seem to contradict what we have described so far. We have explained that the potential creator seeds must be unique and that they must achieve uniqueness by their individual efforts. No one including the Creator mind, the Godhead, or the Angelic Hierarchies may interfere with this process. They may offer to guide and teach but they cannot impose on the freewill choice of individual conscious, aware, intelligent potential creator seeds. We then described the entry of the life force into physical existence and how it then manipulated atomic structures to create an ongoing series of thresholds whilst continuing to evolve.
It may have occurred to the readers to wonder how life force dormant and unconscious was able to manipulate atoms in the way it did. 48
Common sense tells us that the life force in its dormant state couldn’t manipulate itself let alone atoms, yet somehow it did. The larger picture will show us how and will explain the apparent contradiction.
Let us first find three examples of harmony and balance. Our three examples share one thing in common. All three function on the unconscious level of existence. This is the level that exists and functions perfectly without conscious, aware thought telling it what to do. Our first example is the human body. The second is planet Earth, and the third is the entire physical universe. The human body has a metabolism that functions with perfect harmony and balance so long as our conscious, aware intelligence does not interfere with its functioning. That body is made up of independent complete organs that all work together in smooth co-operation that for the most part never intrudes on our consciousness. Whether we are asleep or awake the entire metabolism gets on with its job. Each organ is itself also made up from smaller, equally complex independent systems that all work together to function as one organ.
We can go down and down the scale to individual complete cells, the chromosomes and genes, the DNA and RNA strands and then the atoms that make up these strands. Always we will find harmony and balance as if every tiny part of the metabolism knows exactly where it should be and what it should be doing at any given moment.
Astronauts, in orbit, who have looked down in wonder at Planet Earth, have described it as like looking down on a living organism that must be protected. All caring people would agree with that statement but what must planet Earth be protected from? Sadly the answer is mankind’s miss-use of conscious, aware intelligence. Try to imagine Earth without mankind. Not a single conscious, aware thought to intrude and yet the whole ecosphere or metabolism of the planet would continue to function in complete balance and harmony. From the giant blue whale and the giant redwoods to the tiniest lichen and the mitochondria, perfect harmony and balance, once again as if every tiny part of that metabolism knows its place in the whole living organism called Earth.
Now we expand the picture to include the entire physical universe, which includes planet Earth, and also all those human bodies. Once again we see perfect equilibrium, harmony and balance in the absence of conscious, aware intelligence. Looked at this way, though it sounds crazy, the intruder in this physical universe is conscious, aware intelligence.
Now if we expand that thought we raise more questions that must be answered, for example: Wherever life force enters into physical existence that life force will be unable to think things out or to plan the evolvement of the atomic structure that it enters.
But the precise intricacy of even microscopic life forms reveals intelligent planning that is beyond the capabilities of dormant life force or atoms. When we move our gaze above the microscopic but below the level of human intelligence to look upon the multi-level stages of the animal kingdom we see this same ongoing intelligent planning. This also includes the human body metabolism.
The most often quoted example of Darwin’s observations is about the giant tortoises that live on the Galapagos Islands. This group of islands lies in the Pacific Ocean five hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador. The tortoises on the various islands are all the same species but their source of food varies from island to island. On one island food at ground level is plentiful whilst on another island food is scarce at ground level so the tortoises must reach up to feed on the leaves of shrubs.
Darwin noticed that though both sets of tortoises had always been isolated from each other, and also from the rest of the world, the tortoises that had to reach up for their food had evolved longer necks. Though the authors have never had any dealings with giant tortoises, the tortoises we have seen definitely lacked the thinking and planning ability to organise for themselves longer necks.
Long after Darwin other researchers discovered the microscopic world of genes, chromosomes, amino acids and the DNA and RNA strands. The researchers decided that they had solved the secret of evolution and had found the patterns for all physical life forms. Obviously those patterns contained in the metabolism of the tortoises adapted to allow the evolution of longer necks to fill an ongoing need. But that still doesn’t explain how those patterns knew how and when to adapt, nor does it explain how the patterns were originally created in the first place.
We realise the patterns themselves continuously evolved from simple to complex structures always to fulfil the drive to evolve to meet current needs and ever-changing local environments. All of these patterns are structured from atoms that are simply building blocks that linked in a certain way have a certain effect. The researcher’s lightning-struck atoms could no more build patterns that could evolve, any more than could our dormant life force. Now we need to know what did build those patterns. Also we need to solve that apparent contradiction about non-interference that we mentioned earlier.
In your garden you may have noticed that when unusually large numbers of green flies cover your rose bushes you also noticed, with relief, unusually large numbers of ladybirds feeding upon them. The question we must try to answer is how did the genetic structure of countless pregnant-to-be ladybirds know beforehand that green flies would be unusually plentiful?
This sounds like a silly question unless one feels riveted by the subject of aphids; which we must admit we are not, but this suspicion of fore-knowledge appears throughout the whole range of life forms that exist on this planet. Foreknowledge that compels animals to vacate an area long before man’s sensitive seismic instruments detects even a hint of an impending earthquake, foreknowledge that enables a huge flock of starlings to wheel about in the sky as one unit. The problem is that we are discussing dormant life force existing amid atomic structures. By dormant we mean life force that at that stage cannot think it can only be.
We tend to emboss our own characteristics onto the observed behaviour of animals. As an example we see a squirrel gathering and storing nuts and we think,” Ah! That clever squirrel is storing nuts for the winter”. But the squirrel isn’t storing nuts for the winter; it is storing nuts because its instinct told it to store nuts right now. The squirrel always exists in the Now. Winter is in the future and won’t exist for the squirrel until winter is now.
The instinct to hunt or forage, to eat, to sleep, to breed, to migrate alone or en masse, always instinct governs the activity in this moment called now throughout the entire range of non-thinking life forms. So now we must think of these individual life forms in their role as parts of a living organism called planet Earth.
In ancient times, until Christianity decided it was pagan to do so, people used to worship Mother Earth or Mother Nature whose works at all times surrounded those people.
In modern times there is a growing awareness in mankind that to interfere with the intricate and delicate mechanisms of our planet is to call down a lot of trouble on our heads. When we observe the countless checks and balances in action that ensure harmonious existence between those countless life forms we are tempted to believe that Mother Nature exists.
Maybe that sounds fanciful just because we’ve given a name to whatever does the checking and balancing. It will sound less fanciful when you think about it. Obviously something does the checking and balancing for all those non-thinking life forms and that something certainly isn’t conscious aware mankind. We could go further by saying that that something keeps on with the task of check and balance regardless of thinking mankind’s self-centred thoughtlessness. We have called that something Mother Earth or Mother Nature who co-ordinates the instincts of all those non-thinking life forms on the planet, she also co-ordinates the non-thinking physical bodies that are the vehicles for the non-physical intelligence of conscious, aware, thinking humans. But she does not intrude upon, or co-ordinate Mankind’s ability to think and to make individual freewill choices, no one has the right to do that. Now we must fit Mother Nature into our scenario. It might be more to the point to see where we potential creator seeds fit into Mother Nature’s scenario. We have discussed the metabolism of the human body that exists always in the moment called “Now”.
For the human body, just like all the other life forms on the planet, there is no awareness of future or past, only now exists. The metabolisms of all the life forms function to an overall pattern not devised by the life forms but imposed upon them by Mother Nature. So who is Mother Nature and where does she fit into the Creator mind’s creation of Angelic Hierarchies, spherical vortexes, sub-atomic levels and a physical universe constructed out of atoms of energy?
Before we answer that question we must enlarge our point of view to include the entire physical universe. Already we have suggested that it would be arrogant to assume the only island of evolving life in the universe exists on Planet Earth. We could then take that suggestion further to include the thought that wherever life exists in the universe that overall pattern guides the physical metabolism of that life until it achieves conscious, aware, thinking intelligence.
Then the overall pattern would continue to guide the metabolism of the intelligence’s physical body. But atoms and non-thinking life force is all that exists in a physical universe and so any guidance could only come from the non-physical levels of the Angelic Hierarchies. Certainly mankind is not capable yet of devising such an intricate overall plan. So now we must continue to adapt the way we regard the physical universe. Not only is the universe a temporary and artificial and also fragile energy structure, but also it is the temporary physical metabolism of a non-physical energy being. Unlike mankind this energy being does not allow her conscious, aware, thinking intelligence to interfere with the unconscious functioning of her physical metabolism.
This has been a difficult chapter to write because first we had to crack our mental moulds to be able to expand our thinking before we could ask the readers to expand theirs. All of us have been victims of the authoritative tone that we mentioned earlier. The tone has been used for countless centuries to disempower us all, to destroy our self-confidence, and to condition us to think that individually we are so valueless we need to depend on the users of the tone.
The tone is so effective that hordes of misguided people will queue up to applaud and support those users of the tone, generation after generation.
Obviously when someone comes along to remind those same people that their true individual destiny is to become a non-physical creator mind in their own right, the offering will fall upon unlimited pairs of deaf ears. But we can only try. We end this chapter with some conclusions to which you may wish to give further thought.
That the physical universe was created, and is continuously recreated from energies that arrive from the non-physical and that the universe has an intentionally limited life-supporting time span.
That the life force that exists in the universe is also a form of energy that arrived from the non-physical dimensions, its purpose to evolve conscious, aware intelligence guided by harmony and balance, and to collect its energy source to enable it to ascend above the vortex levels.
That the life force swings between physical existences and when this is impossible, existence in the non-physical vortex levels to await another threshold into the physical. This includes all life force.
That the sole purpose for the physical universe is to be a cradle and then a classroom in which life force can evolve to the conscious, aware, me intelligence level. At that level the life force can then learn harmony and balance from Mother Nature’s non-intrusive example.
That the physical universe is the temporary physical body of a non-physical energy being named Mother Nature, and all life force in that universe is part of her unconscious metabolism until it evolves conscious, aware intelligence with freewill choice. Then there is a period that is uncomfortable for all whilst it learns harmony and balance. After the individual has learnt that, his or her next stage of evolvement is not in the physical but spiritual in the non-physical.
If like us you initially have difficulty accepting these conclusions do remind yourself that the users of the “Authoritative Tone” are professionals with countless centuries of practice. That would make it difficult to believe that awaiting you is far more power than has an angel named Mother Nature.
With ancient eastern belief systems, and with modern new-age belief systems that are often culled from an uneasy blend of Christianity and those ancient eastern belief systems, confusion reigns over the definition of a soul. We have no intention of becoming involved, or of involving the readers in that ongoing confusion. Instead we will offer our definition of a soul and then the readers will know exactly what we are talking about regardless of what they may hear from others.
Quite simply we regard the soul as another name for the part of you that you think of as the essential “Me”. If we point to your leg you will say, “That’s my leg”, if we point to your body you will say, “That’s my body”. But if we called your name you’d reply “That’s me”. There are unconscious but very real divisions between, what we regard as our mind, and what we regard as our body, and what we regard as me. As an example, if the overwhelming need is there “Me” will confront danger despite the terrified fears of the Mind and the fallible weakness of the Body. “Me” can and does over-ride mind and body to do what “Me” chooses to do.
Conversely when “Me” is unaware that it is happening, the fears of the mind and the appetites of the body can and do over-ride “ME’s” ability to think with clarity and to make considered freewill choices. So awareness of these divisions and insistence that the divisions are strictly kept to is a vital ingredient of the individual’s search for personal harmony and balance.
The part that you think of as “Me” is the part that is ongoing and non-physical. The mind and physical body are simply the servants not the masters of “Me”. Always we must think of any human being in physical existence as a trio that must somehow co-exist whilst at all times surrounded by other human trios.
Most of the illusion and confusion, the unfairness and cruelty, the selfishness and lack of compassion that always is with us is due to unawareness that allows those divisions to become blurred and hidden. Human bodies are very similar to each other. They share similar strengths and weaknesses, similar needs and appetites and also similar instincts simply because they are non-thinking integral units in Mother Nature’s metabolism.
Human minds share many similarities, similar doubts and fears, similar positive and negative emotions. Similar things make us laugh or cry, and each mind has a similar role in its trio. A human mind cannot think it can only feel. It is as if the human trio is three levels of life force evolvement that must co-exist. The life force of the human body exists in the non-thinking domain of Mother Nature’s metabolism.
The human mind we could describe as the missing link because this is life force that has evolved enough to leave the non-thinking domain of Mother Nature, but it has not evolved enough yet to become a conscious, aware, thinking intelligence that thinks of itself as “Me”. The last and most highly evolved life force of the trio thinks of itself as “Me”. We could compare the relationship between “Me” and mind to that between older and younger children. The mind is like an easily frightened but fiercely protective young child, and so “ME’s” role should be that of the reassuring older brother or sister who is always firmly in charge of the trio. We realise that the medical world would describe the human trio simply as the functioning of the three layers of the human brain.
These layers are the tools not the source of the life force. It is the evolvement of the life force that precedes any physical evolvement, not the other way around, but when the divisions are allowed to blur, through unawareness, the trio functions on a committee basis with no one truly in charge. Body’s fatigue and appetites and Mind’s protective fears and doubts influence “ME’s” clear thinking. Because of the similarities we described between all human bodies and all human minds the unaware individual is made vulnerable to a hidden common language based in similar fears, emotions, body needs and appetites in other people. The empowered few use this language with great success to bypass the clear thinking of the individual.
The aware seeker’s knowledge of this hidden language will help them understand and help other people who are unaware. This also applied to Grandmother when she had a physical body, and now she is in the non-physical Astral Vortex Levels Grandmother still thinks of herself as “Me”. Grandmother has lived many physical and astral existences. Each physical life she was born into a body and was given a different name but always the “Me” in each of those bodies was the same “Me” that in this life we knew as Grandmother.
Now we must try to understand a time when Grandmother did not regard herself as “Me”. Also we must try to unravel the confused ideas many people have about Group Souls. The essence of the idea seems to be that each of us in the physical exists in a kind of illusion. The illusion is our belief that we are separate individuals, but that in fact we are all members of a group soul, which also regards itself as “Me”. When we finally break the chains of individual Karma or cause and effect we will leave the wheel of reincarnation to rejoin that group soul and our individual “ME’s” will blend into as part of the group “Me”.
In turn the group souls will blend together to become even larger group souls that blended also think of themselves as “Me”. This process continues, according to the belief, until there is only the one central “Me”. As far as we can gather, the purpose of the whole exercise is so that the central “Me” can experience separation and physical existence.
The confusion latent in the belief stems from the fact that in the next breath we are told that the central “Me” is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient which means, all powerful, present everywhere at once, and knows everything there is to know. But if this is true the whole exercise as described becomes unnecessary, pointless, and our individual existences meaningless. Enormous numbers of people share such a belief as is their right and so we will simply offer the readers what we believe is meant by the name Group Soul.
As usual the confusion is about the words that are used. For example, a Soul Group is totally different to a Group Soul. A Soul Group is a group of individual souls who have chosen to work together to achieve a mutual aim. The name Group Soul only applies to life force that has yet to evolve conscious, aware, individual intelligence.
For example, all the species of cats could be members of one group soul. All the species of dogs would be members of another group soul and so on. Always we must remember with gratitude the non-thinking life force that built and continuously rebuilds the multi-level stage on which all we thinking humans could appear.
Often the subject of fairies, sprites, elves, and nature spirits are thought to be the products of the imagination of superstitious people and also of the writers of children’s stories.
But these are not imagined and they have a role to play, as do the Angelic Hierarchies. They are to Mother Nature what the angels are to the Godhead. The angels guide and teach life force that has evolved individual “Me” intelligence, learnt harmony and balance, and then have ascended clear of the Vortex. In a similar way the energy beings we think of as fairies etc guide the non-thinking activities and existence of the various group souls.
When life force evolves to the human “Me” intelligence level then freewill and freewill choice over-rides all guidance. At that level life force is on its own and must provide its own guidance. Even after ascension the choice will be ours to accept angelic guidance or not. Of course from this the readers will realise that no one is in charge of the human race.
Individually and as a race we are answerable only to ourselves for our actions and in-actions. This means that we have a responsibility to protect a complex organism called Planet Earth from the miss-use of our intelligence, but in doing so we will learn more and more about harmony and balance. Planet Earth is our classroom and Mother Nature is our teacher. We can choose to learn or not, that is our right.
We have offered the readers a selection of thoughts to consider. As an example we have suggested that in the physical universe of star filled galaxies, life-supporting conditions would not be limited to Planet Earth. We can expand this thought if we bear in mind the aeons of time needed to first form galaxies, and then for life supporting conditions to form somewhere in those galaxies.
Again we must consider the sequence of events, and the time involved that would be required for such life supporting environments to form in an exploding physical universe. The sequence of events, as astronomers describe it, suggests that galaxies of stars largely form from the debris of previous galaxies. If we then assume that each new generation of galaxies has its time span, part of, which is a life-supporting time span this adds another aspect to the evolvement of life force.
The purpose of life force is to evolve individual, conscious, aware, “Me” intelligence, to learn harmony and balance, and then to ascend to the non-physical. During the life-supporting time spans of generations of galaxies the lessons would have been learnt and the purpose achieved many times throughout the history of the universe. All of this would have been achieved long before life-supporting environments existed in our galaxy.
The lessons and the purpose will continue in the generations of galaxies that are formed from the debris of galaxies that exist now. This process will continue until every trace of life force has achieved the purpose and has ascended to the non-physical.
The entire process will be completed within the life-supporting time span of the physical universe, and is governed by the learning speed of the life force
Later on in another chapter we will meet some of these people who ascended long ago and far away. For now we will invite Grandmother to reveal what she felt before she evolved “Me” intelligence.
First we should explain that Grandmother hasn’t ascended yet. Her physical body has died and as with all life force Grandmother has moved to exist in one of the power-levels of the Astral Vortex. We will explore astral existence later on but for now it is enough to know Grandmother is situated in an astral power-level that is lower than her higher self power-level but higher than her power-level in physical life and on a higher level than that of non-thinking life-force. 55
Why this is so will become clear as we proceed.
During her physical life Grandmother learnt a lot about life and about people. She believes in the God that she was taught about when she was young, and she loves that God. For all of that Grandmother hasn’t ascended because she still has a lot to learn about loving and forgiving, both, herself, and the people who moved through her life. Grandmother is still rather impatient and has a fiery temper, and she still has regrets about the past.
The purpose is to learn to imbue one’s life with harmony and balance regardless of the circumstances of that life. King or beggar, the good times or bad times, the purpose is what counts in the long term. In every physical life lived, the same individual will find that the circumstances they will exist in will be different.
They will have a different body; they will be born under the influence of a different astrological configuration. They may even be born into the body of the opposite sex. No matter what, it will always be the same “Me” faced with the same purpose. At first glance this may seem unfair until we realise that none of this is imposed on us. The gift of the individual’s freewill choice governs the entire process.
Our exploration will reveal that whilst Grandmother exists in the astral levels her understanding of that purpose is far greater than when she exists in physical life. During her astral sojourn she is able to reflect on that last physical life to comprehend how better she could have faced the problems of that past life. Also Grandmother is able to place those same problems in a slightly different form for her to face again in her next physical life.
She will choose the circumstances; she will even choose her parents. She may choose to be born as a boy instead of as a girl. Whatever she chooses will be based on her aim to achieve the purpose, and her choices will be made in the full knowledge that probably the purpose will be forgotten or hidden from her during that next physical life.
From this the readers will realise that on the astral we make our conscious aware choices for that next physical life. During that next physical life we have no knowledge or memory of those choices we previously made or of the purpose of physical life. Surrounded as we always are by other people just as baffled as we are it is no surprise that we blame everyone except ourselves for our predicament.
Somewhere in the universe and at some time maybe aeons ago something happened to Grandmother. Grandmother made that last bit of progress in her evolvement that ignited a spark of actual intelligence in the life force that was and is she. Grandmother would have found herself caught between two very different worlds.
The familiar world she had left, of the non-thinking group soul, of instinct and of reflex, of obedience to the overall pattern of which she had been an integral part. This would have been her only guide to the world she now found herself in, the unknown world of freewill and freedom from the overall pattern coupled with an equally unknown feeling of separateness.
One of the oldest belief systems in the world is that of Kahunism that was taken to Hawaii when sea-faring folk settled there thousands of years ago. The belief system was studied and written about by an explorer and writer named Max Freedom Long.
He discovered that the Kahuna priests both men and women, were great healers and also had deep knowledge of the workings of the human mind. Our only interest here in this ancient belief system is how the Kahuna priest would have regarded Grandmother’s position as we have described it.
The Kahunas kept their beliefs as simple as possible and they sounded fantastic until we gave them thought. Once again we hit the barrier of different names for the same thing, but even so Kahuna ideas made more sense than did the Christian missionaries that finally drove Kahunism to extinction. The Kahunas believed we all have three souls, not just the one.
The highest soul they believed exists away from the physical body and they called it the Super Conscious soul. They fully realised that somewhere above the Super Conscious soul a great creator mind existed but they were content to leave all contact with that mind to their Super Conscious.
The Super Conscious sounds to us identical to our individual powerhouse, the Higher Self. The soul we have described as, “Me” the Kahunas regarded as their Middle Soul, that could think and reason, and when required could call down healing and special powers that resided in the Super Conscious soul. The Middle Soul could not make direct contact with the Super Conscious, but instead had to make contact via what they named the Lower Soul.
The medical world would probably describe the lower soul as the sub-conscious mind and the middle soul as the conscious mind and they have yet to accept the existence of the super conscious. Simply to emphasise the divisions we described we have used the names, Higher Self, Mind, Body and “Me”. The Kahunas would have described Grandmother’s role, after her emergence from the group soul, as a Lower Soul.
At that period of her evolvement Grandmother’s relationship to the Middle Soul would have been that of a younger sister. Grandmother would not have had the ability to think inductively or to reason because that was the role of her older brother or sister, the Middle Soul. Her previous experience of the group soul would enable her to know and make known the requirements of the physical body she shared with non-physical Middle self. Though she couldn’t think she could feel and sense. She would know exactly the correct emotion and its intensity that would match and accompany the current thinking of Middle Self.
Here we will pause to explain that last statement. Grandmother at this stage of her evolvement is capable of functioning as a lower soul or as a ‘feeling’ mind but hasn’t evolved enough yet to function as a ‘thinking’ me. Grandmother as the mind part of our trio is the receptacle of feelings and emotions. Part of her role is to supply the correct emotion and intensity of emotion to accompany the current thinking of her trio’s “Me”. But it is important to understand that the intensity of emotion is governed entirely by “ME’s” current level of understanding. This is just one of the lessons non-physical “Me” is here to learn.
As an example let us suppose the trio’s “Me” is an extremely sensitive, shy, teen aged lad who completely lacks self-confidence, and if someone thoughtlessly said to this lad, “Good Heavens! Aren’t you ugly?” it would be easy to imagine the flood of hurt emotion the lad would feel. If twenty years later someone said exactly the same words to the same “Me” he would probably burst out laughing because his level of understanding had risen. But now let us find out what Grandmother would have to do if elder brother or sister, middle soul or “Me” allowed the trio’s divisions to blur or even disappear. Grandmother has no direct contact with the world that surrounds the trio. 57
Her only contact is via the other two members of the trio, the sensations and demands she receives from Body and from “Me”. Body’s sensations and demands are easy to cope with by Grandmother because they are of the familiar world she has now left behind. For Body and for Grandmother, only this moment called, “Now”, exists. Here we see the need for the division because to enable thinking, “Me” to learn from mistakes time has to exist for “Me”. In physical life the path to individual harmony and balance is littered by a personal history of mistakes made and hopefully learnt from, of choices made with no knowledge of the future outcome of those choices until time had passed. The ancient wisdom urges us all not to cling to the past or the future but instead to live fully in the “Now”.
Many people do cling to regrets and bitterness, to the wounds of grief they refused to allow time to heal, to age old guilt and hate. In turn all that clung to negativity remains with “Me” and distorts “ME’s” outlook in the “Now”. This distorted and this negative outlook in “ME’s” Now affects negatively the way “Me” regards the future. In this way the effect of the past on the present affects the future.
Now we need to know why people cling to the future and the past, and also how this would seem from Lower Soul, Grandmother’s point of view.
Again we must look at Grandmother’s role in the trio. The thought processes of “Me” are meaningless to Grandmother because hers is a world of feeling and emotion not of thought. Part of her role is to store and collate “ME’s” current thoughts even though she cannot comprehend the content of those thoughts. Because “Me” is here to learn, those current thoughts may be needed as guidance in “ME’s” future and so they must be stored.
Although it is Grandmother’s role to store those thoughts, it is “ME’s” role to consciously decide how they should be stored. We will explain what we mean. When “Me” thought those thoughts Grandmother supplied the correct emotion at the correct intensity. But “ME’s level of understanding is always rising and so if the same thought were thought again the” emotion at the same intensity would no longer be correct or appropriate.
The problem is that emotion is energy and in a similar way thought is energy. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be converted into some other form, and so for this reason emotion cannot be suppressed, it can only be released or be converted into clear thoughts.
If we apply this to Grandmother’s task of filing clerk we will understand why people cling to negativity. Let us compare “ME’s” current thinking to a letter that is to be filed by Grandmother who can’t read. Grandmother will do her best to file anything “Me” sends to her so that always it is available when required. We have compared the thought to a letter but to what shall we compare the emotion that accompanied the thought?
We will compare it to the envelope that contained the letter. When the envelope has done its job you don’t keep it you dispose of it. When the emotion is no longer appropriate to the thought you consciously release the emotion and keep the thought. But many people don’t do this; instead they file the used envelopes with the letters.
Lower Soul Grandmother instinctively knows her job and knows she is only supposed to file the thoughts. But “Me” is supposed to be the brains of the trio and also in charge of the trio and so Grandmother can only comply by filing the emotions that accompanied the thoughts.
Just like Body, Grandmother in her unconscious way is used to harmony and balance as Mother Nature’s way. To Grandmother, filing often pain-filled emotions with thoughts is definitely not harmony and balance. To correct this disharmony in her files Grandmother waits for quiet periods in “ME’s” thinking to send these emotion-packed thoughts back to “Me” so that “Me” can consciously reprocess them to remove the emotions. From the point of view of “Me” that doesn’t understand, these are unpleasant memories “Me” does not want to think about, and so promptly returns them unprocessed back to Grandmother to file again. Meanwhile many years may pass. But what should “Me” have done?
When the unpleasant memory arose accompanied by the intense emotion felt at the time, ‘Me’ should have consciously thought, “I was angry or hurt at the time but I don’t feel that way anymore”. By consciously thinking that, the energy of emotion is converted from feeling into thought, and then it can be filed and recalled without pain. Earlier in this book we urged our readers to become observers of self and now the need for this will be obvious. Had Grandmother’s “Me” been taught to consciously observe self, the unpleasantness of the memories could have been avoided in the first place.
The non-physical “Me” part of any trio exists in a physical body for several reasons. All of the reasons are interdependent and all have to be fulfilled before “Me” can ascend out of the Astral Vortex.
The first reason is to consciously realise and then consciously express at all times “ME’s” uniqueness. Most people don’t realise they are unique, but because they are unique they express their uniqueness in an unconscious way. The readers may not consider themselves unique but they are, simply because no one has ever had exactly the same experience of life and lives as they have. No one has exactly the same outlook on life as you have because only you have lived that life, in the same way only they have lived their lives. The end goal is for the potential creator seed to evolve into an individual Creator Mind. To achieve that you must build your own self-image. Only individual unique you can do this, and this is what consciously or unconsciously you are doing moment by moment.
The next reason is to achieve harmony and balance so that your self-image becomes imbued with harmony and balance. Harmony and balance can be consciously achieved by each of us without the use of God-like powers. On the other hand we couldn’t trust ourselves with God-like powers if we hadn’t already achieved harmony and balance. The other reasons we will examine in a later chapter because they concern energies and the energy source each of us is to collect.
Now let’s see what happens if Lower Soul Grandmother is left in charge of the trio. To understand what happens we remind ourselves that Lower Soul Grandmother cannot think, she can only feel and sense. Also past and future do not exist for her and so Grandmother exists in the “Now”, a timeless world of feelings, demands and sensations from Body and “Me”. Grandmother has a protective role to fulfil and so she monitors the metabolism of Body and the thought processes of “Me”. Also she monitors all incoming and outgoing sensations.
Part of harmony and balance is complete honesty and so if “Thinking Me” chooses to lie and deceive people Grandmother is incapable of recognising what “Me” is doing. For example, “Me” hates someone but smiles and pretends to like that person. The expressed thought is not the true but hidden thought and so cannot be matched by the true emotion. The true emotion is the energy of hatred, and because it is energy it must be released.
If “Me” won’t release or express it consciously, Grandmother to maintain harmony and balance in her world will express the true emotion either through body language or by diverting the energy into the muscles of the body thus causing stress and discomfort. This is the only way Grandmother can let “Me” know “Me” is causing disharmony in the trio. Because the world of Lower Soul Grandmother is timeless she cannot understand the world of “Me” that is governed by time. For this reason her protective role is limited to what is happening now in this moment. It is her task to trigger the body’s fight or run survival mechanism when danger signals arrive from “Me” or Body. Also it is her task to switch off the mechanism when the danger signals cease to arrive.
This system works perfectly in the normal course of events. Body senses it is being damaged, sends danger signals to Grandmother who triggers fight or run. Alternatively “Me” sees an attacker waiting for a victim and so send danger signals to Grandmother to trigger fight or run. But for Body and for Grandmother, and also for “Me” all of this is happening in this moment called “Now”. So for Grandmother all is balance and harmony. Disharmony creeps into Grandmother’s world when she receives the alarm signal from “Me” continuously and also when “Me” disappears from Grandmother’s world of “Now”.
This is not as odd as it sounds because it is the logical outcome of “ME’s” refusal to face and properly process those thoughts and negative emotions that were filed together maybe long ago. The stored negativity that should have been released long ago instead remains active because it is energy. The stored negativity of the past deeply affects “ME’s” outlook in the present, and it is the outlook in the present through which “Me” regards the future.
“Me” is the focal point of an intelligent, conscious energy being that exists for now in a physical body, and is linked to that body by Mind, which in this case is Lower Soul Grandmother. This means that wherever the thoughts of “Me” are focused, that is where “Me” is, regardless of Mind and the physical location of the Body. The thoughts of “Me” can be focused any where and any when that “Me” chooses, but if “Me” is focused in the past or future “Me” has disappeared from the “Now” of Mind and Body.
Disharmony follows because “Me” is either focused in the past and is feeling again the pain of the past, or focused in the future and feeling dread that the past will be repeated in the future. The result is that Grandmother continuously receives alarm signals though she cannot locate the source. Her role is to protect the trio and so all Grandmother can do is to keep the fight or run mechanism triggered until the alarm signals cease.
Because it is designed to quickly remove the trio from danger, the fight or run mechanism burns vast amounts of physical and nervous energy for every moment that it is triggered. But also the mechanism is only designed to handle immediate danger that threatens in the “Now”. An animal has a similar mechanism. It senses danger and a vast amount of energy is burnt to remove the animal from that danger. When the danger is passed the animal rests to replace the burnt energy. This is very different to “Me” the always worried Time-Traveller who to those worries, fears and doubts, adds physical and nervous exhaustion.
Lastly in this chapter we explore the creation of the Ego. There are countless definitions of what an Ego consists and so, as with the definition of a Soul, we will offer the readers our definition only.
The Ego is a product of “ME’s” imagination, and in a human trio that functions with harmony and balance there is no room for an Ego. Let us explain what we mean by that definition. In the previous paragraphs we described what happens when “Me” time travels backward into the pain of regret and bitterness, guilt, anger and grief, or when “Me” travels forward in to the fear-filled anguish of dread of what might happen. Not all people have great stores of negativity trapped in their past but still they continuously neglect their “Now” because they are focused in an ongoing longing for past happiness, or in their plans for the future. Either way “Me” is missing from Grandmother’s world of “Now”. The third way that “Me” may fail to take the guiding role is when “Me” allow the divisions in the trio to blur and to disappear. When this is allowed “Me” merges with Mind. In everyday terms this means that a person becomes the servant of his or her uncontrolled emotions and the appetites and sensational needs of his or her body. In extreme cases all of these take precedence above any other consideration including the consideration of other people’s feelings
Once again the harmony and balance of Lower Soul Grandmother’s world is threatened. What will Grandmother do? “Me” has abdicated from the guiding role, and Grandmother isn’t equipped to take on the guiding role. But her harmony and balance require that Grandmother be guided both by Body needs and “Me”. Because the division has gone Grandmother has free access to “ME’s” imagination and though she cannot think she can imagine. In that imagination she creates a third member of the trio to replace the missing “Me”. This third member we have named Ego.
Ego cannot guide because Ego is figment of the imagination, but Grandmother must have the balancing effect of demands from two directions. We could describe Ego as a blend of “ME’s” non-guiding thought processes and Grandmother’s store of protective fears and emotions that “Me” is supposed to control. For Grandmother, balance and harmony are restored because now she again has two sets of demands.
Grandmother’s protective role demands that she protect the Body and the Ego at all times, because the Ego must never be bruised… Although Grandmother cannot think, she will use every emotion at her disposal to defend Ego, thus if “Me” wants to try something different from usual Grandmother will flood the thoughts with doubt. Then because “Me” is filled with self doubt “Me” seeks guidance from others equally as confused as “Me”.
If “Me” is proved by someone to be wrong about something, then in that split second whilst “Me” is taken aback, lower soul Grandmother immediately floods “ME’s” thoughts with unreasonable anger. The examples are endless and they explain many things, like how a person can be talked into fighting a war or into buying a car they can’t afford.
In the last chapter we described how and why an Ego is created. Hopefully, from our description, our readers have decided that the last thing they need is an ego. The funny thing is that most of us have an ego that we don’t really need. But having stated that, how does one get rid of the ego?
How, is simple, but simple mustn’t be confused with easily. It is not easy to unload an unwanted ego when all of our conditioning from childhood onward has been aimed towards frightening or feeding and pandering to that ego. We gave an example of a man who needs an inexpensive car to enable him to travel to work. But because he is not truly in charge of his thinking, before he knows it he has been flattered into buying a far more expensive car than he needs. A car with speed he cannot legally use at a price he can’t afford and that will put him in debt.
But thinking “Me” wasn’t flattered, it was Ego that was flattered to be told the car would improve his public image and make him irresistible to women. So here we have a veiled appeal to mind’s protection of Ego and to Body’s sexual appetite. A man’s ego may be conditioned from birth to believe all other nations are inferior to his nation. If the few at the top of his nation disagree with the few at the top of other nations the man will be sent to war with appeals to his ego, not his thinking “Me”. Clear thought would tell him that the war was between the few at the tops of the nations, not the sons of the warm loving families that make up the nations. The man governed by ego must blank out all clear thoughts of the pointless suffering that he will help to cause.
How is simple, simply become an observer of self, simply take charge of self, and simply reinforce that dividing line between Unique “Me” and Mind and Body. It is that simple but it is not that easy. So how do you take charge?
This is where the observer role enters the scene, and the very first requirement is a blend made up from compassion coupled with self-honesty and curiosity. Regardless of the priest who tells you that you are a sinner, you are here to make mistakes and then at your individual speed of learning to learn from those mistakes. What applies to you also applies to each of us. When eventually you do learn where you are going wrong you could kick yourself. Suddenly it all seems so obvious, and you wonder why you didn’t realise before, but until this happens it is you and others that are compelled to live with the outcome of mistakes made by you and by others.
This explains the need for the patience of compassion towards you and towards those others. How can you judge yourself or those others? Simply replace the judgmental role we all love to adopt, with patience and understanding. We are all in the same boat heading towards the same destination.
Why will you need curiosity? Because as an observer you will need curiosity to drive you to want know why. Why did that make me angry? Why do I feel intimidated by that person? Why does a vague worried feeling always haunt me? Why did that make me feel happy? A million questions that never before occurred to you to ask, your curiosity will demand the answers, and only you can answer them. As you probe yourself for the answers you will learn more and more about a stranger you have co-existed with since birth that you named “Me”.
Curiosity brings “ME’s” thinking intelligence really alive and will help “Me” the observer to notice subtle interplay between the parts of the trio, interplay that was never noticed in the past. For example, your friend is an artist who paints beautiful pictures, or is a writer of essays or poetry. Enthused by your friend’s example you think, “I’d like to try my hand at art or writing”. Immediately the idea becomes flooded with doubt and with the memory that at school you received low marks for art and creative writing so you would be no good at it. The idea that could have offered you endless creative enjoyment is killed stone dead in its tracks, but not by some other person. The idea was killed by your mind doing its job of protecting Ego from the bruising of possible failure. In your observer role you would not allow your mind to get away with tricks like that.
Clear thinking is supposed to take place above the dividing line. To accompany clear thinking Mind must supply the appropriate emotion, and so as “Me” thinks the thought the emotion crosses the dividing line to accompany the thought.
At that moment ‘me’ must “CONSCIOUSLY” acknowledge the arrival of the emotion. “I feel happy”. Or “I feel angry”. Or as in our example, “I feel filled with doubt”.
By consciously acknowledging the emotion you have converted its energy into the energy of thought and you have robbed it of its power to affect your thinking. You haven’t buried or crushed it, but simply converted it.
By consciously converting the emotional energy into thought energy you are placing the used envelopes into the waste-paper basket before Mind files the letters. When next you recall that thought as an old memory it will not contain any emotional pain. Instead of reliving the pain of the original fear, hurt, guilt or anger, you will remember that at the time you were hurt until you thought about it, but you don’t feel that way now.
The energy of emotion exists to enrich “ME’s” thought processes, to be sensed by “Me” and to allow “Me” to comprehend the energies of the virtues. When “Me” becomes aware of the flow of the energies of the virtues “Me” then has a choice. The choice is to either allow or prevent that flow of energy from flowing through “Me” to where it is needed.
That last paragraph sounds very deep and profound but really its meaning is very simple. Without emotion we’d all think like robots. Everything would be coldly logical and from a warm, loving, laughing, human angle a rather pointless existence. Emotion has its very definite part to play in the trio, but that part is definitely not that of master of the trio. So we are not urging you to become emotionless, or to feel guilty every time you express emotions.
All emotions are valid and positive at the moment you feel them, because at that moment they match your level of understanding in that moment. The same emotions only become invalid and negative when you hang on to them.
Later in this chapter we will explore the energy flow of the virtues.
These obsolete, treasured, sour old emotions that are called energy blockages grind away inside you and distort your whole attitude to the life that you are living. Then at the end of that life you depart from your physical body, but your attitude to life is not physical matter so you take that with you. The attitude to life is yours not the Creator’s. The Creator provided the energy for you to build your self-image. Your attitude to life is part of your self-image that you built moment by moment during that physical life. Whether you enjoy living with that attitude or not, it is yours because you built it and only you can change it. No one else has the right, only you.
The observer role is very addictive. After a period of observing your mind, serving Ego instead of you, the realisation drives you to take charge of the trio. As soon as you take charge of the trio Ego begins to fade off the scene. This doesn’t happen immediately because Ego, though imaginary, is deeply entrenched and the appeals to your Ego from others will continue because the Ego has been yours and the other’s way of life for such a long time. But you persevere, and you forgive yourself each time Ego wins a round because you are determined to defeat Ego no matter how long it takes. In the end you will win because mind cannot serve two masters.
The observer role tends to overflow into your daily life and dealings with the world around you. For example, though it never occurred to you before, now you are curious to know why that so-called fair-minded newspaper reporter slanted the emphasis of his article to persuade you to believe this rather than that. Why do manufacturers of beauty cosmetics always employ young models with faultless skin to advertise their anti-wrinkle face cream intended for older women?
Why do the producers of TV programmes about the paranormal imply they are representing the viewers, with honesty and fairness, and then always engage an examining panel of people who have a vested interest in disbelief of the paranormal?
There are countless examples of Ego manipulation by others that at last you will observe, and realise form an overall pattern of thought control of the unaware masses. But we are not masses to be controlled. We are individual potential creator seeds who chose to enter physical life for our own purpose and reasons. We did not enter physical life to have our thinking and emotions manipulated by other unaware, misguided potential creator seeds. We can forgive them for trying, but we could never forgive ourselves, once aware, if we let them get away with it.
We have explored the interplay between the parts of the trio, and also the interplay between the trio and other trios. We have examined the conscious aware process that will enable “Me” to take charge of the trio. We have seen how that process can be used to clear old emotional energy blockages, and also how the process can be used to prevent the creation of more blockages in the future. The immediate benefit of putting this into practice is a growth in your self-confidence. Suddenly you realise with astonishment that it is possible for the great majority to be wrong and for individual you to be right. You have awakened, but the great majority hasn’t. Because you are in charge and have awakened to your true purpose you will allow nothing to deflect you or prevent you from consciously expressing your uniqueness at all times. Earlier in this chapter we mentioned the flow of the energies of the virtues. Next we explore what the virtues are, where they come from, and the relationship of the virtues to human emotions.
Astronomers have told us that the physical universe is very ancient. Scientists tell us that despite appearances the basic structure of the physical universe is formed from energy that is controlled to perform in a certain manner. It is a difficult concept to grasp, to understand that, not only all physical matter, but also all the vast empty space in which it floats, is formed from energy, and that the energy must arrive continuously for the universe to continue to physically exist.
We could be forgiven if that information left us all feeling rather like mobile three-dimensional Holographs projected into a mist of atoms. We might even wonder if when two such holographic images collided would they feel solid to each other? These are lovely questions with which to while away the boredom in a bus queue. But our interest here is in the incoming energy. 64
When our exploration revealed the structure of the astral vortex we were able then to comprehend how our ancient physical universe and the space in which it floats came into existence, prior to that our third dimension didn’t exist. This can only mean that whatever exists in our universe is formed from energy, and that energy arrived from the non-physical via the vortex.
This is why we have several times emphasised that in our universe all is energy.
What do we mean by all? We mean just that, “ALL”. Every star, every planet, every needle and even the hole in the eye of the needle, every wave that surges on the beach, every surge of anger that raises your blood pressure, every surge of joy that lifts you up, every fit of depression that throws you down, everything from the hardest diamond to the pleasure that diamond gives to the bride-to-be. Everything is energy.
We have arrived in the universe as dormant life force with a lot to learn. That life force is formed from the energy structure of the Creator mind and so it contains exactly the same constituents as the Creator mind. The greatest part of the task of learning for the life force is to recognise and then awaken these constituents. Before the life force can do this it must first evolve individual, conscious, aware intelligence that has freewill choice the same as its Creator.
So now we look more closely at those incoming energies and the wide range of effects those controlled energies cover. The energies are reduced in power level as they travel down the vortex but this in no way affects or reduce their range. At the lower end of their range the energies are controlled to create and recreate the atoms of physical matter. Further along their range the energies carry the influence of Mother Nature.
That influence allows the life force to experience existence in physical matter, first on the primitive simple level, then evolving more complex structures to experience always more and more flexibility and freedom of movement. But always the life force is unconsciously learning as its evolvement moves it across the range of the energies. Eventually the life force evolves to the consciousness level of Lower Soul Grandmother where it encounters the next part of the energy’s range, for the first time life force experiences emotion.
Energy is always drawn to where it is needed, in a similar way to air that rushes to fill a vacuum. This is why Lower Soul Grandmother was able to match with the correct emotion and intensity of emotion, the level of understanding of “ME’s” current thoughts. Grandmother didn’t really supply the emotion. The emotion was drawn through not from her life force to enter the life force of “Me” to enrich and bring the thoughts to life.
Non-thinking Lower Soul Grandmother learns to recognise emotion as she feels the energy flow of emotion passing through her to “Me”. “Me” eventually learns how to control and blend emotions with thought processes without allowing those emotions to take control of the thoughts. When Grandmother evolves to the “Me” level she will have to learn the same thing. Next we move along the range of the same flow of energies to the section of the range that will awaken more potential constituents in “Me” so that they become actual and active constituents.
At each level of life force evolvement the evolving life force resonates in sympathy with some part of the energy range. Lower Soul Grandmother is life force that has evolved above Mother Nature’s guidance and control, but has yet to evolve to the conscious, aware, thinking human level. 65
Because Grandmother has evolved to the Mind level she acts as a projection screen for “ME’s” thoughts even though she cannot comprehend the content of those thoughts. “Me” can choose to ignore all thoughts and emotions on the screen, and this is what we called “polishing the mind lens” for the purpose of contacting the non-physical in meditation. But all contacts must be made via non-thinking Grandmother who acts as the lens. Later we will meet up with Grandmother again when she has evolved to the human thinking level. Now we concentrate on “ME’s” progress.
The next section of the energy range does not have to resonate with group-soul members of the animal kingdom. This next section must resonate with conscious, aware humans with freewill choice. This is the section of the energy range that we humans are painfully learning to resonate with now. The sooner that we can try to understand this section the sooner we will resonate in sympathy with it and the sooner we will reach our next stage of evolvement.
Always “Me” has choice, the choice to resonate or not. Because we are formed from the fabric of the Creator mind, everything that is in the Creator is also in each of us. We couldn’t be made of anything else. This means that we are all potential creators who have the freewill choice to recognise that fact or not. The range of the incoming energies will match our evolvement all the way to the Creator mind’s perfect level, because that is the source of the energy flow that carries the range and that is also our ultimate destination.
At our present stage of evolvement individually we have been learning to understand, control, and blend emotional energy with the energy of our thoughts. People who have learnt this lesson are then ready to comprehend the next lesson of the energy range. They will learn by feeling the energies of the next section flow through them. These are the energies of the virtues. Until we understand and control our emotions we cannot possibly be expected to understand and control the virtues. Compassion, generosity, honesty, fairness, gentleness, genuine humility, a sense of humour, and a respect and love for the potential contained in all life, these are some of the virtues that form the fabric of the Creator Mind. These virtues are also contained in the fabric of every one of us. From this you will gather that from the first moment that life force entered physical existence and then began evolving along the energy range, it has been a process of energy flow from the source awakening more and more of the constituents already contained in the life force.
The virtues are already contained in us, and we have now evolved to the section of the range where the energies containing the virtues from the source flow through us to where they are needed. It is not a matter of you resolving to become more virtuous anymore than it is of you resolving to become unique. In both cases you are already. It is more a matter of consciously allowing something that already exists in you to awaken and to resonate with the energy flow of virtues.
As a simple example we can compare “Me” to a tap for hot water that “Me” can choose to fully open to allow hot water to flow through, or to tightly close so that no hot water flows. The latter choice would trap “ME’s” evolvement on the emotional energy level. Alternatively “Me” can choose to fully open that tap to allow the full flow of hot water through. But in the process of allowing the full flow something else happens as well. What actually happens is that the hot water heats the tap that it is flowing through. In exactly the same way the energy flow of the virtues awakens and activates the dormant virtues in the “Me” that the energy flows through. This simply requires “Me” to allow it to happen. 66
The more difficult part for “Me” is to learn by hard experience how to use these awakened virtues with wisdom, harmony and balance and courage.
Why is courage needed? It takes courage to offer compassion when everyone around you is offering condemnation. It takes courage to keep on with offering the virtues when in return those around you only offer you their vices and their negativity. It takes wisdom to realise that what others offer you have nothing to do with what you choose to offer them. You are building your self-image and they are building theirs, but the higher the quality of your self-image the more effective you will be as an example to those others.
Not by anything you might say or do, but by what you allowed you to become by allowing the energy to flow through you. Every human being is an outlet for the energy flow of virtue and will feel that energy as it flows to where it is needed. The compassion and sympathy you feel when someone’s beloved dies, is like a physical ache in your being. The energy is flowing through you to that someone in need of it. When your beloved dies you feel the same ache because the same energy is now flowing through to you because you need it, only now you name it grief. The physical ache that you feel when you allow compassion to flow is the awakening of those constituents already in you. If you can accept that explanation you will also accept that to shut off that flow to enable you to avoid the physical ache will delay your evolution. At the human intelligence level the evolutionary drive no longer applies to the physical body, instead it applies directly to the human intelligence.
We have explained that the structure and fabric of our familiar third dimension by its very nature is temporary and artificial. For this reason there can be no permanent niche for human intelligence in the physical universe. We mention this to highlight the intended result of the drive to evolve. Whether you have the brilliant intellect of a genius, or if like the authors you just plod along doing your best is irrelevant.
The intended result is conscious, aware individual intelligence guided and controlled by harmony and balance. Obviously it will be very difficult to resonate with the energy flow of the virtues if your whole psyche is clogged with emotional blockages better out than in. The next stage of evolution for individual human intelligence is ascension that cannot take place until we individually do resonate with that energy flow.
To give you a silly example, imagine if you will that ascension is a hot air balloon. The energy flow represents the hot air that will enable your balloon to ascend, energies you have allowed to flow by your achievement of harmony and balance. The emotional blockages that you have clung to and made them part of your being. Grief, guilt, regret, old grudges and hatreds, pointless longing for past happiness, fear of the future based on past experience and so on All of these are like rocks in the basket of your balloon firmly pinning you to the ground. But how do you get rid of these rocks? By the attitude you consciously adopt when these pain-filled and bitter memories surface.
Earlier we looked in on our guru sitting in his cave. We discovered that part of his time is spent in meditation, and part is spent in contemplation of what previously he was shown in meditation. In this way the guru learns by following the guidance how to become more fulfilled. Fulfilment for the guru means he will transform himself from what he was and is into what he can and will be. In meditation the guru was shown how to achieve it, but in contemplation it was the guru himself who achieved the transformation.
Here we see a similarity of situation between the guru in his cave, and a situation the majority of people find themselves in at some time in their life. The only difference is that the guru is alone with his thoughts from choice. For the majority of people there is no choice. Now we are exploring ways of coping with the upsurges of deeply buried emotional wounds that are all self-inflicted. Positivity and negativity are not separate things; they are the opposite ends of the same thing. We could describe the centre of that thing as the comfort zone because it isn’t really positive or negative. To achieve any sort of transformation one has to leave the comfort zone. For the guru the aim is to climb the heights of Positivity. For the majority of people alone with their thoughts, our aim is to help them to climb up from the depths of negativity.
The similarity is between the guru and his solitary contemplation, and those people who are alone with their thoughts. Both are absorbed in contemplation. The guru’s contemplation is voluntary and purposeful. The contemplation of those people may be involuntary and painful. Often the ravages of age and illness prevent physical mobility. Failing eyesight may preclude the escapes of reading, of creative writing, or even of watching television. Except for occasional visitors, the older person has little choice but to contemplate the long years of the past and how they were lived.
At last this person has time to face what must be faced with no distractions. For these many years they may have relied on the physical activity of the body to enable them to avoid contemplation of the past, and now that same body has placed them in a position where they can only contemplate. The attitude of the person in this position will decide whether that contemplation will be purposeful or not. Whether as they face their memories they make spiritual progress, or simply greatly add to the stored pain and bitterness. In the next chapter we will show that the person trapped in this position previously deliberately chose to be placed in that position and why.
To say that time heals is not true when we refer to guilt, grief, and emotional wounds. What actually happens is that as time passes ‘Me’ piles more and more current thought memories on top of the memories that cause pain and distress so as to bury them as deeply as possible. In this way Lower Soul Grandmother is never given the opportunity to bring those memories to the surface for “Me” to correctly process. But now, “Me” in an aged and infirm body no longer has busy, busy current thinking as that excuse to for not getting those old files sorted.
Again we will look at it from the Lower Soul, filing clerk’s point of view. The old memories to be processed by “Me” to be then filed again by Lower Soul are about the past. To Lower Soul the past and future do not exist and so those buried memories represent a disorder it cannot understand but that it knows represent pain to the whole being. This is pain that only “Me” can relieve. Faced with this daunting task how can this person provide their own pain relief? There are two ways to use to look back on the past. The first way is “Brooding”.
With this way when the painful memory surfaces you mentally travel back into the past. It is as if you went back to the time the memory was made. There to relive the memory with details and emotional pain as fresh and jagged as the day when the thought and the pain-filled emotion were incorrectly filed together. Twenty, thirty, or even fifty years have passed and here you are reliving those thoughts, reliving that hurt, grief or guilt as if it is happening to you now. The pain of that old disappointment, that grief, that hurt, or that guilt at the hurt you caused, is too much to bear and is intensified by your present helplessness. You shove that memory back to your filing clerk, but now it is in a worse condition than when it surfaced. That is “Brooding” which clearly is not very helpful. 68
Next we look at contemplation as a means of clearing emotional blockages, and as a means of achieving tranquillity of mind for those in this helpless state. Often because of the lack of mental stimulation from outside, the helpless person finds that they are drifting into an altered mental state. This altered state is very similar to that achieved in meditation. This can degenerate into a state of frustrated brooding if that person allows that to happen. But instead if the person chooses, they can take advantage of their helplessness to explore this mental state to discover where it will lead them. Let us hasten to point out that blockage clearing certainly need not await the arrival of age and infirmity before it is commenced, in fact the earlier it is commenced the better. The point we wish to make is that advanced years and solitary immobility can be used as tools. Those tools can be used to search for and find for that person a yet undiscovered freedom that in no way relies on physical movement.
Emotional blockage clearing is a very private and personal task that carries with it certain requirements. If the requirements aren’t met then it is pointless to undertake the task. One of the main requirements is that of complete self-honesty. The person we described as in a state of brooding and reliving past hurts is failing to be completely honest with self. Their failure lies in reliving the experiences of someone who no longer exists.
Self-honesty means that all memories, pain-filled or not, should only be recalled by “Me” as an observer instead of “Me” the participant. Each current experience we face with no knowledge of the future, we handle it with what we know at the time. Afterwards it is easy for others and for us to be wise after the event. Hindsight knowledge allows everyone to sound as if they are full of wisdom and entitled to the judgmental role. But they are not entitled to that role and neither is the one who contemplates personal memories.
The observer role should be accompanied always with compassion for everyone contained in the recalled memory including the “Me” that existed at the time of the memory. If “Me” is honest with self, he or she will admit to now being an older, more mature, and much wiser person than when the memory was a current experience; a person who would have handled the same situation differently if they had known what they know now. But the requirement of self-honesty demands the admission that the same applies to everyone contained in the recalled memory.
This can only mean that anyone is entitled to feel hurt at the time, but no one is entitled carry that hurt with him or her into their future. Most of us do carry that hurt or guilt if we caused hurt, into the future, but if we learn to face each pain-filled memory with compassion we will never feel pain from that memory again. This is the only way to clear emotional energy blockages. The tranquillity of mind we mentioned is achieved simply because stored energy of emotional pain has been consciously transformed by “Me” into a stored thought energy to which the energy of compassion has been added. For Mind this means balance and harmony again at last.
The reason we have dwelt at length on the subject of clearing emotional blockages is because the next chapter explores the subject of Reincarnation. The subject includes what you take with you when you body dies. What you bring back with you are physically reborn, and your life in the Astral Levels in between these two events.
In this chapter we have explored the storage of thoughts that are stored by Mind for the future reference of non-physical “Me”.
“Me” uses the stored memories of the past as a guide to an unforeseeable future whilst existing in the physical, but it is Mind that is the receptacle of those memories, not “Me”. When “Me” leaves physical existence to re-enter the Astral Levels he or she will need the memories of that last life in the physical, as a guide to help to plan the next physical life.
For this reason Mind accompanies “Me” to the Astral Levels. “Me” is reborn with no memories of the Astral Levels or any memories of that last physical life. “Me” is reborn with a mind wiped clean of memories, and yet because they are energy the stored memories cannot be destroyed. Instead all of the memories of all of “ME’s” physical lives are stored in the astral level that the total spiritual progress of “Me” has so far attained. In each physical life some progress is made. In some lives more progress is made than in other lives, but it is the total progress of all of those lives that fixes the astral level, not just the progress made in this present life. You see we all are very old souls with a great deal of experience of life and lives behind us.
For example, Grandmother may have evolved to the Mind level, and then evolved to the “Me” level aeons ago in some other part of the universe. She may have then long ago achieved her ascension, and then have chosen to return to help others to achieve their ascension. The only way Grandmother could return would be to again leave the awesome powers of her higher self so that she could re-enter the power-reducing vortex. In the vortex Grandmother would descend to the power-level of human intelligence to enter physical life from that level. This is why we beg the readers not to judge themselves just on their progress made in this present life.
Many people including the authors received during their formative years a very limited and sketchy supply of religious tuition. First, as children we received the well meant but not very well informed offerings of Church of England Sunday school teachers. Later when the charms of Sunday school were replaced by other childhood occupations, we received religious instruction at school, as a compulsory subject taught mostly by bored and boring teachers whom made no effort to conceal that they were atheists who taught Biblical dates.
At Sunday school we learnt that that when we were born someone named God made a soul and put it in us, and when we die that soul sleeps until Judgement Day when God judges us and judges what we did during our lives. What was supposed to happen next varied from teacher to teacher. Later in our twenties there came a great influx of eastern belief systems to western civilisation. These were brought by a wave of guru type teachers with ashrams to support back in India, gathering often well heeled western acolytes of all age groups, left right and centre. Establishment church answered this challenge by allowing guitars to be played during church services.
Unfortunately for most of us, to be able to understand the beliefs of the east required us to learn the eastern terminology used by the believers in the east. This was most off putting because it meant that anyone who could quickly learn the jargon could sound authoritative even when talking utter rubbish. But one thing the influx from the east achieved was to introduce the people of the west to different ways of thinking about God and also different ways of thinking about themselves.
An integral part of most eastern belief systems is the belief in Reincarnation. For many in the west the prospect of rebirth, life after dreary life held very little appeal, especially when explanations were couched in mystical eastern phraseology. In this chapter we explore the subject of reincarnation and where it fits into the greater purpose for our role of potential creators.
One of those eastern phrases often used by the New-age cognoscenti is “The payment of Karmic Debts”, or, “It must be my Karma that this has happened to me”, and so on. In plain and simple English, Karma is the law of cause and effect. In human relationship terms it means that because our current level of understanding does not include knowledge of what the future holds we make choices without certain knowledge, until later, of their outcomes. If the future outcome of our choice harms another person then we have created a karmic debt that our search for balance and harmony demands to be repaid. No God-like father figure demands repayment from you, or threatens to punish you. Your own personal search for harmony and balance will lead you to choose to repay.
The duration of one physical life span is often not long enough to clear all created debts. To want to repay requires a level of understanding that has risen since the original choice was made. Often by then it is too late to repay during that physical life because circumstances prevent it, and yet the debt will be repaid eventually. Karma is not only about the payment of debts, it is also about how everything always balances out perfectly, for example: During one physical existence a baby dies and the mother is distraught. During a later physical existence the baby is reborn to parents both of whom die in an accident. The woman who adopts the orphaned baby was the baby’s mother during the earlier physical existence.
Always perfect balance is achieved. The reason for this brief diversion to explain about Karma will become clear as we proceed. Physical existence is the slowest, lowest power level of existence of all the levels of creation. As we explained earlier, because of that to enter physical existence life force must leave behind on the astral level all that it has achieved during past lives in terms of increased power level. We have explained that the astral vortex is a transformer that reduces the power level of the energy that flows to its centre.
We have also explained that the aim of the life force is to climb, stage by stage, out of the vortex. Each vortex stage is at a higher power level than the stage below it and so the only way the life force can climb is by continually increasing its capacity to exist at higher power levels. At the human level of individual “Me” intelligence that life force has already climbed well above the vortex centres level. Its total progress made during many physical lives enables it to exist in one of the stages between the centres level and the outer layers of the vortex.
At this higher power level “Me” couldn’t directly re-enter physical existence without causing damage to the atomic structure of the baby “Me” is to enter. Somehow “ME’s” power level must be reduced, and so next we explore a part of the vortex called the Inter-life Zone.
Again we remind the readers that individual freewill choice governs the entire process we are exploring. You choose if, when where, and to whom you will be born. You choose the lessons you will face in your next physical life. You choose the way in which you will repay karmic debts. You choose the length of your life. When you make these choices and these plans for your physical future you enjoy a wider point of view whilst on your astral level.
You make your choices and plans in the full knowledge that you must live that future life without knowledge of your choices previously made on the astral. This helps to explain the apparent unfairness of physical life. Before we continue let’s have an example to clarify what we mean.
We have explained that each “Me” is one of the two aspects of a twin spark. The other aspect could be anywhere in the universe trying to learn exactly the same lessons that will allow he or she to ascend out of the vortex, and eventually when both have ascended clear of the vortex the two aspects will rejoin each other as one twinned potential creator seed. Until then separately they must struggle on alone, one aspect will always be he and the other aspect she. Part of the struggle is trying to understand the opposite aspects, and so to our example.
Even after many physical lives a woman cannot understand what makes men tick. Life after life the denseness and stupidity of men has been an ongoing source of bafflement to this woman. The woman feels that she owes it to herself and her progress to at least try to understand how men think. With this aim in mind she chooses to be born next time in a male body. The parents are overjoyed at the arrival of their new-born son, and only as the boy grows older does father worry because the boy prefers dolls to toy guns, and later still when as a young man their son prefers poetry and art to manly sports.
The next cause of parental dismay is when their son; a female “Me” in a male physical body feels irresistibly drawn physically to a male “Me” in a male physical body and that same male “Me” feels emotionally drawn to their son. For the parents and for their son, shame, guilt, anguish and resentment at God who they believed did such an awful thing to them. Sadly no one ever explained to them the real meaning of freewill choice.
For anyone to enter physical life they must first pass through the Inter-life Zone so that their power level can be reduced to the power level of the atomic structure of the physical vehicle they are to enter. This sounds like a coldly mechanistic description of a lovely tiny newly born baby, but the baby’s body has been formed from the mother’s body. It has been gradually activated by the life force of the mother ready for the “Me” from the astral to take over the control of the baby’s body. Many people do not realise that the parental role is simply to act as a threshold or entrance into physical life for a soul that has already lived countless physical lives.
Christian priests teach that when the physical body dies we sleep. This is incorrect; the sleeping period takes place when “Me” gently, bit by bit enters the physical body of the baby. “Me” has been stripped of all memories, and the energies of “Me” must balance with the energy structure of the body without causing disruption. From the power level aspect, if “Me” were reborn with the stored energy of memories the power level would be too high. From a purely psychological aspect obviously it would be intolerable for a conscious, aware, adult “Me” complete with memories to exist in the helpless body of a baby.
All life force experiences an ongoing pendulum-swing existence, backwards and forwards between astral and physical. From the most primitive, simple life forms to the most complex and versatile life forms, each level represents the evolutionary striving of the life force to increase its power level to climb the vortex. Below the human level the striving is unconscious but still the striving of the life force has the effect of raising the power level of itself and also of the structure of energy that is its physical body. Why would life force endeavour to increase the power level of its physical body?
The answer is that the energy structure of its physical body will be the independent energy source of that life force when it finally ascends out of the astral vortex. At the conscious, aware, human level the striving to evolve ceases to be the effect of the drive of Mother Nature on unconscious life force. At the human level the life force is conscious and aware and has the freewill choice to evolve or not. Though further evolvement is a matter of choice, to achieve that evolvement requires conscious, aware striving because further evolvement will be of the non- physical “Me” intelligence not the physical body. The effect of the further evolvement of the “Me” intelligence on the human body will be to increase the power level of that body’s energy structure. The only reason atoms of whirling energy remain physical is because the energy has been compelled to convert its speed into speed of spin, and its power level has been greatly reduced by the astral vortex. This reduction of speed and power level was achieved by the controlling effect of non-physical, higher level, conscious, aware intelligence.
There are only two ways that the energy of atomic structures could be raised to its original unreduced speed and power level, the first way, if that higher level intelligence removed the control. The second way, if the ongoing evolvement of “Me” intelligence raised its own power level and that of its physical body. Always we are climbing higher in the vortex. Each time we are reborn we raise the power level of the body of atoms we have entered. One day we will leave the vortex with a body in its original energy form.
From our description of the Inter-life Zone the readers will realise that to pass through that zone requires a great deal of courage from the “Me” intelligence who intends to be reborn. Courage and determination are required because passage through that zone is made with the full awareness of what must be left on the astral level. To enter physical existence “Me” must choose a kind of voluntary amnesia and be placed in the helpless position of a human infant.
Regardless of whether you have a high or low opinion of yourself, as you read our description it should help you to realise just what a special and courageous person you are to have chosen physical existence.
The ‘Me’ intelligence has passed through the Inter-life Zone, and has been reborn to parents who acted as a Threshold for ‘Me’ to re-enter the physical. During the formative years of childhood and youth ‘Me’ receives the usual mind conditioning, described in chapters one and two, that we all receive from loving but confused people who may have our best interests at heart, but who previously received a similar mind conditioning to us.
To a greater or lesser extent “Me” may consciously or unconsciously choose to conform to the conditioning. From a very early age our attitudes are ingrained into us. This is right, that is wrong, this is acceptable, that is unacceptable. Eagerly, to protect our Ego, our mind controlled “Me” rushes to conform to the Status Quo. Anyone who fails to conform is swiftly and firmly and without conscious thought, placed into a pigeonhole and labelled “Crank, Oddity, Rebel, Anarchist, Anti-social, Religious fanatic, and other names far worse than these.
It is as if most of mankind is in the grip of some ongoing infectious disease that each child catches from the moment they are born. It is a disease called non-thinking acceptance of general attitudes that, for example, regard poets and poetry as something pointless done by rather silly people. Or the aims of people like the authors of this book as irrelevant delving into the obscure. With these ingrained unthinking attitudes each of us stumbles through life. Because the Status Quo is judgmental and we conform to the Status Quo, automatically and without thought we become judgmental as well. We judge others by their skin colour, their nationality, and their accent, their position in the system’s pyramid structure, their religion, their politics, their beauty or ugliness according to society’s set standards, their wealth, and their poverty. Always we accept the sweeping, unfair judgements made by others as our own, because if we stand up and protest our Ego may be bruised.
The same Ego controlled “Me” that condemns the mistakes of others will often either make light of, or refuse to admit to “ME’s” own mistakes. After a lifetime of using this weird and distorted system of judgement to confirm and harden our attitudes the energies of the virtues have had little opportunity to flow through us. As we near the end of our physical life it is no surprise that we have accumulated a generous store of emotional scar tissue. Maybe throughout those many years a person has used the judgmental role as an excuse to avoid trusting anyone who wasn’t family or friend. The role requires a willingness to deliberately ignore any facet of the judged that doesn’t confirm the judgement.
Coupled with this hardened attitude may be a complete ignorance of, or a distorted knowledge of, why the person existed in the first place. It is with this inflexible attitude and with this ignorance that many people have to face their physical life, and will have also to face their physical death. In short this means that many people face physical death with the fear based in uncertainty and fear based in an inability to trust.
When we began our exploration of the Inter-life Zone we explained the power-level reduction process “Me” must pass through to enter physical life. Because there is no other way to enter the physical, “Me” has no choice but to pass through the Inter-life Zone and to submit to the process. But “Me” has the choice to enter physical life or not, and so freewill choice governs the process. 74
First we looked at this from the viewpoint of “Me” on his or her achieved astral power level, which enjoys the full benefit of experience gained through countless physical lives. “Me”, in full awareness of what is involved, has planned a future physical life, and has chosen to pass through the Inter-life Zone to enter that planned life. This is known as a soul plan.
Now we must look at this from the viewpoint of the very same ‘Me’ that entered that planned physical life, and then lived that life with no knowledge of what was planned beforehand. The difference now is that the viewpoint of “Me” became distorted and fear-filled during that physical life. Just like “Me” the viewpoint; the attitude to life is non-physical and so accompanies “Me” when the aged, ill, exhausted physical body is left behind. When non-physical “Me” returns to the astral power level he or she originally left to live the planned physical life “ME’s” full awareness will return. The problem is that to be able to return to that original level on the astral, “Me” must again choose to pass through the Inter-life Zone regardless of the distorted attitude and the fears of the unknown. What “Me” will face next depends on the choice “Me” makes next, as we will see.
It is very likely that the readers have heard of “Near Death Experiences”. The person who experiences near death obviously lives on, to be able to describe what it was like. Often it takes place on the operating table surrounded by surgeons battling to save a patient’s life. At the height of the crisis the patient feels that he or she has left the physical body and is floating near the ceiling. The patient may then drift into the waiting room to be with anxious relatives awaiting the outcome of the operation. Next the familiar sights of the hospital fade away to be replaced by a tunnel, the far end of which is filled with light.
Though “Me” may not realise it, the tunnel is the Inter-life Zone and the light at the end of the tunnel is “ME’s” achieved level in the astral vortex. Often people on their deathbed have described the same scene. The only thing required from “Me” is to choose to move along the tunnel to enter the light. But if “Me” is filled with fear, self doubt and distrust he or she won’t know what to do, and won’t even realise there is a choice. When people are about to die, often they will describe the tunnel and also will describe people who are waiting for them in the non-physical, people, maybe dear relations who died years ago, standing there waiting for them now.
This is not a figment of the dying person’s imagination. Those relatives or friends have chosen to leave their achieved vortex levels to enter the Inter-life Zone to meet the dying person. They have come specifically to try to relieve that person’s fears and mistrust, to reassure that person and to persuade the person to move towards and into the light. If that person is so persuaded all is well. He or she moves along the tunnel and into the light, and immediately full awareness returns to them. The full realisation that the physical life they just lived was like a dream they have just awoken from. It was just one of many dreams they had dreamt. Now that person can review that dream and plan anew. To return to their astral level is like returning to their familiar home.
But what happens to the person who cannot be reassured, whose fears, doubts, obsessions, and distrust cannot be allayed by those caring astral dwellers? The Creator mind has never created what the priests name “Hell”, neither has anyone on the Creator mind staff ever been delegated the job of creating “Hell”. There will never be a need to because we are all capable of creating our own version of “Hell”; we don’t need the efforts of anyone else. During our physical life we either learn to overcome and control our obsessions and fearful distrust of the unknown, or we don’t learn. If we do learn then all is well and our obsessions disappear because we have learnt to trust the unknown. 75
If we don’t learn then those obsessions rule and control our life. Our whole world is seen through the distorting lens of the obsession, a different world to the world of those around us. In that sense we create our own world no matter where or when we exist. We create our own world and we live in it. When we leave physical life we take the world we created with us. If our fears prevent us from trusting the light, because to us it is the unknown, we simply stay in the Inter-life Zone. There we live out the fears and obsessions of our imagination, because that is what we have used our freewill to choose. Just like in physical life we are trapped by those self-inflicted obsessions that only we can release ourselves from. So in physical life at any moment we can choose to trust the unknown future and develop a positive outlook towards that future and whatever it may contain. This in turn prepares us when faced with the, to us, unknown Inter-life Zone to move with Positivity into the light.
Because of the general lack of knowledge as to our true purpose all of us become obsessed to a certain extent with our present physical life. We will fight like cat and dog to gain what at the end we know we must lose. Yet if we look closely at the fight, our motive is to gain sufficient security and resources to enable us to dare to enjoy some carefree happiness with our loved ones. Even when our beliefs include Reincarnation, this present physical life and the people and things in this life are relevant and important to us, and those past lives seem totally irrelevant. Those past lives seem like dreams dreamt by someone else, not us. This life seems real to us.
That gives us an insight into all of those lives including this life that we are living now. Just like in this present life, during all of those past lives we had people we loved and cherished, people we feared or hated, people, who conditioned our thinking and people, like the authors trying to crack that conditioning. We had ideas and things that we fought for, that seemed so important at the time, that are forgotten by us now. What does that suggest about our present life? It suggests that during our next reincarnation this present life will have joined the forgotten ranks of our many past lives and that future life will obsess us with its apparent importance if we allow it to.
Maybe from our description we have given the readers the impression of Reincarnation as a rather cold-blooded arrangement of intelligence evolvement. All of our concentration focused on this current life. All of those cherished during those past lives, forgotten as if they had never existed. If it does appear cold-blooded it is because we all have allowed others to place tight limits on the way we regard other people and. ourselves.
You see, regardless of the efforts of the few to make us all feel we are just insignificant computer numbers, we are not computer numbers and we are certainly not insignificant units of the human race. We are not members of anyone’s race; we are unique individuals in our own right. Each of us is here because we chose to be here. Each of us is a creator mind in the making. Our parent creator has given us the resources and an example to use as a guide. But it is we individually, not that parent Creator, who will create the end product of the process.
During every moment of every life each of us is adding more and more to our own image of self. Eventually each of us will learn through the effect of tough experience that shapes our image, that the combination of harmony and balance is the only acceptable state for conscious, aware intelligence to exist in. In starting the creation process the Creator was creating creators. No other explanation makes sense.
Why would a Creator mind need an applauding, worshipping, cringing audience that could only be a distraction from the full-time occupation of creating?
What about the lives we all have lived and are living? Really we could compare them to an ongoing play acted out on a worldwide stage. Worldwide is too limited so let us say instead physical universe wide. The stage is always there and the actresses and actors make their exits and their entrances as the play proceeds. The owner of the stage is also the playwright who cleverly does not supply the cast with a script. Of course this means that each member of the entire cast has to make up their own lines as the play continues. Regardless of Christianity’s insistence that we live only one life, the same actresses and actors play many character roles, sometimes heroes and heroines, sometimes, villains and villainesses. But sad to say, mostly they choose to play crowd scene roles. That is why the play has been so long running.
When a cast member leaves the stage he or she reflects on how that part was played, and plans improvements for the next part. Backstage none of the parts really matter beyond what was learnt from them, because backstage the entire cast shares a deep brotherly and sisterly love for each other regardless of the relationships required by the play.
The more you give this idea thought the wider, and more flexible becomes your outlook. By including Reincarnation in your beliefs the pieces begin to fall into place. The many examples of unfairness take on their true perspective in the wider scenario. Also you will even regard your personal relationships in a different way. Remember that parents act as thresholds to enable souls to re-enter physical existence. That tiny baby recently born into your family may, in a previous life, have been your beloved wife or husband, mother or father, sister or brother, your dearest friend or your worst enemy. This time you all have different roles and different relationships. This gives you all a chance to see the joys and the problems from yet another point of view. In this way each individual potential creator seed learns, grows, and evolves nearer to harmony and balance.
Earlier we described the flow of the energy of the virtues as flowing to where they are needed. We gave an example of compassion that flows through you to someone who suffers grief, or flowing to you when you suffer grief. We also explained that the intensity of the energy of emotion and virtue you will feel corresponds exactly to your current level of understanding. When someone that you care for moves to the other side of the world you know that you will miss that person. Circumstances may make it impossible to ever see that person again and yet though you may feel a sense of loss that feeling has nothing like the intensity of the grief you would feel if that same person died. This illustrates the level of understanding and limited outlook of one taught to believe we only live one physical life with only vague knowledge of what happens after that life.
If we move backstage what may we expect to find there? The stage we have just left appeared to be filled with people with no idea why they are there. As a result they have very much confused the stage life of the play with real life. Can we hope to find anyone backstage who does know what it is all about? Yes there are many that have travelled the path we must now travel. But why should they delay their own progress to help and advise us? Because to help and advise us won’t delay their progress, it will increase their progress. Whatever you willingly give you will receive back tenfold. Not always from the person you gave to, but at some time in some way always you are generously reimbursed. By giving you create a vacuum that Creation rushes to fill.
When we described our world of winners and losers we also described the System as a multi-layered pyramid structure. At the apex is some sort of Boss figure. On the next layer down are a few directors and executive staff, below that a selection of junior executives. Lower down the pyramid are sales and office staff. Then on the bottom layer is the factory floor and the people whose labours produce the products that support the entire pyramid. If you work on this bottom layer and orders for the product drop, suddenly you have lost your job. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was that the orders dropped. It doesn’t matter that the Boss previously told you that you are a valued member of the team.
The orders dropped, the Boss is still in and you are now a valued ex-member of the team. The pyramid set-up of the Creator mind works in a different way.
The people in the bottom layer are the most highly valued because they represent the seed corn. They are the potential creator seeds. To return briefly to our factory floor example, let us suppose an employee on that bottom level receives promotion. He or she then may find that their loyalties are torn between loyalty to fellow workers and the loyalty demanded by the upper levels of the pyramid. This loyalty is often put to the supreme test if product sales drop and the promoted one is then expected to dismiss those fellow workers.
In a way we could compare Ascension to a self-achieved promotion that lifts the ascended one above the physical existence level. During the long history of the universe many have achieved this promotion for themselves. In our factory example the promoted one will often fix his or her eyes on the upper levels of the pyramid to aim for as the future target. That will be their target no matter how much ruthlessness will be required to achieve that target.
The ascended person is known as a Master because they have mastered self and this enabled them to ascend. Ascended Masters know that every trace of evolving intelligence in the universe has also to ascend through its own mastery of self. For this reason Ascended Masters turn their eyes to the bottom layers of the pyramid, not to the apex. The guidance of so many masters awaits us. In physical life you can receive their guidance in meditation. In between physical lives in our astral levels again the masters are ready to guide us. But we have to ask, because unlike physical existence no one in the non-physical foists uninvited advice on to you. They always wait for you to ask.
Grandmother is there between acts and so who could be a better example of a potential creator seed backstage? Grandmother made her breakthrough long ago when intelligence blossomed in her as a Lower Soul. With her freedom from group soul existence came the responsibility for the smooth running of a physical body. All of this took place in a timeless world of sensing and feeling. Grandmother sensed that a sort of elder brother guided her world whose activities at times completely baffled her. But she did her best and no one complained.
Also in her role of Lower Soul sometimes elder brother used Grandmother to contact a level outside of both of their worlds. The more she was used for that purpose the more she sensed about that other level. The feeling was reminiscent of what she has always felt before her individual intelligence lifted her above the group soul level of unconscious harmony and balance.
When the physical body Grandmother maintained could no longer support life she would then accompany elder brother backstage. Nothing about the evolvement of intelligence process is fixed or rigid and so Grandmother might remain with the same Middle Soul for several physical lives. Alternatively if it would better aid her evolvement she would find herself with some other Middle Soul.
After accompanying many elder brothers and elder sisters, Grandmother made another breakthrough when she evolved to the human “Me” intelligence level of inductive thought, freewill, and awareness.
At last Grandmother found herself on stage with all of the other actors and actresses, making up her lines as the play proceeded. As a very young, inexperienced Middle Soul it wasn’t easy for Grandmother but always she found in physical life and in astral life those very experienced Master Souls ready with good advice just for the asking. Their advice would centre on what Grandmother could learn from her last performance that might help her improve her next performance. The advice was never judgmental because no one has the right to judge others.
Everyone loves to make a dramatic exit including Grandmother. Though her last exit consisted of quietly slipping out of her tired old body, whilst surrounded by her loved ones, previous exits had been more dramatic and traumatic. Amongst many other exits they included drowning when an entire continent sank below the waves. As a master mason in ancient Egypt Grandmother fell to her death from a badly erected scaffold. As a Babylonian slave trader she died by the knife of a rebellious slave driven crazy by her harsh treatment of him.
In a later life, this time as a Negro, Grandmother died chained to an oar of a Roman galley. Yet later she died for her beliefs at the hands of the Holy Inquisition. Later still Grandmother died from the Bubonic Plague that swept through Dark Ages Europe. Each exit was a shock. The shock was the flood of relief at the realisation that the whole physical experience had been an act and a convincing dream. Backstage there is no hurry so Grandmother can relax and take stock of her progress.
Grandmother has lived many physical lives. During those lives and the astral intervals in between Grandmother has learnt a great deal about people on and off stage. From her own hard experience she knows that physical life is so convincing that fixed attitudes may be developed that even backstage are impossible to shake off. For example, if all your life or lives you have hated Jews, people with black, yellow, brown, or red skin. Or just as unreasonably, people with red hair or crossed eyes, you always will until YOU do something about it.
The same applies if your fixation is lust. Lust for power, lust for riches, or lust for sexual gratification, and also, as we explored in a previous chapter, a fixation on grief, or emotional hurts, jealousy, or fear of the past, present and future. This is the only Hell, and it is a Hell we create from thought. Once we leave physical existence for an astral sojourn we can use our thoughts to create and surround ourselves with anything we like. In the physical mostly we can only create what we like in our thoughts.
When we arrive back at the Inter-life Zone we will see what we expect to see, because our thoughts will be creating what we see. If we expect to see Hell-fire, brimstone and demons, that is what we will see. If we expect to see all the people that previously we hurt, waiting to hurt us, that is what we will see. But none of the demons, Hell-fire, and irate people thirsting for revenge will exist anywhere except in our imagination.
In exactly the same way as the people with fixations and obsessions, on the astral Grandmother can create a beautiful cake by using creative thought. But the enjoyment of a cake however beautiful and delicious is a pleasure limited to physical senses. You can’t fully enjoy a cake just by looking at it.
In the same way a person in the astral can create all of the golden riches, slaves and sexual fantasies they like, but as all of these are things limited to physical existence they are devoid of enjoyment and satisfaction. The obsessed person can only keep on recreating the same fruitless images until that same person chooses to return to reality. Until then no one will intrude or give uninvited advice. Later we will explore how such a person is helped by other souls on the astral without intruding on that person’s freewill. Grandmother knows that when we leave the physical stage play we don’t suddenly become mental giants or cerebral wizards. Much of the mental baggage we have already carried through our physical lives we arrive with again and again at the Inter-life Zone. Those that come especially to meet us and encourage us through the Zone will try their best to appear before us just as we once knew them. The only thing that may prevent this will be our own barrage of mentally created images of what we expect to see. We may then be so completely immersed in those images that we fail to see who or what is actually there.
After Grandmother passed through the Zone she arrived at the power-level she had achieved in total. The person who met her at the Zone had a different achieved power level to her and so returned to his or her own level in the astral vortex. Grandmother found herself with people who had achieved a similar power level to hers. Many of those people Grandmother recognised from past lives including the life she had just left. Everyone on her level agreed that they wished that they hadn’t wasted so much of their physical lives on irrelevant trivia, but all also agreed that life in illusion is not easy. Everyone on Grandmother’s level worked together on their individual Soul Plans.
Earlier we gave an example of how life always balances out. A baby dies in one life, and is adopted by the mother when that baby is orphaned in another life. We may be left wondering who gained any soul growth out of that, the mother, the parents, or the baby. It all seems harsh, grim and rather cruel until we remind ourselves why we are here, and how very convincing is the illusion of physical life. One thing that we all know is how tightly people will cling to the illusion of physical security. What happens with many people if they have a full stomach, good health, plenty of money, no future worries and plenty of spare time? The freedom this gives those people is seldom used for anything more constructive or fulfilling than idling their time way in a search for new enjoyments. The only way they will face reality is if previously they themselves placed that reality in their future.
When earlier we examined the components of harmony we found with many people the virtue of compassion fades within a very small radius. The radius encompasses their nearest and dearest and stretches to their outer circle of acquaintances. Beyond this circle it fades into apathy and indifference. In stating this we are not being judgmental. Without knowledge of our real purpose it is difficult to imagine any other way a person could cope with physical life. In the illusion how else could we continue to enjoy ourselves? For this reason many people train themselves to not perceive the sufferings of others that are not actually thrust under their gaze.
But you do not generate compassion, it is a component of love and it exists as a lubricant throughout the whole of creation. Each of us is an outlet for that lubricant and when we feel it flowing it is flowing through us not from us. If you cannot feel it, look deeply inside and you will find a valve marked Awareness has been tightly closed, by you. Just as when On-stage, Backstage the cast members prefer when possible to work with cast members that they know and have become familiar with. 80
They ask for and receive guidance from the ascended master stars. But also they try to aid each other in their individual striving for harmony and balance. Each cast member has his or her own Soul Plan that each has created. The plan has to be flexible and has to be adjusted after each life. The physical illusion is so convincing that often the carefully laid plan with its lessons to be learnt goes awry. The problems that should have been faced are avoided by choices made without knowledge of the plan after the plan was made. Because they know this is likely to happen the cast members adjust their plans to try to cover every avenue of future choice during the next physical life. In this way no matter what path the future choices create the lesson to be learnt will be there to be faced.
Remember that we are dealing with a level of creative thought backstage in the astral. This means that a thought structure can be planned and created by a soul and then can be placed anywhere in that soul’s future in the physical life to be lived where past, present and future exist. When that soul exists in the now of the physical his or her now will eventually rendezvous with the now of the pre-set problem.
Though the soul can set the problem he or she cannot foresee whether they will face or avoid that problem, because freewill choice is always paramount. This is no different to the limitations of Mrs X the clairvoyant medium. The soul that plans his or her next life on the astral or Mrs X in the physical who tries to foresee your future, both must exist on one level whilst they make contact with their Higher self that exists on a much higher level. This means that the future they foresee has been created by past and present choices made up to the moment of asking to be shown the future. That future can be altered completely by choices made after that moment of asking.
Let us see how cast members work together on their plans on the astral, then how they live those plans in the physical life that follows.
Three souls are friends that have shared many physical lives and many experiences. In each life the relationship has been different to the previous lives. They have many other friends some of whom are on stage right now. Two of the souls are much younger than the third soul and so they are less evolved. The third soul you may have guessed is Grandmother. One of the younger souls has a problem that has been carried to and from the astral and the physical, time and time again. On the astral this young soul recognises and acknowledges the problem, but avoids the problem when faced with it in the physical.
The problem is quite common and has to be overcome by everyone at some stage of their evolvement. The recurring problem during physical life is the inability to accept that anything outside of the physical could exist. The other young soul has a different problem to overcome. Just like so many people the valve marked “Awareness” is only open enough to allow a trickle of the virtues to flow through to where they are needed.
The three souls arrange that the older souls will re-enter the physical first. The other two souls will be reincarnate twenty-two years before the end of the chosen life span of the older soul. This will give Grandmother the opportunity to face or not face her own pre-set thought structures before the two younger souls are born. Grandmother’s love for these two souls is deep and abiding and she will do anything she can to help them to evolve. In physical life one soul must unlock the floodgates of compassion. The other soul must crack the restricted mould of rigid inflexible thought.
Grandmother makes her re-entrance on-stage, lives her life as best she can, and faces or fails to face her pre-set thought structures. When the timing is right her daughter presents her with a lovely grandson that to Grandmother seems very familiar, but she puts this down to family likeness. Grandmother and Grandson adore each other and as the years roll by share a deep friendship. The only thing that slightly mars their loving relationship is that they disagree about the existence of a Creator. The Grandson cannot see any other purpose to life beyond a successful career and the enjoyment of Earth’s pleasures and so they agree to disagree. Grandmother is enormously proud of her Grandson and absolutely “Over the Moon” when he brings his fiancée to meet her for the first time. She is a lovely girl from a decent and hardworking family, and she takes Grandmother’s side about the existence of more than the physical. But Grandson just roars with laughter at the whole idea. A year later Grandmother quite suddenly falls ill, and whilst Grandson is at work Grandmother dies.
The young man is heart broken and shattered that he didn’t even have the chance to say Goodbye. Even as the weeks roll by he is inconsolable. His worried fiancée tentatively suggests that they visit Mrs X a well-known medium and to her surprise he agrees to the suggestion. What he learns from Mrs X shatters his disbelief. Wherever Grandmother is she is alive and happy. A much consoled and very thoughtful young man drives home with his fiancée.
Within the next three years his career has prospered and the future looks bright. They have married, set up their home and share a deep and loving relationship. They live happily, surrounded by loving relations and dear friends. Life for the two of them is beautiful and quite naturally entirely focused on their own activities.
To complete their joy the young wife becomes pregnant and so even more naturally her entire focus is centred on the expected baby, their baby. The husband prepares a room to be the nursery. Names are chosen and relations knit baby clothes with fond zeal. The baby, a boy, is born healthy and beautiful. Now the young wife is also a mother fully preoccupied with the demands of the baby’s welfare. For the young father this takes the mental adjustment that all young fathers have to make. It is only a few days away from their baby’s first birthday. As they lay in bed one morning and planned a little threesome birthday party the young mother feels a ghostly touch of fear. “Baby’s quiet, by now he should be crying for his feed” she says.
Terrified she enters the nursery, and there she sees the focus of all her hopes and dreams lying face down in his cot, cold and lifeless. The now of her pre-arranged thought structure has coincided with her now. As previously arranged, Grandmother has played her small cameo role on-stage as the soul of their baby and has now made her exit.
Amid the seamless illusion of physical life the young couple have no memory or knowledge of this arrangement. They can only cling to each other and endure the endless loving condolences offered by all, whilst inside their hidden tears sear and scald their broken hearts. The strength of their love is tested again and again whilst they pass through the dark valley of grief, pain, guilt, and self blame. Life has to go on, but every baby reminds the grief-stricken mother of her lost one.
The grief tears at her again, and only slowly does the grief and the pain lose their cutting edge and fade as they are buried deeper under the events of each day that passes. But for the mother the feeling of loss always remains. Before her loss she had little interest in anything beyond the interests and concerns of her husband, her family and friends.
Now whenever she hears of the death of a baby the barriers go crashing down. The compassion floods through her heart to that mother, wherever that mother may be in the world. She knows through “Feeling” experience just what that grieving mother is going through. The pre-set thought structure has done what it was intended to do. The two young souls will never be quite the same again because they both have gained some spiritual progress from the experience.
Please do not get the impression that in physical life we are puppets dancing to pre-ordained strings pulled whilst backstage by us, or by anyone else. We are not, because for example, the young mother could have allowed her grief to turn to bitterness and envy of any other mother with a healthy baby. Then she would not have spared a thought for other grieving mothers.
The word “Love” has many connotations and has been given many meanings, but it is important to realise that love is a very real energy. We have described the energy flow from the Creator’s mind and also we have described the wide range of effects carried to us by that flow of energy during our evolvement. When we mention love we are using the name of that powerful energy flow that is a living demonstration of the Creator mind’s unselfish affection for all of creation including all of us. It is in that sense that we refer to love as energy that can create atoms, and can also flow as compassion from one human to another human who needs it. We all are still in the process of creating our own unique self-images. We all are still in the process of increasing our achieved individual power levels to climb out of the vortex. As we increase our power level we also increase the power level of our physical body’s energy structure of atoms.
Eventually each of us will achieve a power level that matches the unreduced power level beyond the astral vortex. At that stage the effect on our physical body of our unreduced power level takes place on the sub-atomic level. The intelligent control that creates and recreates the atomic structure of our physical body is passed over to each of us. Individually we become the controllers of our own source of energy with our own created self-image.
The flow of energy each of us will be able to generate will contain exactly the same constituents and will cover exactly the same wide range as our Creator’s. Our next stage of evolvement after that is to learn how to use that self-generated powerful flow of energy.
We paused here because we felt it is important to keep to the forefront of our minds what the purpose is of our entire individual striving in the physical and the astral.
Let us look at this deep love the potential creator seeds have for each other backstage. We have already seen Grandmother demonstrate this love to the two younger souls. But we mustn’t forget that poor man we mentioned trapped in the Inter-life Zone by his self created obsessions, and filled with viciousness and hate, trapped by his fixations to the extent that he is unaware that he is backstage.
He is so completely controlled by his fixations that he cannot seek or hear advice, and is completely unaware of the love and compassion his fellow souls feel for him. Insulated as his is by his fixations how can he be helped without intruding upon his freewill? On the Inter-life Zone he can’t be helped. Only in the physical can he be helped, and only if those helpers will be prepared to suffer at this man’s hands onstage.
In past lives this man has been a ruthless and cruel warrior crushing all opposition to his ambitions. In another life he has cynically exploited the religious beliefs of the masses of uneducated, poverty stricken people.
He did this by entering the priesthood without an iota of belief in God, his sole aim was to control and gain power.
In another life his lust to control people found expression in the money lending and banking business. The souls who will help him get together to work on their individual soul plans in such a way that they will in some way be characters that move in and out of his future physical life. After we explore this trapped man’s story we will then explore the link between Karma and Atonement and the relevance of both to the helper’s evolvement. The moment arrives for the trapped soul to re-enter the physical stage. All of his pre-set thought structures are unplanned by him. They are products of his fixations and negative thinking carried with him to the Inter-life Zone from his last physical life. It is his obsession with physical life that acts as his freewill choice to submit again to the power level reduction process in the zone that will allow him to re-enter physical life. He is born to a mother whose weakness he learns to despise. His role model is his cruel strong father who he learnt to hate and fear. Coupled with the ambitiousness that he brought with him, by the time he leaves home in his teens he has become a formidable, unlovable young man whose tools are ruthlessness and charm.
Though badly educated in an area of poverty and neglect he develops a quick animal cunning to be used by his bright intelligence. His lack of education and good breeding acts as a barrier that prevents him from entering and ruthlessly climbing the career structure of the establishment in any of its forms. Instead he looks around to find other ways to satisfy his urge to control people. Quickly he discovers a way that is ideal for him. He enters the sordid, vicious world of the pusher of addictive drugs, at first in a small way by working for others.
Even this early in the career he chose he tasted the power he has over his hapless victims. Of course they are victims because first to create his ever growing circle of customers the pusher uses charm to take advantage of their youth and inexperience. Each customer is also a helper from backstage who is now faced with his or her own pre-set thought structure. If the helper resists the pusher’s blandishments the helper makes some evolvement. If the helper fails to resist, the helper will then make atonement and later we will explain what we mean.
The man’s filthy business expands and thrives to the point where he no longer deals directly with the drug addicts. Now he employs a group of younger men, some only in their late teens, some drug addicted some not. All of them are like him, ruthless and ambitious. These he supplies with drugs to push anywhere they can, by using their youth and charm to trap their victims. The man finds that he becomes more involved in the office work and wheeling and dealing side of his businesses. Soon he creates legal enterprises to enable him to launder the profits from drug sales. Because of this he no longer sees the degradation that is the drug addict’s lot and so he is able to create a self-image in his mind of a successful man of business.
He becomes involved in local politics and makes influential friends, and also becomes a member of the local prestigious golf club. His fixations allow him to live two lives entirely separated from each other. He leaves one life and enters the other life as he drives his smart, expensive car up the gravel drive of his huge, expensive house. Ambitious as ever, he has married into local high society and has a beautiful wife who despises his lack of breeding, and despises herself for marrying him. Because of his secretiveness she suspects his business is illegal but chooses not to ask questions. He despises all women including his wife but she represents to him a part of his successful self-image.
To complete this image he wants a son, and soon his wife becomes pregnant. At first he is disappointed when his wife gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. But soon this cruel, heartless man, for the first time in any life he has lived, feels genuine love for someone other than himself. He adores the child. In this separate, respectable life his daughter becomes the centre of his universe. In turn his daughter deeply loves him and has no idea that she is a volunteer helper soul. Nor has she any idea that the father she worships has a hidden life and a hidden side to his nature. He is determined that his daughter shall have the best of everything including the best education. As she enters her teens she has many friends of her own age. Her father regards these as a necessary part of her life and so welcomes them to the house.
The man allows his daughter to come and go as she pleases and seldom interferes in her life. Lately he has noticed that his daughter is quiet and moody and spends a lot of time in her room, when she is not staying overnight or for the weekend at the home of friends. He considers her moods are due to teen-age growing pains and is not worried. One evening he is alone in the house when he receives a phone call from one of his pushers. Angrily he says, “I’ve told you never to ring my home”. The young man replies, “Yes I know you did but there’s big trouble here at the party, you’d better get down here quick”. Swiftly the man drives down the squalid street to the shabby house his pushers use for discos and parties to ensnare their customers. Quickly the frightened young man explains, “That latest batch you supplied is lethal, tonight it killed one of my customers.
As he leads the man down a short hallway and into a filthy kitchen they can hear the disco music and the sounds of people having fun in the other room. Nervously the young man says, “I haven’t got a clue who she is, and I haven’t called the police. I just dumped the body out of sight and called you”. The backdoor leads outside to a junk and garbage filled yard. In one corner behind several bins overflowing with garbage a shapeless bundle lies covered by a dirty sack. The man pulls the sack away from the young face and then his whole world crashes down and grief, guilt, and self-loathing tear his heart as he recognises the agony distorted dead face of his darling daughter.
Out of compassion we will leave him with his self-inflicted torment because whatever happened in his life after that doesn’t matter.
What does matter is that the pre-set thought structures placed in the future of the helper soul who played his daughter achieved the intended purpose. The purpose was to release the man from his fixations to make him aware without intruding on his freewill.
Another point we are trying to make by relating such a grim story is that part of the observer’s role is to not make judgements whilst surrounded as we all are by illusion. On this familiar everyday level we might be tempted to say, “Serves him right, the biter bitten, he got what he deserved”. If we take the wider view any of us could have been trapped in a similar way to that man in any of the lives we have lived. Who knows how many of us have been rescued from ourselves? Who knows how many we have rescued and then quietly moved on? In the next chapter we explore atonement as it applies to individuals and populations of individuals.
In a previous chapter we described Karma as the oriental name for cause and effect. We explored the subject of karmic debts, how they are created and ways that might be chosen to repay those debts. Now we widen the search to include the subject of Atonement. Dictionary definitions of the word Atonement tell us that it means, “To give satisfaction, reparation, or expiation for an injury or wrong”. According to Christian theology it means ”The reconciliation of man with God through the sacrificial death of Christ”. It also is used to refer to the actual sufferings and death of Christ.
Atonement in the Christian theology sense is a very sensitive subject on which followers of Christian beliefs pin their faith. The authors have no wish to offend or hurt those who choose to believe those Christian teachings, and yet we must explore the real meaning of atonement to understand where it fits in the scenario we have offered to our readers. To build that scenario first we have offered a grim but recognisable description of our familiar world, a world very familiar to ordinary working people who live by the weekly or the monthly wage-packet, and who have little control over their lives. Always those people have to compete with each other for their existence in a selfish competition that no one can win. These are the majority of the human race, whose lack of proper education, and lack of special skills leaves them ill prepared for such a competition.
Next we explored how it became possible for billions of individuals to be continuously engaged in this frenzied competition on a planet that contains an abundance of everything anyone could ever need. Then we explored from a different slant in our role of observers only to discover that in every sense our familiar world is an illusion formed from energy. Next we discovered that of those billions of individuals very few understand why they exist or of what they exist. This lack of knowledge of self has created a core of uncertainty in each of those individuals that makes them dependent on other equally confused individuals for guidance. This is especially true in the field of spiritual guidance because there many people are particularly vulnerable.
The Christian theological definition of atonement is at odds with the ordinary definition of atonement, and is based on the assumption that we have a Creator who is fair, kind, generous but also judgmental. Even if for a moment we assume our Creator is judgmental, how could the sacrificial death of Jesus or of anyone else make atonement for the sins of man? If a man commits some wrongdoing it would be unacceptable for his wife, son or parent to offer to suffer the punishment for that wrongdoing. Even if the system of justice accepted such an offer the wrongdoer himself would know that it was wrong. If the word portrait we have painted of a non-judgmental Creator is accurate then mankind has no need for anyone to intercede on its behalf.
We are here to learn harmony and balance. During any learning process the student is expected to make mistakes and even to learn from those mistakes.
As the student’s understanding grows it is the student that eventually chooses to atone for mistakes made previously through lack of understanding. Atone is made up of two words: At one, but at one with what? At one with all of Creation, but for anyone to be at one with all of Creation he or she must have first achieved complete inner harmony and balance. So to atone really means to remove disharmony and unbalance from your life.
This is the opposite of inflicting punishment on yourself, or allowing someone to volunteer to be punished on your behalf. The word ‘atone’ means that, eventually you will willingly choose to repay karmic debts because they represent disharmony and unbalance. Now we will offer an example. In our example through lack of understanding a soul creates a karmic debt. Later when the level of the soul’s understanding has risen the soul chooses to repay the debt.
A good gentle and kind, man lives his life like we all do amid the seamless illusion. He is a hard worker and he is honest. He is married and has a deep love and respect for his wife. One thing in his life mars his tranquillity. He is an extremely physical man for whom the sexual act is an ongoing appetite, almost an addiction he must satisfy. His wife cannot keep up with his desires. He must not satisfy his appetite by abusing the wife he loves. Discreetly the man looks elsewhere he requires no more than sexual satisfaction. He doesn’t want a love affair and so he visits prostitutes and pays for what he needs.
As a result of these visits he contracts a disease and is quite unaware that he has it when later he transmits it to his wife. Later still with the disease in her bloodstream, the wife has a baby that is also infected, but all of this time the disease has remained dormant. The disease stayed dormant; whilst it was passed down several generations until one day it became active and affected a baby forming in a mother’s womb. The baby was born blind, crippled, and mentally retarded but still had to be the physical vehicle for a soul because parents are the thresholds between non-physical into physical.
In our example we see a demonstration of cause and effect. The man who was the quite unaware cause died several generations ago. When he became aware of what he had caused, his awareness introduced disharmony and unbalance into his existence. His act of atonement to restore harmony and balance would be to make the freewill choice to be the soul trapped in that crippled body until it died, no matter how many years that took.
You may ask, “What about the prostitute who infected the man?” Her freewill act of atonement might be to make sure that no one but her gave birth to that crippled baby. She was part of the cause and so it is she that accepts the effect as her lot. Hers is the exhausting, heart breaking, and bittersweet task of mothering, nursing and loving this child.
There are countless examples of cause and effect where the one who sows good or bad seed, later chooses to be the one who harvests what was sown. No one compels us compulsion would be self-defeating. The whole idea is to grow and evolve so that eventually each of us will regard it as our right to be affected by what we previously caused. If nothing else, this makes us very careful about what we cause. The only way we can be careful is by becoming observers of self, observing the effect on our thoughts, of our physical sensations and of our emotions as we think those thoughts. This is not cold remoteness because you continue to live life to the full. It is more a matter of existing in what is called “The still, quiet centre” that is in each of us without exception.
Imagine a fairground roundabout. You can choose to ride the dancing horses named Emotion and Sensation. If you do ride them you will see nothing else because you will have to hang on just to stay in the saddle as they whirl you around and around. Alternatively like the man who collects the ride fares you can stand where he stands at the stationary centre of the roundabout. There you can watch the whirling horses or you can ignore them as you look passed them at the fairground. The choice is yours. The subject of Atonement covers a very wide field. That field covers the individual and also whole nations of individuals.
When we think of nations we tend to regard them as people en masse. To regard nations in this way is not correct because the mass is completely made up of individuals. Each of those individuals has chosen to subjugate their individual will to the will of the many, which in turn are led by the few. The result of this choice is that all of those individuals are content to abide by the will of the few whilst they choose to believe it is the will of the many. Often to survive in the competition it is easier not to think too deeply about how individually powerless we have allowed ourselves to become.
This is the reason why on a beautiful planet that has plenty for all, and where most people long to live in peace with each other, instead we all fear each other. The manipulations by the few result in wars between the many. We have a planet torn by pointless wars, genocide, horrific weapons, and a world with more and more stateless, homeless, jobless, hopeless refugees as the result of ethnic cleansing. We have an Ecosphere almost beaten to its knees. Why? Because for each of us it is easier and less frightening to wait for someone else to stand up first to protest “No this is wrong and I demand that it be changed!” But if each of us stood up to protest, regardless of what others chose to do, it would be changed very quickly by the few to enable those few to retain their power.
Really this is a ludicrous situation for any potential creator seed to be in. Each individual member of mankind is a potential creator seed who for the time being has allowed self to be ruled by Fear and self doubt. It makes no difference whether we have become the manipulators or the manipulated, the conquerors or the conquered, the few or the many. Whatever we have allowed ourselves to become has been motivated by our master whose name is FEAR.
We don’t need to conquer each other. All we have to do is conquer our individual fears then we will be free. Until each of us conquers our inner fears we will continue to participate in, and approve of by our apathy and silence, the irresponsible actions and in-actions of that top few.
Now we will place the last three paragraphs in the context of Atonement by the individual. No matter how far we look into the past we will uncover a history of crushed freewill. It may be in the form of a vendetta between families where the grandparents, who should know better, teach their grandchildren to hate some other family. The stupid pride of the grandparents crushes the freewill of their grandchild by conditioning that child to hate. The child is taught to equate loyalty to family with hatred of the other family. Anything less than hatred is met with reproach from those the child loves and respects. Those who profess to love and cherish that child place the child, that later becomes an adult, in an intolerable position.
On a larger scale exactly the same method is used in countries where religious differences between people are used as the excuse to foster hatred between those people. Generations of embittered old men who channel their long cherished hatreds through their young and vulnerable descendants without a thought of the corrosive effect on the lives of the ones they profess to love.
Once again we see freewill crushed by fear. Always fear is the illusionary rock on which negativity is built. Fear of those we are conditioned to hate. Fear of the disapproval and reproach of those that we love and trust who taught us to hate. As children we are helpless to defend ourselves against such negative conditioning, but as adults we owe it to our freewill and ourselves to break through that conditioning. Otherwise we will remain as puppets of those previous generations just as they were the puppets of their forefathers. In physical life when the fear and hatred is between nations of individuals war is the result. 88
The war is fought by armies of individuals each of whom have chosen to believe they are fulfilling the wishes and will of their nation. In fact they are fighting for the few. Individually the majority of people of both nations do not want war they just want peace, but they have not stood up and said what they want, instead they have remained silent.
They have remained silent even when they knew that their silence had been used by their leaders as majority approval of going to war. In every war one side loses and one side wins. But from an astral point of view no one can win, everyone loses because everyone involved has created individual karmic debt. Not only the soldiers who fought the war, not only the politicians and the people with vested interests that wanted the war, but also all of those whose silence allowed the war to take place without protest.
The combined silence of nations made up of individuals has caused suffering to other individuals. The result is a national karmic debt that can only be repaid by the individuals that make up that nation. How can an individual repay a national karmic debt? A national karmic debt is the total debt of all the individuals of that nation and so all of those individuals in their own timing will eventually choose to repay their part of the debt. For example, suppose because you and everyone you know remained silent your nation conquered and crushed another nation. To repay your part of the debt you might choose to suffer a similar fate as an individual of a conquered nation in the future.
So we are here to make mistakes and to learn from them. As we learn from our mistakes our level of understanding rises. As our level of understanding rises we become aware of the effect our mistakes had on others. Because we become aware of the effect our mistakes had on others we also become aware of the presence of disharmony and unbalance in our lives in the form of karmic debt that we then choose to repay.
Our title for this chapter is Karma and Atonement. We have now explored some aspects of Karma and Atonement. The readers may be left with the unsatisfactory impression that life after life we create karmic debts faster than we can repay them and that because of this we all are trapped. When the authors first stepped on to the ascension path we felt oppressed by that same thought and this left us convinced that there was an original plan that had to be abandoned. In the next chapter we will explore what might have been originally intended, but for now before we become too depressed let’s take stock of mankind’s spiritual progress so far.
When a seed is planted a process is started. The seed may lie dormant for many years until conditions for it are just right, and then the seed germinates and grows, the process has begun. When the plant appears above the soil we may devalue it and call it a weed. We may try to eliminate this weed from our garden but firmly rooted it defies all of our efforts. Next we may try to hide the weed by covering it with stone slabs and again we fail because this determined plant forces its way between the slabs to reach the sunlight. Every picture tells a story.
We are the seeds that germinated and grew into plants. In our case no gardener devalued us we all devalued ourselves. No gardener tried to eliminate us, stunt our growth or hide us from the light. We did it all ourselves as individuals we allowed it to happen. We chose to believe that we are abject sinners that must beg for mercy because we chose to believe the priest. As time passed our level of understanding rose and then intuitively we knew the priest was wrong.
Not just the authors but also the majority of people left the priests to recite their illogical dogma to empty church pews. Sad though this is it is the price to be paid for inflexibility.
In every other aspect of our lives except religion we have had no choice but to at least try to keep apace with progress. We mean the progress of modern discoveries, innovations, and inventions and so on, and the effect of that progress on the way we live and the way we think. At an ever-accelerating pace during the last two to three centuries most of mankind has had its intelligence channelled in a certain direction. That direction ensured that machines would replace animal and human muscle power, and that the brain numbing drudgery of repetitive tasks would be replaced with ease by computers. The motives behind this drive for progress may or may not have been selfish, but the result will be that individually men and women will have time to think, time to care.
Believe it or not this is spiritual progress because also during those three centuries human slavery that once was considered an acceptable form of labour is now abhorred by most of mankind. Thanks to modern communications technology, wars that once were fought in private are now transmitted to every television screen on the planet. This means that politicians have less power to decide what may or may not be revealed to us individuals. It means that as we view the suffering, the carnage, the brutality, the mindless destruction, and the anguish of the countless victims we also see how similar those victims and those aggressors are to us. We could be them they could be us. Even as we switch channels to view something more light-hearted we cannot blot out the memory of their plight. This is spiritual progress because mankind’s level of understanding is rapidly rising and the next stage of spiritual progress will be when more and more positive and courageous individuals stand up to voice their own protests. Their examples will be followed by the many that have yet to find their own inner strength.
Positivity is as infectious as any epidemic. One positive individual amid a crowd of negative individuals will have a very definite effect on their negativity. Most people are not positive or negative but are somewhere in between. No doubt the readers have experienced the effect on them of both positive and negative people. When you have left the company of a negative person you feel depressed and completely drained because negative people drain energy from those around them. With a positive person you are left feeling uplifted, self-confident and optimistic because that is the energy that person radiates to everyone around them. All is energy and if you can believe this you can also believe that individually you are not powerless, as others would have you believe.
The inner strength that we mentioned just now is in each of us if we will only seek it. We could compare it to your garden. In the past to keep your garden watered you may have relied upon rainfall or on water supplied by others. Then one day whilst gardening, your spade reveals an underground spring of water. As you realise what you have uncovered you also realise that never again will you have to rely on others for water. Exactly the same applies with inner strength it is a source of positive energy. Once you have experienced its unfailing flow you know you will never again need the strength or energy of anyone else. Negative people have yet to discover this and so continue to actually drain real energy from everyone around them. Positive people are positive because they have found and have experienced that source of positive energy. They know that they can afford to radiate that energy to everyone because the source will never dry up.
Positive people are real people who have a positive effect on everyone. Not by what they say or do but by what they are and by the energy they radiate to everyone from kings to paupers. Now you know this, the choice is yours. Mankind has reached an evolutionary milestone and has collectively won the time that all individuals may use to think for themselves at last. There is the inevitability of a process about all of this, a process begun long ago that will result in a new generation of creator minds. This is hard to believe when each day the world media, hungry for cheap, emotive and dramatic images, focuses world attention on each latest atrocity to the exclusion of any other news. As we watch our TV screen each image is tightly squeezed to extract every last droplet of drama from the anguish, the terror, and the misery of ordinary folks somewhere in the world. Each image is painful to watch because it affects us in some way.
Hastily we may switch channels because it is painful and we misunderstand the reason why it is painful. We tend to think the pain we feel is a feeling of helplessness, but it isn’t helplessness it is the energy of compassion flowing through each of us to where it is needed. If we are prepared to accept the pain as the compassion flows to those that need it the effect of its energy helps those people to find their own inner source of strength. When we include the astral point of view we must also accept that their plight may be a pre-planned part of their individual soul plans, or their chosen way of karmic debt repayment. This doesn’t mean that they must not be helped or mustn’t be sent the very real energy of compassion. In the same way if to pay a karmic debt a man chose to get lost in a desert, you could still offer him water. It would be his choice whether he drank it or not. What follows is related to we’ve discussed.
Here we will very briefly touch on the subject of healing. By healing we mean what is called Contact or Spiritual Healing as opposed to massage or manipulation techniques. Spiritual Healing can be achieved when the healer touches the part of the body in need of healing. A similar result can often be achieved at a distance through Absent Healing. In each case for the healer it is a matter of focusing the mind and clearing the mind of all doubts. In this way healing energy flows, blockages free, not from but through the healer into the one to be healed. The effect of the energy flow may then trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The operative word here is may because sometimes the would-be healer and the one to be healed are disappointed with the results. The healer, he or she is left with a sense of failure. In fact there is no failure, as we will now try to explain.
Earlier when we described the higher self we explained that it is not a separate being or a guardian angel. The higher self is in fact a part of our individual intelligence that functions on energies that have not been reduced in power level by entering the astral vortex. We went on to explain that the higher self is itself part of a continuous energy linkage that passes through all the levels to link each of us to the Creator mind on the perfect level. During our descension it was we who left that linkage of our energy on each level we descended, to enable us to be reduced in speed of existence and in power level to that of physical matter.
We also emphasised the fact that the focal point of that continuous thread of intelligent energy thinks of itself as “Me”. For the readers and for the authors this means that for each of us our focal point is now focused in physical life with all of its illusions and limitations on our understanding. When our physical life ends our individual “Me” focal point, freed from physical matter made of whirling energies, moves to its achieved power level in the astral vortex, and on that level our level of understanding is higher than it is in the physical because in the astral we exist at our achieved higher power level. Though our power level is higher in the astral than in the physical, it is much lower than the power level of our higher self. 91
Our immediate aim is to climb above the vortex-reduced power levels to reclaim what belongs to each of us, our proper level of intelligence, our original power level, and our powers, resources and links with all creation. All of these in combination we have named our higher self. That is our aim and that is the purpose of individual soul plans laid in the astral, and then lived and followed or not followed in physical life. We have repeated this explanation of the immediate aim to help would-be healers to understand that what they regard, as failure to heal isn’t failure, and for everyone to comprehend the real power of compassion. To pay his karmic debt the man in our earlier example has chosen on the astral to live his future physical life with a crippled condition that he earlier caused. Once he has entered physical life he has no memory of that previous choice. The memory of that choice isn’t lost. It is part of the man’s soul plan and is stored with the higher self, to which the man is always linked whether in the astral or the physical. The role of the higher self is to monitor that soul plan because obviously the man cannot do this himself in physical life. So the higher self acts as a filter that will only permit non-physical energies to reach the man that do not interfere with the soul plan.
As part of his soul plan the man may have decided that he must live that entire future life as a mentally retarded cripple. If that was his choice then his higher self will prevent the energy that could heal the man from reaching him because nothing and no one must interfere with the man’s freewill choice. This does not mean the healer has failed because though the higher self will prevent healing of the crippled condition it would not prevent the relief of the man’s pain.
In the same way it would not prevent the energy of compassion from helping the man find his source of inner strength that would help him to cope with his condition. It may be helpful for the would-be healer to understand that the healer is the conscious aware focal point “Me” that draws the healing energy down the vortex. But the healing energy flows first through the healer’s higher self and then to the higher self of the patient, and finally to the patient if permitted by the patient’s higher self.
The higher self is part of our individual intelligence that exists on a higher power level than we do in physical and astral life. In that sense it is simply a facility that is available to each of us, both during physical and astral existences. On the astral we are well aware of our link to our higher self. In physical life our conditioning tends to close our minds to anything beyond physical existence including the existence of our higher self.
Higher self is not some kind of master who tries to run our physical or astral life. Far from it, higher self is more like our servant that waits to do our bidding but must not intrude unless asked. During our physical existences we cannot see into our future but our higher self exists on a level where the future is not hidden. This means that the guidance we seek and receive in the form of strong feelings from our higher self will include future effects on our plans made in the present in our physical lives.
This is why we encourage our readers to not only read books about meditation but to also try to meditate. To have intellectual knowledge of meditation is valueless without personal experience of meditation. In meditation you will activate your intuitive link to your higher self. The guidance you will receive from your higher self may be in the form of strong feelings to follow one course of action rather than another. Those will be the feelings that you receive and then you will use your freewill choice to decide which course of action you will follow.
The feelings you receive from your higher self will also be geared to the dictates of your previously made soul plan of which in physical life you have no knowledge. For that reason you can trust the guidance of those feelings when you feel them. Sometimes those feelings are described as your conscience pricking you. In meditation the more you develop the link the stronger the feelings and guidance you will receive. So you will simply be following what previously you planned, relayed to you by your higher self. There is a definite purpose behind the act of meditation. The first and most obvious requirement is that you really want to meditate otherwise the whole exercise is pointless. The second requirement is to find the time during your busy days, and to find somewhere where you can be quiet and undisturbed. By your insistence that these requirements are fulfilled you are signalling to your higher self that you are open to receive guidance. During your meditation your aim is to open and develop the intuitive link between you and your higher self.
This is most important because anything you are to receive psychically will first be filtered through your higher self. In meditation you may receive visions of places and people that are unfamiliar to you or you may see colours and shapes. Thoughts that are not your own may flow through your mind. You may experience many things in meditation or sometimes you might not receive anything and may wonder why you are just sitting there. But remind yourself that the aim is to develop the link, and that anything you receive in addition to that is a bonus.
Often after what seems a fruitless meditation your guidance will arrive during your busy day just when you need it to help you make important decisions and choices that will affect your future. For this reason remind yourself to be at all times open to receive guidance and that it is your choice whether you follow that guidance or not. Your guidance will always be geared to your soul plan.
We have described the creation process and have explained as the purpose of that process the creation of the next generation of creator minds. Every part of that process has taken place with smoothness, harmony and balance. The Creator mind has supplied the life force and the energy resources and has triggered the process then stepped back to allow the process to take place without interference. The trigger was the creation of Godhead in a less than perfect or less than simultaneous level. The next part of the process created the angelic levels and the hierarchy of teacher angels to occupy those levels. Earlier we described this as a stairway that each of us must climb to reach our Creator’s perfect level.
The next part of the process created the astral vortex that in stages reduced the power level and the speed of existence of the energies to a level where physical matter, empty space, and time could exist. All of this took place with the smoothness of a well-oiled machine, as did the descension of the dormant life force into this lowest, slowest level of all Creation. The smoothness, harmony and balance continued whilst the laws of the sub-atomic level built atoms from energy and then the laws of physics built a physical universe from those atoms.
Again smoothness, harmony and balance prevailed whilst the dormant life force entered physical existence and was guided to build the multi-level stage on which intelligent human beings could appear. Up until to this point the life force was under the direction of Mother Nature. After this point on the human level, the direction of Mother Nature was replaced by the example of Mother Nature that humans could choose to follow or not. At that same point harmony and balance disappeared from human life force.
It is difficult if not impossible to believe that this loss of harmony and balance wasn’t foreseen by the Creator mind. It is even more difficult to believe it was intended as a part of the original plan. Maybe through unavoidable circumstances interference with the process required the potential creator seeds to follow plan B instead of the original plan A. Let us look again at the process to clarify what we mean.
We have explained that for the process to work correctly two basic and very important principles must be kept to from start to finish. The required result at the finish of the process is a next generation of Creator minds that are endowed with freewill and who will greet their Creator as friends and equals. They will be equals because in fact they will have created themselves from the resources supplied by the Creator mind. For this reason every part of the process must be governed by the freewill of all that are delegated to make the process work, and all that are to be the result of the process. The second principle is that of non-interference with the process.
Freewill is something we all take for granted, and we are very resentful if someone tries to take it away. But if we join the fire brigade or join a football team we then willingly subjugate some of our freewill to the will of whoever is in charge. The one in charge would not demand the right to tell us what to eat or who to marry, but in the matter of fire fighting or football tactics would have the right to tell us what to do. We would agree to this before we joined the team. Equally regardless of what we previously agreed there would be nothing to stop us if we used our individual freewill and kicked the ball into our own goal. The same would apply to anyone delegated to work with the creator seed process.
After the smoothness, balance and harmony that accompanied the process it doesn’t make sense that we were all left to muddle along with soul plans lived out in physical illusion and so on unless this was unavoidable. The only reason this would be unavoidable would be if someone used his or her freewill and interfered with the process. The effect of that interference may have then made plan A. impossible to complete. Let’s look again at why we had to enter physical existence. This may give us a clue about who interfered, and why.
Grandmother has shown us that her existence as an intelligent, warm, loving and loveable human being has no connection with or dependence on where she exists. During astral or physical existences Grandmother is the same “Me” that she has always been and always will be. We know that on the astral there is far more to Grandmother than the kind little old lady we knew before she died because there she has the total experience of all her lives.
Also we know that her intelligence functions on a higher power level than in physical life. But also we know that most of the details of her many physical lives that make up her total experience are no more relevant to her progress than what she had for tea on her third birthday.
This may sound odd until we recall that Grandmother is a typical potential creator seed whose destiny is to leave our Creator’s creation to begin her own elsewhere. A creator seed would need to be totally self sufficient and self reliant and so all training and preparation for that role would be aimed to fulfil that need. If we place that in relation to all those past lives it means that eventually all of those beloved ones on the astral who played their roles in the physical lives of Grandmother will be left to go their own ways. The only relevance those physical experiences have to Grandmother’s progress is the effect they had on her outlook and her image of self, and also whether those experiences helped Grandmother to exist in the required state of harmony and balance. Here we come to the nub of our discussion.
If Grandmother had not experienced those many past lives lived in the physical illusion it is reasonable to suppose that she wouldn’t have created karmic debts that in later lives would have to be paid. In turn this suggests that when originally we all evolved to the human level we existed in a state of harmony and balance that was interfered with. The interference may have been for the highest of motives but because of it the process was delayed and diverted. So now we will explore a scenario, admittedly based on conjecture, of the original plan and who might have interfered with its workings. The scenario could be placed anywhere in the physical universe, but our interest is centred on planet Earth and what happened long ago to we potential creator seeds.
We have discussed the role Mother Nature played and plays in the guidance of all life force until it evolves to the “Me” intelligence level. Also we conjectured that the physical universe is the physical metabolism of Mother Nature.
Mother Nature is herself of the Angelic Hierarchy and she is wise enough not to interfere with the unconscious, harmonious, and balanced functioning of her physical metabolism. The purpose for the life force was to enter physical existence, to evolve to the conscious, aware human level. Then having the required level of balance and harmony each individual could learn to take over the intelligent control of the energy structure of his or her physical body. The body would cease to physically exist because its transformation into his or her source of energy would allow it to ascend with him or her above the vortex reduced power levels.
In our scenario so far the readers will detect no need for soul plans, payment of karmic debts or the requirement to live countless physical lives. When we originally evolved to the human level we already existed in a state of harmony and balance because we brought that state with us from the levels below human. This means that really we all are trying to regain something that we lost long ago.
If we have to climb a mountain, and we have never climbed a mountain before, usually there is a guide whose task is to guide us to the peak. The guide will show us the mountain track and will safely guide us up that track. But it is each of us who will climb that mountain by our own efforts and concentration. The guide will accompany us but he can’t climb the mountain for us. It is inconceivable that when we reached such a critical stage of evolvement there wasn’t guidance waiting for us when we reached the human level.
Let us conjecture that there was guidance waiting for us brand new innocent human beings. Our innocence would have been the same as that of the animal kingdom or of young children because at that early stage nothing had tarnished our innocence. If our guides had followed our Creator’s plan our innocence would have remained untarnished.
The next thing we want to know is who were the guides? We have compared the Creator mind’s pyramid structure to that of modern business enterprises in that with both structures power has to be delegated from the apex downwards; this is the only way they can work. Until the life force evolved to the conscious, aware, “Me” intelligence levels the only “Me” intelligence that existed and that could guide us was the Angelic Hierarchy. So now our scenario includes the possibility that a team was sent from the various angelic levels whose task was to guide each of us as we individually evolved to the human level. The evolvement would have to be on the individual level because each of us is a potential creator seed and each of us has our own speed of learning.
But if someone on that angelic team did interfere with the process we must revise our Sunday school images of angels. Diaphanous, gossamer, full-length gowns of pure whiteness, feathered wings, hands clasped in prayer and eyes up flung in supplication; this is the stereotyped image we receive in our childhood. This image may have been sufficient to satisfy the spiritual needs of a Christian church medieval congregation. Those countless empty church pews of today bear witness to the fact that medieval imagery and teachings no longer satisfy modern lay men and women. Before we find out who interfered with what, let’s get a different image of angels, an image without medieval trappings. We will continue to call them angels simply because it is a familiar name to us all.
In exactly the same way as we all regard ourselves as real people the angels also are real people. Grandmother has already demonstrated that real people can live and function intelligently both in the physical and the non-physical levels. Earlier we described the differences and similarities between angels and potential creator seeds. Each complete angel is in fact two individuals, a she and a he that can function independently from each other but can only function at their full power when they combine their energies. Each complete potential creator seed is in fact two individuals, a she and a he that can function independently from each other but only function at their full power when they combine their energies.
Those are the similarities, the differences are for reasons of purpose, and to achieve their purpose the sets of angel twins are able to remain together to work on their angelic level. To achieve their purpose the she and the he of each potential creator seed had to separate and remain separated to enable each to enter astral vortex and physical existence.
The she and he of each potential creator seed will be permanently reunited when both individually have achieved harmony and balance and are then able to ascend above the astral vortex. Until they are reunited they cannot attain their full powers that will enable them to ascend the angelic levels. Now let us look at some more similarities.
On the astral and in the physical each of us is either she or he. We are not telepathic and so must guess what each other is thinking. Because their power level and speed of existence isn’t reduced as much as ours the angels are telepathic. Though no doubt courtesy and mutual respect would ensure the privacy of thought the gift of telepathy would generate an atmosphere of mutual love and trust that would exist throughout the angelic hierarchy. A similar atmosphere would prevail in the physical if we all were telepathic. In the absence of telepathy uncertainty and fear of the unknown replace love and mutual trust. As this could have been foreseen this is another reason to believe that guidance was provided for when we evolved to the human level.
Now we must again look at the structure and make up of the angelic hierarchy from which the team of guides was provided. Earlier when we explored the angelic levels we found that each level has a speed of existence that is slower than the levels created before it rather like a flight of stairs. We also found that the angels that form the angelic hierarchy were not all created in the same moment. One at a time God the son created the levels. Meanwhile from the reservoir God the father and God the mother created the first twinned angel. The names of this very first angel are Adam and Eve. To Adam and Eve was delegated the role of joint leaders of the team of guides. The team would enter the vortex to take over the guiding role of life force from Mother Nature when that life force evolved to the human level.
The twin aspect spark was passed through the combined energies of Gods the Father and Mother. As the result Adam and Eve were created and existed at a slower speed than the Godhead.
When the highest and first angelic level was created more sparks were passed through the energies of God the Father and Mother and then were passed through the energies of Adam and Eve. As the result the angelic occupants of this first level were created and existed at a slower speed than Adam and Eve. This same process of creation and reduction was repeated each time until all of the levels and the angelic occupants of those levels were created.
There is no way we can know whether there were intervals between the creations of each level. But we may assume that a faster speed of existence would equate with greater creative powers whilst a slower speed of existence would equate with lesser creative powers. Greater creative powers would require greater knowledge; experience and wisdom so possibly there were intervals to enable this greater knowledge and wisdom to be acquired.
Regardless of the fact that all angels were created with fully activated “Me” intelligence, each angel then had to learn how to use his or her intelligence and creative powers wisely. On the assumption that this is correct it follows that the angels of the last created level would be the youngest, least experienced and have the least creative powers of the entire hierarchy of angels.
Rest assured that the authors haven’t reached the stage of splitting celestial hairs. Our point is that to our cost the creation process was interfered with. That interference could only have originated from the angelic hierarchy, and the angels most likely to interfere with the process were the youngest and least experienced. 97
So now we must try to comprehend what could cause anyone to interfere with the perfect function of the process.
In physical life a successful marriage is the nearest we can approach to the relationship between the two aspects of a twinned angel. In both relationships there exists respect as well as love. The respect is for the strengths and weaknesses of the other partner and also the respect is for the relationship both partners share with each other. A deep trust and an intimate closeness develops and with it a sensitivity that can detect the tiniest change in the other partner’s mood.
Both partners contribute something special that makes the relationship greater than the total of two people alone. Whilst it may be mainly the man’s efforts that provide shelter and security for the relationship, it will be mainly the woman’s efforts that will transform that shelter into a light and warmth filled home. Later this love and trust filled relationship evolves to fully include any children born to this marriage. The husband and wife are now also father and mother and this adds a new quality to the joy they both shared before.
When we think of the birth of children we regard the event as a very physical matter that mainly involves the mother-to-be. Here we must expand our thoughts so that we may regard childbirth in a different way. This different way requires us to remind ourselves that the soul of our newly born baby previous to its birth already existed on the astral. On the astral that soul was aware, conscious, and adult, a “Me” intelligence with the total experience of many physical lives.
This means that the love filled parents did not create something between them that did not exist before. What they did do was to create a threshold that didn’t exist before for a previously existing soul to use.
If we word it another way we can say that they combined their energies as a threshold to allow an existing energy being to enter a slower speed of existence, because physical is slower than astral existence. But no matter how we word it we could never deny the intense joy both parents would feel.
Maybe already the readers understand the point we are emphasising, the intensity of parental joy. Even those parents well versed in the knowledge of reincarnation and the true nature of the parental role would still feel this parental pride and joy at what together they had brought into the world. Just like us humans, angels are very real people with very real feelings.
Earlier we described how one by one the angelic levels became occupied. We explained that as part of the process for angels to be able to enter the levels with a slower speed of existence each angel had to pass through the energies of the angels that existed at a higher speed. Though part of a process we mustn’t ignore the feelings of those involved in the process. Those feelings would have probably been much akin to intense parental joy; in fact probably that is where the idea originated to interfere with the process.
Now we’d better explain the last part of that sentence. To explain what we mean we must first examine faculties that exist in every “Me” intelligence, angels or potential creator seeds alike. Those faculties are intellect and intuition. With the twinned angels the masculine aspect would be mainly intellect and the feminine aspect mainly intuition. Because the aspects could combine, intellect and intuition would guide and balance each other. With us humans it isn’t that simple because our twin soul is either on the astral or somewhere else in the physical universe struggling to overcome problems that are probably similar our own. 98
As a he we will be mainly focused in our intellect, or as a she we will lean more towards intuition. This doesn’t mean because a person is focused in one faculty that the person lacks the opposite faculty. It means that one faculty is developed and used more than the other. As an example, a person might walk through a forest and may or may not intuitively feel closely linked and part of all creation. Then as a deliberate choice consciously made, swing from intuition to intellect to think, “I can get ten planks of timber and a winter’s firewood from that tree” This same conscious choice of focus is available to twinned angels.
There is something fascinating about a brilliant intellect that can pursue a complex train of thought to its logical conclusion. The strange thing is that the train of thought is often triggered, not by the intellect but by intuition. The brilliant scientist may have racked his intellect all day to solve some intellectual problem. Finally he goes home mentally exhausted and gratefully sinks into a hot bath. Relaxed and sleepy, his problem shelved until tomorrow, he drifts into a day-dreamy state very similar to the altered state in meditation. Suddenly, like a flash of inspiration that has nothing to do with thinking, the answer to his problem is in his mind.
This fascination and over-reliance on the intellect is not limited to potential creator seeds. It is a trap that twinned angels can fall into as well. The angels most likely to become trapped would be the youngest and least experienced. It is so easy to fall in love with one’s own brilliance.
There is always the temptation to undervalue the brilliance of others. We are seeking for reasons why in an atmosphere of complete love and complete trust, someone interfered with the process. Those reasons are contained in what we have just discussed the feeling of parental joy and the trap of a fascination felt for one’s own brilliant intellect.
For a young and inexperienced though brilliant masculine aspect of a twinned angel those two reasons could mar the joy of his existence. Of all the angelic levels it was his level, the last to be created, which was denied the experience of parental joy that all the other angels on the higher levels had enjoyed. This was the first tiny seed of discontent that lodged in the mind of a being otherwise filled with love and light.
From the moment the creation process was triggered the probability always existed that someone would use his or her freewill to interfere with the process. The reasons and motives for the interference might be of the highest order but the effect would be the same, the intended result of the process would be distorted or delayed. Whilst in the Angelic levels in the atmosphere of love, trust and innocence that tiny seed of discontent would remain dormant. Only when absent from that atmosphere could that seed germinate and grow. How could this happen?
Let us imagine that the team of guides was selected from every angelic level. Just like humans are, every twinned angel is different and unique and so each would have something special to contribute that could qualify them as team members. Not every member would be required to possess great creative powers and so members would also be drawn from the level of the youngest angels. Even our angel with the brilliant intellect might have been selected simply because of that brilliant intellect. This angel has been given several names throughout history. We will simply name him “The Misguided One” The reason we say “him” is because dazzled by his own intellect he chose to ignore the intuitive guidance of his feminine twin.
In our scenario the team leaders Adam and Eve have briefed the team as to their duties, and the team is ready to enter physical existence. The problem is that they cannot just appear in all their glory amid mankind. Quite apart from the damage their higher power level would inflict on physical matter, the sight of their truly awe-inspiring, light-filled presence would defeat the purpose.
Mankind would want to bow down and worship them as gods, and to rely on the guides to think for them. This means that a way would have been found so that they could be seen and could move amongst human beings to do their work. The problem was overcome by the Creator mind that devised and provided via the Godhead a skin of light for each member of the team. The skin of light would insulate physical matter from their higher power level energies and also render the guides visible and recognisable to mankind.
Next we must try to imagine mankind as it was then as opposed to now. We have described the ongoing multi-level stage that unconscious life force built on to which mankind could evolve. If we looked at that stage another way we would realise it is a rising tide of life force always striving for evolvement to the human level. As each wave of life force evolved to the human level it was the task of the guides to prepare each human to ascend the vortex without undue delay.
Each human entered a human body and had to retain his or her complete harmony and balance whilst learning how to control that body and how to control “Me” intelligence. The final lesson in the physical would have been for the human to learn to use that “Me” intelligence to control the basic energy structure of that human body. The “Me” intelligence complete with the controlled energy source could then ascend out of the vortex. The only likely delay would be the learning speed of each human. What went wrong? What went wrong was that our misguided angel used his brilliant intellect to devise an improvement for an already perfect process.
To explain this we must first look briefly at creative powers and how those powers control energy. An opera singer can sing all evening and have no effect on a wineglass. Only if our singer sings a certain note that’s in a certain key will she affect the glass. In sympathy with that particular note the wineglass will try to change its inflexible shape and instead will shatter.
The wineglass is formed from atoms and the atoms are formed from whirling energy. The singer’s special musical note is a form of vibration as is all sound and so this suggests that every vibration has some direct effect on the energies that are the basic structure of everything. It also suggests that because the musical note must be thought before it is sung the vibration is part of the thought as well as the sound.
When we take this direct effect into our consideration the idea of magic and magical spells seems less mystical and less like superstition. Most spells require some incantation to be uttered in a special tone. Certain words are recited in a certain sequence, governed by certain timing and a certain tone. To the person that understands the vibrations contained in the sounds of words this is practical science.
To anyone who doesn’t understand, this is weird magic, or it is superstitious nonsense. The undeniable fact remains that man-made machines exist that use controlled sound to cut through steel and concrete, and other machines use sound to scan the interior of the human body. We feel it to be a safe assumption that at least part of an angel’s creative powers would consist of the precise control of vibrations to affect energies in whatever way was required. What else would be required?
Great knowledge and wisdom would be required because it is not sufficient just to know how to create something. It is more important to know what effect that creation will have on what is already created. Today this need for wisdom is clearly demonstrated by the self-assumed god-like role of genetic engineers whose insatiable curiosity drives them to play “Mix and match” with the basic living structures of physical life. As to the outcome, the genetic engineers don’t know and neither do we, but all of us will have to exist with that outcome. All we can do is wait and see, and of course exist with the astonished dismay of the genetic engineers when we have waited and seen. Let us return to our discussion about the effect of sound or vibration pre-ceded by thought.
On our greatly reduced power level of intelligence and of existence our opera singer must first think the note that shatters the wineglass, but the glass doesn’t shatter until that thought is transformed into sound. If the opera singer could exist in the higher unreduced power levels, to think the special vibration would be enough.
The shattered wineglass is an example of destructive vibration but angels would use vibrational thought to create not to destroy. Earlier we suggested great wisdom and knowledge would be required to use with great creative powers. The need for wisdom we explained and so the need for knowledge we’ll explain with another example. If an angel wanted to create an apple by the use of the effect of thought on energy, it would not be enough to simply visualise an apple. The angel would have to be able to visualise every part of an apple, from the outside skin to the core and seeds in the centre, every combination of atoms and every sub-atomic particle of that apple.
If you think that would take great knowledge and creative powers, try to imagine the power and knowledge needed to create a human body from thought. That was the task delegated by the Godhead to Adam and Eve, the leaders of the team. In our scenario the human body would not be as it is today. To survive today we must work. We must use our intelligence, our strength and our energy to obtain the resources that will give us strength and energy just simply to continue to survive.
For most of mankind everything else has to take second place. Whilst this struggle to survive continually occupies mankind’s thoughts, reliance has to be placed on others that are just as confused as us to give some sort of meaning and purpose to that struggle. That is why we believe mankind was diverted and delayed, and that an alteration to the human body created that diversion and delay.
Probably most people would admit that the physical body provides very little joy for the “Me” intelligence that must use it. Any joy it does provide is fleeting and transitory, as the person that seeks ongoing stimulation of the physical senses knows. Those that have the resources to spare will often roam the world always seeking new sights and new experiences or new sexual conquests, always something new because the current experience palls even whilst it is being experienced. For those without resources the struggle to survive is often accompanied by the frustration felt at the pointlessness of such an existence.
Even the parental joy we discussed earlier is for many a fleeting joy swiftly marred when the struggle for resources becomes a lost battle. When the human body is healthy and in the prime of its existence it may be tolerable. When the human body grows old for many people it is excruciating. So whoever designed the human body wasn’t as clever as they thought. Now let us return to our scenario to discover who did what and why.
The twinned angel Adam and Eve are the team leaders because their intelligence, creative powers, knowledge and wisdom are of the highest level below the Godhead level. Their team members would possess similar gifts to Adam and Eve, only limited by the level from which the member was drawn. The complexity of the creative tasks the members were given would be limited by the individual member’s abilities. In this way some would have a creative role whilst others less gifted would have guiding roles. We have declared our firm belief that intelligent life exists throughout the physical universe. This must mean that also the angelic team had to be spread throughout the universe to provide guidance wherever intelligent life had evolved. This would present no problem because complete, mutual, love and trust had always existed throughout the angelic levels.
Adam and Eve as team leaders would be required only to supervise and guide the team members and also to create human bodies ready to receive each wave of evolving life force. Of course that last sentence sounds fantastic until we give it thought.
Let us remind ourselves of the purpose behind the whole physical exercise. The purpose is the self-creation of the next generation of creator minds. As we have already explained those creator minds will create their own image of self whilst existing in their Creator’s creation and whilst using the energy of their Creator’s creation. But to enable that next generation to finally depart from their Creator’s creation and continue to exist they will need their own independent source of energy.
Each of that next generation of unique creator minds will seek across the wave bands of energies to find their own ocean of chaotic energy to transform into intelligent creative energy. In our analogy of a forest, the tree provides everything the potential seed will need to become another tree. But also the tree provides what the seed will need to remain as a seed, after it has left the tree and until the seed finds suitable soil in which to germinate. There is only one way that the independent source of energy can be passed from the Creator mind to the potential creator seed.
First that energy must have its instantaneous speed of existence greatly reduced. Second the power level of the energy must be greatly reduced. The former is achieved as the energy passes through the angelic levels. The latter is achieved as the energy travels to the centre of the astral vortex. In this way instantaneous, high power level energies are reduced to low power level stationery but spinning energies of physical matter. To enable the potential creator seeds to collect their independent source of energy they also have to be reduced in speed of existence and power level.
They must match the level they must enter to collect their independent source of energy. The Creator mind has used the power of intelligence to achieve the energy reduction process. It is the intelligence of each potential creator seed that must return the reduced energy of their physical body to its original high power level and speed of existence.
Once that was achieved the potential creator seeds could have learned in the angelic levels all they needed to know about how to become a creator mind. The required sequence was to enter physical existence at the lowest power level and then evolve to the individual human power level. The next part of the sequence was for each human to learn to control and use human intelligence, first to control his or her body and then learn to control and raise the power level of the energy contained in the atoms of his or her body.
When control of the energy was achieved he or she could then leave physical existence and ascend out of the vortex to exist in the unreduced power levels. Once there he or she would take control of his or her higher self and be re-united with his or her opposite aspect twin. Together the two opposite aspects of the complete potential creator seed would commence to climb the angelic levels, learning more and more on each level. Each higher level attained would increase their speed of existence until finally they achieved the instantaneous, perfect level of their Creator’s mind. At that highest level the potential creator seed becomes transformed. The two aspects, he and she, blends together to become one creator mind seed with its own energy source that can now leave the Creator’s creation.
Earlier we explained that part of the team leader’s role was to create the human bodies as required by the evolving life force. We suggested that vibrational thought power could have been used as the method of creation. Adam and Eve who are the highest power level intelligence of all the angels would have the knowledge and ability required for such a task. But what would a created human body consist of, what would it need? What would it not need?
The original intention was for the physical body to be finally transformed into its basic structure of energy by the human “Me” intelligence that had entered it. This meant that the physical body didn’t die, it was transformed ready to accompany its “Me” intelligence into the non-physical.
The human body would have been less dense and have fewer requirements to keep it healthy. Any nourishment it required would be readily available and so there would be nothing to divert its “Me” intelligence from its sole purpose for physically existing. The team of guides was always nearby to keep that purpose to the forefront of human thoughts. So what went wrong?
Though the team was made up of many angels these were thinly spread throughout the physical universe wherever there was a planet with evolving life force. Adam and Eve often had to visit far-flung team members. Because of that they delegated and taught some of their team members who had higher power level intelligence how to create human bodies. The human body was created to a specific design provided and sanctified by the Creator mind.
The human body was specially designed to allow its occupant to enter and leave physical existence as swiftly as the learning speed of its occupant would allow. The creation process of the human body required a specific sequence of enormously powerful vibrational thought to be focused by the angel delegated to the task. The sequence had to be learned and the power level of the angel’s intelligence had to be high enough to carry such enormous power without damage to the angel.
Now let us assume that the life force, guided by Mother Nature, built the multi-level stage that made planet Earth suitable for humans. The purpose of the multi-levels was to allow the unconscious life force to evolve stage by stage to the human level. Once again the life forms would have been less dense, and nourishment would be readily available and so no life form fed itself from the body of another life form. The life force would evolve in waves.
Each wave of life force would vacate its physical life forms and then, via the astral vortex, return to the physical to enter the vacated life forms of the stage above it, always a smooth upward transition.
The life force that had evolved to the human level would leave the physical multi-level stage and return to the astral to await the creation by the team, of human bodies that it could then enter. Probably the team members on Earth would have been few in numbers but each would have their role of guidance or of creation. It is difficult to imagine that the havoc and misery that exists today on planet Earth is also repeated on life supporting planets throughout the physical universe. If that is true then the original interference with the process that caused the misery of today must have taken place on this planet. Though it’s not much consolation for us on Earth today, it does mean that for life force in the rest of the universe the process continues as originally planned. It also means that our young, inexperienced, brilliant of intellect, misguided angel was sent to this planet as a junior member of the team.
If we try to picture the misguided one’s mind and outlook it will help us to understand what he found when he arrived on Earth, and also how he would have regarded what he found. To begin with, he would have fallen in love with the beauty of Earth, and the beauty of all the life forms that together created the multi-level stage. At that point the misguided one was filled with love for his Creator and all of his Creator’s creations. He loved and trusted his fellow team members and they loved and trusted him in return. As a junior member of the team his creative abilities would be limited and so his role would be that of guidance.
This would mean that he would work always amongst new physical human beings that would look to him for guidance as to how to control their bodies and their intelligence. Soon this misguided angel would feel a deep and protective love for these innocent humans and the humans would soon adore him. Previously on his angelic level, regardless of the atmosphere of mutual love and trust, he would have realised he was a small inexperienced fish in a very large pool. Working almost alone among the humans, understandably he would have enjoyed feeling like a large fish in a small pool.
No one is exempt from the dangers of ego problems, not even angels. Always his brilliant intellect would be working on ideas that he believed would speed up the process. That same brilliant intellect and his inexperience of physical life would make it impossible for him to conceive that there are many different speeds of learning. In fact the speed of learning of each individual human governed the speed of the ascension process.
The apparent slowness of the ascension process would have been a matter of great concern to the “Misguided angel”. This is understandable because to any angel in the team the beauty of the physical universe would seem like a pale shadow compared to the glorious beauty he and she had left to enter physical existence. Eagerly he would search for reasons to explain the slowness that delayed the entrance of his beloved humans into glorious non-physical existence. Because the true reason was unacceptable to him, his logical intellect would lead him to believe the delay was caused by delay in the creation of human bodies.
He would then apply his brilliant intellect to solving this problem. At this point that dormant seed of discontent awoke to provide the solution to the problem.
What a good idea! If the creative vibrations were altered slightly the created human bodies would be able to breed. This would accelerate the body creation process and also enable his beloved humans to experience the parental joy he had been denied. Once his intellect had worked out the required alterations the next requirement would be to persuade the team member delegated to create human bodies to agree to the alterations.
Adam and Eve the team leaders had previously specified the formula of vibrational thought to be used by those delegated to use it. In the ongoing atmosphere of mutual love and trust between all team members the team leaders would remain confident that their instructions would always be obeyed. Each team member was a volunteer that made the freewill choice to obey Adam and Eve. In that sense the visits made by the team leaders were to encourage and aid all of the far-flung team members rather than of a supervisory nature. The authors, and no doubt also the readers, with all our hard-earned experience of life and people have at some time been victims of charm when it is used by someone as a tool to get his or her own way. The smiles and declarations of friendship and the full powers of the magnetic personality are deliberately switched on to swamp us and sweep us along on a wave of emotion instead of thought. Only when discernment has taught us to say “No” are the smiles and the charm switched off as fast as they were switched on.
So now we can imagine how difficult it was for the delegated creative angel to say “No” to the misguided one’s request. Up to that time none of the angels had needed to learn discernment because complete trust had been sufficient. The misguided angel was admired for his brilliance and charm and his ideas were compelling, and even his twin was spellbound by his personality. After some heart-searching the creative angel agreed to the alterations.
This is a story too long and detailed to tell here and so we will summarise what happened. To ensure that nothing would upset his plans the misguided one waited for the team leaders to be absent before he approached the creative angel with his idea. Then to make sure the creative angel uttered the altered vibrational thoughts correctly they uttered them together. The two-fold result was disastrous for the misguided angel and for the human race.
The vast power of the creative energy was too high for the power level of his intelligence, and all the love and light that he had previously radiated was converted to black hate. Now the misguided angel could only feel hatred for the Creator mind, for Adam and Eve and for the human race. His mind was damaged because he chose to tamper with powers he hadn’t been taught to use. He couldn’t be healed unless he chose to be healed, and his hatred denied him that choice. This is the price of freewill choice; no one else may intrude. His brilliant intellect was unaffected and this he then used to work against the Ascension process. He used his powers of persuasion to turn other young inexperienced team members on Earth against the process and their team leaders. Then he taught a distorted version of the true guidance to the humans, all of who completely trusted him. The distortions were subtle, and so similar that humans that hadn’t been taught the true teachings believed them. The misguided angel wanted planet Earth for himself, and mankind to regard him as their God.
When Adam and Eve returned to planet Earth they faced a mess because now there were two sorts of humans, the sanctified version and the new version that could breed. To create the new version the misguided angel had used his brilliance to the full. He knew from his own experience that; when twinned angels merge their powers and energies both twins experienced an intense feeling of ecstasy. He also knew that the he and the she of each human potential creator seed would be denied that ecstasy until they were re-united after their individual ascension. Also until they were re-united each unconsciously would feel incomplete and feel a sense of longing.
By cleverly altering what was already there the misguided angel incorporated this unconscious longing into the human physical alterations.
Here we must explain that the human body is designed in such a way that it can adapt to the spiritual evolvement and increasing power level of its non-physical “Me” intelligence. This means that as the “Me” intelligence evolves across the wide range of the incoming vortex energies the power level of the energy structure of the physical body increases accordingly. This rise in power level and speed of existence continues until the energy base of the physical body can no longer remain in its physical form of existence.
To enable what we have described to happen, the design of the human body includes a series of energy entrances known as Chakras that we could liken to non-physical closed valves. The series of Chakras exist throughout the human body including the feet, but the main Chakras are placed to follow the upward route from the base of the spine to the top of the skull.
Near the base of the spine is a reservoir of energy known as the Kundalini. This energy is activated by the increase in spiritual evolvement of the “Me” intelligence. The effect on the Kundalini energy of that evolvement causes that energy to rise like a coiled serpent along the route of the Chakras. As that energy ascends the route it opens each Chakra en route.
Each Chakra when fully opened allows a section of the range of incoming energies to flow through it. In today’s human body the two lowest Chakras admit the energy sections of the range that cover “ME’s” awareness of “Me” as a separate individual. At this level of evolvement “Me” is only aware of, and interested in “ME’s” needs and desires.
The Solar Plexus Chakra is opened by the energy when that awareness increases to include the awareness that other “Me” intelligence exists that also has needs and desires. At this stage curiosity makes the individual start taking an interest in knowledge of people and the world around it. Behind the physical heart is the Heart Chakra that when opened allows the energy of love to flow through to blend with, refine and modify the energy flows from the three lower Chakras.
At this stage the individual has begun to want to return the love and affection it has received from those around it.
When the evolvement makes the individual long to communicate that flow of love energy to all others the Kundalini energy reaches and begins to activate the Throat Chakra.
The energies of this section of the range are specifically to do with communication. This book is an example of what we mean by a longing to communicate to all the love we feel for all. We have written this book because we are fully aware of the misery, aimlessness and confusion that fill the world. We are also aware that most of it is caused by the individual’s lack of accurate knowledge of the true purpose of mankind’s existence. Without that knowledge we have all been vulnerable to the self-confidence sapping miss-guidance of others. With that knowledge physical existence no longer seems aimless. Those inner doubts and fears that ruled our lives dissolve and then we are free. With that freedom, comes the caring responsibility to communicate knowledge of how to attain that freedom to all that will listen.
The next Chakra to begin to be activated is known as the Third Eye because it lies behind the forehead. The gradual activation of this Chakra begins when the individual strives to back up intellectually learned knowledge of psychic and spiritual energies with actual first hand experience of those energies. At last the individual has decided to try to meditate instead of just reading about meditation.
In other words the individual becomes aware of the intuitive link to his or her higher self and consciously strives through meditation to use and develop that link.
It is through that link via the higher self that spiritual energies are drawn down the vortex to interact in the spiritually evolving “Me” intelligence with energies that enter through the other Chakras. That flow of spiritual energy arrives through the Head Chakra that lies in the human brain near the pineal gland. The more the individual strives for psychic understanding and development the more activated these last three Chakras become. This means that each of the three interact on each other and on the lower Chakras as well. For example the Chakra known as the Third Eye is actually created by the interaction of the energies entering through the Throat Chakra and the Head Chakra. The opening of the Third Eye is achieved through the individual’s striving. The last Chakra is situated above the head and is known as the Crown Chakra and this is created by the interaction of the energies entering through the opened Third Eye Chakra and the opened Head Chakra, and it is when the Crown Chakra is opened the full flood of spiritual energy can flow unimpeded into the human being to transform that human being into light.
This is a very brief and sketchy outline of a subject about which others have written many vast and learned tomes. The point of the outline was to describe the upward, spinal route of the Kundalini Energy. Now we understand the purpose of that energy and of that route it becomes easier to comprehend the long-term traumatic effects of the Misguided Angel’s alterations to the human body. The alterations consisted of tapping into that reservoir of Kundalini energy at its lowest point. Simply by the creation and placing of human sexual organs, the Misguided Angel created an alternative route for the Kundalini energy to follow.
Before he damaged himself the Misguided Angel longed to give to humans the joy of parenthood he had been denied. He achieved this was by incorporating the human his and her unconscious spiritual feeling of incompleteness on a physical level. Through this physical feeling of incompleteness the opposite sexes were drawn together to mate and experience physically fleeting moments of angelic ecstasy, and then to reproduce.
Unfortunately, due to the Misguided Angel’s inexperience, this new version had no control over its sexual urges which meant that all spiritual striving was diverted into sexual activity. But worse was to be revealed because for humans to be able to breed children the human body needed to be far stronger and this required it to be more densely packed with atoms.
This meant that the “Me” intelligence that was now already diverted from the spiritual purpose was also now trapped in and preoccupied by the needs of its heavier body.
The original human body was never intended to remain in its physical form for any longer than necessary. The new, non-sanctified version, occupied by a “Me” intelligence that was not striving to ascend, could only deteriorate as time passed. In this way unintentionally the misguided angel introduced into human consciousness the concept and the fear of physical death.
When the team leaders returned, the misguided angel’s twin; sickened by his actions, asked that until he chose to be healed, she be returned to the non-physical levels, taking her half of their combined powers with her. 107
Her request was granted and so alone, his powers reduced by half, and with hatred in his heart the misguided angel had to face Adam and Eve. He defied them both and refused their offer to heal the damage to his mind.
Because he had broken his trust and would only work against the process the team leaders confined him and his followers from the team to the lower astral regions until such time as he chose to be healed. Meanwhile, powerless on the astral, the temptations he inserted into the thoughts of team members and humans would be used by team members and humans as tests that they would either pass or fail.
Due to his own freewill choice actions the misguided angel rendered himself powerless to do anything other than try to persuade others to work against the process. But already the damage had been done with the best possible intentions by his original interference. The team leaders consulted the Godhead that in turn consulted the Creator mind. Humans that could breed now existed. They couldn’t be destroyed and neither could their children be destroyed, once created they had the right to live, but now death of the physical body had entered the equation. The Creator mind provided a solution to the problem. The solution we named Plan B. and to put Plan B into operation required a great personal sacrifice from the team members. Plan B. would take far longer to complete but since humans had experienced childbirth and death of the body, Plan A. was no longer workable on planet Earth.
A second version of the sanctified human body was designed by the Creator mind. This version was similar to the version designed by the misguided angel in that it could reproduce itself and that it would experience death. Also it would experience sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. The differences would be that the “Me” intelligence that would use it could choose to control its sexual urges, and could choose to spiritually evolve. The brain of this new version had to be adapted so that the “Me” intelligence was equipped to became fully involved in the diversions of physical life but could also choose to evolve spiritually. The new sanctified version of the human body was heavier and more complex than the original version. For this reason we return to our earlier discussion about middle and lower selves.
We have described the middle self or soul as the “Me” intelligence, the navigator of the trio. Then we described the lower self or soul as the chief engineer who knows nothing about destinations but who keeps the ship in perfect running order. The human body part of the trio we described as the ship. The sacrifice the angelic team was asked to make was for each twin of each twinned angel to separate and to enter a new human body to become the middle self of a human trio.
The angelic twin would then be in a position to guide the newly evolved lower self or soul until that lower soul evolved into a middle soul; a full “Me” intelligence.
The sacrifice required the angelic twins to separate, to be reborn again without their creative powers and to physically exist just like any other human. This would include the tedium of existing in a human body that had to grow from infancy to adulthood, old age and finally physical death. Amid the illusion of physical life there was also always the risk of creating karmic debts that then had to be cleared. The sacrifice had to continue until an entire generation of lower selves or souls had evolved to the middle self or soul level. Meanwhile when the human bodies and offspring of those bodies, created by the misguided angel, died the human life force trapped in them was released. It was then reborn as a lower self or soul, in a sanctified human body with a team member as its middle self.
To make such a sacrifice took a great deal of courage and a deep and abiding love for the human race. Adam and Eve would not ask the team to do anything its leaders wouldn’t do. For this reason Adam and Eve were the first twinned angel to part and to be reborn into separate human bodies. Later this information became distorted.
If nothing else our exploration has revealed to the readers the ongoing need to break out of conditioned, inflexible ways of thinking. For example, the world of science for many centuries had no choice but to make every scientific discovery fit with the rigid teachings of the Christian church. The alternative for a would-be scientist was to be mercilessly persecuted by the Christian church. When the dictatorial power of religious bigots waned, the world of science demonstrated its newly found freedom by a complete swing away from religious thought.
Many of the discoveries made by many of the branches of science seemed to point to a blind, mechanical process of creation. The scientists could not or maybe would not, believe that the process was started by conscious, aware, intelligence. In a similar way their concentration was focused entirely on the physical evolvement of life forms. They neglected to give much serious thought to the nature of the life force that activated those physical life forms.
It may sound silly to suggest such a thing, but imagine, a scientist went to his home and found no one there. In the kitchen he opens the oven and sees a beautiful cake being baked. If he has brought his accepted professional outlook home he will conclude that because no one is there the cake was created by blind mechanical forces. He will have to come to this conclusion because at that moment he can’t prove that his wife created the cake. Isn’t it silly?
We have to look at the creation process from two points of view. The point of view of a physical observer a long time after the process was started, and the point of view of the one who started the process. In an earlier chapter we discussed different levels and speeds of existence. We also suggested that no Celestial Potter created physical humans overnight; we know that life forms have to evolve, but also we suggested that sequence and the concept of time can only exist in our third dimension. This is the only dimension with a slow enough rate of existence for time to be able to exist. In the higher levels there is only “Now”.
This can only mean that in those other levels a creative angel would regard a process as a completed creative act. For the angel, to think it is to create it. From our point of view we would have to observe each part of the creative process take place. As a physical example, the angel would regard the germination, growth, flowering, and fruiting, withering, and final return to the soil of a plant, as one act. Simply by an alteration of focus the angel could observe any part of that act, or all of it simultaneously.
We could get a similar effect with a strip of movie film. Each frame of the strip is part of a sequence of still pictures taken in a sequence of moments called “Now”. If we ran the film through a projector time would pass as we watched a sequence of “Now” pictures flicker on the screen. That would be our physical point of view. Alternatively we could cut the strip into its separate frames and project all the frames onto the screen at the same time. No time would pass, and we would see the entire strip of film simultaneously in a moment called “Now”. Also we could switch off all the projectors except the one with the picture we wanted to see. This would be the angel’s non- physical point of view.
When the priest tells us that God created everything we all find it difficult to believe because the priest makes no attempt to explain how or why God created everything. Our exploration has revealed how and why. “How” was achieved simply by the use of the power of intelligent thought. 110
The reason “Why” is to enable another generation of creator minds to create themselves. Also our exploration has revealed who those creator minds are, the human race. We have the same power of creative thought as our Creator, and the level to which we have evolved so far is the only thing that limits us. But even on this limited level we all have seen countless examples of the power of human thought in action.
We have tried to persuade our readers to adopt the role of observers who also fully participate in what they observe. A sort of mental pace backward that helps us all to see things as they really are. When we put how things really are into words, we are then able to realise what a hilarious and ridiculous bunch of potential creator minds we are: Rather like bright and intelligent teenagers who grimly cling to the familiar toys and familiar ways of thinking of their infancy. It is time for God’s little children to move on and to fix their gaze and their concentration on their forthcoming adulthood.
Let’s put some of our silliness into words. We all exist on a planet. The planet is about eight thousand miles diameter and is a vast, extremely hot ball of molten rock that wobbles its way around and around a star. The star is in fact an ongoing nuclear explosion that is fuelled by gradually using up the mass of the star. While it is still able to the gravity field of the reducing mass of the star also holds the same explosion in check in an uneasy balance, so there’s not much security to be found there. Where the molten surface of the planet meets the sub-zero coldness of space, the molten rock cools, congeals and hardens to form a comparatively thin crust just a few miles thick all over the planet. The molten rock in the depths of the planet is never still because its heat causes it to rise and flow to reveal itself by cracking the brittle crust into plates of rock that move and grind against, under or over each other on the surface. It also releases its latent power by volcanic and seismic activity.
A great deal of time had to pass before some oceans and some habitable continents thinly covered this barren, unstable shifting surface, and above that, a thin layer of breathable air, and above that, the vacuum of space. Let’s find a comparison.
First we suspend on a string a steel ball of twelve inches diameter, and then we point the spout of a boiling kettle near the ball so that steam condenses on the shiny, cold surface. The ball represents planet Earth and the coat of condensation represents the deepest ocean on Earth. On a beautiful summer day when we wander amid the marvels of nature it is easy to forget that the Ecosphere is just a thin, life-supporting layer that separates vacuum from molten magma.
The hilarious thing is that we do forget because we are so preoccupied by our desperate search for security and permanence on a planet of a Solar system not designed to offer security and permanence. Because the planet is physically so much larger than us, and apparently has a much longer physical existence than us, what the planet really consists of has become irrelevant to our daily lives. For potential creator seeds the insecurity of our physical existence could be regarded as another proof that we should abandon our search for physical security. Maybe it is time to open our minds to the possibilities of existence not dependent on physical matter.
Obviously we still have to seek the essentials needed to physically exist. Whilst we seek if we always remind ourselves that we can only eat one meal at a time, and sleep in one bed at a time. We can only live under one roof at a time, and drive one car at a time, gently but firmly we gradually learn to separate our needs from our desires.
Because for many people the line between needs and desires is blurred, the desires of the strong few always outweigh the needs of the many that lack the strength of the few. This is what we mean by living in illusion. The few, driven by their fear of insecurity, take far more than they will ever need from others. Then the direction of their fear alters and is now focused on keeping what they have taken even to the point of surrounding themselves with strangers employed to guard what they have taken.
Driven by fear of insecurity their desperate and ruthless search for security has simply just increased their fears, and also increased the chance of someone stealing what they have taken. Those very same fears they will take with them to their graves. When they are reborn into future physical lives they will bring those same fears with them again and again until finally they face and conquer them.
Now let us look at the other extreme. A tramp faces each day with nothing in his pocket. He is always on the move and so he has no home and no physical security. He doesn’t cling to possessions or relationships because he knows those possessions and relationships are transient and often are a form of captivity. What he has instead is his freedom. He asks for very little and expects nothing. Just like the guru in his cave the tramp doesn’t know where his next meal will come from, he only knows that usually it will be there when he needs it.
What does the tramp do with his freedom, what does freedom give him? It gives him time to think, time to understand self, time to observe, time to build his own set of values and live by them regardless of anyone else, time to enjoy and fully live in his “Now”.
We don’t suggest that our readers take up the lifestyle of a tramp, but we do believe there is no such thing as coincidence. Previous to his birth he chose that lifestyle to teach a very important lesson to everyone he would meet in that future life. Now what could a scruffy old tramp teach to all of us respectable consumer/producers? He can teach us by his example. For rich or for poor the only certainty in our lives is the guaranteed uncertainty of the future we face during those physical lives.
The tramp has chosen his lifestyle. In choosing that lifestyle he has also chosen to trust instead of fear the future. As time passes his faith and trust in the future is proved time and time again. He hasn’t got what we’ve got, but we haven’t got what he has got either. What we can do is learn from him about a positive attitude to life. We can learn that the choice that traps us is made unconsciously by our negativity and fears, and that the choice that releases us is made consciously by positive and clear thinking.
So it is not a matter of faith in God or anyone else. It’s a matter of having faith in your self. We are well aware that it is far easier to say than to do. We have known many people whose relationships have left them drained of self-confidence. Maybe during your childhood a possessive parent has controlled and bent your will to his or hers and continued to control you throughout your adult life, simply by knowing which of your emotional buttons to press.
You may have suffered a similar experience from a marriage partner who has deliberately sapped your confidence and made you always feel useless. Often thoughtless young adults can have the same effect. But mostly it is your fear that has allowed this confidence sapping to continue to the point where you have become apologetic for taking up room on the planet, and the fear of incurring the displeasure of someone that has selfishly taught you to devalue your self.
What can you do to break free? First you must truly believe that you are unique and that throughout the Creator’s Creation or if you prefer the scientist’s blind mechanical creation, you are unrepeated. Next instil into your mind the thought that you are here to live your life. No one, no matter how dominant, has the right to run your life, crush your freewill, or sap your self-confidence.
You are here to live your life to the full in any way you choose. You don’t have to fulfil the wishes or demands of anyone, and you don’t have to be a carbon copy of anyone. If that dominant person’s fears drove him or her to dominate others that is that person’s problem not yours, and it only became your problem because you allowed it to continue even after you realised what that person is doing to you.
Teach yourself to rejoice in your uniqueness, to treasure and protect that uniqueness. First it is wise to face the resentment you probably feel towards the person whose dominance and manipulation of your emotions soured your outlook. Remind yourself about those soul plans we described; your soul plan made on the astral and forgotten in physical life. Remind yourself also that souls often choose to interlock their plans to help to learn from each other, maybe for you to learn to assert and re-value yourself and for that person to overcome the fear based need to dominate.
Just as we advised in an earlier chapter, you then in a non-judgmental manner begin to observe yourself. What do you feel and why do you feel it? When you feel humiliated or hurt or intimidated take those feelings into your thoughts and think about them. By analysing that flood of feeling you will strip it of its power to hurt you. Simultaneously you will strip the person, who causes the pain, of his or her power to hurt you. Jesus said, “Know yourself”, and once you really know yourself you transform yourself into a different person. You become a different person because you have taken charge of you by learning to understand you, your mind, and your body. In the process you analyse fear itself and strip it of its power to control you. Then you are free!
We have written this book for everyone, including those many people that are not conversant with what is loosely termed “New age thought”.
A person is usually drawn to new age thought when they realise how purposeless their life seems. They may have everything material that they desire, or they may have lost everything they have ever striven for. In either case they realise in a moment called “Now” that something is missing from their life. Though they don’t realise it, at that moment they become seekers and in that moment events start to revolve around them.
You visit a friend and he interrupts his phone call to let you in. He waves you into his living room and then continues with his phone call. Whilst you wait you glance at his bookshelves and see a title that interests you. Idly you reach out to look at the book only to discover that you drew out the book next to it. You open the book anyway and read a few lines and suddenly you are transfixed by what you have read. It may be a book like this one, or a book about Astrology, or Buddhism. It may be a book about water divining, or about meditation, Healing or even about Fire-walking.
When your friend’s phone call ends he finds you engrossed in a subject that has never before interested you, but now the timing for you is right and you thirst to learn more of the subject. A well-known saying is that when the student is ready the master appears.
This does not mean that you sit at anyone’s feet and become his or her acolyte, the master is not the master of the student; he or she is called master because he or she has mastered self. The seeker may meet and learn from many masters how to master self. For example, on a train journey you might get in to conversation with a quite ordinary looking person and suddenly find that he or she has an outlook on life that has never occurred to you before.
You have listened to just a few sentences that have rung truth bells in your mind and your familiar world is turned upside down. So then you begin to realise there are no chance encounters and that everything in your life so far has been a chain of events, people and choices that have led you at this point in time to become a seeker. At first you will feel strange and possibly a little lonely because your friends and relations probably won’t understand your new outlook and they certainly won’t understand what it is you are seeking. You must be patient with them and with yourself because it is you that has changed not them. Then to your surprise and delight you will find that loneliness won’t be a problem.
Circumstances will draw you to more and more people of like mind who can help and guide you because they also are seekers. There are millions of seekers out there and at first glance they all look very ordinary but you will recognise them because when you are with them it feels just like coming home.
Each of those seekers has something they will gladly share with you, but your greatest and most reliable guidance you will receive in meditation from your higher self. The more you develop your intuitive link the more guidance you will receive but always it is you that is in charge.
When you want to listen to your radio your sense of discernment will decide what you will and won’t listen to. You will move the tuner across the wavebands until you find what you are seeking.
In meditation you are your radio set and your tuner is your higher self. In your chosen role of seeker you will not want to waste your time by becoming entangled in anyone’s ego trip. You will meet plenty of people on ego trips, both, physically and during your meditations. This is where you must use your discernment to the full to protect yourself, so let us explain why.
The great majority of people choose to exist in a comfort zone of thought that is familiar and effortless. The zone encompasses an unconscious choice to always be dependent on the knowledge, thinking and expertise of others. Those others include governments, the scientific, legal and medical professions, the educational system and the leadership of the current established religions.
From childhood we all are conditioned to look to and rely upon these highly respected professions to do our heavy thinking for us. Meanwhile the rest of us mostly confine our thoughts to our day to day happenings. So if that is the majority of people now try to imagine all of those people as a huge silent blindfolded crowd standing in the darkness of an unlit public square.
Before you chose to become a seeker you were one of those people. Now you have become a seeker you are still standing in that shadowy crowd but now it is as if you have removed your blindfold and have fastened a glowing lamp onto your hat. The more you seek the more you will understand, the more brightly your lamp glows. The crowd around you can’t see your light because they are blindfolded, but the dwellers in the non-physical are only able to detect your light, they cannot detect the crowd because the crowd isn’t tuned in yet.
Non-physical covers the entirety of Creation that isn’t physical so now we must consider what type of people inhabit the non-physical because these are the people you will seek guidance from in your meditations.
In a previous chapter we described some of these people to you. First and foremost there is the Creator mind on the perfect level to which you are always linked. Next there is the Godhead and below that the angelic hierarchies. All of these are just waiting to hear from you mind to mind. No one on those levels expects you to approach them on your knees; in fact they’d probably think you’d missed the point if you did.
Below the angelic levels is a level sometimes called the fifth dimension. Who could we expect to make contact with there? We could call this the ascended master level because everyone there has had to master self to get there. The ascended masters have already achieved what we are trying to achieve, complete understanding and mastery of self. As we previously explained this includes complete control of the energy base of the physical body and a self-created self-image. On this ascended master level the two aspects of a potential creator seed are re-united to combine their energies to ascend the angelic levels as the next stage of their evolution.
As far as you the seeker are concerned the ascended masters are people that have already walked a similar stony, lonely path to the one you have chosen. Who better could you choose to guide you passed the pitfalls and diversions on your path?
Below the fifth dimension is the astral vortex with its many power levels of existence and each is occupied by people who have achieved that power level. The nearer we move to the centre of the vortex the lower the power level and the lower the achieved power level of the occupants. Eventually all of those lower power level people will achieve ascension but until they do their guidance will be no more reliable than that of the blindfolded person standing next to you in the crowd. So when you seek guidance in meditation always seek it on the highest levels.
How will you seek this guidance? There are many genuine seekers to show you their preferred method and so you will probably try many ways until you find the way that fits with you. For any meditation the first requirement is the genuine desire to meditate and not to regard it as a chore or a duty. The second requirement involves the physical body part of your “Me” trio. Obviously it would be pointless to try to meditate if your body, full of energy, yearns to be elsewhere doing something physical. Often it is helpful to take a walk or do a few chores beforehand so that your body is content to relax whilst you meditate.
In a perfect world you could retire to your own soundproofed room. Unfortunately it is not a perfect world and so instead, we suggest that you try to widen your meditation to include the sounds of passing vehicles, barking dogs, noisy children and their equally noisy parents. The self-defeating alternative is to become annoyed at every intrusive sound.
Meditation is a self-applied discipline to “Me” mind and body. Earlier we explained that mind is a linkage that links “Me” to the physical body and your physical existence. Also we explained that mind is your linkage to your higher self and the non-physical levels. We have repeated the explanation so that you will understand that your mind can only be expected to perform one of these two functions at a time. By polishing your mind lens you are instructing your mind to switch from linkage with physical to linkage with non-physical. 115
You do this because you are in charge not your mind and you want to meditate. There are neither short cuts nor easy ways to meditate. You listen to the slow regular rhythm of your breathing. You do your best to ignore the flow of trivial thoughts until they fade through lack of attention. You have made sure your body is pleasantly relaxed, and now you wait. Like a radio set you have tuned yourself in, you have sent your request for guidance from the highest levels, and now you wait, not hoping or longing or creating barriers with pre-conceived ideas, you simply wait.
We can’t tell you what you will receive because everyone is different, but to save you disappointment we can tell you what you won’t receive. You won’t receive fanfares of trumpets, celestial, holier than thou, voices, nor images in glorious Technicolor, wide screen 3D with stereophonic sound. It will be far subtler than that.
You will take your observer role with you into your meditation. Your role is to observe not to analyse what you observe. Analysis comes later when you contemplate on what you received in meditation. You are there to listen, to feel, to see, to observe, but mainly you are tuned in to develop and increase that linkage between you and your higher self. Much of what you need to know is already stored in the memory banks of your higher self. This means that as you develop your link you gain access to stores of knowledge that you didn’t know you had. This is totally different to ascended masters murmuring words of wisdom into your psychic ear.
The nearest comparison would be the total amnesiac that with great relief finds his or her memory has begun to return. Gradually more and more slabs of memory return and for the person that suffered the memory loss it would be like knowing things he or she didn’t know whilst suffering from amnesia. In a similar way you will receive what is called “The Knowing” and this is simply knowledge stored with your higher self.
This knowledge was irrelevant whilst you were unaware and content to wear your blindfold. The knowledge only became relevant when you became a seeker. Before we end this exploration it might be helpful if we list some of the methods used to tune into the non-physical, why those methods are used, and what to avoid.
Let’s look at Divining. A diviner may be seeking for underground sources of water, or for oil, coal, gold, or for buried treasure. Equally the diviner may be looking for a buried human body. None of the items that we have listed exist on the conscious, aware human level, neither on the astral or the physical. This means that the diviner is using his body as a highly sensitive instrument to sense the energies of the object of his or her search. Everything is energy. The hazel twig or pendulum amplifies the movement when the body detects and moves in response to those energies.
Of course there is far more to it than that, but it is enough to say that the diviner would not use this method to divine the future nor to make contact with conscious, aware intelligence in the non-physical. Another use for the pendulum is diagnosis of ailments and prescribing of remedies in an alternative method of healing called Radionics but here once again the healer is dealing with physical ailments and physical remedies. The pendulum becomes unreliable when it is used to divine the future of humans because instead of divining the future it simply reflects with its yes or no answers the hopes and dreams of the diviner for that future.
With divining it is the physical body that detects the energies not the pendulum or the hazel twig. Both simply magnify imperceptible movements of the body.
Next we come to the Ouija board on which are marked the letters of the alphabet. Answers to questions are spelt out by a pointer and are supposedly formed by spirits. A few decades ago when the Spiritualist movement became well known by the general public the Ouija board was very fashionable until its unreliability was repeatedly demonstrated to all. Occasionally nowadays an old Ouija board is found in an old cupboard or long forgotten in an attic and sometimes the finder is tempted, due to his or her inexperience, to experiment with the board. Yes you will receive answers to your questions because you have removed your blindfold and placed the glowing lamp on your head.
Unfortunately the answers you receive will be the answers you hoped to receive. Yes you will have made contact with someone in the non-physical. That someone has been attracted to your light because your light represents a link with physical existence to that someone in the non-physical. This non-physical person probably exists on the lower levels of the astral, and also probably longs to again experience physical existence if only at second hand through your energies. This person is not interested in you or your questions but will flatter you and tell you anything so that you won’t break the psychic link with him or her. Then simply because this non-physical person will often be in your thoughts he or she will be able maintain the link to cling to you and drain your energies.
All of this sounds odd and highly unlikely, but either you can accept that these are real people on the astral or you cannot. If you can accept that they all are real you must also accept that they are divided into two categories. The first category are those whose trust and confidence has allowed them after physical death to move into the light of his or her astral achieved power level.
The second category at the death of their physical bodies took with them their fear, guilt, hate, bitterness, their materialism and their tendency to cling to familiar physicality, their obsessions and negativity of thought. All of this fear of the unknown and negativity acts as a barrier that prevents them from choosing to move into the light. But until they do choose they are trapped in the Interlife Zone to live out their fear, obsessions and fantasies. These are the people you will tune into with your Ouija board.
You will also tune into this same category if you allow yourself to become involved in amateur seances. Often a group of inexperienced people with no knowledge of psychic matters decides for a bit of fun to contact those in the non-physical. When a group of people turn their thoughts in that direction, how ever frivolously, though they don’t realise it, they make their combined psychic energies available for anyone in the astral to use. It is unlikely that anyone in his or her astral achieved power level would take advantage of the group’s inexperience.
Only the trapped dwellers of the Interlife Zone would abuse and use the group’s energies by playing the same tricks as with the Ouija board. For the most part no harm is done except to the most psychically sensitive member of the group who overcome by the group’s combined energies might unknowingly enter trance state to be used to speak through to the group by the dweller. Psychologically this experience can have a traumatic effect on a young and inexperienced sensitive person. For seances the control, guidance, and experience of a trained psychic medium is an absolute must. For the same reason in your private meditations always first ask for protection and for guidance only from the highest levels. 117
Having mentioned trance state we will explain that when the medium enters into the meditative altered state his or her vocal chords are used by a being in the non-physical to communicate directly with the group whilst the medium enters trance state. After the séance the medium has no memory of what transpired. Obviously this is unsatisfactory because the medium’s role is to protect the group. For this reason trance state mediumship fell from favour several decades ago. We have already described the next level of contact which is that made by Madam X the clairvoyant medium. Due to her training and experience and her highly tuned discernment Madam X knows intuitively what level she has tuned into. Unlike the trance medium Mrs X is fully conscious and aware during the entire contact and relays to the group what she receives psychically.
The final example we will give is the trance state medium who remains fully conscious and aware and voluntarily allows a high level contact to speak directly to the group by using the medium’s voice, vocabulary, and knowledge of the subject to be offered to the group by the contact. If the medium is conversant with the subject the phraseology needed by the contact will be in the medium’s memory.
There is only truth
But truth is like a flower
With many layers of petals
When we think we have the entire truth
Another layer of truth is revealed
Each next layer expands on the truth of the previous layer
The flower opens layer after layer
One day finally
The entire truth will be revealed
Truth is like the flavour of a taste, no words can describe it because there is nothing with which to compare it. What words could describe the sensation of sweetness to a person who had never tasted anything sweet? Offer that same person a single grain of sugar to choose to taste or not and no words are needed. One taste and then the person “KNOWS”.
We have offered the readers an exploration of a logical purpose for and structure of a Creator mind’s Creation. Also we have described Meditation as the only way to gain first-hand knowledge and experience to personally test that purpose and structure. Far from urging you to become a follower of this or that belief system we have urged you to trust yourself and go it alone.
We repeat what we stated at the start of this exploration. So much of what is taught about spiritual matters is based on assumptions that calcified tradition has given the authoritative tone of proved facts. It is an assumption, admittedly ancient, that everything created exists and always will exist within the confines of our creator’s creation. It must be an assumption because it cannot be proved. Often a person who starts to seek for truth feels compelled by his or her experienced, veteran teacher/seekers to accept such assumptions as hard facts.
But simply because the teacher has for many, many years always truly believed they were facts doesn’t make them facts. No one truly knows and that includes the authors. We can choose to believe there is only the Creator’s creation and nothing else. But then we will also have to believe that the intended purpose for the existence of mankind is totally different to the purpose our exploration has revealed to our readers, but whichever assumption you choose to believe we hope with all our heart that something you find written in this book helps you on your path to your ascension. We do not pretend that this tiny grain of sugar we have offered our readers is the fully opened flower. The grain of sugar we have offered is to show that a flower of truth is waiting to fully open for each of you.
When the leaves turn brown and fall, the life-giving sap is withdrawn from the seedpod. All that is left is the tree and the seeds, each independent of the other. Thus the process of Creator minds continues.
Best wishes to all seekers old and new.
David and Yvonne Brittain: Couiza. France 11190 May 1999
Previous to meeting, marrying each other and merging their Spiritual work in England in 1983 Yvonne and David had both trod paths that gave them a deep understanding of and love for the human race. During Yvonne’s childhood her natural psychic gifts entered her life to guide her and those around her. As an adult Yvonne undertook lengthy disciplined training to develop those gifts to the point where she became a practising clairvoyant medium, and in that role Yvonne has been able to offer spiritual guidance and counselling to an ever-widening circle of seekers who sought her services. After more deep study and practical experience Yvonne added Past-lives Regression Therapy to her list of offered services. Those services also include a postal personal past-lives information service. Clairvoyant readings by post and also a trapped soul rescue/release service by post no matter what the distance involved.
All of David’s working life was in public service including many years as ambulance crew of Accident ambulances in Central London. This was an excellent grounding in the human condition at its most vulnerable and anguished. David became a seeker after witnessing the paralysis and wasted muscles of his teen-aged son’s shoulder and arm due to a motor cycle accident return to life at the touch of a spiritual healer. Within a year full movement and strength had returned. Around the same time spiritual healing could not cure but brought immense relief from physical pain caused by a spinal cancer condition suffered by David’s first wife Jean. The healers trained David to develop and use his own healing gifts combined with massage techniques to bring positive relief for Jean’s extremely painful condition before she died.
David’s writing began in 1976 when a bad time he was having, was greatly relieved by learning to write poetry, which he still does. As an avid reader David was stopped in his tracks by a psychic announcement (via Yvonne) that he must stop reading, and instead start writing. When David asked, “About what?” as usual there was no reply. So he sat down at his ancient portable, and suddenly knew what to write, it simply flowed. That was in 1988 and he hasn’t stopped since. David calls this Intuitive writing.
After having waited months and years to have manuscripts returned by busy publishers too busy to review them, David and Yvonne decided to try shoestring self publishing. Next they scraped up the money from somewhere to buy a Word Processor and printer: The weakest link of which David admits is himself who has never used one before but is slowly getting there. In 1997 Yvonne and David made contact with dear Joan Benesh and then met her during her visit to nearby Rennes le Chateau. Joan knew their work and invited them to contribute articles to her newsletter. Very soon after that Yvonne and David discovered that their common sense approach to ascension in their writings, appealed to a growing number of Seekers. This made them realise just how many people; who maybe don’t know Joan, but actually read Joan’s newsletter when it is passed on to them by subscribers to Joan’s Ashurst Ascension network.
In 1991 the effects of an accident at work left David partially disabled. He took early retirement and during that same period all the spiritual pointers guided Yvonne and David towards the Languedoc area of Southern France.
Sanat Kumara provided the guidance, and then made sure it was followed because once they had arrived in France they had to struggle to stay there and couldn’t afford to go back to England. As it turned out, the fact that neither Yvonne nor David spoke a word of French didn’t matter because they swiftly found that theirs is energy work.
They have not visited England since their arrival in France in 1991.
Intellectually Yvonne and David learnt more and more about the tragic history of the Languedoc, and a whole population of Cathars and their prosperous and enlightened lifestyle crushed by a Holy Crusade. The Holy Inquisition followed the Crusade with a hundred years of terror tactics to eradicate a very potent and logical belief system.
As they travelled the foothills: “Taking their Light” to the many sacred energy sites, the authors learnt more; only this time psychically, of the countless numbers of trapped souls who had faced death with terror and bewilderment and who had been denied the time to prepare for death. So a great deal of Yvonne’s and David’s work is to do with the release of trapped souls (who after all, are people just like us) Once Yvonne is able to link with them, she is able to relieve their trauma and fear, then guide them to the Light.
Retirement has given Yvonne and David time to spare for others and that time has been used to the full. The seeker who is a teacher must also always be a student. Time has been used for intensive study of the ancient wisdom in its ancient and modern forms including the Keys of Enoch and the modern Ascension information. Time is devoted to meditation, to correspondence with seekers worldwide, to visitors seeking their Cathar roots, to spiritual artwork including New Age cartoon books, and articles, stories and books about aspects of ascension.
Together Yvonne and David represent a total of forty years of intensive study of Metaphysics, Meta-psychology, and Psychical research. What they have learnt they try to live. Their knowledge is used in their talks and writings in common sense, non-mystical ways that enable seekers to apply that knowledge to their everyday lives.
Yvonne and David have now returned to live in the UK and they warmly welcome all contacts with seekers, either by letter or visit.
The only conditions they insist upon, that you phone or e-mail them first, and then bring your sense of humour.
Love and Laughter
David and Yvonne Brittain
22 Horsey  Road
Essex CO13 0DZ
E-mail: david_brittain@tiscali.co.uk
Website: http://www.ascensionsupportteam.com